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If you’re interested in betting you need to be interested in sports news. Following the news is vital for anyone who wants to be a successful sports bettor. You need to stay abreast of all the latest developments, whether you favour betting on football, cricket, golf, horse racing or any of the other sports that attract plenty of attention from punters.

This is where can help. We’ll keep you up to date with all the latest happenings in your favourite sports. You can use this page as a one-stop shop where you can find the important news from a range of popular sports. Whether you like to bet on football, rugby union, American sports or Formula One, you are sure to find useful snippets of sporting news here!

But why would you want to keep abreast of the sports news? Well, if you’re interested in betting then you need to be interested in sport. If you’re interested in sport, you need to know as much as possible about so that you can bet successfully.

News reports are important to sports bettors for a number of reasons. One of the most important reasons is that individual sporting contests do not exist in a vacuum. There are always events and occurrences that can influence outcomes. These vary quite considerably too, with individual sports throwing up specific circumstances and stories.

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Rumour and Intrigue

Football, for example, is a sport that thrives on rumour and intrigue, especially when it comes to transfer rumours. The sagas that surround possible player moves in the world of soccer can last for several months and even years. They can have a real effect on players and teams too, especially if an unhappy player is in dispute with his coach.

We can all remember the continual drip of news stories about Paul Pogba’s future at Manchester United when Jose Mourinho was manager at Old Trafford. The constant speculation surrounding the player’s future at the club, along with a stream of reports about his poor relationship with Mourinho, was something that had a real effect on the team’s performances at the time.

Keeping abreast of stories like that is key to being a successful punter. Transfer rumours can kick in at any time during a season, not just in the run up to transfer windows. A star player asking for a move can be a sign that all is not well in a team’s dressing room. Professional sports teams are often quite fragile when it comes to holding collective spirit together, and a touch of discontent in the dressing room can cause real issues for a side.

Injuries Affect Results

It is not just transfer rumours that you need to pay close attention to either. Injuries are a massive part of professional sport. When a team has a small squad, an injury to a key player can cause huge disruption to a team’s season. Even at the top sides, injuries can lead to team selection being disrupted and new patterns of play being used. Even minor tweaks to tactics can lead to big changes in a team’s performances.

Some players will play through injuries, especially in times of crisis for their clubs. This is a situation that occurs more often these days in ‘warrior’ sports like rugby league and rugby union, rather than in soccer, though it does still happen in the round ball game too. If you know that a player is carrying an injury it can affect things like whether or not he will take his usual kicks at goal in a game of rugby, or bowl his usual amount of overs in a cricket match. If a bowler in cricket is carrying an injury, he may not be able to bowl as quickly as usual, for example. If the match is being played on a surface and in conditions that suit fast bowling, that could seriously affect the outcome of the game.

Don’t Ignore the Weather

Sporting news can help you in other ways too. There are certain sports, such as cricket, where the weather and overall environmental conditions can really affect the style in which teams play as well as their results. Cricket is one sport where you really need to know what the weather is going to be like before the match. Damp and overcast conditions can help fast bowlers swing the ball more often, for example, while hot sunny days tend to favour batsmen.

Keeping up to date with sports news will mean that you can develop an understanding of how certain teams fare in certain conditions. A cricket side that has some good fast bowlers, for example, will tend to do better on green pitches in overcast conditions. Weather and ground conditions can also be really important in horse racing. You will need to know what the ground conditions are likely to be ahead of a big race meeting, as this will affect results in all sorts of ways.

While we at are not meteorologists, we can give you some idea about what the weather will be like ahead of big events. You’ll also pick up some details about which teams, horses or players tend to favour which conditions. Nothing is ever too insignificant to ignore when it comes to betting.

Follow the Form

Staying abreast of the news in various sports also means that keep a close eye on the form of teams and players. Form, probably more than any other factor, is something that shapes betting decisions in a significant way. The form of a team will be used as a primary determinant of the odds offered on markets for example. If a tennis player has lost his last three matches then the bookies will not rate his chances of victory too highly in his next contest, for example.

If you have been following the tennis news closely, you might agree with the bookies setting that particular player some long odds. But you might also have seen a news report that the player had been carrying a knee injury that has now healed. In that case, you might expect him to return to form pretty quickly. That might mean that the bookies set his odds wrongly. Spotting good value opportunities like this can only come from keeping a close eye on the sports news.

It can be hard to follow the form of every team in the sports that you favour. If you bookmark, though, you can follow the important news in the sports that are important to you. We’ll keep you abreast of just how the main teams are performing, and what kind of challenges they are facing. All of this can be vital when it comes to you spotting the best value possible on the betting markets that matter to you.

Betting Industry News

Another thing that you might pick up from our news pages is betting industry news and how it relates to sports. Many teams now are sponsored by betting companies, such as West Ham United being sponsored by Betway. This means that you can often pick up special offers from those bookies. Some bookies will offer bonus bets or odds boosts if you bet on certain team with whom they are associated, for example.

You might pick up a bonus bet or two if you read a news report about a bookie signing a new deal with a team, for example. It can also be useful to see whether certain bookies who sponsor specific competitions are offering any special deals. Betfred, for example, sponsor rugby league’s flagship European competition – the Super League. As a result, Betfred may occasionally have special deals and offers available for rugby league events. Keeping a close eye on our news pages can help you spot these offers more readily.

Knowledge is Power

When it comes down to it, betting is all about knowledge. The more specialist knowledge that you possess, the stronger a position you will be in when it comes to betting. Staying abreast of the sports news will help give you this knowledge. There is never too much to know, and any kind of nugget of information or tiny detail can prove invaluable when you’re looking for betting tips. also features a series of expert betting guides if you need to brush up your knowledge about a range of topics. If you need the answer to a question about betting the chances are pretty good that you will find what you seek somewhere on our site.

So make sure you bookmark As well as our tips, guides and assorted betting advice articles you can also keep on top of all the latest sports news you need to place winning bets each week. Before you place any bets you need to take a look at our news pages for the crucial nuggets that can make your selections successful. Never bet without consulting first!

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