Rising Method Explained

How does a Rising Method work?

Rising method is a common betting strategy that is utilised by both casino players and sports bettors, with the premise being that gamblers double their bets following each loss, thus recovering all previous losses, along with a profit equal to the original stake. Also known as the “Martingale system”, this strategy is believed to date back to the 18th century, however it is still just as valid to this day. For those looking to find out more, this rising method explained page will discuss everything in which there is to know.

Key Takeaways – How Does A Rising Method Work?

  • Rising method dates back to France in the 18th century
  • Most commonly associated with casino games roulette and blackjack
  • Popular thanks to its simplistic nature and just two rules.
  • Rising method is being adopted by sports betting customers too
  • Players will double bets when a loss is suffered and bet the base amount after a win

How Does Rising Method Work?

We begin our rising method explained guide by highlighting the fact that this strategy takes into account the ideology that an event will occur because it has not done so for some time. As such, gamblers are required to double their stake after a loss is incurred, attempting to regain losses that have been made. Meanwhile, after a win has occurred, players should stick with their base stake amount. While the rising method is often referred to as a negative progressive system, it is still a strategy that is used by many to this day.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Rising Method

When it comes to using the rising method on casino and betting sites, the following are the main advantages and disadvantages to take into consideration:


  • Easy to use – Rising method is undoubtedly a simple strategy to understand, with the fact that there are just two rules making it easy to implement too.
  • Base stake – The base stake used can be set at whatever amount you choose, based on your budget and objectives when gambling online.
  • Profit – The rising method allows players to generate profit when used correctly, at least on a short-term basis.
  • Enjoyable – Rising method also makes gambling online more interesting, even if it does not change the results.


  • House edge – Rising method unfortunately has no effect when it comes to the odds or chances of winning, as is the case with any strategy.
  • Cash – The rising method required players to double their stake on a regular basis, meaning that some significant amounts of money are needed along the way.
  • Limits – Depending on the type of gambling, the rising method can lead to hitting limits that have been put in place.
  • Rewards – Rising method is perhaps not the best strategy for those looking for big wins, with its concept meaning that big risks must be taken for small rewards.

Rising Method in Roulette

For casino players, the following will help to better answer the question “how does a rising method work?” with this example revolving around roulette, one of the most popular table games offered by online platforms today. Based on a player having a base stake of £5, an opening wager of this amount is placed on red. In the event of this bet proving unsuccessful after the ball lands on black, a second bet of £10 must then be placed, which again loses. As a result, a third bet of £20 must then be placed, which if successful, would see players move into a small profit.

Rising Method & Sports Betting

As we have already alluded to, the rising method is most commonly associated with roulette and blackjack, however it can be used when it comes to sports betting also. Punters take great care when choosing bets if they are to be successful, however it does, of course, not guarantee results. Those registered with a bookmaker must again stake significant amounts of cash in order to make the rising method work, while the potential risks mean that punters must also be able to hold their nerve in such situations. The following is an example of a rising method from the world of tennis.

When it comes to the majority of tennis tournaments, there are normally a small group of players who are believed to have a good chance of lifting the trophy at the end of the week. Using the rising method strategy, punters must select a player in which they believe has no chance of winning the tournament, before regularly betting against this player until they are knocked out. Each and every time a bet is lost, the stake must be doubled in order to cover your losses. So, let’s take you have selected Brit Cameron Norrie to win Wimbledon, based on your opinion that he has no chance of doing so. A base stake of £10 has been set and a bet has been placed on Norrie’s first round opponent to win. In the event of Norrie crashing out, a profit will be made, while should Norrie surprisingly win and a loss is incurred, a £20 bet on his next opponent must be made in order to recoup losses and make a small profit.

Alternative Guides & Strategies at Betting.co.uk

As our rising method explained guide has pointed out, this concept is undoubtedly something of an acquired taste in terms of gambling systems, with it unlikely to suit the needs of all players. As such, a number of other guides and strategies have been written by experts at Betting.co.uk, covering a number of topics, from explaining what an oddsmaker is to detailing the different types of bets that are available. Whether it be value bets or high roller betting, all of the necessary information is on hand to players, while features including live streaming and in-play betting are also covered at great length.

Meanwhile, there are also a number of variations of the rising method strategy, which may appeal more to players than the methods outlined throughout this page. The following are the most popular variations of rising method which are worth including in order to ensure this Rising Method explained guide is as complete as possible:

Mini Rising Method – Using this strategy, players should limit the number of times in which they double up on bets, reducing the chances of losing a significant amount of money in the process.

Anti Rising Method – Also known as the reverse rising method, here, roles are reversed, with players doubling after wins, instead of after losses. A winning streak is needed in order to make this strategy successful.

Grand Rising Method – For high rollers, players doubling up on losses will also add an additional amount in an attempt to overcome the issue of high risk low reward when it comes to rising method.


Rising method may be one of the most historic gambling strategies around, as we have discussed earlier in this rising method explained guide; however, it is still one that is utilised by many players, especially when it comes to casino games including roulette and blackjack. Rising method is also applicable to sports betting markets when used correctly, with its simplicity and ease of use meaning that it perhaps comes as little surprise that it is still a well-known strategy.

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