Best Betting Promotions UK 2021

In the competitive world of online gambling, there are a nearly infinite number of enticing welcome bonuses - some, of course, better than others. Good news, we’ve found all the best offers going around.

We compare betting promotions using a load of boring metrics you can find below, so you can make an informed choice as to which operator you want to go with. Here’s a cracking £30 in free bet credits on offer at 888, but for even more juicy deals check below for our recommendations.

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Best UK Bonus Offers in 2021

5% up to
Requirements (WR):1x Deposit
Min. Deposit:£20
Bonus Code
STSBet Bonus Code
***** Get Bonus
100% up to
+ £10
Requirements (WR):-
Min. Deposit:£10
Bonus Code
LeoVegas Bonus Code
***** Get Bonus
25% up to
Requirements (WR):1x Deposit
Min. Deposit:£20
Bonus Code
Bet UK Bonus Code
***** Get Bonus
100% up to
Requirements (WR):1x Deposit
Min. Deposit:£10
Bonus Code
****** Bonus Code
***** Get Bonus
up to
Requirements (WR):-
Min. Deposit:£15
Bonus Code
Betiton Bonus Code
***** Get Bonus
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What are the betting promotions?

Betting promotions can be referred to as certain extra perks that you get when you are betting. The best betting promotions can get you several benefits like enhanced odds, cashback offers, accumulator bonuses, etc. Thus, they minimise the risks against the bet. Generally, betting promotions are given to newcomers so that they can be tempted to stay for longer with a specific bookmaker.

However, betting promotions are also offered to loyal customers to reward them for their loyalty and increase their chances of winning. The betting promotion methods will depend on the specific bookmaker.

Plus, the best betting promotions also differ based on the kind of game or sport. There are several kinds of betting promotions, but most betting promotions can be put under two umbrella categories: betting bonuses and extra bet offers UK customers can claim.

What is the difference between betting bonuses and bonus bets?

The difference between a betting bonus and bonus bets lies in the way they are offered. In either of the cases, the bookmaker gives you a fixed amount of money which you can use for their website.

When it comes to bonus bets betting promotions UK customers can claim, however, you can only get one single bet token or a few tokens which will be equal to the total bonus account. Hence, bonus bets can be a little more restrictive for the punter.

The betting bonus also has its own conditions though, which comes in the form of wagering requirements. You need to meet the wagering requirement to redeem any winnings from the betting bonus that you get.

Acquiring betting bonuses and bonus bets

There is another difference between a betting bonus and extra bets betting promotions UK punters can use, and this difference is based on how you acquire either of them. You can get a betting bonus by registering with an online bookmaker and making your first deposit. To redeem the bonus, you have to first play with the entire deposit amount or place the first qualifying bet.

On the other hand, for bonus bets, you have to place the qualifying bet to unlock the bonus bet. Merely making a deposit will not unlock the bonus bet bonus.

On top of that, there are many conditions that the bookies place on the first qualifying bet, especially in the case of bonus bets, which you need to meet to unlock the bonus bet potential. You have to look at the minimum odds requirements and stake amount before applying since they differ from one bookie to another. There are also certain types of wager that do not work with bonus bets like tote bets, poole bets, and Asian handicaps.

Betting bonus or bonus bets - which is more suitable?

Both betting bonus and bonus bets are useful betting offers. However, like most of the best betting promotions, they are not equally profitable in all situations or for all kinds of punters. They have their advantages and disadvantages.

You can get a bonus bet if you place your first qualifying bet on a valid game or sports market, attached with a minimum odds requirement. Extra bets are best suited for punters who want to test the waters in the betting world.

Generally, bonus bets do not require you to meet many conditions, except the conditions of the first qualifying bet. Once you meet the conditions, you can withdraw the winnings. In the end, you get all the wins that you enjoyed by betting, plus, you own staked amount.

The betting bonuses, on the other hand, are for advanced punters who would like to have a level of control over their betting venture. You can strategise your bets and can break it up into multiple parts when you are putting the money at stake.

However, the disadvantage of this kind of best betting promotions is that you need to meet the wagering requirement, which is generally kept quite high. Hence, you cannot withdraw your winnings as and when you get it against a bet. You need to rotate the money several times before you are allowed to withdraw your winnings by the bookie’s conditions.

It is always wise to read the terms and conditions before you opt-in for any of these betting promotions - such as the latest Will Hill sign up offer or BetVictor deposit bonus.

What is a wagering requirement?

Wagering requirements are an essential condition which is attached to most of the best betting promotions, and you should always check them before opting in. Wagering requirements can be the difference between you winning a lot of money from the bonus or you losing the entirety of the bonus that you won. However, you cannot just cash out the entire bonus without meeting the wagering requirement set by the bookie.

The wagering requirement means that you have to play with your bonus amount for a prescribed number of times (usually represented as a multiplier, like 20x, 30x) before you can withdraw it. For example, if you deposit £200 and have to meet a 20x wagering requirement, it means that you have to put the bonus amount at stake 20 times, and get £200x20 = £4000 from it before you can withdraw it. The bookie can put a wagering requirement on your bonus amount or the entire amount that you stake. There can also be different wagering requirements against different bonuses.

Wagering requirements can also have an expiry period, so you have to use them before the expiry period is over. Rarely, bookmakers can offer no-wagering requirement bonuses. No-wagering requirements bonuses are a dream of most punters, and these bonuses can be cashed out once you get them.

You also have the option to reject a betting promotion if you find the wagering requirements to be high and if you are not confident enough. That’s why you should go through the comparison of the best betting promotions UK residents can claim to help you understand which betting promotion is best for you, and carefully read the full terms and conditions for each offer.

What is opting in?

When you look at the best betting promotions UK residents can find, you might often come across the term ‘opt in’. Many newcomers in the world of betting believe that if they have an account registered with an operator, they will become a part of a promotion. However, if you want to be part of a best betting promotions, you have to request the operator proactively.

Operators have undertaken this method because many promotions might have conditions which do not suit the specific bettor. For example, a betting promotion may have a high wagering requirement, and so, you might choose not to be a part of it. You should be able to judge your betting ability and only after that, you should try and opt for a betting promotion. Checking the comparisons of the best betting promotions with can come in your favour in such situations.

While the process of opting in might appear laborious, it is quite easy, especially when you are betting online. Any promotion will appear in your Member Account, and you can check the promotion and opt-in for it. For reload bonus or deposit bonus, you can use a deposit code that will help you get access to a lot of bonus pounds.

There are specific bonuses for which you need to contact customer support directly. For these kinds of bonuses, you can open up the live chat feature and contact support, or you can email the operator. If you are not confident about any promotion, contact support and clear any of your doubts.

The different types of betting promotions

There are a lot of different types of best betting promotions. Each one of the betting promotion types offers some risk minimisation for the bettor. However, each betting promotion gives you a different kind of benefit. You should look into the conditions of a bonus before opting in. Plus, betting promotions generally have wagering requirements attached to them which differ based on the operators.

Here are a few common types of betting promotions. Nonetheless, operators can come up with new kinds of betting promotions as well, which may not match with this list, so always check out the site directly.

Deposit bonus promotions

Deposit bonuses are the most common type of betting promotions UK punters can claim that you can get in both sportsbooks and casinos. In deposit bonus, the sportsbook will determine a certain percentage as a deposit bonus against the first deposit you make. The percentage of the deposit will be given out as a bonus which you can withdraw after meeting the wagering requirement.

Most online bookmakers will set a limit to the deposit bonus. For example, if the deposit bonus is 100%, then if you deposit £100, you will get £100 as a deposit bonus. If the deposit bonus limit is at £350, then even if you deposit £500, you will get a maximum bonus of £350. The percentage and limits vary according to the operator.

Deposit bonuses are great if you are looking to get long-term benefits. If you are someone who wants to cash out after one or two bets, then deposit bonuses may not be a wise choice, especially since they often have a high wagering requirement.

Higher payouts promotion

Generally, when a bookie presents betting promotions, they take away a small charge out of it. Due to this cut, your payout odds can go a bit lower and affect your final withdrawals from the betting promotions UK. However, higher payouts promotions are a fantastic way in which these payout odds can be increased in your favour.

With the higher payouts betting promotion, your overall payout will be much more as the charge cut by the bookies will be less. Under tight odds situations, this promotion can be of massive help to your betting ventures, but if you lose all your bets, then high payout bonuses can be of no help for you.

Within this promotion offer, you can also get the options of enhanced odds and best odds guaranteed. In enhanced odds, you get better odds in your favour and with best odds guaranteed promotion, your odds increase, and you get the best odds of the house.

Reload bonus promotion

Reload bonus is similar to the deposit bonus, but the difference in reload bonus is that it is not calculated on your first deposit but instead on your reload deposit. Reload bonuses are meant for loyal customers so that they remain invested in the betting game and are allowed to play with minimal risk.

Reload bonuses may not have a very high bonus percentage, like deposit bonuses. Online bookmakers can give reload bonuses all year round, or they can give out reload bonuses seasonally. So, you need to keep yourself updated about any new developments of your chosen online bookmaker.

Cashback promotions

Cashback betting promotions UK are rare among online bookmakers. In cashback promotions, you can get your cashback if you lose out on the bets that you have made. Cashback promotions generally have a percentage of your stake which they will provide if you lose out on your bet, or if the online bookmaker makes a profit out of your bet. The percentages will depend on the betting offer and your stake.

Take a look at our Boyle Sports sign up offers and Guts promotions reviews to see what offers might be available from these popular bookmakers.

Accumulator bonuses promotion offer

Accumulator bonuses are another kind of bonus offered on accumulator bets as a part of betting promotions UK punters can claim. In accumulator bets, you have to win on all the selections that you make on a bet slip to get a high payout. However, if one of the selections loses, you lose the entire bet. With an accumulator bonus, the high risk goes down a little bit as with this bonus, you can get a cashback if you lose out on one of the selections or even two.

Bonus gear promotion offers

Sportsbooks know that many of the bettors are enthusiasts in specific sports. So, sometimes, they run betting promotions UK punters can claim where you do not win money. Instead, you can win an item of sports gear from your favourite team. You can win hoodies, memorabilia, sports equipment, or some other prized possession with your favourite team’s logo on it.

How to know when a betting promotion is coming up or is ongoing

Betting promotions do not come up at fixed time intervals. They generally come seasonally or when the online bookmakers choose to bring up a new kind of promotion. Plus, betting promotions are subject to changes as well. So, it is essential for the bettor to keep themselves updated when it comes to betting promotions and betting opportunities.

Here are a few ways in which you can keep yourself updated about the best betting promotions UK customers are being offered:

Step 1: Joining the operator’s email list

While you may hate spam, emails from your operator contain lots of bonuses or betting promotions UK punters might like. When you sign up with an operator, you can either get automatically subscribed to their email list or check the box while signing up that subscribes you to their email list. So, don’t disregard the emails that come from your operator as they might contain useful information about upcoming promotion offers. If you are signed up with an online bookmaker and you are not subscribed to their email listing contact the customer support.

Step 2: Follow your online bookmaker on social media sites

Most popular online bookmakers have a Facebook page or a Twitter account. On these accounts, the online bookmakers tend to post important information like patron updates, news updates and most importantly, any upcoming or ongoing promotions or bonuses. So, follow your favourite online bookmaker on their Facebook and Twitter page to get daily updates of any new events.

Step 3: Visit their site often

Online bookmakers want their customers to take advantage of different betting promotions and opt-in for them. When you visit the website of your online bookmaker, the chances are that they will be running advertisements on prospective betting promotions. Some of the best mobile betting apps offer exclusive deals via mobile, so make sure to check if your favourite bookie has one available - you can take a look at our apps for horse racing and best app for cricket betting guides for more specific information on these. Or, take a look at the best cricket betting odds.

Sometimes, online bookmakers can have a separate dedicated page which solely lists on the ongoing or upcoming promotions. Many online bookmakers also present their betting promotions and bonuses on the homepage when you visit the site.

Step 4: Ask support

If you are big on betting and have been a loyal bettor on your online bookmaker, then you might be eligible for specific hidden promotions which the operator has chosen for the big players. Generally, these promotions are for people who make high bets, since the more you bet, the more the operator would want you to play on and keep you attached with it.

Ask your customer support if there is anything new, such as a special bonus or promotion. They might direct you to a special promotion. Don’t ask them every day, but you can always do a monthly check if you are eager to get a promotion.

Betting promotion tips

Betting promotions can be lucrative, but they can also be a bit complicated. Here are some of the top betting promotion tips which can help you get the most from betting promotions;

  • Always read the terms and conditions of the betting promotion offer properly before applying. This will help you to strategise better when it comes to choosing the right betting promotions for you. In the terms and conditions, pay attention to the wagering requirement attached to a specific promotion.
  • If you are given a choice to select between better odds/payouts and excellent promotions, always go for better odds/payouts. Better odds mean that you will get a better chance at winning big. So, while promotions might be tempting, going for better odds and payouts will ultimately help you succeed in the long run.
  • Betting promotions are extras. If you have entered the betting market, you should have a passion for betting and not rely on extras. That’s because many betting promotions can have a high wagering requirement which can end up in a loss overall. So, you have to use your wisdom, and if you are not confident, you can reject these extras and rely on your own strategy, luck and money to win a bet.
  • Always check comparison sites like to be aware of the best betting promotions before opting in.


There are a lot of different betting promotions that online bookmakers tend to offer. It is best to look into the betting promotions UK punters can claim and the latest betting promotions before you opt-in for any specific betting promotion.

Before opting in, you should be careful while reading the terms and conditions. The wagering requirement can help you realize whether a betting promotion is ultimately going to be lucrative for you or not. With the expert reviews and comparisons, you can easily find the best betting promotions to suit your preferences. Just take a look at our Mr Green sign up bonus and GentingBet bonus guides for two great examples!

Looking for gambling affiliate advice? Head on over to our Best Gambling Affiliate Programs guide!

Best Betting Promotions FAQ 

🏆 How do I find the best betting promotions?

The best betting promotions are available to you via the internet. However, finding the very best promotions can be time consuming if you don’t have the necessary guide. At, we bring you a list of all the best betting promotions. You won’t have to sift through tons of information or sign up with multiple bookies just to find out. Our coverage of the best betting promotions will allow you to hand-pick your favourite within seconds.

✅ Which betting site has the best promotions?

Many of the top online bookmakers will claim to offer the best promotions. However, certain bookmakers don’t live up to the initial hype. Thus, you need an unbiased point of view to point you in the right direction. At, we bring you an informative, yet impartial, take on all these offers. You can rest assured that you’ll be at the forefront of all the best online promotions.

🔢 Can I claim multiple betting promotions?

Betting promotions are different to welcome bonuses. Welcome offers can only be claimed once per person. However, promotions are different. The best bookies will provide a number of different promotions, all of which can be used by a single customer. To find out how to go about claiming your next promotions, take a look at our coverage of the best betting promotions in the UK.

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