Greyhound Race Tracks UK 2021

If you love your greyhounds betting and want some greyhound race tracks information, you’ve reached the right place. We’ll discuss what the main greyhound tracks are like and include vital information needed to make the right decisions.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a greater understanding of the greyhound stadiums that you’re betting at. Knowing if they’ve got tight bends or are a long galloping track can make all the difference when selecting your dog to bet on. You can also use this information to decide what track you might want to visit or not.

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Greyhounds racing

Best Greyhound Stadiums in England

Greyhound racing plays a big part in the betting industry. If you walk in any bookmakers shop in the UK, it would be safe to say, providing it is past 10 am that the screens in the shop would be screening a race in action or one that is preparing to race soon at one of the many greyhound race tracks. This is due to the frequency of races every day. Which is great for people like us who enjoy a good bet. Considering this, it’d be wise to know your greyhounds if you’re going to bet regularly on them.

The different greyhound tracks in England can make all the difference to a dog's performance. Top class dogs [called open racers] travel the UK and compete at various greyhound race tracks. How well they do is often down to the race distance and also the greyhound race tracks layout. People underestimate the effects of the various greyhound tracks in England, some have short runs to the bend, some have big galloping tracks, and therefore, run the risk of betting blindly by not considering these vital bits of information that affect a greyhound's performance. We hope to provide you with these essential tips on greyhound racing to enable you to know what are the best greyhound betting odds when you see them!

After reading this article, things will become a bit clearer. Let’s dig in.

Below we’ll list each of the greyhound race tracks in the UK, state the key factors of the greyhound stadiums in the UK, and who owns the track. We’ll also leave the website URL link in case you wish to explore further. We’ll note any other vital information we feel will help you with your greyhound stadium knowledge.

The future of greyhound tracks UK, has been a bit shaky in recent years, unlike horse race tracks UK. For example, there were previously 33 London greyhound stadiums, today there are only 2 remaining. This is mainly caused by greyhound stadiums shutting, fewer people attending greyhound race tracks, and because most bettors can watch dogs run at the best greyhound tracks live at home, free of charge from bookmaker bet live streams. There are also great Freeview greyhound channels, such as RPGTV, which provide racing most evenings from 2 selected greyhound tracks UK; most of whom are from these greyhound stadiums we are about to list below.

There has recently been a good sign to indicate that greyhound tracks UK will have some longevity; One of the best greyhound tracks, Nottingham, has recently had its lease extended for a further 50-years from the local council. A great sign for us dog racing lovers.

Here’s an alphabetical list of the UK greyhound race tracks. If a greyhound meeting contains an abbreviation called [BAGS], this stands for Bookmakers Afternoon Greyhound Service.

Brighton & Hove Stadium, Brighton

Stadium name: Coral Brighton & Hove Greyhound Stadium

Stadium owner - Coral

Year of opening - 1928

Location – Neville Road, Hove, BN3 7BZ


  • Skyline restaurant
  • Five licensed bars
  • Parking availability for 365 cars
  • Defibrillators within site

The stadium has a capacity for 2,200 visitors and boasts some of the most comfortable spectator amenities. This stadium was also the home of Ballyregan Bob, who broke the world record for consecutive wins when he scored his 32nd successive victory on 9th December 1986.

Major race meetings: Sussex Cup, 515 meters

Website URL -

Central Park Stadium, Sittingbourne

Stadium name: Central Park Stadium

Stadium owner:  Arena racing company

Year of opening:  1990

Location: Church Road, Sittingbourne, ME10 3SB.


  • Restaurant – panoramic view with 2 levels of seating
  • 3 licensed bars
  • Covered outside terracing
  • 4 different private suites, accommodating 30-45 guests inclusive
  • Tote betting and licensed track bookmakers

Major race meetings: Kent Derby, 480 meters

Website URL

Crayford Stadium, London

Stadium name: Crayford Greyhound Stadium

Stadium owner: Ladbrokes

Year of opening: 1986

Location:  Stadium Way, Crayford, DA1 4HR


  • Free car park
  • Cash machine
  • Function area hire
  • Defibrillator on site

Major race meetings: Coral Essex Vase, 575 meters. Golden Jacket, 714 meters.

Website URL

Doncaster Stadium, Doncaster

Stadium name: Meadow court stadium

Stadium owner:  Northern Sports Ltd

Year of opening:  1941

Location  Station Road, Doncaster, DN7 5HS


  • Restaurant with table service
  • Panoramic windows
  • TV monitors throughout the building

Major race meetings: The Yorkshire St Leger

Website URL

Previously known as Stainforth Stadium

In 1976 the track was purchased by the Hawkins family. Racing distances are over 301, 275, 480, 507, and 700 meters.

Harlow Stadium, Harlow

Harlow Greyhound Stadium opened in 1995 and has a capacity of 1,500 and 400 car parking spaces. Distances raced: 238m, 415m, 415mH, 592m, 592mH, 769m, 946m

Stadium name Harlow Greyhound Stadium

Stadium owner:  Dave Barclay

Year of opening: 1995

Location: The Pinnacles, Roydon Rd, Harlow CM19 5FT


The stadium also has executive suites, a restaurant, several bars, and conference and banqueting facilities. Racing takes place every Monday & Wednesday evening and every Friday, Saturday & Sunday Morning.

Names of major race meetings: Greene King Cup

Website URL

Henlow Stadium, Henlow

Henlow Greyhound Stadium opened back in 1923. It is a big galloping track with a long straight to the finish line. The stadium can house 1000 people and there are 400 car parking spaces. Track circumference, 413m. Distances raced: 277m, 460m, 460mH, 550m, 692m, 870m. Run To First Bend is 60m. Race Days are Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Stadium name: Henlow Greyhound Stadium

Stadium owner: Bob Morton & Kevin Boothby

Year of opening:  1927

Location:   Bedford Road, Lower Stondon,


  • Children free
  • Free Parking
  • Winning post restaurant

Henlow Major Races: Bedfordshire Derby, Westmead Hawk Puppy Cup 

Website URL

Kinsley Stadium, Kinsley

Stadium name: Kinsley Greyhound Stadium

Stadium owner: John Curran

Year of opening:  1939

Location: 96 Wakefield Rd, Kinsley, Pontefract, WF9 5EH

Kinsley Track circumference is 380m; Distances raced are 268m, 462m, 650m, 844m. Race Days are Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.


  • Snack bar
  • Bistro
  • Executive suite

Names of major Kinsley race meetings: The Gimcrack

Monmore Green Stadium, Wolverhampton

Stadium name: Monmore Greyhound Stadium

Stadium owner: Ladbrokes

Year of opening:   1928


Sutherland Avenue

Monmore Green




  • Free car and coach parking
  • Cash machine (charges may apply)
  • Function room hire
  • Defibrillators on site

Names of major race meetings: Midland Puppy Derby

Website URL

Monmore Green Stadium has been hosting greyhound racing since the 1920s. Monmore is owned by the bookmaker Ladbrokes. The track has a crowd capacity of 1,150 and parking for 400 cars.

Newcastle Stadium, Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle Greyhound Stadium has been proud to host live greyhound race tracks for 90 years. Hosted on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday (BAGS and evening). If you’ve been betting a long time, you may remember this track being called Brough park.

The Greyhound race track’s circumference is 415m. Distances raced are: 290m, 480m, 500m, 640m, 670m, 706m, 825m, 895m. The run to the first bend is 81 meters.

Newcastle Major Races: All England Cup

Stadium name: Newcastle Greyhound Stadium

Stadium owner: Arena racing company

Year of opening:  1928


The Fossway




  • Facilities
  • Trackside restaurant
  • Venue hire

Names of major race meetings: All England Cup

Website URL

Nottingham Stadium, Nottingham

Stadium name

Nottingham Greyhound Stadium

Stadium owner: Arena Racing Company (ARC)

Year of opening:  1980


Colwick park




  • 3 snack bars
  • There is seating both in the upstairs and downstairs bar area.
  • 1000 + car spaces in the car park

This greyhound race tracks racegoers have the choice of watching the action outside or on the large TV displays throughout the stadium and all races are replayed immediately after the race so you can relish the action. The greyhound race tracks length is 473 meters.

Names of major race meetings held: Betfred Select Stakes, Betfred Superstayers Select Stakes

Website URL

Owlerton Stadium, Sheffield

Sheffield Greyhound Stadium, also named Owlerton Greyhound Stadium, is located just five minutes drive from Sheffield city centre. The stadium hosts over 200 greyhound racing meetings each year and enjoys over 300,000 visitors every year. Track circumference is 425 meters. The run to the first bend is 61 meters. The greyhound race tracks distanced races are: 280m, 362m, 480m, 500m, 660m, 720m, 915m, 934m.

Stadium name: Owlerton Stadium

Stadium owner: A & S Leisure group

Year of opening:   1929


Sheffield Sports Stadium

Penistone Road


S6 2DE


  • Panoramic restaurant
  • 3 bars

Names of major race meetings: William Hill Steel City Cup

Website URL:

Pelaw Grange Stadium, Chester-le-Street

Stadium name: Pelaw Grange Stadium

Stadium owner: McKenna family

Year of opening: 1944


Pelaw Grange Stadium

Drum Road


Co. Durham

DA3 2A


  • 600 capacity
  • 170 parking spots
  • Bar & restaurant

Website URL:

Pelaw Grange Greyhound Stadium was a successful independent track before being licensed in August 2005. The stadium has a modern trackside Panorama Restaurant as well as a full range of facilities for visitors. The greyhound stadium's track circumference is 345 meters, the run to the bend is 90 meters.

Perry Barr Stadium, Birmingham

Stadium name: Perry Barr Stadium

Stadium owner: ARC

Year of opening: 1929


Aldridge Road

Perry Barr


B42 2ET


  • Grandstand restaurant
  • Bars
  • 1500 capacity
  • 400 parking spaces

Names of major race meetings held: Keith Johnson Summer Cup, Birmingham Cup.

Website URL:

Perry Barr Greyhound Stadium offers one of the best nights out in Birmingham. The greyhound stadium's track circumference is 434 meters, The run to the first bend is 60 meters and the distances ran over are 275, 480, 660, 710 and 915 meters.

Romford Stadium, London

Stadium name: Coral Romford Greyhound Stadium

Stadium owner: Coral

Year of opening: 1931


London Road





  • £10 million refurbishment
  • 3 bars
  • Large screen TVs
  • Paddock restaurant

Names of major race meetings: Coral Essex Vase, Golden Vase.

Website URL:

Romford Greyhound Stadium is owned by the Gala Coral Group and is one of the very few dog tracks remaining in London.  Romford Stadium has a capacity of 4,300 and there is parking available for 380 vehicles.

Believe it or not, they did have Cheetah racing at Romford in 1936. This was courtesy of a local explorer, Ken Gandar-Dower, and part of an experiment, which thankfully failed. The cheetahs were unsurprisingly faster than greyhounds when they were timed running alone around the greyhound stadiums. However, it was difficult to get them to race side-by-side, as the cheetahs could not concentrate when running alongside greyhounds and simply stopped chasing the hare.

Shawfield Stadium, Shawfield

Stadium name: Shawfield Greyhound Stadium

Stadium owner: Shawfield Greyhound Racing Company Ltd (SGRC)

Year of opening: 1898


137 Rutherglen Road


G73 1SZ


  • Restaurant
  • Bars
  • Tote betting booths

Names of major race meetings: Scottish Derby, St Mungo Cup

Website URL:

Shawfield Greyhound Stadium is a dog track in Rutherglen, Scotland. The greyhound stadiums  track circumference is 432 meters, run to the first bend 70 meters and distances raced are: 300m, 450m, 480m, 500m, 670m, 730m, 882m, 932

Sunderland Stadium, Sunderland

Sunderland Stadium has been around for over 80 years and was built at a cost of £60,000, which was a lot back then! It has a capacity of 1,500 and parking for 500 vehicles. Track circumference is 378m. Distances raced are 261m, 450m, 640m, 828m. Run to the First Bend is 93m. Race days are Tuesday (BAGS), Wednesday, Thursday (BAGS), Friday, Saturday.

Sunderland Major Races: William Hill Puppy Derby, William Hill Gold Cup

Stadium name: Regal Sunderland Stadium

Stadium owner: Regal Sunderland Stadium LTD

Year of opening: 1940


Newcastle Road


Tyne and Wear



  • Restaurant
  • Full designated bar and dining area
  • State-of-the-art flat-screen TVs.

Website URL

Swindon Stadium, Swindon

Stadium name: Abbey Ground Stadium

Stadium owner: Gaming International

Year of opening: 1949


Lady Lane




SN25 4DN


  • 4 licensed bars
  • 2 snack bars
  • 140 seater restaurant

Names of major race meetings: British Two Year Old Produce Stakes, Pride Of The West

Website URL

Swindon Greyhound Stadium, also known as Abbey Greyhound Stadium. The track features sweeping bends and long wide straights, allowing for mainly trouble-free racing. Swindon Stadium has a capacity of 2,000 and parking for 2,000 vehicles. The greyhound stadium's track circumference is 452m. Distances raced: 285m, 460m, 480m, 509m, 685m, 737m. Run To First Bend is 100m.

Race Days are on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Towcester Stadium, Towcester

Stadium name: Towcester Greyhound Stadium

Stadium owner: Lord Hesketh

Year of opening: 2014


London Road


NN12 6LB


  • Restaurant
  • 3 bars
  • Accommodation available at track

Names of major race meetings: Greyhound Derby

Website URL:

Towcester also has a horse jumps racing track and is situated just outside of Milton Keynes. It offers some fantastic scenery. The greyhound stadiums track circumference is 420m. Distances raced are 260m, 480m, 655m, 686m, 904m. Race Days are on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Yarmouth Stadium, Great Yarmouth

Stadium name: Yarmouth Stadium

Stadium owner: Stephen Franklin

Year of opening: 1940


Yarmouth Road

Great Yarmouth


NR30 5TE


  • 240 seater Raceview Restaurant
  • Executive Lounges
  • A number of bars and fast-food areas.

The facilities at Yarmouth dog track are second to none with a ,  and Yarmouth Stadium has a capacity of 5,804 and parking for 1,000 vehicles.

Names of major race meetings:  East Anglian Derby

Website URL:

Yarmouth Track Information 

The greyhound stadiums track circumference is 382m. The greyhound race tracks distances raced are: 277m, 462m, 659m, 843m, 1041m. The run to the first bend is 86 meters. Race Days are Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

Final paws for thought ...

We hope you enjoyed this guide and get a chance to put it to good use. I firmly recommend visiting a dog track, if you haven't done so yet, few are usually disappointed after giving it a chance! If you also enjoy horse racing, then check out our race tracks UK page, where we give the full run-down of the great horse racing tracks we have here in the UK. If you ever need to check your results, save the hassle of trawling the internet and view our greyhound results today page.

Greyhound racing receives mixed responses from members of the public regarding whether the dogs enjoy running and there are worries for retired greyhounds after they finish their racing careers. This is where the greyhound industry, as well as the betting industry, do a great job, making a sterling effort to support these dogs when they have retired. The greyhound trust organisation provides a wide variety of help which many people are not aware of.

They can be found at:

Greyhound Racetrack FAQs

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