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Last Updated on 23/05/2024
Fact checked by: James Leeland

At we pull no punches; we are the punters’ best choice and here we’ll drop you some tips and good habits to get into when carefully selecting the best bookies to place your sports betting wagers with.

Our experienced team has written this short article to enable you to avoid many common pitfalls within sports betting, and get straight into profiting, the smart way. Why make costly errors for months, when you can read a bit of advice in 5 minutes? So, pull out the notepad, sit back and write a few tips that suit your betting routine.

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Sports Scores of Today & Yesterday

You can check all the sports scores and other relevant sports results on these pages we have provided for your convenience. One thing we like to do is keep a separate tab open of sports results today, sports results yesterday, sports scores for today. This then allows you to place your bets on another tab and view the game, or games on other separate tabs, so it may be worth bookmarking these.

Below, you will find a few UK sports that people bet on. We’ll briefly list, underneath these sports, the bookies we recommend for these specialties; We'll also state the reasons for our choices and give any tips you may need to be aware of, such as common errors some bettors may make, with qualifying requirements, etc. These bookies usually provide all the sports scores during the match and sports results after the match. But we have created a page where you can freely visit this and, therefore, not have to trawl around to look; you can find this at either: full-time sports results, or sports scores for during the match. We have also included greyhound results too.

Things to know when looking for the best bookmaker of choice.

We have considered several forms of qualities we look for when selecting the best UK bookmakers that we’re recommending, below. Here’s what we’ve considered:


As we said, we pull no punches, promotions are made to entice people to put their money on with that bookie. So, what the bookies are doing here is offering you value to attract your custom. We recommend taking this value as many times as possible, which is why you will not be surprised that promotions will be listed below in our free betting tips and will be one of our top priorities.


Finding the bookmaker with best odds is just as important as the promotions, especially for long-term profiting. Having 50% of your winners at big value odds can sometimes be better than having 80% of winners from poor value odds. This is the most overlooked factor that the everyday bettor fails to realise. We have heard the “... a winner is a winner” saying many times, and this saying cannot be included in a successful bettor's mindset.


Of course, you don’t want to be placing loads of winners with a ‘shady’ bookie, only to have issues when it comes to withdrawing. We can safely say, all the bookies below have been verified by our team, are reliable and fully licensed.

Market choice

Now, this is another great overlooked quality. We think an ‘ideal’ bookmaker is one that displays all these qualities … together with this one. This one is the icing-on-the-cake and seals the deal when it comes to being a great all-rounder.

This conveniently brings us to a great example of this …


For a bookmaker that was only created 20 years ago, Bet365 wasted no time in developing superiority and evolved into what most would call “the perfect bookie”. We still have other favorites, for different reasons, but what we like about bet365 is:

  • Many regular promotions
  • Odds generally very good value overall
  • Very good reputation, great customer service; Verification process simple
  • The market choice is top-notch.
  • Bet365 interface also provides sports scores and sports results options

You can also read our in-depth bet365 bonus review for even more information about this iconic UK bookmaker.

So, enough about bet365. Let’s look at the actual sports in UK briefly and mention the best bookies:

Horse Racing

Not everyone's favourite choice of sport, but probably containing the most betting promotions. There are many horse race tracks uk, which provides many betting opportunities, 360+ days a year. Our favourite bookies for horse racing are below.

William Hill

We trust William Hill, they are generally our second-favorite all-round bookie. But when it comes to horse racing they are up in the top rankings with bet365. William Hill offers the best odds guaranteed with the horse bets [BOG], but the bets have to be placed that day after 10 am.

Good offers you’ll find with William Hill Horses betting are as follows:

Money back if second

Back a horse at odds 4.0 or more and get your money back, like cash, if it comes second. There is a maximum of £10 that can be claimed on this. William Hill gives this offer on one meeting per day, every day. Rarely you can find this in two meetings, although it has happened before.

Price Boosts

You can boost your price on a bet, up to 3 times per day. Although not restricted to just horse racing, we opt to use these on horse racing as the betting increments are horse racing are generally old-fashioned and have generous increments, unlike soccer, etc, where the odds are generally smaller, with tighter increments.

Extra places

William Hill offers extra places every day. More so on weekends and big occasions like Cheltenham, Royal Ascot and on a Saturday. Some Saturdays they will offer a whopping 7 places on a standard 3 to-be-placed race.

William Hill website interface also provides sports scores and sports results options


We already explained, above, the great qualities of bet365; here are some of their best horse racing deals. Bet365 currently offers BOG on horse bets, unrestricted time restrictions. Bets must be on standard pre-race bets and not long-term bets like Ante-post.

Bet 365 ITV 4/1 offer

Back a winner at 4/1 [5.0 decimal], or more, and they’ll give you a free bet, on the following eligible race, for the same value.

For example, if a £50 bet wins at 5/1… you will receive a £50 risk-free bet in the following eligible race.

Feature race 4/1 offer

This offer is like the ITV 4/1+ offer but is separate in terms of eligible races. Feature race 4/1 offer and ITV 4/1 are separate. This is a common error most new bettors have made in the past.

Grand National offers £125

Always look here when it comes to April's annual Grand national race. Not to be taken for granted, however, for a good number of years bet365 have annually given this huge offer. Bet [up to] £125 each way and get £125 refunded back as cash into your account. So, this would be a £250 outlay. Another example of £10 each way, would be £20 outlay; you will then receive £10 back into your account as cash. This £125 each way, or £10 each way is a total amount and can consist of several horses per race.


Coral “Fail to finish” offer.

This offer is up to £10 per race and can be a life-saver if your horse falls. Coral will offer this most Saturdays, as well as additional days in the week possible and also on Festivals. As this offer is based predominantly on horses falling, we will give you some pointers on how to use these wisely. Horses can actually fall during flat races, mainly caused by stumbles, it happens, albeit rarely thankfully. Most fallers occur on national hunt races. However, statistics say fallers occur more so in chase races (due to having higher fences), rather than hurdles races, which makes sense. Additionally, novice chase races [where the horses have less jumping experience] produce more fallers than a standard chase race does. So use this advice, if ever thinking twice about backing a dodgy jumper.

Coral has a great reputation as a good all-around bookie, is very reliable, and also provides a great choice of markets to bet on, regardless of the sport.



2 goals ahead early pay-out offer, commonly referred to as the “2up offer”.

One of the best offers, period.

Bet365 has previously also given this offer on other sports like World Darts, in December/January and Wimbledon Tennis, which starts 28 June.

Example: You back Man United to beat Man City. Man United go 2-0 on the scorecard; Bet365 will instantly pay you out on this win before the full time ends. However, if Man City were able to score 2, and the final result is 2-2, you would normally have lost this bet. Which makes this a great offer.

This offer was previously restricted to specific leagues, but now most English main leagues and top European leagues are included, which makes this even better value going forward!

The market choices for bet365 are huge and the website is very user-friendly. The mobile site is probably just as efficient as the desktop when it comes to functionality.

William Hill

William Hill gives offers on soccer almost daily. These come in many various forms, including regular ones like “build a bet”, called #Yourodds, as well as regular general Bet ‘X’ to get ‘X', on soccer games.

They will offer a free bet if you place a bet on their build-a-bet versions, the offers are quite generous and are regular. The offers are very versatile in the form of odds requirements, which are as low as 1/5, or known as 1.2 in decimal. These requirements can usually be achieved on lower risk build-a-bet options, such as over 0.5 goals and over 6 or 7 corners, just as an example.

Other than that, William Hill's market choices are as you would expect from a great bookie, there are loads of them to choose from! Too many to mention!


Ladbrokes is another verified bookmaker of ours with a huge market choice on football. Ladbrokes offers regular free games on soccer. Ladbrokes offers boosts each day, where you can enhance the prices of your selected teams. These boosts can be applied to single bets as well as multiples.

The Ladbrokes website interface also provides sports scores and sports results options.


Spreadex provides a plethora of soccer markets to choose from. They offer a sportsbook and have a good sign-up deal for sports fans. They also have a generous sign-up offer on their spread betting website.

Spreadex has a good reputation on both their sportsbook and spread betting options. The difference with spread betting is you can buy, or sell, depending on how well you think a team will do. Not only that you can buy or sell a variety of things such as:

  • Total goals
  • Shirt numbers
  • Corners
  • Bookings
  • Time of 1st goal in match

There are too many to list. Let’s look at the corners market. Spreadex will generally predict the number of corners they think will be in the match and you can buy or sell around that figure. So, if the spread was “10 corners”, and you sold corners for a £10 unit stake, the best outcome possible for this bet would be if there were zero total corners; If this unlikely scenario was to happen you would win 10 x £10 = £100. Conversely, if there were 20 corners, and you sold, you would lose £100.

Another one of our recommended spread betting companies is Sporting Index, they provide the same spread betting options, except these companies offer slightly different variations to each market and game, or event.


We have previously mentioned bet 365 offers the “2up offer” on tennis, so be sure to check that out, especially at Wimbledon, most of the games at Wimbledon are played during July.

888 Sport

We like 888 sport as they have developed into a nice reliable bookmaker with a great choice of markets. They also offer BOG on their horse racing. But we like 888 for their tennis markets and intermittent offers you will find on the big events.


Tenbet is a tried and trusted member of our recommended bookmakers. Their sportsbook has a good interface, and you will find good odds on their tennis betting and on other sports. Although we have noticed they don’t give out too many tennis offers we like Tenbet for their excellent live streams for tennis and they generally provide comprehensive coverage of the tennis events. Tenbet’s impressive website interface also provides sports scores and sports results options.


When it comes to golf, we have too many bookmakers to give a full breakdown, so will just simply list below. One thing to note with golf betting is to hunt for value, especially around the big tournaments. The top UK tournament is “The Open Championship”, held annually in July. There are other tournaments globally, the US Masters generally being recognised as providing the most betting offers.

The most common, great value betting offer is each way extra places offer that bookies provide on golf. Below you’ll find a list of bookies that have been known to be generous with this offer. Please note, all these bookies have been fully verified by us, and are tried and trusted.

  • Paddy power
  • William Hill
  • Betfair Sportsbook
  • Betfred
  • Boylesports
  • Gentingbet


Greyhounds are viewed by some as an “old man's” sport. But this is usually by peeps who haven’t ever visited a greyhound track. It is in fact quite exciting and most importantly provides a massive amount of betting markets and opportunities.

Whenever you log into a betting site, between 10 am and 10 pm, you will almost certainly be able to find a greyhound race starting within the next 5-10 minutes. The races are very frequent, usually take an average of 25 seconds to run, and are great fun.

Here’s some of our favourite, verified bookies for greyhounds:

  • William Hill
  • 888 sport
  • Coral
  • Tenbet
  • Bet365
  • Ladbrokes
  • Betfred

You can find a full run-down about greyhounds on this page greyhound betting tips written by us recently.

We hope you have enjoyed this brief article about UK sports scores and sports results. If you ever need to check any of these sports results today, sports results yesterday then check these links we have provided here.

Remember, our main mantra is to look for value, and repeat this process, but also check the legitimacy of the bookmaker and the markets they have to offer. You don’t really need to worry here, as we’ve done the graft for you. But please consider these factors in your future betting and you’ll be in the driver's seat for future profits.

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Our website provides all the information you will need for UK sports, in one place. Sports results, sports scores, guides, betting tips. Covering all the most popular sports, including football, tennis and more.


🤷‍♂️ How many greyhound tracks are there in the UK?

So many people are now able to view greyhound racing live streams for free that they do not visit dog tracks so much. In our unique article, we delve into why this is and show the best dog tracks uk and how to bet on them with a guide.


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Our website supplies all-you-need-to-know. From free bets, guides, sports results, sports scores, the best UK sports, and the best bets you can find. All in one place. Guides vary from beginners to advanced material.

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