How Does Cash Out Betting Work

Understanding the cash out option

The massive growth of internet betting in the last two decades has seen new types of bet become part of the culture. One of these is cash out betting. This type of betting could not have existed without the internet and the mass broadcast of sporting events. Cash out betting often takes place when you are placing ‘in play’ or ‘live bets’ on an event. It gives you the option of collecting winnings on a bet early, before the sporting contest has concluded.

So read on if you want to know an answer to the question, ‘How does cash out betting work?’. You can find all you need to know right here.

How Does Cash out Betting Work? Key Facts

  • Cash out betting means you can claim a winning bet before a match has concluded
  • You can collect your winnings early before a contest has concluded
  • You will receive reduced odds if you cash out early

Understanding the Cash Out Option: 4 Key Lessons

When it comes to understanding the cash out option there are few things that you need to know about. We’ll take a look at four concepts that are key to cash out betting here. You’ll find out exactly what cash out betting is, how to place bets of this type and its advantages and disadvantages. By the time you have read this section, you should have a pretty clear answer to the question how does cash out betting work?

What is Live Betting?

The first thing you need to understand when it comes to cash out betting is live betting itself. This form of betting is very fast moving and exciting. You actually place bets while a match or race is taking place. You can place live bets on a host of sports, but it is a particularly popular form of betting on team sports like football, cricket and ice hockey.

You place bets on events that are taking place during the match. These can take a variety of forms, but in football you can typically bet on the next goalscorer, yellow cards, corners and other events that might happen. While this is not exactly the same as cash out betting, it is part of the same family of bet types.

Cash out betting is a type of live bet in the sense that it relies on you claiming a win early, before the final whistle has sounded or the race has ended. Just as with in play betting, cash out betting requires you to keep a close eye on the action at all times. You need to be following the action closely so that you can make a properly informed decision about when to cash out and claim your winnings.

How to Place Cash Out Bets

Placing cash out bets is no different to placing any other type of bet. As you are placing the bet online, the actual process of cashing out early is very simple indeed. Once you have placed your bet you should see a cash out option tab appear next to the market after the match has kicked off.

So, for example, if you had placed a £10 on St Mirren to beat Rangers in the Scottish Cup, and the team from Paisley was 1-0 up against the Glasgow giants with half an hour to go, you might be tempted to cash out early if given the option. As Rangers are one of Scotland’s true giants while St Mirren are a much modest outfit, cashing out might well be the best decision to make.

The cash out tab will appear when the option to cash out becomes available. It will not be at the same time in every match. Specific circumstances will often determine when and whether bookies provide a cash out option to punters. You will not see the option on some markets. You should always receive an indication of whether or not cash out will be available as an option before you place your bet.

How to Cash Out Early

Cashing out early is simply a case of clicking on the cash out tab when it becomes available. The key thing to remember about cashing out is that it will cost you in terms of your winnings. The odds are always reduced on a bet when you decide to cash out early. This means that you will need to carefully consider the cash out value that is offered to you. In many ways, cashing out early is like negotiating a deal on your winnings.

As with many actions in betting, the choice of when to cash out or whether to cash out early or not comes down to judgement. The better your sporting knowledge, the better your judgement will be. This is why research and preparation are so important in betting. Before you place bets you need to be in a position of strength. You do this by knowing as much as possible about the contest on which you are betting.

This means that you need to know about the form of the teams or contestants heading into the match. You also need to pick up insights into how teams or players are likely to perform at clutch moments in games. For example, if you have a £10 bet on Everton to win at Sheffield United, and they are leading 1-0 with five minutes left, but have a history of conceding late goals, what should you do? Instinct, judgment and knowledge need to be combined as you make the decision.

In that specific case, opting to cash out could well be the best option. You would, of course, lose some of the value of the odds of the bet if you did so. So why would you choose to cash out early? We’ll take a closer look at that next.

Why Would You Cash Out Early?

So why would you want to cash out early, especially if it costs you in terms of the odds on offer? Well, the main motivation is that it does guarantee you a win. This type of betting suits wagering on weaker teams and players who might be motivated to go into an early lead, but subsequently cannot hold onto it. Take the example we gave above, of St Mirren being in the lead against Rangers. St Mirren would very rarely, if ever, be considered favourites in a game against the mighty Rangers. Backing them to win, and then cashing out when they have a lead, is therefore a really good way of making sure that you get a win at pretty decent odds. This is a great way of understanding how does cash out betting work.

The other reason that you might want to cash out early is to minimise stress. While excitement is a massive part of betting, negative emotions like stress can lead to you making poor decisions about bets that can lead to problems in your life. No wants to be left in financial difficulties as a result of betting. For that reason, sometimes it is a good idea to cash out early to keep stress to a minimum. Accepting a smaller win can still be satisfying, especially if the scoreline in a match changes for the worse after you have cashed out. Cash out betting can help you retain control of your betting bankroll, something that is vital when you want to stay in control of your wagering.

You might wonder, of course, why bookmakers would willingly give up some profits to allow players to cash out early. The simple answer to that is that cash out betting appeals to bettors. As a sports bettor, you can feel more in control and have a little bit of a grip on your possible losses. The decision of whether or not to cash out has become a key part of the betting experience, and is the kind of decision that experienced gamblers love to make.

Now that you know a bit more about how does cash out betting work you should make a point of checking out some of our other guides here at You can discover how bookmakers make money, how bookmaker complaints work, what 1X2 betting is, how accumulator betting works, and how to read betting odds, for example, as well as host of other things. is a treasure trove of vital information that can make your sports betting a much more successful enterprise.


As you can see from the above, the answer to the question, ‘How does cash out betting work?’ is actually pretty simple. The key to success when it comes to this type of betting is judgement. The moment will always come with a cash out bet when you need to decide whether to push your luck and hold out for a full price, or cut your losses and cash out and run. You can improve your judgement in such situations by knowing as much as possible about the sport on which you are betting. Cash out betting can be an exciting way of weaving some extra thrills into your sports betting. Make sure you use it wisely!

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How Does Cash Out Betting Work FAQ 

💰What is cash out betting?

Cash out betting is a feature that is prominent on a lot of the top online bookmaker sites. It’s a great option to have, especially when you are wanting to ensure a profit or limit potential losses. In our guide to the cash out betting, you’ll find all you need to know in order to use this option effectively. Be sure to stay in the loop with

🏇Can I cash out on all sports events?

Online bookmakers tend to limit the amount of fixtures that you can cash out on. This means that, for the most part, cash out betting will only apply to certain matches and events. These will be heavily advertised on your chosen bookmaker site. However, to find out more about this great feature and whether it applies to a wide selection of events, visit and take a look at our cash out betting guide.

🎈Which bookmakers offer cash out betting?

There are a number of bookmakers who have adopted cash out betting as an additional feature on their sites. Customers love to make use of this option and it is widely popular. Thus, you’ll find it at quite a few UK online bookies. Visit to find out which bookmakers are offering cash out betting on their platform.

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