Over/under bet explained – What is over/under betting?

If you’ve ever asked ‘What is over under betting?’, we are here to help you out. We will have over/under explained in very basic terms so that everybody can get their heads around one of the most flexible and fun ways to bet on sport. By having over/under explained, you’ll see how you can use this betting technique to bet with confidence on sports like football, tennis, cricket and much more. So keep reading to get the answer to the question of ‘What is over under betting?’

Over/under explained in five points

  • Bet on something happening a certain number of times
  • Bookmaker decides the quantities in over/under bets
  • Bet on the number of goals, runs, tries and so on
  • Relatively safe betting option
  • Combine with other bets for bigger profits

What is over/under betting?

We can have over/under explained by stating that it merely requires you to predict how many times something happens in a sporting event. This could be anything from how many goals will be scored in a football match, to how many runs a cricket team could score. The bookmaker will set a number for you, and it’s your job to decide whether this number is too low or too high.

You’ll commonly see the number in an over/under bet displayed in half steps such as 2.5 goals or 29.5 runs. Bookmakers do this because there is no way that half a goal or half a run could be scored, and it means that you will always either win or lose your over under bets.

It seems that betting sites love to put on a massive amount of over/under betting markets for each major sporting contest. This gives you plenty of flexibility with your sports bets as you can enjoy betting on anything from the number of corners gained in a football match to the total number of games in a tennis match.

Over/under betting is something that could be tried on a number of sports including football, tennis, rugby, cricket, golf, basketball, snooker, American football and much more. All of which means that the possibilities of over/under betting are just about limitless.

Over/under explained with easy examples

For anybody who is still asking ‘What is over under betting?’, we thought that we should help you out with some simple examples. These will just cover a few options of how you could put down an over/under bet.

Over/under betting on football

All football fans can enjoy putting down an over/under bet on a variety of different markets. You’ll commonly get to try over/under betting on the amount of goals scored by both teams in a match.

So for a game between Aston Villa and Leicester City, you get offered odds of 1.16 for there to be over 1.5 goals, or odds of 5.25 for their to be under 1.5 goals. The amount of total goals on offer could rise up to 5.5 or even higher.

Other popular over/under markets for football include goals for each individual team, goals scored in each half, the total number of corners earned in a match, and even the total number of yellow and red cards awarded to the players during the course of a game.

Some bookmakers will offer you an alternative kind of over/under bet which is an odd/even bet. For example, you could bet on whether Leicester City could score an odd or an even number of goals in a game.

Over/under betting on cricket

As cricket is a sport that’s packed with statistics, it’s little surprise that you’ll find plenty of over/under betting opportunities here. You’ll most commonly bet on the number of runs. Bookmakers will therefore offer you over/under bets for runs scored by both and either team during the course of a cricket match.

You might also be able to bet on the number of runs scored in particular overs, and most bookmakers will let you make over/under bets on how many runs each individual player scores in a game.

Other popular over/under cricket bets include being able to bet on when wickets will fall. So for a one-day international between England and Australia, you could bet on the first wicket to fall before or after 32.5 overs. In addition to this, you could also bet on whether a wicket will fall within the first, second or third overs and so on.

Plus with the ability to try over/under cricket bets on anything from the total number of ducks, run-outs, stumpings and much more, it shows that there’s no shortage of over/under bets in cricket.

Key reasons to try over/under betting

Over under betting simply affords you much more flexibility with your sports bets. It’s a great thing to try when you can’t get any decent odds for a favourite, or when the underdog looks like they have no hope of winning.

Plus when there are two equally weighted teams or players competing, you’ll find that there’s nothing like an over/under bet to give you a little more leeway with your sports bets. Above all, over/under betting is something that can be enjoyed by anybody with a little more expertise of the game and it can be much easier to predict than taking a basic match winner bet.

Limitations of over/under betting

While over/under betting is great fun, it’s worth mentioning that even the most assured over/under bet can go haywire. All it takes is for some injuries to take out some key players for a confident over/under bet to look shaky, and don’t forget that inclement weather conditions can also play havoc with over/under bets.

For example, you might have bet on the number of goals on a football match between Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur, but then this could fall apart when you realise that both Sergio Aguero and Harry Kane have been ruled out injured.

Or you could have bet on a run-scoring extravaganza in a T20 international cricket game, but a sudden downpour of rain could dramatically slow up the outfield. All of which means that over/under bets require just the same amount of care as all other sports bets.

Great tips for putting over/under bets into action

Over/under betting demands that you know the sport that you’re betting on inside-out. This means knowing how each of the competitors have been faring in regards to their past form, and you should keep an eye on any injuries too. Being able to spot teams with a good goalscoring record is essential for over/under bets in football, and the same applies to strong servers in tennis,  quality batsmen in cricket and so on.

There’s a wealth of statistics out there that can help you put down an assured over/under bet. Whether you’re searching for the football team who earns themselves the greatest amount of corners, or the cricket team whose fielding consistently produces more than their fair share of run-outs, it can all help to put down your over/under bets with confidence. Just don’t forget that live betting is something that also works especially well with over/under betting.

Try these betting guides and strategies

Now that you know the answer to the question of ‘What is over under betting?’, it could be a good idea to take a look at some other popular bet types and betting strategies. We’ll have anything from simple bets like halftime bet explained to more complex issues like rising method explained so that you’re never short of some great betting inspiration.

From having options like a head to head bet explained to having backdoor cover explained, we’ll help you think a little more critically about your bets on sport. And once we have bad beat explained, you’ll be in a much better place to understand how even the most surefire sports bet can sometimes backfire.


After having over/under explained we can see that this offers you a great way to get a little more flexibility over your sports bets. You won’t have to ask ‘What is over under betting?’ anymore, as you can now simply enjoy betting on anything from the number of goals in a football match to the number of runs scored in a game of cricket.

By combining an over/under bet with other betting markets, you can unlock plenty more value with your sports bets. Plus you’ll never be short of ideas when betting on anything from a game of rugby to that next big tennis match. All of which means that by having over/under explained, you’ll be much better-placed for when you next want to bet on sport.

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