Multiple Bet Explained – What is a Multiple Bet?

By having a multiple bet explained, you will be well placed for one of the most exciting and potentially profitable ways to bet on your favourite sport. Many newcomers to sports betting will be asking ‘What is a multiple bet?’, and so we have prepared this guide that should resolve the mystery of this type of bet. So we’ll have a multiple bet explained in simple terms, point out the pros and cons of this betting technique, and even give you a few tips for getting the most out of your multiple bets.

Multiple bet explained in five points

  • Bet on two or more selections at once
  • Bets combine to produce larger odds
  • All betting selections need to win
  • Big profits possible with multiple bets
  • Keep odds low for best chance of success

What is a multiple bet?

To have a multiple bet explained, it essentially means that you combine two or more sports bets into one. This means that both bets would have to win for you to win your multiple bet.

You can add as many selections as you want in a multiple bet. By including more selections you will find that the combined odds multiply together to produce some very long odds. But if luck is on your side, then the profits produced by a multiple bet can be immense.

A multiple bet is something that’s great fun to try across multiple matches on a weekend in the Premier League, or even at a full day at the races. You could even try multiple betting on lots of different betting markets in the same sporting encounter such as first goalscorer, correct score and first to get a yellow card in the same football match.

Multiple explained with simple examples

If you are still asking ‘What is a multiple bet?’, it could be good to clarify things with some examples.

Football multiple bet

Let’s imagine that you wanted to bet on three teams to win their Premier League football matches on a Saturday.

You put down a match winner bet on Manchester City to win at odds of 1.16, Chelsea to win at odds of 1.70, and Arsenal to win at odds of 2.25. You could combine all of these odds together into what would be a treble multiple bet. The combined odds would tally up to produce overall odds of 4.46.

By putting down a £10 bet on this multiple bet, you could stand to make total profits of £44.62. All three matches would need to be won for you to win this multiple bet. All it would take is for either Manchester City, Chelsea or Arsenal to lose for you to lose your entire bet.

Horse racing multiple bets

The same idea could be applied to horse racing. If you were at the Cheltenham Festival, you could put down a multiple bet on lots of different race winners. In the Ultima Handicap chase, you bet on Vindication to win with odds of 7.00, in the Champion Hurdle you bet on Epatante to win with odds of 4.33, in the Mares’ Hurdle you bet on Benie Des Dieux with odds of 1.66, and then in the National Hunt Chase you bet on Carefully Selected to win with odds of 2.62.

All of these odds would add up to produce a four-fold combined bet with odds of 132.70. With a £10 betting stake and a lot of luck, you could hope to get returns of £1327.08. Again, not the easiest bet to pull off, but it’s a great way to add some adrenaline to a day at the races.

By answering your question of ‘What is a multiple bet?’ you can see that this bet type has the potential to serve up some truly monumental winnings. The way in which the odds for many different selections combine together means that you can make some big profits for relatively little outlay when trying some multiple bets.

Multiple betting is probably the most lucrative kind of sports bet that you are going to come across, and it’s also a good way to increase the odds for a number of favourites in a sporting tournament. Simply by adding your selections across different events on different days you could potentially make some significant profits.

Why you should be cautious with your multiple bets

Multiple betting is hugely risky, and it’s something that you should only try when you have a good working knowledge of the sports, teams and players that you’re betting on. It’s hard enough just to win a multiple bet with two selections, so we would always recommend that you exercise caution with this betting technique.

After all, just one selection in your multiple bet has to lose for you to lose your entire betting stake. All of which means that while multiple bets can sometimes serve up some massive profits, they are equally difficult to get right.

What is a multiple bet bonus?

As multiple bets are tricky to pull off, you might find some bookmakers who will put on special multiple bet bonuses to help you out.

For example, we have found some sports betting sites who include deals where you can get insurance for your multiple bets if just one selection in your multiple bet lets you down. This would mean that you could get your betting stake refunded either in cash or in bonus bets.

You might also find some bookmakers will go the opposite way and offer you profit boosts for adding more selections to your multiple bet. This can be as little as a 5% boost for having three or more selections in your multiple bet, but as you keep adding selections, you could find that the profit boost gets much more significant.

Just remember that these kinds of special offers will always have plenty of small print that govern how many selections your multiple bet is allowed to include and what kinds of minimum odds have to be included.

Tips for making the most of multiple bets

The most important thing to remember with multiple bets is to try and keep all of the odds in your selections as low as possible. After all, the way in which the odds multiply against each other means that you could quickly be facing some seriously high odds by the time that you’re ready to put down your multiple bet.

This is why multiple betting is best-saved for when there are lots of bets with surefire favourites available. So when you see a sporting event when there are plenty of favourites taking on some serious underdogs, this could be a good time to put down your multiple bets.

For example, you could try putting down a sensible multiple bet in the early stages of the Wimbledon tennis tournament when seeded players take on some unknown outsiders. Or you could try your luck with a multiple bet in the third round of the FA Cup when Premier League teams get to take on clubs from the lower reaches of the football league.

Above all, multiple betting is fraught with risk. But if you keep your stakes low and your selected odds equally low, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to make some significant winnings with this popular kind of sporting bet.

Try these betting guides and strategies

Now that we’ve answered the question of ‘What is a multiple bet?’ we thought that it would be useful to point out some of the other great ways to bet on sport. While multiple betting is pretty risky, we can have an over under bet explained to offer you a much safer betting technique. Similarly, by having a halftime bet explained and a head to head bet explained, you’ll discover a new way to bet on your favourite sports.

We even have backdoor cover explained so that you can identify when an underdog comes to the rescue when you’re spread betting. And by having bad beat explained, it’ll help to explain those baffling times when you lose a bet despite betting on what appears to be a guaranteed win.


By now, you shouldn’t need to ask ‘What is a multiple bet?’ and you should realise that this offers you an exciting way to bet on multiple sporting events at once. It’s a betting technique that combines the odds of many different sports bets that add up to one big bet, and you have to get all of the bets to win to make some pretty spectacular winnings. By having a multiple bet explained, you’ll realise that this a risky betting option, but if you treat a multiple bet with caution, then there’s no reason why you can’t make some excellent winnings with this exciting sports bet.

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