Greyhound results UK 2021

If you’re looking for the greyhound results today and the best bookies for Greyhounds betting, then read on. We will list a few of our favourite bookmakers for greyhounds, with specific pointers and tips to get you off to a great start.

Although betting on dogs is nowhere near as popular as horse racing and soccer, there are signs greyhounds will slowly become more popular again soon. Nottingham dog track has recently been granted a 50-year lease, so it looks like dog racing will not be disappearing sometime soon, which is great for dog betting fans!

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greyhound results uk

The front runners

Most of the recommended bookmakers found at provide options to bet on greyhounds with great greyhound racing odds. Down below you’ll find our favourites and why we rate them so highly. You can also find links to useful greyhound race results today and greyhound results from yesterday, which I’m sure are super-helpful as these are commonly sought out by most bettors, who must crawl around to find them. We have also supplied this useful sports results page, to save the hassle of flicking websites too much. Most of the companies we recommend here also offer the ability to watch these dog races after you’ve placed the bet. Each runner will have a symbol above them, allowing you to tail them specifically. If your bookie also offers the best odds guaranteed, that is also usually displayed at the top of the race card too, read on for details.

Bookmakers that offer dog racing

Bet 365

Trusty Bet365 are up in the top spots for greyhound racing tips. No surprises really considering they’re pretty much regarded as the best all-around bookie for most sports. When it comes to greyhound racing, they uphold their reputation here, yet again. As with many of our selected bookmakers, Bet 365 offers the generous Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) concession. The BOG concession will enhance your profit potential and can sometimes be an extremely nice surprise and one of our most important greyhound racing tips to enjoy overall profits. If you need to check any runners’ results from today try here on our greyhound results today page. Just one more great note, bet365 currently have no time restrictions to their greyhound BOG, unlike most bookmakers. But please be mindful to double-check, as things can always change. BOG doesn’t sound a pleasant word, but we’ll explain in the next paragraph how this nasty sounding word is very nice!

Let’s say you’ve backed £20 on Trap 1 at 2/1 and suddenly there is another dog that is backed heavily … pushing out Trap 1’s odds to 4/1. You will be paid out at a juicy 4/1 greyhound racing odds, despite the odds you originally took being half of that original price. Meaning a cool £100 return, rather than £60.  Bet365 are such a great bookie, they have also been known to offer a concession called Non-runner-money-back [NRMB] on big ante-post events, closer to the time of these events, such as the greyhound derby, for example. The greyhound derby heats will start in June and will be sponsored by our trusted, recommended bookmaker, Star Sports. A shrewd greyhound punter would always recommend keeping an eye on these markets for value. A good time to look out for this would be 1-4 weeks prior to the event. Several bookies may also offer this, more so in the final week before the event starts.

Bet365 are also very efficient and reliable in providing prices for a wide selection of greyhound races. You will find bet365 very reliable for obtaining prices for Ante Post betting [betting on future events], as well as generous prices and sometimes their each-way terms are better than average. Although bet365 do provide results, you can find a full list with us here at these pages: greyhound results today, greyhound race results today, greyhound results from yesterday. These links will enable you to not have to flick through several websites to find them, so may be worth bookmarking them for future reference.

Bet365 provides a fair number of options for greyhound’s “Specials Betting” too. You can find more details about greyhound specials on our best greyhound tipster page.

Bet365 offer single meetings with their Trap Challenge bets and combined meetings too, which provide some great flexibility when needing to choose between the two. Bet365 also supplies “favourites” betting with the special bets’ options. Where you can bet on how well you think the favourites will do at that meeting – giving several options to bet on;  If you think the favourites will not do well, there is an option to bet on it with bet365!


When it comes to long-term profiting, one of the best pieces of advice is to look for value. Welcome 888 sport. We have found 888 good for value prices. One of their unique behaviours is the willingness to offer random super-value prices on some greyhounds. Now, this is not a general trait of theirs, more of an ad-hoc one, but well worth looking out for intermittently throughout the day, If you’re planning on a greyhound bet that day. The downside of 888 is they only offer BOG on their horse racing and not dogs. But their prices are still worth a nibble despite this.

William Hill

Again, no introduction needed. We love ‘Willy Hills’ for their overall consistency. They are very good at pricing greyhound races and given their depth of markets they are a bookie any sensible punter would recommend for their dog betting. William Hill is like bet365 in this regard. However, William Hill has different variations in their specials betting section. William Hill offers a popular special bet called a “hotbox”, this is like a trap challenge, but one where you gain points for your dog placing as well! William Hill also offers greyhound BOG, their current time restriction, at the time of writing this, is for bets placed after 10 am on the day of the race.


It would be rude not to mention Coral when speaking about greyhound betting! As explained further down this page, Coral have been sponsors and supporters of greyhounds for a long time, probably most well-known for their iconic Coral Romford Stadium and its great races we have all enjoyed over the years.

As expected with a proponent of greyhound racing, Coral provides great options for your greyhound betting too. Coral generally has good odds, and like 888, you can and will find very generous value prices daily on some races. Coral, together with their merged sister company, Ladbrokes, also provide a tasty selection of Special bets, if that’s your thing, of course!. And who doesn’t like a specials bet? Especially when they include distance betting, which is one of our favourites when it comes to jazzing-up greyhound betting. Here you can opt on whether you think distances will be high, low or medium. A generous selection of specials markets provides a great choice if you wish for some added entertainment during your greyhound’s racecard. Coral also offers single meetings with their Trap challenges, which is a joy to any trap challenge bettor’s eye! Sometimes a punter will fancy Trap 1 to do well at Crayford, but not at Romford also. In these circumstances, a bettor will be looking at bookies who offer these single meetings. Coral currently offers BOG, with no time restrictions at present, providing the race is pre-race on the same day. Please always check for changes, though.


Now here’s a twist … Spreadex are very unique; They provide both a normal betting sportsbook and also a spread betting option. Spread betting is quite popular with greyhound racing. We mentioned earlier the various specials bets our favourite bookmakers offer. These specials bets provide the extra spice to “jazz up” a normal bet. Spread betting does just that also, while offering an endless supply of markets to use spread betting in.

When looking at your special bets such as: Trap Challenges, distances, winning favourites, it’s worth viewing the spread markets also. As with distance betting, you can bet on over 25 total lengths, for example, with spread betting you can choose an option to buy/sell at different parameters also. Well worth having a look.

Be sure to keep an eye on the greyhound race results today and greyhound results from yesterday on their web pages. These resources will help you keep track of your bets.


We like Betfred for similar reasons as William Hill and Bet365. Betfred is pretty good at pricing greyhounds early, with a wide variety of races that you can take a price on. One of the best greyhound racing tips is to take a price of a dog if you feel the price is of value. Betfred also offers single meetings on their trap challenges. Betfred also offers BOG, their time restriction is a generous 7 am. Which, unless you’re a very early riser, will not affect most people! You can check your greyhound results, greyhound results uk today, greyhound live results on the handy pages provided here

Sporting Index

This company are similar to Spreadex. Sporting Index also provides a sportsbook with a fair selection, considering they are predominantly a spread betting company. At Sporting Index you can bet on single meetings with the trap challenge, offering good spread variations. Finding the right variation for your bet is a vital element that every greyhound tipster who is serious about profiting does well.

A popular tactic when betting on trap challenge spreads is to opt to buy high, when there has been a lot of rainy weather, providing the track you are betting at has an outside track bias, which a good proportion of UK tracks do. Having said that, the bookies are no idiots and do adjust their process accordingly! We just thought we’d arm you with that “heads-up” for added greyhound racing tips.

Getting into good profitable habits

When trying to adopt a betting system that works, we have stressed in many of our tips that finding value is your best friend. By using the above advice, working out what bookmaker suits your needs the most, then adopting daily ritual. A routine where you instinctively know when and where to find the value prices. Value can be in the form of prices, extra places, choice of market and being mindful of trying to include concessions like BOG.

Greyhound sponsors

Who sponsors this delightful sport we get to enjoy on a daily basis, almost morning until night? Well, not almost … literally! Considering you can bet on UK greyhound race tracks as early as 10 am onwards and as late as 10 pm. If you are a real avid dog punter or work night shifts, many of our recommended bookmakers offer dog racing from Australia and New Zealand as well as other global locations!

The Aussies love greyhound betting just as much as us, if not more! Aussie dog racing is worth a little peek too! Have you ever seen an 8-dog race? Years ago, there used to be 8-dog races in the UK quite often; The Aussies still love them though and things can get a bit ‘interesting’ at the first bend, which was one of the reasons the UK may have stopped these. Checking your race results used to be a pain we found, hence why we added these handy pages: greyhound results today, greyhound race results today and greyhound results from yesterday. Be sure to bookmark for future reference and make life easier.

Let’s get to the sponsorship side of dog racing …

Sponsorship of dog racing comes in several forms. If you really wanted to, we’re pretty sure you could sponsor your own race at a track with minimal difficulty, let explain how, further down this page.

Now, greyhound betting needs sponsorship, dogs cost money to feed, home [kennel fees], train [usually at the dog track], vet fees, you get the picture. Most greyhounds are owned by a normal everyday person who has a keen interest in greyhound racing. Usually, though, people will share the costs of owning a greyhound with a friend or a group of friends. Sometimes a greyhound is owned by a company, a syndicate or a formed group of people. Having personally known several people who have owned greyhounds, we can report that it is a struggle to keep up with the prize money the races have to offer, versus the fees mentioned. There is one exception: if you are lucky enough to buy a greyhound at a low price, that turns out to become a champion, it is a different story then!

The prize money available in the race can be found on the top of a race card in form books such as racing post paper, or the greyhound stadium race card. Unless the race is a higher level race or an Open race the prize money is generally between £50 and £150. Considering the fees mentioned and if the dog actually wins, or places in the race, you can begin to realise how crucial sponsorship is needed in this sport.

As mentioned earlier, unless the greyhound races are top open races, the prize money isn’t the greatest. This is why bookmakers and the larger companies sponsor big races, such as the annual prestige race, the Greyhound Derby. This race has been run over several locations in the past. Wimbledon was formerly its home for many years, replaced by Towcester and then Nottingham. However, the Derby is now back at Towcester for the 2021 Star Sports greyhound derby. Star Sports is a recommended bookmaker of ours and has generously helped this great sport, by generously sponsoring the biggest greyhound event of the year. Don’t forget to try to grab a value price, early, before the heats start in June. Using all the greyhound racing tips we have mentioned here, maybe perfecting them before the big event.

Arena Racing Company [ARC], have a huge interest in the sponsorship of modern-day greyhound racing, owning several tracks and providing revenue from varied sources of partners. The greyhound industry also is very mindful of trying to ensure every ethical effort is considered for the future of racing greyhounds. The greyhound trust is a charitable organisation that works hard to keep an effort on fundraising for greyhounds.

As you’ve probably guessed, a lot of effort and hard work goes on “behind-the-scenes” in this great sport. Greyhound betting can be extremely exciting, due to the frequency of the races and the thrill of a short race. We hope all these greyhound tips will prove useful in picking out the best dogs!

Greyhound FAQ’s

🐶 Do William Hill offer best odds guaranteed?

Our recent article can supply the most recent information on William Hill best odds guaranteed, bet365 and other bookmakers. Advice on greyhounds betting and getting value prices included too.

🐶 How much does it cost to sponsor a greyhound?

Most people can afford to sponsor a greyhound if they join forces with others. Our article explains who sponsors greyhounds, how you can own your own greyhound and who provides the sponsor money behind the scenes. 

🤷‍♂️ What time is best odds guaranteed bet365?

Our guide here will give exclusive information written by real-life punters. We show how to get the best value from betting and greyhound bets and the best times to look for the best odds guaranteed on the top bookmakers including bet365.

🐶 What is the best way to bet on greyhounds?

Our article gives tips on greyhound betting types when to find the best prices, the race tracks and how to find race results easily. Best odds guaranteed advice included. A must-read for value bettors and people who love to profit. If you’re looking for offers and bonuses such as the BetWay sign up offers, you’re also in the right place. 



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