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What would a National League Central division look like?

With claims teams in the National League North are forced to travel considerably more than their Southern counterparts, Non League Daily explores what it would look like if a third division in Step 2 was to be introduced. By Amos Murphy and Richard Scott How would a...

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Morpeth Town | Ryan Donaldson wants more FA Trophy glory

Morpeth Town midfielder Ryan Donaldson has twice tasted success at Wembley - and wants to add more FA Trophy glory to his list of achievements. By Steven Oldham  Donaldson no stranger to success  The 30-year-old played a key part in Cambridge United’s successful...

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Welcome to’s news provision, your go-to source for all non league updates, rumours, interviews, and much more besides.

Founded by a team with a genuine passion for the world of non league football, understands exactly what supporters of the so-called ‘lower’ leagues are looking for. You want the high-quality reporting, in-depth analysis, and match reporting that matches that is more commonly found in the journalism for the top flights, but with the focus firmly fixed on the national leagues.

We understand that your passion, interest, and dedication is constant, and we believe you need a news service that matches that commitment with its own dedication and thoroughness — so that’s what you can expect from our site.

The latest non league news, as and when it happens

Conventionally, non league news has always travelled fairly slowly, especially when compared to the instantaneous, constant breaking news cycles found in the upper leagues. Tales are told on terraces, rumours passed between pub patrons and circled between supporters at the latest game, often forced to remain somewhat local initially before word eventually spreads to other locales.

For us, this slow spread may be fairly organic in nature, but it simply isn’t compatible with the modern football environment. It’s also not conducive to the current fast-paced, always-available media landscape, nor the way that people tend to consume news nowadays. That’s why we have put together a non league news source that fans can turn to for the latest updates, as and when they happen, and as and when you want to read them.

We update our non league football news coverage constantly, bringing you all the latest developments and seeking to spread the word as quickly and accurately as possible. So if you’re wondering what’s happening both with your local team and with the lower leagues as a whole, you can visit us for non league news now, and be confident the stories you find are completely up to date.

News reported by passionate fans

Our efforts to bring you the very best non league football news are undeniably a professional concern, and one that we take seriously. We are — if you’ll excuse the uncharacteristic tooting of our own horns — good at what we do, and we know that the efforts we make in this regard are one of the reasons our site has enjoyed such success thus far.

However, everyone who writes for us also shares our readers’ enthusiasm for non league football. We’re not just churning out content in the hopes of cashing in on a professional dream; we’re here because we want to be, and will always be dedicated and committed to non league football as an entity and thriving in the experience of being able to talk about our favourite subject whenever we can. We create content that is written by genuine fans and enthusiasts, for fans. We know what you want to know and what matters most to an ardent non league supporter, and we always ensure that focusing on these elements is our guiding principle as we seek to solidify our status as an online non league paper fans can always rely on.

When compiling non league news, we think with the mind of a fan first and foremost. We cover the angles and stories that we find compelling and that we know our fellow non league enthusiasts also care about. News doesn’t have to be dry and formulaic, in our opinion. When it’s written by people who are genuinely as fascinated by the stories they are reporting on as their readership will be, we believe news can be interesting, compelling, and even have a sense of personality and humour.

News content written with passion and expertise

We believe that thanks to our dedication, insightfulness, and commitment to our subject matter that we are offering the best of both worlds to those searching for an online non league paper. We give you the professional approach we feel is appropriate for news about one of the most intriguing aspects of UK football; an aspect that we genuinely feel does not receive the interest and plaudits that it should be generating. Nevertheless, we don’t let that professionalism take over everything we do: we remain committed fans, nurturing our own personal interest in non league football and ensuring every word we compose is infused with a sense of passion and dedication that enhances the posts we create.

It’s therefore obvious that our content isn’t ever going to be dry, basic, or put together by a tired staff writer who has never heard of any team below the Championship before they rush off to the pub for the evening. Our writers are genuine experts: we’re covering non league football because we want to, because we believe in it, and because it’s where our strengths lie. The result is informed content that capitalises on our deep knowledge of the history, as well as the present-day realities, of non league football in the UK.

Beyond news: the interview series

One of our goals with is to not just dryly report the news from an outsider’s perspective, effectively regurgitating press releases that are devoid of genuinely illuminating information. We also go right to the source of the stories: the managers and club insiders who have direct experience, and often influence, on the sport and how it is managed.

We regularly conduct interviews as part of our news provision, asking the questions that are on everyone’s lips and providing the best possible view into the non league world. We have reporters pitchside at matches, microphone to hand and plentiful questions ready to be asked. The end result for you, the reader, is the kind of information and close-up looks into the non league world that just can’t be found anywhere else.

As our commitment to providing interesting interviews amply demonstrates, we want to be involved in breaking the stories that everyone then talks about, rather than following along and focusing solely on what everyone already knows. If you’re looking for leading content that you can’t find anywhere else, and that goes right to the centre of the non league world, then you can turn to for all the benefits of a conventional non league paper, but in electronic, easily-accessed form.

A host of other content to enjoy

Our focus on providing non league news will always be maintained: we consider this aspect the most important of what we do, and it will always be the recipient of our time, dedication, and interest. We’ll be here, a consistent and trustworthy news portal, for as long as non league football news exists.

With that said, when you have read up on the latest goings-on, we’re here with further content for you to enjoy. Naturally, given our partnership with leading brand, we provide guidelines for those interested in the world of sports betting. We’ll help you find the best UK bookmaker with our plentiful coverage of existing brands; ideal if you’re looking to put your newfound knowledge, courtesy of us, about non league to use and place a few bets.

Furthermore, we also provide highlights of all the latest UK betting offers, so you can ensure you’re achieving the best value with all the latest deals whenever you’re betting on the latest non league matches. You’ll find all of this coverage is as consistent and reliable as our non league news provision,

Non league features and deep dives

Returning to the world of non league football, we also provide a range of feature content that goes deeper and further into the non league world than ever before. Less instantaneously topical but still hugely relevant to the modern game, our features are the dream deep dives that we feel non league fans deserve. We’re always striving to do better, offer more, and ensure that non league fans can enjoy the same wealth of content as followers of the top tiers, so you can expect top-flight content with the same commitment and dedication as found throughout the upper echelons of the sport.

So whether you’re looking to find the most recent non league football news, seeking a new bookmaker for your non league bets, or hoping to delve deep into a niche non league-related topic, is always going to be worth a visit.

Return to for all your non league news needs

We’ve told you what you can expect from’s news; now we need to put our confidence where our promises are, make sure we deliver on those promises, and establish trust as an online non league paper you can trust. We look forward to welcoming you back to our news section and showcasing the best we have to offer, from exciting new non league interviews to cutting-edge news to transfer speculation. If you want to truly have your finger on the non league pulse, then is always going to be here for you.

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