Best Betting Offers UK 2020

Are you searching for the best betting offers UK, best sign up offers UK, or the best betting sites offers? Not sure where to find best betting bonuses UK punters can use online? Don’t worry anymore. Here at, we research the best betting offers UK residents can find. We review online betting offers UK punters can use, so you can take quick action and sign up for online bookmakers accordingly.

As a renowned editorial rating portal and an authority in the online gambling industry, we have a real passion for sports and betting. Therefore, we carefully go through betting offers online and then present you with the best betting offers online.

If you are new to the betting world, rest assured that with you are in good hands. We will help you discover the best betting offers UK punters can find, as well as the best betting bonuses UK bettors can receive.

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What are betting bonus offers?

Today, most bookmakers offer bonuses hoping to persuade new customers to sign up and use them as their primary betting account. Bookmakers also provide betting offers to the existing customers, so that they do not leave them and join other bookmakers. These are often in the form of bonus cash credited to the player’s account so they can make use of them while placing a bet. It does not necessarily have to be in the form of cash though, but can come in various forms.

As the industry has developed over the years, sportsbooks have innovated various types of creative bonuses for their punters such as:

  1. Deposit match bonus, a.k.a Initial bonus on deposit
  2. Bonus bets
  3. Matched bet bonus
  4. Referring bonus
  5. A Reload bonus
  6. A Cashback bonus
  7. Season promotion bonus

Betting bonuses UK explained

To help you get your head around the different bonuses that you can find at sportsbook sites, here’s a quick run through of some of what’s available.

Initial deposit bonus

Initial deposit bonuses are not complex. In simple terms, for every pound you spend in depositing into your account, the operator will match a precise percentage of the deposit you make (usually somewhere between 50% to 100%) and give it back to you in the form of a bonus. These bonuses, without doubt, serves as a tempting incentive to join an online casino or sportsbook and are usually given only on your first deposit you place with the operator.

However, before you get too excited, keep in mind that they generally come with a bag of terms and conditions. Many of these do not need a promo code to redeem them successfully. Usually, these initial deposit bonuses get credited automatically in your account. Nevertheless, a few sportsbooks requires punters to put in the promo code while depositing funds to receive their bonus. In case they do, rest assured, as the promo code is provided by them and locating it is not a difficult process.

Extra bets bonus

Extra bets bonus are also one of the best online betting offers UK that a sportsbook can offer.

These extra bet offers UK punters can claim are often quite tempting.  These too have their own advantages. Like other best betting offers UK punters can claim, these too come with certain terms and conditions. You must always check these terms and conditions carefully before you commit to signing up for an account.

Matching bet bonus

Matching bets bonuses are the less common betting bonus offers at operators but are still offered by a few. For example, when you deposit £15 on one bet, the sportsbook will give you with one more of that bet. It’s like a bonus bet but its terms and conditions are slightly different. It may be more beneficial to place a bet on small odds to gain good wins instead of losing your bonus bet.

Refer a friend bonus

As the name says, you simply need to refer a friend to an online sportsbook you love. If your friend signs up and makes the initial deposit, you get awarded a bonus by the operator. How much you get really depends from one operator to another. The maximum amount is of course not as big as you get on your first deposit,  but every little penny counts.

It is a fantastic way to introduce your friends or colleagues you think are interested, and to get something in your pocket as well. On one hand, you invite them to a good sportsbook and on the other hand, you gain a decent bonus out of it. Many sites also give a bonus to your friend, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Reload bonuses

Bettors usually need to deposit again to their bankroll regularly. It is just a fact of life when it comes to betting. Bookmakers provide these reload bonuses to help encourage you to deposit into your account. Of course, the amount of reload bonuses are no way comparable to your initial deposits. We never saw a 75%-100% return with a reload bonuses. Nonetheless, reload bonuses are also used largely by operators to help them retain their existing customers.

Cash back incentives

These are easy and straightforward to understand. A bettor gets a specific percentage for every pound they bet, no matter if they lost it, in their bankroll.  It largely affects punters bankroll management along with the way they make bets. Furthermore, these bonuses mainly focus on specific sports like horse racing, so if you’re interested in placing your bets on a specific sport, then these would really work out for you.

Seasonal promotions

May operators online offer seasonal bonuses.  For example, betting on the Super Bowl. They might offer a bonus Super Bowl bet. You might be able to pick up some extra bets if you place in-play bets for example, or bet on a certain team.

What we recommend is, if you are thinking of signing up with a new operator, then you might as well wait a little longer if some big events are round the corner. You may then be able to take advantage of these seasonal promotions and grab some of the best betting sites offers that attract your attention.

Picking the best betting bonuses UK online: 3 things to consider

There are three things you’ll need to ask yourself before picking the best betting bonus offers online. They are;

  • What are the rollover requirements?
  • Are there any odds restrictions on the betting bonus?
  • Do any time limits or restrictions apply to my bonus?

Regarding the betting offers online you choose, you should consider odds restrictions, rollover, and any time limits applicable to the offer.

Also, keep in mind that deposits made through some payment methods are not eligible for some of the best betting bonus offers online with certain bookies. Ensure that the selected sportsbook accepts your deposit method and allows such deposits to be eligible for their promotions. It is not great having a host of the best gambling offers available but not being able to take advantage of them after all.

Usually bank transfer and debit cards do not have any issues, but if you are thinking of funding your account using e-wallets or cryptocurrencies, you may want to check with your bookmaker. You can find all this under the terms and conditions of your sportsbook provider on the site. If you have any doubts, be sure to get in touch with customer service for further clarification.

What is a rollover?

Rollover is better understood if explained by giving an example. For instance, you deposit £250 to on an online bookmaker that is offering a fifty percent bonus with a five times rollover. So even though you shall have £375 which you can use to bet with, but you can’t withdraw the this amount until you place a bet which values a total of £1,875 ((£250+£125) x5).

Understanding time limits and odds restrictions on rollover

You will see a few bookmakers giving back amounts you lose from placing bets. To get credits, punters would need to wager at higher than even money, for example.

One aspect to see in rollover is the time limit. It is not wise to bet in a rush just to clear your rollover. This might lead to you losing money eventually. Punters would need to calculate how much they need to bet so that they can meet the time limit of the bonus they are willing to claim. Punters also need to see if it is worth and it makes any sense.

Apart from rollover requirements, there are other terms which bookmakers provides and it is is vital for you to know them, in order to take advantage of the best sign up offers UK punters can claim. As they are different from one sportsbook to another, we strongly encourage you to read the full terms and conditions before zeroing in on one.

Below are some fine examples of additional requirements;

  • Punters cannot make any withdrawals in a month of claiming these best betting promotions.
  • Punters can use a bonus only on sports, horse racing and casino. It is not eligible for using in Poker.
  • Punters can only have one active bonus in their account. If they wish to claim some other bonus, the current bonus must be cancelled or used first.

Punters should also look for below requirements when seeing a sportsbook

  • There could be Odds restrictions which you must be aware of. A few bets may not be eligible towards your rollover after a certain threshold. It means you cannot bet on your favourites several times just to meet up the rollover requirements.
  • Punters might have to wait for a certain time before they can withdraw their bonus.
  • Punters can use the bonus only on some areas of the sportsbook.
  • Although the operator may offer multiple bonuses, punters can use only one at a time. If you claim a new one, the current bonus gets cancelled automatically.

How to claim my best betting sites offers?

Usually, punters can claim their best sign up offers UK be it any form like deposit, bonus spin, or even a bonus bet without much of a hassle. These bonuses gets credited automatically your account once you have fulfilled the requirements.

However, there are some online sportsbooks where you would need to enter a promo code or a bonus code, while you create your account or while you first deposit any funds in your account. This is usual for sign-up rewards, but it may also apply to other kinds of bonuses as well. To enter or not to enter a promo code depends on one operator to another. You can know it by reading their terms and conditions. Just ensure to get the right information. You could also use their help section to know more on this topic or contact customer service if need be.

What do I need to do to pay out my best sign up offers UK?

You can withdraw bonuses offered by the best betting sites offers once you meet all the terms and conditions that are given for it, like the wagering requirements and other stuffs.

Generally, bonus withdrawals and regular withdrawals comes with similar terms and conditions to follow. The way changes if the banking option is different for both.  Whatever the condition is, it is vital to verify yourself with the operator by giving a photo identity proof before you can payout any winnings you earned through them.

FAQs for the best betting offers UK 2020

To help you get your head around everything you need to know about the best betting offers UK, here is a quick FAQ for some of the most common queries.

Does an advertised promo code work from the best betting offers site, if I have an existing account on an operator?

No, these promo codes work only once, that is the first time you register on a website.  If you already have registered and have earlier deposited funds on the operator’s site, you no longer qualify for another welcome bonus.

However, we do encourage you to create a new account on a different sportsbook and grab their welcome bonus if the site suits your needs.

Do most of the online bookmakers offer the best sign up offers UK?

No, not every operator online offers the best sign up offers UK punters can find. The bonuses are given based on the financial decisions of an operator and also based on their marketing budget. Some bookmakers may prefer to distribute this to different parts of their operations.

Also, some of them prefer providing lines with lesser ‘vig’. The vig or vigorish can be defined as the amount you pay the house in exchange for the opportunity of placing your wager. The money that sportsbooks use to give away bonuses to their members, would instead be used in offering better odds and tighter lines than their rivals.

Can I use my best betting offers UK from my mobile phone?

Usually, sportsbooks don’t have a restriction on which gadget the bets are placed, whether on a computer or mobile phone. Any money deposited will be available on any platform you select to use. In fact, you will find many exclusive best betting offers UK for mobile if you place bets using your smartphone.

Online sportsbooks these days are offering clear, friendly interfaces for their mobile platforms. You will also find dedicated applications for both Android and iPhone as well. Functionally, these mobile interfaces are the same as using your sportsbook on your desktop, and this works even for best betting offers UK.

What happens if I withdraw the best betting offers UK before even fulfilling its conditions?

If you try to withdraw your bonus even before you have completed your rollover requirements, you might get an error message or a reminder to inform you the amount you still have to bet prior to withdrawal.

Regardless, it is completely okay to withdraw your funds before meeting your bonus requirements. You would need to contact their customer service and demand your funds. You would get it back minus the best betting offers UK punters can claim bonus amount. You are usually allowed to withdraw any amount in your balance that is greater in amount than what remains in the balance of your rollover requirements.

Where can you use the best sign up offers UK bettors can find?

Not matter if the bookmaker offers online casino as well as sports, you would be able to use your sportsbook sign up offers only while betting on the sport events. If your best betting sites offers casino bonuses, then you may use them in casino section. But you must keep in mind that the casino bonus and the sports bonus terms and conditions are entirely different. It is vital to read the requirements carefully, because you could lose your bonus if you accidentally place bets on areas which is not allowed or supported. For example, some websites even does not allow punters to bet on certain leagues.

Although rare, some sportsbooks even restrict its players to place bets on single events. Meaning, punters cannot use their bonus to place bets on parlay bets or teasers as well.

I did not receive my best sign up offers UK even after I funded by account?

Do not panic! You can try contacting their customer representative. They are professionals and are always happy to help you follow the procedure of getting your bonus. If the mistake is on their end, they would even correct it. If you are fortunate enough, these guys may even offer you a bigger offer to cover their mistake.

You can get in touch with their customer service through many channels like email, telephone or even live chat. While live chat is the quickest way to solve your issues, you could alternatively email or telephone them explaining your problem. Some bookmakers are also active on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

 Is the biggest bonus the best betting sites offer better than a smaller bonus?

This is perhaps one question we always hear from punters. Usually, the bigger bonus is the better one, provided you read all the terms and conditions thoroughly. It depends on the requirements you have to fulfill though, so make sure you assess the terms thoroughly.

My bonus got revoked, what can I do?

If the best betting sites offers have been revoked, it could be because they are suspicions that you are not using your bonus as per the proper rules or engaging in fraud of some sort. A sportsbook also does not allow arbitrage betting, and they can block your account if they feel you are doing so. Misunderstandings can occur any time. So, if you feel your bonus is revoked for a wrong reason by the best betting sites offers, you could contact their customer service or live chat.

There could be a lot of reasons for best betting sites offers getting revoked including betting on odds which are restricted, time requirements not being met, or not fulfilling the terms and conditions of your offers.

The primary reason why sportsbooks offers online betting offers UK punters can claim is as a marketing technique. These are sports betting site’s main way of advertising to lure new and existing customers. Bonuses are cancelled very rarely. However, if you run into such issues, we advise you to contact them for clarification if you have not done anything unlawful.


There are a host of online betting offers UK residents can claim, and it’s quite natural for punters to get confused. To select the best betting bonus offers online, it’s a brilliant idea to use an external resource like for comparison. At the same time, we remind you that it is very important to read all the terms and conditions for all the best betting sites offers.


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