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Omaze - How Does it Work?

Publish Date: 08/03/2022
Fact checked by: James Leeland

Before we dive further into the ins and outs of what Omaze has to offer, let us quickly touch on what you can expect from some of the top online raffle websites across the UK.

Firstly, let’s not confuse raffles with lotteries. While they have many similar qualities, in the eyes of UK rules and regulations, a raffle must have a guaranteed winner, some form of time constraint, a limited number of tickets, and a specific prize. Generally, you will also be given a set number, rather than choosing your number - like a lottery.

As we have already mentioned, house raffles and competitions are growing in popularity, allowing prizes and winnings to grow, too. In turn, players now have the opportunity to take advantage of some truly lucrative prizes, all by purchasing that one lucky ticket!

Omaze - How does it work?

Much like we've detailed above, Omaze provides customers with the chance to win great prizes from a simple purchase of a ticket. However, the added bonus of making your purchase with Omaze is that they offer their users the chance to win these fantastic prizes all while supporting fantastic charities, too.

Omaze prides itself on supporting popular charities and confirms that 80% of all proceeds will go to those in need. At the moment, those looking to enter the Lake District prize draw will see 80% of their ticket purchases go towards Alzheimer's Research UK. Regardless of how many tickets are sold, Omaze also guarantees that £125,000 will be forwarded to the charity, the ongoing early-bird rewards will still be paid out in full, and the £3,000,000 Lake District house will also be gifted to a guaranteed winner.

You read that right - the current Omaze prize is valued at £3,000,000+ and gifts players with a new home, complete with furnishings, and is also free from fees.

Omaze calls it a “Win: Win” and it’s hard to disagree when you find out that they have raised over £115,000,000 for over 400 charities and made four multi-millionaires over the last 10 years.

If all of the above has piqued your interest, carry on reading to find out how to enter an Omaze draw.

How to enter an Omaze draw - Simple steps lead to grand prizes

With a little understanding of how one of the best dream house raffles works, let’s talk you through the process of purchasing your first ticket(s).

Head to the website: It may sound a little obvious but to get the ball rolling, you’ve got to make your way over to the Omaze homepage. Here, you will be met with a huge rotating banner highlighting the great Lake District home currently on offer, a yellow Enter Now button, and three lines in the top right-hand corner.

Sign yourself up: When you click on those three lines in the top right-hand corner a drop-down list will appear. You will note the chance to review past draws, unlock further information on the current draw, and be given the opportunity to log in or sign up. For new players, signing up is a simple and straightforward task that takes no longer than five minutes. All you need on hand is your email address, then you can enter your first name, last name, and create yourself a password before clicking Create. 

Make your move: Once you’ve created your account, you are prompted to make your first deposit. However, this is not an essential step just yet. Those of you who want to double-check the terms and conditions before making your purchase, or check your account to confirm that you are wagering responsibly, are able to do so without any pressure to make a payment first. Of course, once you have confirmed the above, you will want to click Enter Now. 

Select your tickets: The next screen that opens will present you with the chance to select the number of entries you wish to purchase. Unfortunately, single entries are off the cards, but you can purchase them in batches, detailed below.

  • 15 entries for £10
  • 40 entries for £25
  • 85 entries for £50
  • 320 entries for £150
  • 1 postal entry for free

Make your payment: With your quantity confirmed, it’s now time to choose your deposit method. Players are able to choose between Visa, Mastercard, and Amex - three credible methods utilised on-site. Confirmation will then be sent to your email address and will also be highlighted on your bank/card statement. Now, let’s keep those fingers crossed and wait for the official draw!

Things to consider when entering a house raffle - Considerations before purchasing your tickets

The lure of a luxury car, cash, or dream house can be more than enough to entice new players onto the site. However, before you make those purchases be sure that you’ve taken into account our top three tips below.

Whether this competition is the right choice for you

We at are big fans of the Omaze house raffle and feel confident in confirming its legitimacy. However, before signing yourself up and making your ticket purchase, it is always worth scouring the market and checking out whether any other options are available to you.

As you may or may not know, our experts work day and night, researching the market in the hopes of finding your perfect match. With this in mind, we must recommend that you take advantage of our on-site reviews on the best house raffles around. Once you are happy that Omaze is the spot for you, it’s time to check out top tip number two!

Your own financial situation

Following on from the above, your own financial situation could also determine which house raffle is the right choice for you. One thing that helps set Omaze apart from its competitors is the chance to enter for free. That’s right - players can enter the house raffle free of charge and walk away with a £3,000,000 house.

Of course, the chances of winning are based on the number of entries you have and, for those opting to enter by post, that is limited to one. Nonetheless, those that are looking to enter online using cash, can do so regardless of their current situation, thanks to the range in price associated with each batch.

In other words, those who are feeling a little more cautious with their funds can still unlock 15 chances to win for £10, while those feeling particularly lucky can redeem 320 entries for £150. Before finalising your decision, all that we suggest is to confirm the amount that you are willing to lose first - a value that does not put unnecessary stress or risk on your day-to-day life.

What you would do if you won

Once you’ve confirmed the amount you are willing to lose, it’s time to consider what you would do if you were fortunate enough to win. Polar opposites - we know, but you’ll just have to trust us on this one!

To be clear, Omaze will transfer the £3,000,000 house, plus £150,000 of home furnishings, and gift you with £20,000 towards the overall upkeep of the house. Now, while this all sounds fantastic, it is also worth taking note of what you would do, should you win. Why? Because £20,000 upkeep for the year is simply not a realistic expenditure for some people.

Taking this into account, we believe that the beauty of this particular competition is that once all of the details have been confirmed and the house has been transferred into your name, you will be solely responsible for the property and, more importantly, can do as you wish with it. In turn, this means that should you win, you can either move yourself into a new house, rent it out and make yourself a second income or sell it and make yourself a substantial amount of cash. Either way, it is worth thinking about!

Frequently Asked Questions - Understanding the Omaze fine print

So far, so good? We are pleased to hear it! If you have any outstanding queries we are confident that this final section of our latest Omaze - how does it work? guide has got you covered!

What happens if enough tickets are not sold?

Omaze have confirmed that regardless of the number of tickets sold, the house will be gifted to one guaranteed lucky winner. Not only this but all of the early-bird prizes will also be paid out in full, as well as a minimum of £125,000 to Alzheimer's Research UK.

How will I know if I have won?

When you create your Omaze account you are required to input your email address. Generally, Omaze will opt to contact you via this method. However, there is also the option to add a telephone number to your account. If needed, Omaze will attempt to contact you via telephone also.

When is the official grand prize draw?

The current grand prize draw takes place on the 31st March 2022. The winner will then be contacted on the 1st April and will be announced once eligibility and identity has been confirmed. The online prize draw does not close until the 27th and postal entries are still accepted until the 29th March 2022.

Is there a limit to how many tickets you can purchase?

For players that decide to enter via post, you will be limited to one entry only. However, those that enter online will be able to buy as many tickets as they wish. Please note, that tickets can only be bought in batches as detailed above.

Can I sell the house if I don’t want to move in?

The £3,000,000 house, £150,000 in furnishings, and £20,000 additional funds for the upkeep will be transferred into your name once you have confirmed your eligibility and identity. From then onwards, the house is yours to keep. Whether you choose to live, rent, or sell the property is entirely up to you!

Conclusion - Now you know how it works!

That concludes our latest guide to Omaze house raffles 2024. We trust that it has opened your eyes to the many possibilities that this wonderful house raffle website holds, and has answered all of your questions, too.

Before we leave you to decide whether Omaze is the right spot for you, let us quickly leave you with a few key takeaways from today. First, Omaze works in a similar fashion to many traditional online raffles, providing a guaranteed winner, fixed prizes, and allotted ticket numbers. Regardless of tickets sold, Omaze promises to gift Alzheimer's Research UK with a minimum of £125,000. Currently, the grand prize for players is valued at £3,000,000 +.

New players can sign up with ease. The whole process itself only takes around 2 minutes and you can purchase your tickets freely using Visa, Mastercard, or Amex. Should you become the lucky winner of the grand prize, you will need to confirm your eligibility. Once all has been authorised, you will have the house, furnishings, and a year’s upkeep transferred into your name, free from any additional fees. Of course, Omaze hasn't just stopped there - they also provide players with the chance to win weekly prizes, including cars and cash, too!

If you’ve made your way to the end of this Omaze How does it work? review and are not confident that Omaze is the right spot for you, do not worry -  we at are still confident that we can find your perfect match. All you’ve got to do is head back to our main page, decide whether it is an online raffle, online sports betting, or online casino site that you are after, and begin making your way through our honest, authentic, and detailed reviews of the best operators across the UK.

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Omaze House Raffles FAQ

💯 How do online raffles work?

If you’ve been searching for a new way to test your luck, but have been questioning yourself asking “house raffles how does it work?”, worry no more! Our latest Omaze UK reviews will guide you through the whole process. We discuss house raffles in great depth, highlight things to consider before purchasing your tickets, and leave you with no need to wonder “Omaze how does it work?”

🌟 What can you win by entering the Omaze competition?

The Omaze grand prize predominantly revolves around a beautiful house in a luxurious setting - often valued at £3,000,000 +. As impressive as this prize package may be, Omaze does not stop there. In fact, they offer cash prizes totalling upwards of £100,000, luxury cars, and much more along the way, too. You can find out exactly how things go down at Omaze, by checking out our latest Omaze how does it work? review.

📱How will I know I have won at Omaze?

If you are fortunate enough to win the latest Omaze competition, they will get in contact by phone or email to confirm your eligibility. Based on our recent findings, players must be over the age of 18, reside in the UK, and not fall into any prohibited player categories. To find out more about winning with Omaze, check out our latest review - Omaze how does it work?

💸 How many entries can I buy?

The Omaze raffle competitions offer players the chance to enter for free - although, there is only one entry per person when using this method. For those who wish for an unlimited amount of entries, tickets can be purchased online. Omaze tickets can only be purchased in bundles. The more you buy, the better the value. To find out more about the ins and outs of Omaze, check out our latest Omaze how does it work? review.  

🤝 How do I purchase tickets for the Omaze prize draw?

There are currently three reputable methods available to UK residents that wish to take part in the latest Omaze prize draw. In our latest Omaze how does it work? Review, we detail exactly what is required to redeem your tickets, including whether an Omaze discount code UK is necessary, a minimum deposit, and much more.

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