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Horse race betting has to be one of the most enjoyable ways to place a bet. Forget football, the 'Gee-Gee's are where its at. Horse race betting has become less technical and more about passion in recent years. A thoroughbred horse is one of the most beautiful and graceful animals in the world. They demand your respect and earn your love. That is why with the help of our free horse racing betting tips, you can further understand the sport and the animals before placing a bet.

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Here are some steps you may want to follow before you place your wager:

1. Understanding the basics of horse racing as a sport

Horse racing and Euro 2021 betting tips are popular all around the world including the UK, France, USA, and Australia. The rules may differ slightly, but the principles of the race remain the same. It always helps to know the basics of any sport before diving into place a bet as it gives you an edge, especially when combined with our latest horse racing betting tips UK.

You don't need to have a deep knowledge about horses or horse betting to place a bet but it always helps to gain a better idea of the different types of horse betting wagers and which are the wisest. All of this information can be found in our horse racing betting tips for today.

2. Knowing the different types of horse racing 

There are different kinds of races around the world, which test different characteristics of the horse. Before using the latest horse racing betting tips UK, you should know the different types of horse racing. For example:

Flat racing

is generally done on level ground between 1-3 miles, testing the stamina and speed of the horse.

Jump racing or hurdling (commonly referred to as National Hunt racing)

is when horses have to overcome obstacles (fences and ditches) in between, testing the horse’s agility and the jockey’s control over the horse.

Endurance races

are over longer periods of time and over longer tracks, testing the consistency of the horse. There are other races like graded stakes racing and maiden racing too, but these are not very common.

3. Knowing the different breeds of horses

Knowing the breed of the horse you are betting on is important for applying the latest horse racing betting tips UK. This can give you an idea about the characteristics of the horse, and which breed is good for what race. There are four main breeds of horses:

  • Thoroughbred
  • Arabians
  • Standardbreds
  • American Quarter Horses.

Out of these, Thoroughbred horses are the most common. They are bold, long-necked and lean-bodied horses, best known for racing and sold and leased at very high values, even after retirement. So, they are suitable for flat races.

Arabians were mostly used for war purposes, and now for jumping activities. They are considered suitable for races with obstacles.

Standardbreds are more muscular than thoroughbreds and are easy to train and people-friendly. They are generally known for their performances in endurance races.

American Quarter horses are family horses, best known for shorter distance travels.

Combining the above free horse racing betting tips can help you choose your horses and races wisely. If a particular breed of horse runs a particular type of race, it has more chances of winning. Gaining some knowledge about this is very important before placing your bets.

Main factors of importance when placing horse racing betting tips

The latest horse racing betting tips UK can help you assess the different factors that affect your chance of winning the bet. Apart from the breed of the horse, the distance it has to run and the kind of race, here are some other factors that should be taken into account as well;

Days since the last run

A horse is said to perform better when it has been off track for a few days and has gotten sufficient rest. However, this depends on the way the horse is trained by the jockey too. Historically, there have been several horses that have outperformed after taking a rest for a couple of weeks. This could range from 7 days to 2-3 weeks or more, varying from horse to horse. You should also consider the fitness level of both the horse and the jockey for the latest horse racing betting tips UK.

Time of the year

Horses tend to run better on certain months of the year. Some perform well in spring while others show their best form only in other seasons. Some breeds cannot perform when it is too sunny, while some do extremely well in humid seasons. Another one of our free horse racing betting tips is that the ground also gets affected by the season which, in turn, affects the performance of a horse.

Type of race and distance

There is a proven relationship between the breed of the horse and the type of race. For example, the Thoroughbreds are known to perform flat races the best, while Arabians perform relatively better on endurance races because of their stamina. So, if there is a race with obstacles, the latest horse racing betting tips UK say that certain breeds are likely to do better than the others.


Another important free horse racing betting tips to be considered is how the track is on that particular day. It might be a dry and hard track, or a rain-affected one. Some horses are versatile and can perform on every ground type, but some can only perform their best on dry ground. Wet tracks are generally more problematic for horses to run on. Understanding the relationship between the breed and the type of race is the trick to getting more wins on your side.

Why trust our betting tips?

Our free horse racing betting tips are heavily relied upon by even seasoned punters. This could be attributed to our in-depth research and analysis into the data of races. Specialising in the field of betting has made us more aware of the techniques used across the industry. Merely guessing a bet would lead to uncertain outcomes, which is what we help prevent.

With our well-researched content like the latest horse racing betting tips UK and reviews such as best UK bookies, you can know more about the sport and understanding it better is the key to success. Our horse racing betting tips for today can help you make informed decisions, and thus helping you win and make more money on your bets.

Our key to success: The tools we use to analyse the daily betting market

Collaboration with experts and professionals enables us to produce well-researched latest horse race betting tips UK. Various tools and strategies are implemented, therefore providing you with tried and tested results.

Here are some of the factors that our experts consider when developing the latest horse race betting tips UK.

Historical trends can be one of the strongest and best-proven records of predictions for upcoming events. We review the horses’ and jockeys’ individual historical trends to prepare our latest horse racing betting tips UK and analyse what works for the respective horses and what doesn’t.

Statistical data

The betting world has changed the way of predicting outcomes from random guesses to informed decisions. For accurate predictions and judgements, numbers are used. These numbers help maximise rates of success and minimise risks.

Characteristics of individual jockeys

Our free betting tips for horse racing also consider how a jockey has reacted to stressful situations in the past, therefore understanding his individual characteristics. Since a lot of the success depends on the jockey, his own motivation plays a vital role in the prediction. We should also consider how the jockey performed when he rode the particular horse last.

Mix and match

Our latest horse racing betting tips UK also help assess the different types of betting through research, to limit the chances of losing. Also, the formulae used by our team can help you diversify your bets. This is especially helpful for beginners, who then get motivated and more confident. Once they get familiar with how the betting works, they can take more risks.

Things you should think about before placing a horse race bet

Here are some factors you should consider when placing your bet;

1. Research

Only a small proportion of those who bet actually do their research. Prior research is the key to success. Educating yourself about the location of the race and the distance of the course is crucial. Having an idea about each horse that is participating in the race is also important. Our latest horse racing betting tips UK allow you to think about past ranks and the last few races that the horse ran, which can also prove to be helpful.

2. Know the types of bets

When you know your horse has good chances of winning, but are still unsure, utilising different bet types can help you.

With place bets, for example, you can bet that your horse will stand in any of the top three of four places. The across the board bet is when you bet that your horse will stand in any of the top three or four places, but you get back more if it stands first. Knowing the different kinds of bets can help you tailor your wagers and understand the latest horse racing betting tips UK to suit your needs.

3. Diversifying your bets

Betting on multiple horses or multiple races can save you from losses. If you are a beginner, or not much of a risk-taker, consider this option. It helps you to avoid relying on any one single bet that you have made. So, bet smaller amounts on different bets.

4. Manage your money

It is easy to keep betting and get swayed once you start. In the beginning, it is best to decide on a certain amount that you want to shell out for betting and then maintain that budget. This makes sure you don’t bet more than you had planned on.

Our top 5 tips for finding your favourite bookie for horse race betting

Bookies play an essential role in your betting experience, so make sure you follow our latest horse race betting tips to find yourself the perfect bookie.

1. Reputation

Alongside the free betting tips for horse racing, we also provide operator reviews and comparisons and can help you find a well-reputed bookie who has good experience in this field. The bookie should be legal, safe, and known to make good and honest deals.

2. User-friendly

It is best to look for websites that are user-friendly, and easy to understand so that you don’t have any difficulties navigating the website itself while applying free horse racing betting tips. Many online sports betting websites also have mobile device compatibility, making it convenient to bet on the go.

3. More betting options

A good bookie should be able to offer you the different kinds of bets and explain them to you. The operator should not keep you from diversifying your bets or limiting your amounts.

4. Payment options

Bookies should be transparent and honest about their payment options, and should have multiple payment options too. Having multiple easy deposit and withdrawal options for real money bets will make it easier for you to bet with real money. Make sure you check out the terms and conditions for fees and processing times as well to make sure they are fair.

5. Great bonuses

With so many online gambling sites in the market, there is great competition and bonuses are a way for operators to draw in the punters. Accordingly, you should choose a bookie that offers you a plethora of bonuses, including welcome offers and loyalty bonuses that you can use with free horse racing betting tips. Just make sure the terms and conditions are reasonable before you commit to avoid disappointment.

Our top 5 tips for wagering your horse race betting bonuses

Here you can find a few expert free betting tips for horse racing that can help you become an expert bettor easily;

1. Track major horse race events

With the help of online portals and forums, you can track the major horse race events easily. You can also find out the types of bets allowed, more about the races and horses, and then decide if you want to place a bet or not.

2. Analyse your strategies

After implementing one strategy, it is essential that you look back and get insights about what worked and what did not work. This will help you change your strategy for the better and implement it to the best effect the next time. It is important to not get demotivated because of a few losses and make up for them in the next few races, using free horse racing betting tips.

3. Minimise risks

It is a good step, especially for beginners, to reevaluate their bets. To minimise risks, one of the free horse racing betting tips is to keep a diversified portfolio of bets – where one win might make up for another loss at the very same time.

4. Strategise

You should assess different factors on a particular day like the weather condition and types of races, and then formulate a strategy. Use all the information you can, including free horse racing betting tips to determine which wager you will place.

5. Find yourself a good bookie

To further get more interested in the field of betting, it is important you get the right kind of guidance and register with a well-reputed bookie. In addition to our free horse race betting tips, we can also help you find the right bookie.

Useful horse race betting tip vocabulary

Experts are usually seen using certain terms which might confuse you and complicate your understanding of betting.

Our free horse race betting tips can help you understand a few common terms which might help you get a fair share of knowledge about the sport before you even start betting:

  • Win: If your horse finishes first, you get money back.
  • Place: If your horse finishes first or second, you get money back.
  • Show: If your horse finishes first, second or third, you get money back.
  • Across the Board: You get the most money if your horse finishes first, a little less if second, and least if third, but you are sure to get money back if your horse places.
  • Exacta: You can pick two horses in the same race. If they win in the order you predict, you get money back.
  • Quinella: You can pick two horses in the same race. If they win in any order, you get money back.
  • Trifecta: You pick three horses, and if they win in the same order, you get money back.
  • Superfecta: This is the same as Exacta and Trifecta, only with four horses.

Our latest horse racing betting tips UK can help you further understand the different terms and their usage in these races. It is best to wait until the race is completed and the winners are officially announced before you go and claim your money.


Our experts, who know the sport of horse racing, have successful histories in the world of betting as well, and you can leverage that to win your bets. Our horse race betting tips for today are developed in a comprehensive manner, and are easy for beginners to understand too. Betting online can be fun, but even more so if you know when and how it works.

This guide and the free horse racing betting tips allow you to know the basics of the game, the factors that might affect your success, how to select the best UK betting company, and some jargon that might come in handy too. Calculating your wins and losses can help you get motivated and play a fair game with wit. Making informed decisions backed by solid data is the key to success in the world of betting.

If you have never placed a bet on sports, then you should make sure you read up on some of our tips and tricks for sports betting. We provide you with insightful pieces such as greyhound racing, and cricket betting tips. Read up on basketball betting tips, with special attention given to the latest NBA betting tips.

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