No Risk Matched Betting UK

No Risk Matched Betting Explained

As the name suggests, this kind of betting minimises your risk. It’s an extremely low risk form of betting. It might seem a bit complex at first, but no need to worry. If you understand the basics, you’ll catch on pretty quickly. In a nutshell, this form of betting will require you to take advantage of bonus bets that operators offer. Doesn’t sound too bad? You can then place multiple bets and cash in on the bonus bets after the fact. You’ll find yourself being the bettor and the bookie, all at once. This is not illegal. Essentially, you are in a position to cover all possible outcomes, and profit regardless. No risk matched betting UK has become a popular method of betting. Don’t miss out on the ample opportunity to capitalise on profits.

Key Takeaways

  • Use bonus bets to ensure a successful return and guaranteed profits.
  • As is the case with winnings in the UK, it’s all tax free.
  • Due to the supply of bonuses, you’ll always have a possible opportunity to profit.
  • Back a bet on a betting site and simultaneously lay a bet on a betting exchange.
  • Be a student – watch videos and educate yourself with the process.
  • It is legal – you’re not liable for fines. However, bookmakers will restrict your account if they suspect you are using this technique.

What is no risk matched betting UK?

It is a form of betting that takes advantage of bonus bets offered by operators. You need to sign up and deposit an initial amount to be eligible for the bonus bet. You then need to place a bet with your bookie. This will allow you to access your bonus bet. All you do is bet on an individual, team, or horse to win. The second part of the process is to lay a bet on a betting exchange. Laying a bet means you’ll bet against the outcome. It allows you to cover your losses in case your bet isn’t successful on the bookmaker’s site. The first bet you place will most likely see you making a small loss. This might seem like a pointless exercise. However, this is where you should pay attention. You are now able to use your bonus bet. You can repeat this again and will eventually be able to cash out your winnings. There are many different systems that will make it easier for you to process all the information.

Assisted matched betting 

You can find two types of no risk matched betting UK. The first is an assisted approach. Nowadays, there are various websites that will offer their services. These websites will summarise the vast quantity of data available. You can use an odds matcher which will compare odds on different bookmaker sites. It will then align these with odds on a betting exchange. You can derive the best possible profit by using this technique. It will use bonus bets to do so in much less time than if you were to do it on your own. You can tailor it to utilise current bonus options and reload bonuses. Another great reason to use an odds matcher is that it’ll be updated in real time. You won’t have to worry about constantly checking whether everything is up-to-date. These bonuses, coupled with a correct calculation, should ensure a guaranteed profit. Just be sure to double-check calculations so as to avoid a mistake and possible loss.

Manual betting 

If you feel like you’re more capable or interested in doing it yourself, then opt for manual betting. This option will allow more scope for finding niche markets and zoning in on specific markets you’re interested in. You will still be required to calculate and figure out the best outcome for you.

Top 5 tips  

  • Make sure you use the best possible market. There are many different betting exchanges but one to look out for is Smarkets. They’re an all-inclusive exchange that don’t charge exorbitant commission. That brings us to your second tip.
  • You’re using an exchange to place bets. Keep in mind that exchanges charge a fee for these transactions – when you’re laying a bit in particular. If you can find a relatively low rate (1.5% – 2.5%), you can increase your potential winnings. You won’t need to calculate this separately though, as most matched betting calculators will allow you include the commission rate in the calculation.
  • Take your time. Matched betting is often described as “risk free”, but it is only risk free if you are able to avoid making mistakes – and one of the leading causes of mistakes is rushing. Always take your time and avoid placing bets if you are under pressure or in a rush.
  • Confirm everything. The terms and conditions of bookies, you might miss out. You must confirm you’re eligible for bonuses and that you know what to do in order to qualify for each offer you attempt.
  • Try your best to pick events that have similar odds. If the odds between what you’re backing and laying differ quite a bit, you might not cover your loss. On the other hand, if the odds are similar and you win, you can maximise your profit.

Guideline for success

As is the case with most things in life, it is vital to stay organised. If you’re all over the place, it’s impossible to stay in control. Keep note of all the various passwords and accounts. It might be that you forget about an old account. Furthermore, that account might have funds in it. There have been many cases of old accounts becoming dormant due to inactivity. If you forget about it, you’ll end up forfeiting all that money. You should also stay on top of current events. It is very easy to find yourself betting on the wrong event. Imagine you back a bet with a bookie, and lay a bet on a different outcome with your betting exchange. Organisational skills will ensure you don’t experience these oversights.

Ways to stay organised include using an excel sheet on your laptop or mobile device. You can keep a diary and write down important things to remember. Whichever you prefer best. Just make sure you’re not found wanting. The upside of a little extra legwork can be very rewarding.

Do bookies tolerate no risk matched betting UK?

It would be a rational response wondering why it’s allowed. The reality is, the gambling market is flooded with operators. The lucrative nature of gambling, especially in the UK, means there are more and more providers of the service. An oversupply means that competing operators need to be competitive. They cannot decry certain practices that others might allow. Although it is technically allowed, operators are not keen on matched betting. Gamblers getting away with matched betting do cause operators to lose substantial amounts. It might not be illegal, but this doesn’t mean that bookies tolerate it. If you are caught, you’ll find your account being restricted or even banned. This is the unfortunate reality of matched betting; you will lose your bookmaker accounts eventually – and for that reason, it might be preferable to refrain from the practice altogether.

We provide various guides and strategies for the discerning punter. If you want to find out how odds work, take a look at our thorough guide to . If you’re interested in team sport, check out our Asian handicap betting guide. Newcomers can take a look at how bookmakers make money. These guides and different strategy analyses will certainly help you master the aspects of betting. It’s always important to stay up-to-date with the current trends. If you’ve enjoyed this piece on no risk matched betting UK, take a gander at our cash out betting guide; after all, adding to your expertise will lead to more fruitful returns in the long run. If it all is a bit overwhelming, take a look at our guide to which bookmaker is best for beginners.


No risk matched betting UK has become popular in the gambling industry. Although you might feel like you’re engaging in an illicit transaction, this is not the case. After all, sites offer bonus bets all the time. The intricacies of no risk matched betting UK are not so difficult to pin down. If you take the time, you stand the chance to gain quite a bit. Beware that you might find yourself being placed under restrictive measure by certain sites. This is a counter against punters deriving too much value from promotional offers and bonus bets. Keep your wits about you and stay organised. There are opportunities to earn a profitable return. If you really want to be successful, keep a logbook and learn the inner-workings of matched betting. Ultimately though, due to the nature of this kind of betting, it is inevitable that you’ll be gubbed. Operators will eventually be alerted to your activity and ban you from attaining future bonuses, or even cancel your account altogether.

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