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When you begin dating an avid football fan, there’s no doubt at all that your life is going to change. Wave goodbye to your free weekends and occasional weekdays and say a swift hello to passionate, exciting evenings cozied up in front of the big screen, or, if you’re lucky enough, out in the bustling grounds surrounded by thousands of “like-minded people.”

Whether you like it or not, now that you’re dating a football fan, this is your life for the foreseeable future, so it’s best to know exactly what to expect for the months and years ahead!

  1. You start to understand the game and many new terms.

One of the first things you’ll notice yourself doing after entering into a relationship with a true football fan is understanding the game down to even the smallest details. Aside from the “offside rule,” which will take you ample time to fully grasp, most other concepts and rules of the game are fairly straightforward, making it super easy to pick up, even if you’re not trying to. Simply by watching the match with them, you’ll begin to understand the ins and outs of the game, turning you from a complete rookie into a fully-fledged pro supporter in no time.

  1. Online dating is a way to meet your football fan

Like many modern resources, hellohotties also opens an opportunity to share your thoughts about the game in chat, that type of conversation will help you get the attention of a football fan online. By knowing where to find football supporters in abundance, you’ll never be stuck for potential football lovers to begin dating online.

  1. From online conversation to a first date watching football matches.

The speed at which your new relationship can progress with a football fan is staggering. You must first accept that their first love was their team, so if you want to make it work long term, you need to be accommodating to that first true love. When you do, you’ll quickly go from flirty online chats to full Saturday afternoon binges watching the games and scores fly in.

  1. You become a fan too.

You’ll begin to feel yourself rooting for their team to come out victorious, being surprised at how deep it hurts you when the result doesn’t go in your favor. As such, your relationship will be going from strength to strength at this point, now that they see you value their favorite team just as much as they do. Well, nearly anyway.

  1. Be ready to fit your life around a football.

Yes, that’s correct. From now on, you can forget those long romantic weekends away together, unless it’s the international break! Expect your weekend schedules to be very, very hectic! Get ready for Friday night football, Saturday midday clashes, the Saturday 3pm kickoffs followed by the evening game, then on to Sunday, where the process is repeated.

So, suppose you’re ready for the massive upheaval and changes to your usual “free” time. In that case, you’re ready to proceed in beginning a relationship with a football fan or taking your current relationship to the next level. We expect that at first, you may not have any interest in the so-called “beautiful game,” but as time goes on and you begin to learn the ins and outs of the game your partner loves so much, you’ll start to realize that dating a football fan isn’t so bad, after all!

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