By Marie Miguel

Football players need to take responsibility for their mental health. While many are focused on the FA Cup or even getting signed to different teams, one thing that shouldn’t be neglected is mental health.

Football players work on their physical health quite a bit. They’ll be on the field, practicing hours a day, but mental health is something many football players also need to take responsibility for, especially with the coming season.

Can Help with Pandemic-Induced Depression

The pandemic hasn’t been easy for anyone, football players included. A lot weren’t able to practice with the team, or for long periods of time. Some have been tested, but a lot ended up having to wait till it was safe to practice once again.

This can be draining, and in many cases, depression sets in. Depression is common amongst many, but with the pandemic, it can be even harder for people. But, mental health for football players is good because it keeps them out of their heads so they can be focused on the field, and it can reduce instances of depression as well.

Helps with Anxiety Before Matches

Some players struggle with anxiety before matches. If it’s a very important game, it can be quite trying on their mental health.

Anxiety can cause many things, including trouble sleeping, nervousness, and trouble with concentration. If you’re not properly concentrated when on the field, it can affect your play style. Anxiety before matches, or even when matches aren’t happening, is pretty common for football players, and mental health checks and counseling can help them play as best as they can be.

Helps Bring Better Energy to the Field

You play your best when you’re not worried about things. This ties into the previous point, but football players can play even better if they take care of their mental health. The right energy to the field does impact your ability to play, and how good you are at playing matches.

It also is good for team synergy. If you’re all playing rightfully and correctly, it can impact how well you act while on the field.
The proper energy on the field does impact your matches better, and if you do have good mental health, it can help improve your ability to play, and it will even make things easier.

Good for Managing Stress

Football players go through stress, just like we all do. If there are events that they need too go to, or commitments they must meet, it can take a toll on one’s mental health. Even virtual meetings and events can impact one's stress levels. Burnout is common amongst many people, football players included.

If you want to manage your stress, speaking to a counsellor may be a good thing. They can offer tips to manage your stress effectively, from actions you can do, to even breathing when you need to calm down.
If you approach your work with a clear head, you’ll be an even better player, and this is important for football players of all kinds.

Prevents Burnout

Burnout is very common in football players. With the constant practices, games, and events, it takes a toll on the body. Many football players struggle with taking care of themselves.

But self-care is very important. This does tie into the previous point, but by preventing burnout, you’ll be much happier, and it can impact your wellness too. When you experience burnout, it can have a physical impact on your health. Many people with burnout struggle with the ability to handle it effectively. That’s because it takes a lot of energy to keep it together. But talking to a therapist can help you iron out each of these problems, so you’re able to, with this, reduce the impact of burnout on the body and mind as well.

What You Can do

Getting help for any mental health issues you have is very important. In fact, it can assist you with your playing and make you an even better football player. If you’re busy with practice and the like, then you can always seek out online therapy. It is convenient and right at your fingertips, and there are plenty of counsellors that can assist you with your problems, making it easier to handle just about anything.

For more information, you can go to for more information about online therapy that’s available in your area, and what kind of help that you can get.

For many football players, it isn’t easy, and a lot of people struggle with managing the mental health effects of this. Thankfully, with the rise of online therapy due to the convenience and impact it has, it can be easier to get the help that not only you deserve, but what will assist you.