Yeovil Town chairman Scott Priestnall has responded to speculation regarding ex-Swindon Town chairman Jed McCrory's potential involvement behind the scenes at the club.

Speaking as part of a detailed update to supporters, Priestnall explained: "With regards to rumours of potential new investors, I have mentioned in the past I would always be open to discussions, and there is an interested party. This will be on the basis of investing equity into the club in return for shares.

"Nothing has been finalised and I will keep you updated once I know more. I will also confirm - although it has been incorrectly reported that I have been introduced to a potential takeover through Jed McCrory - Jed has introduced a potential investor who is known to some supporters, although I haven’t actually spoken with them yet or received evidence of funds.

"For some reason, there are a few on social media that want to keep dragging Jed into takeover/ownership talks. Jed is a friend who has offered to introduce a potential investor.

"In these difficult times, all options have to be explored. I have other friends in football who have offered assistance to the club in various ways and I’ve also been helping other clubs, as is the way it should be."

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