What is 1X2 Betting?

Strategy for 1X2 Bets Explained 2021

If you’re new to the world of sports betting, you may not be familiar with concepts like 1X2 betting. Much of the terminology around wagering can seem a little strange and even intimidating at times. But, like much betting terminology, the concept behind 1X2 betting is actually very simple. This is a very common type of betting that is particularly popular with football bettors.

So read on if you want an answer to the question, ‘What is 1×2 betting?’ Not only will we answer that question for you, we’ll also give you a few pointers about how to come up with a successful 1×2 betting strategy.

Key Points

  • 1X2 betting is where you bet on the result of a match
  • You can bet on the game being a home win, a draw or an away win
  • 1X2 betting works well with accumulators

1X2 Betting Strategy: 5 Important Lessons

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If you want an answer to the question ‘What is 1X2 betting?’ then this is where you’ll find it. In this section of the article you can read five important ideas that underpin 1X2 betting. As you will see, this type of sports betting is actually very simple to understand. Once you have read this section, you should be ready to launch yourself into some 1X2 betting adventures of your own.

What is 1X2 Betting?

So, first things first, what is 1×2 betting? The concept behind it is very simple indeed. In many ways, it is the simplest form of betting on a sporting contest that there is. All you are doing is selecting from three possible outcomes. There are no more variables to consider than whether the home team will win, the away team will win or the game will end in a draw. That is the only decision you need to make in a 1X2 bet. It really is that simple.

Of course, as with anything in betting, simplicity often conceals complexity. With 1X2 betting, the complexity does not come from the type of betting but from the knowledge and research that you need to conduct to ensure you are betting from as strong a position as possible. When you are placing 1X2 bets you need a deep and wide knowledge base.

Follow Your Favoured Sports Closely

The key to betting successfully on sports is to focus on two or three sports at most. In fact, many successful sports betting punters will focus on just one sport, such is their devotion to bringing home large wins. We would advise that two or three sports is perhaps better, as this prevents staleness setting in and adds variety to your betting. It can also lead to some interesting combinations of bets at times.

Knowing the sports on which you are betting makes it easier to assess the value of odds on offer and to predict likely outcomes. If you do not know anything about the two teams facing each other in a game, or anything about the sport they are playing, then you are unlikely to be able to pick the winner. That’s just a fact.

There is little to no point placing 1X2 bets on matches in sports about which you know very little. You are unlikely to be able to assess the odds for value and will not make good decisions. Even if there is a promotional offer in place for a specific sport, it is unwise to bet on sports that you are unfamiliar with.

Always Research Ahead of the Match

When it comes to 1X2 betting you need to make sure your sporting knowledge is absolutely top notch. While this form of betting is very simple, to be successful at it you need to be able to assess the likely outcomes of a match very effectively. Your ability to do this is shaped directly by how much time and effort you are willing to put into researching ahead of a match.

Of course, it is likely that you will be betting on more than one game, especially if you are partial to betting with accumulators. This makes it imperative that you research leagues or competitions rather than just the teams in a certain game. You need to have a full idea about the form that various teams in the league are currently enjoying.

As 1X2 betting is all about picking winners from a limited field, your knowledge about the specific circumstances facing each team ahead of the contest is invaluable. Knowing about injuries to key players, likely tactical changes, or even transfer rumours that might leave players unsettled, is all vital when it comes to making the right selection in a 1X2 bet.

All of this research means that you can better assess the odds on offer from the bookies. When you know as much as possible about the match and the teams in it you can make a clear-headed assessment of what represents good value.

Use Accumulators to Boost Your Chances of Big Wins

One type of betting that can be very useful for your 1X2 betting strategy is accumulators. An accumulator is where you combine several 1X2 bets onto one coupon. The odds from each bet are added together. If the first bet on the slip wins then the winnings are used as the stake for the next bet. This process continues until one of the bets loses. If just one bet loses then the whole coupon is invalid.

Using accumulators is a good way of betting on favourites. While a single 1X2 bet on a big favourite in one match might not bring too big a reward, betting on a list of several favourites can bring sizeable prizes. You do need to make your selections carefully, however, there is no point simply picking five games, for example, just because all the teams you have picked begin with the letter ‘B’. An accumulator with judiciously chosen selections can bring very bug rewards indeed, but you should never be lazy when making your 1X2 selections for this type of bet.

1X2 Bets Explained with Examples

Finally, just to fix the ideas of this type of wagering in your mind, let’s look at some 1X2 Bets explained with examples. Let’s take the example of a Premier League football match between Manchester City and Liverpool. As you will know, there are three possible outcomes for a game of football – a home win, a draw and an away win. In this example, City are at home and are 2/1 to win the game, a draw is priced at 3/2 and Liverpool are the odds on favourites to win the game at 4/5.

If you decide to back City to win with a £10 bet, you will be betting on the ‘1’ option. If your tenner is going to be used to back the draw, you bet on the ‘X’ option. If you want to back the mighty Reds to win, then you back the ‘2’ option. This is very simple to understand, which is why 1X2 betting remains one of the most popular forms of wagering, especially for football punters.

Of course 1X2 betting is not used just in football. You can also bet on other team sports using this type of wagering, such as ice hockey, rugby league, rugby union or basketball. The format is the same for almost every team sport, so your 1×2 betting strategy should be flexible enough to look beyond football every now and again.

As we have mentioned above, this form of betting is also very popular with punters who like to use accumulators. You can combine several bets like we have described above on one coupon. This is very simple to do at an online bookie, and you can find out more about the practice at our guide to combined betting.

Check out Betting.co.uk’s Other Betting Guides

Now that you have an answer to the question, ‘what is 1×2 betting?’ you might want to check out some of Betting.co.uk’s other betting guides. You will want to make sure that you know how to read odds, for example, before you place any 1X2 bets. You will also want to know how to complain to a bookmaker should something go wrong. You can also find information on topics such as system bets, and much more besides. You can find a host of useful information at Betting.co.uk, so make sure you come back here soon.


As you can see, coming up with a 1×2 betting strategy that works is not that hard to do. After all, you are picking from just three possible outcomes in an event involving two teams, so there is not a massive amount of complicating factors with which to deal. What is vital to your chances of success, though, is proper preparation.

To be successful at 1X2 betting you need to have a strong understanding of how odds reflect probability, as well as being an expert on your chosen sport. You need to research the specific circumstances that can affect any match on which you are betting. As with all forms of wagering, knowledge is power when it comes to being successful at 1X2 betting.

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