Boreham Wood chairman Danny Hunter says the club will 'almost certainly have to be on life support for the foreseeable future'.

Hunter was speaking as part of an update to supporters, in which he was asked about the team's prospects next season in the National League.

“That’s a difficult question but I need to be very honest with our supporters from the outset, especially the newer ones: please, please don’t buy a season ticket if you’re expecting me to provide either a top-ten budget or if you are expecting a play-off challenge or more next season.

“Trust me, how I’ve managed to get us through this season and to this point has been testament to my remaining staff and the sacrifices that they’ve all made. In truth, I’ve been hurt by one or two staff who’ve perhaps took me to the cleaners, but on the pitch, we’ve simply had a dressing room that unfortunately slightly underachieved in the big moments, and as a realist, that's just football.

"But it’s the big moments that do separate the mediocre sides from the top teams, because top teams turn key moments into magic moments, and unfortunately, we’ve not done that in the majority of games this season."

Adding that the Wood will be 'scrapping for our lives from day one' next season, Hunter said: “We’ll almost certainly have to be on life support for the foreseeable future and that’s only if everyone still decides to back us.

"We will then have to balance off any new players coming in with the present wage bill, which will need to be reduced, but we must get new talent in and more energy into our ranks. In the meantime, I’ll be trying to pull a few rabbits out of my business hat, but in this environment, that is going to be a very difficult task between now and the season’s start in August."

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