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Is 12Bet reliable?

12Bet is no longer recommended by us.
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Read our 12BET reviews to learn why this might not be the perfect betting site. Don't worry as you can always get an awesome 888Sport bonus instead!

Our 12BET reviews will take an in-depth look at the operator. We’ll provide 12BET ratings for promotions, bonus offers, usability, payment methods and more. How does it compare to our Unibet rating or even our Grosvenor reviews? Let's find out...

12Bet: Pros & Cons
  • Separate promotion offers for casino and sportsbook sections
  • Ample selection of sports betting markets and leagues
  • Very limited selection of casino games and slots
  • No mobile app available for 12BET UK
  • Only a handful of Live Casino tables
HeadquarterSovereign House, 14-15 Nelson Street, Douglas Isle of Man IM1 2AL. British Islands, United Kingdom
Year of Founding-
Available Languages-
Customer SupportLive Chat, Email Support
Email[email protected]
Phone+44 207 347 5883
UKGC - UK Gambling Commission
Verified byGamCare
Payment Methods
Credit Card
Show More
Betting Markets2600
Live StreamsYes
Odd Level92.88%
Betting Tax-
Cash OutNot Available
Live CasinoNo
VIP ClubNo
Gameplay Interactive
Opus Gaming
Octopus Gaming

Bonus Offers

Bonus offers and extra bets are the bread and butter of the world of online gambling. As such, our 12Bet reviews could not give 12Bet ratings without looking into them. The best betting website UK will always have a great offer available to you.

Virtually every major operator has an entire roster of promotions available at any time. 12BET is no exception. 12BET is a reliable source of casino and sportsbook promotions and offers.

At the 12BET Casino, players receive a tempting £500 deposit bonus, spread out across their first three deposits. It’s a very sizable boost to any bankroll, and a great way to kick off your casino gambling experience.

The 12BET Sportsbook features a much smaller welcome bonus, consisting of a £5 bonus bet upon wagering your first £10. It’s far less enticing than 12BET UK’s Casino welcome offer. However, in our 12BET review, we found several additional promotions and offers available that were on par with what we found in our Sky Bet review, as well as our 21.co.uk reviews.

The promotions helped to bolster 12BET ratings, as far as bonus offers go. Most promotions require you to hand over your financial information and make a deposit, though. However, 12BET is a secure operator, so don’t worry about it much.

Our 12Bet ratings have uncovered that not only is 12Bet secure, not only is 12Bet reliable, but 12Bet offers some spectacular promotions. Is Puntt reliable? Find out here!

Usability, Look & Feel

When answering the question, is 12Bet reliable, we always check the usability of the website. Let’s see what our 12Bet ratings and 12Bet reviews have uncovered.

For online operators, the look and feel of its platform is the digital equivalent of a ritzy casino floor and lobby.12BET UK features a relatively intuitive user interface. The layout is easy to navigate, with each section being clearly labelled.

The wagering menu is located at the left side of the screen, with a navigational menu up top. Every section has its own submenu, which folds out when you visit each tab. Placing a bet requires a mere 3 clicks, once you’re logged in. It’s all very user-friendly.

The colour scheme is very readable and easy on the eyes. It’s a dark theme with light fonts and grey and green accents. Promotions, gambling sections, account options and the Help Centre are all visible at all times. The layout at 12BET UK is reliable and highly informative.

While the website is fully compatible with mobile devices, there’s no 12BET UK app. This negatively impacts 12BET ratings for useability, as many players prefer betting through mobile apps. 12BET UK is a secure mobile betting website, but mobile sites don’t cut it for some players.

Payment Methods

12Bet reviews can’t give full 12Bet ratings without looking at many things. Gambling online is incredibly comfortable and convenient. There’s no need to drive to a far-off casino, struggle in traffic, find a parking spot, and spend hours in there. You can simply boot up your favourite operator on your PC or phone and gamble to your heart’s content.

Credit Card

That’s only possible when operators provide a convenient selection of online payment methods, though. Otherwise, you’re looking at an experience as cumbersome as offline gambling, if not worse. Modern operators typically accept debit cards, e-wallets, online or offline banking and cheques.

Fortunately, our 12BET reviews found several payment options available to customers. 12BET UK allows customers to make deposits using debit cards (currently accepting both VISA and MasterCard). There's also e-wallet options available, including both Skrill and Neteller.

Skrill users can set up 1-Touch payments to make future deposits much faster. While 12BET ratings suffer from this limited selection of payment options, they do help to establish the fact that 12BET is a reliable operator.

Skrill and Neteller are very reputable outfits. If they’re willing to do business with 12BEt, then this indicates that 12BET is secure. Furthermore, all payment methods accepted at 12BET UK have instant processing speed.

Customer Service

Is 12Bet reliable? Is 12Bet secure? It’s impossible for our 12Bet reviews to give accurate 12Bet ratings without answering these questions, and one of the pillars of reliability and security is customer service.

Even the best online gambling operators mess things up now and then. Maybe your bonus doesn’t credit, or your deposit remains on hold for a long time. Something is bound to go wrong at some point, and when that happens, you’re in the hands of customer service.

The quality of customer service heavily influences player experience with an operator. At 12BET UK, there are several different channels through which to seek help. First, you have a well-stocked Help Centre, filled with useful information. It can help answer most basic queries.

Then, you have actual support channels. Customer service can assist players via email and Live Chat. The latter is available on every page of the website, at the bottom right corner. There’s no telephone number for players to ring, which impacts 12BET ratings in this area.

Our 12BET review also found several social media accounts through which users often seek out support. Official 12BET promotions and competitions are often distributed through social media, so if you’re joining up, they’re worth a follow. Not only is 12Bet reliable, but it cares for its customers. Not only is 12Bet secure, but it offers a service of note.

License & Security

12BET is a well-established online gambling operator that was originally licensed in the Philippines. 12BET began offering its online gambling services to international customers in 2007. In the past decade, 12BET has experienced tremendous, rapid growth throughout Asian and worldwide markets.

Today, 12BET is a UK licensed operator, offering remote gambling services to customers across Great Britain. The UK Gambling Commission regulates the operator. It ensures that 12BET is both secure by official standards, and that 12BET is reliable as an operator.

Is 12Bet secure? When gambling online, you’re handing over your financial information to a third party. There’s inherent risks involved here. That’s why you always want to deal with licensed, secure operators that follow proper safety protocols.

UKGC - UK Gambling Commission

12BET UK is licensed by the Gambling Commission, and is currently in good standing. The company doesn’t have the century-long trajectory that some other operators do, but it has achieved considerable prestige in Asian markets. Not only is 12Bet reliable, but it offers many safeguards.. Not only is 12Bet secure, but it’s respected.

12BET is featured in the Power Ranking maintained by eGaming Review Magazine. Its highest position in the ranking is 17th, up from 28th. 12BET sponsors several professional tournaments and sporting events across both Asia and the world at large.

12BET is a secure operator, employing the latest secure socket layer technology and 128-bit digital encryption. Not only is 12Bet secure, but it protects information even in the event that servers are compromised, as attackers would be unable to decrypt your data.

Secure sockets protect your connection to 12BET servers when making payments and withdrawals. With strong server-side firewalls, 12BET is a secure operator to store your financial data in. 12BET ratings for safety and security are definitely top-notch.

To see where the security of 12BET stands in terms of other providers, check out our PartyPoker reviews and Gala reviews.

Rewards & Loyalty Program

Almost every online gambling operator tries to lure in new business with sign up offers. However, once welcome bonuses have been fully played through, there’s not much to keep players around. That’s where rewards and loyalty programmes pick up the slack.

Rewards and loyalty programmes dole out prizes, extra spins and bonus bets to frequent players. Typically, operators grant reward points for actions like depositing and wagering funds. The more you play, the more points you accumulate. Higher reward tiers usually unlock even better prizes.

It’s a great way to keep players coming back for more. However, in our 12BET reviews, we were unable to find any rewards programme for players. While the international 12BET website does offer a loyalty program, no such programme is available at 12BET UK.

This definitely impacts 12BET ratings in this area. Rewards programmes are a staple of the best gambling operators. Is 12BET reliable? Yes, but a lack of player rewards is a major drawback.

12Bet Sports Betting

Betting Markets

Any online bookmaker lives and dies by its depth of markets. When all’s said and done, the depth of markets determines how many options you truly have at a sportsbook. Time flies when you’re having fun, and before you know it, you’ve run out of things to bet on.

That won’t happen any time soon at 12BET UK, though. 12BET is a reliable source of countless betting markets. A player at 12BET is secure in the knowledge that they can bet on hundreds of events and markets, worldwide.

Sports available include popular choices like football, basketball, tennis and baseball, combat sports like boxing and MMA, and exotic markets like eSports, darts or handball. You’ll find no shortage of betting opportunities at the 12BET sportsbook.

Even when there’s no games currently available, a dozen virtual sports can help you keep the action going. Available betting markets include straight bets, parlays, totals, spreads, specials and futures. There’s something for everyone, which positively impacts our 12BET ratings. Not only is 12Bet reliable, but it caters to bettors. Not only is 12Bet secure, but it offers variety!

Live Betting & Streaming

Most modern online gambling operators feature live betting opportunities for punters to gamble on matches currently in play. Our 12BET review found that the Live Betting section is quite robust and well-organised.

Punters can place live wagers on a great amount of ongoing matches across many sports and leagues. Every game you can bet on is available for in-play betting as soon as the match begins. Betting is quick and simple, with quickly updated betting lines.

The Live Betting section features a detailed Live Schedule. It’s a calendar that sums up all of the upcoming matches across different sports and leagues. It allows players quick access to many in-play betting options, and considerably influences 12BET ratings.

Another great feature is the cash out button. If your gut tells you to walk away from a wager, this feature lets you do so at any time. It’s further proof that 12BET is a secure operator for you to gamble with. Few operators allow punters to change their mind, once the stakes are in.

All that being said, 12BET’s Live Center has a major drawback. The total absence of any live streaming features will severely impact player experience for live punters. This shortcoming takes its toll on our 12BET ratings. Interested to see the live betting offerings from other top bookmakers? Head on over to our Netbet sports betting review and Is Sportingbet legit guide to find out!


Any seasoned online punter will tell you that promotions and offers are all well and good, but the quality of a sports betting operator will always come down to the odds. Punters flock to the bookmakers with the most competitive odds, no matter what. So, to answer the questions ‘Is 12Bet reliable?’ we must look at the odds.

Our 12BET reviews found that sportsbook odds are relatively competitive across the board. Odds are most competitive for popular sports betting markets, particularly across basketball, football, and tennis. Live betting odds are available across virtually every sport offered.

Odds for betting markets in popular sports tend to fall in line pretty tightly with the major bookmakers. Some of the more exotic markets at 12BET can feature longer odds for outsiders than other bookmakers, though. It opens up interesting arbing opportunities for sharp punters.

In-play betting odds are somewhat more competitive than pre-match across several popular markets. If you’re asking, ‘Is 12BET reliable as a source for the latest sports betting lines online?’, then the answer is yes. Not only is 12Bet reliable, but their betting lines are quickly updated.

12BET also offers odds on several unique Asian markets. It’s hard to determine how competitive these odds are, as there’s no other UK bookmaker to compare them with. Is 12BET secure in the knowledge that customers can’t shop around for better lines? Yes they are - so they’re likely to be less competitive.


To answer the questions, ‘Is 12Bet reliable?’ and ‘Is 12Bet secure?’ we must have a look at the limits. Every reputable sportsbook out there has to set wagering limits for players. The reason is simple: bookmakers must be able to actually cover all bets, whatever the outcome. This means that it needs to keep its books balanced. Losing wagers must always exceed total payouts.

12BET is no exception to the rule. At the 12BET Sportsbook, every wager has a dynamic maximum stake. It’s automatically calculated by the system, and prominently displayed on your bet slip when placing wagers.

The presence of clear wagering limits is a signal that 12BET is a secure operator. Disreputable operators will often take wagers of any size, simply holding up payouts that they’re unable to cover. 12BET limits your wagers to what it can afford to lose, proving that, not only is 12BET reliable, but it cares for you.

Sportsbook Conclusion

All in all, 12BET is a secure, reputable online sports betting operator. While it isn’t the most generous operator when it comes to bonus offers, 12BET is both reliable and honest. There’s also an abundance of sports betting markets and leagues to wager on, including in-play markets.

While the Live Betting section is serviceable, live streaming features are sorely missed. They would be a welcome addition to 12BET’s, otherwise adequate, set of features. It may not be the most dazzling operator out there, but 12BET is reliable. When push comes to shove, that matters. Ultimately, we’re happy that the 12Bet sports review passes our rigorous test. For more sportsbook comparisons, be sure to look at our BetVictor reviews and Mr Green reviews.

Sports Bonus
Bet £10 Get £30 in Free Bets + £10 Casino bonus
Get Bonus
12Bet Casino


When trying to answer the question, ‘Is 12Bet secure?’ it’s vital to look at all the aspects. The 12BET Casino isn’t this operator’s strongest suit. However, the Casino more than makes up for this with a sizeable welcome bonus for new players. At the 12BET Casino, you’ll find online slots, casino table games and live casino betting features.

While the scope of the Casino section is smaller than those available at other operators, they’re all very well-executed. There are multiple Live Casino categories, and reputable software providers. That said, the interface is rather clunky compared to that of the sportsbook. Read on to find out more about our 12Bet casino review.

Online casino operators are only as fair as their software allows. When gambling online, you want to be sure you’re getting what is advertised to you. Seeking operators that deploy software from reputable providers is a great way to stay safe.

Not only is 12Bet secure, but it uses software from some of the most reputable developers in the industry. These include the following:

  • Triple Edge Studios: Ancient Fortunes: Zeus.
  • Play'n Go: Aztec Warrior Princess, Book of Dead, Cash Pump, Fire Joker, Inferno Joker, Mission Cash, Raging Rex, Rainforest Magic, Rise of Merlin, Rise Of Olympus, The Sword and The Grail.
  • Microgaming: Book of Oz, Game of Thrones, 243 Ways, Immortal Romance, Mega Moolah.
  • iSoftBet: Chilli Chilli Bang Bang, Sheriff of Nottingham.

The selection of online slots at 12BET is surprisingly limited. There’s less than two dozen online slots available; this falls short of the hundreds offered by major competitors. If online slots are a priority for you, then 12BET may disappoint you. This doesn’t help our 12BET ratings. To see how other providers have fared in our casino software test, check out our LeoVegas reviews and Sky Bet reviews.

Game Portfolio

The 12BET Casino game portfolio is powered by prominent casino game developer Evolution Gaming. They power 12BET's frankly limited selection of casino table games. Evolution Gaming is a renowned gaming developer in very good standing across the industry.

Table and card games available include different iterations of roulette, craps, blackjack, baccarat, casino poker, and even Wheels of Fortune. That said, the selection is pretty limited. There’s only one or two games in each category, whereas most operators have dozens.

Hardcore casino players will quickly make their way through 12BET’s reduced game portfolio. Combined with a rather limited selection of online slots, the 12BET Casino software is a bit of a letdown overall. If you want to get into some serious slot gaming, take a look at what Slotmob has to offer.

Live Casino

Major online casino operators offer thousands of gambling options, but many players still prefer the feel of a real dealer. That’s why some providers choose to offer Live Casino betting options. It’s particularly common with operators that have a land-based casino establishment.

Given the narrow scope of the 12BET Casino, our experts expected no live casino options to be found. However, our 12BET reviews found a full-fledged Live Casino available on the UK website. The 12BET Live Casino is rather small in size, but it’s got decent table diversity.

Eight different games are offered at the 12BET Live Casino. They include Lightning Roulette, Immersive Roulette, Monopoly LIVE, Football Studio, Dream Catcher, American Roulette, Silver Blackjack, and Grand VIP Blackjack.

Each game has between one and two live tables available at any given time. It’s a humble size for Live Casino, but is fully functional, and surprising to find in an operator of this size. So, is 12Bet secure? Yes it is, and surprising as well!


Every online slot and casino game at 12BET has its own wagering limits. There’s both minimum and maximum bets for every wager you place. Minimum wagers for online slots are as low as £0.01 per payline. For casino games, minimum wagers tend to be higher, around £1 per hand.

Live Casino games have higher minimum wagers, averaging around £5. They also have considerable higher max bets. Max bets for slots are around £20-100 per spin, while some live tables go all the way up to £500-1,000 per hand.

Whatever the case may be for your chosen game, limits will always be clearly displayed on the screen. When entering a stake in a game, the interface will let you know what the minimum and maximum values are. 12BET reviews stakes to ensure that they’re within limits, and will reject bets that aren’t.

Product Conclusion

Our 12BET reviews concluded that the operator’s Casino product offering is nothing to write home about. With a limited selection of online slots and casino games, it’s not the most well-stocked operator on the market.

12BET Casino does have a decent welcome bonus going for it, though. That’s one point in its favour. The 12BET Live Casino is surprisingly robust, considering its otherwise meager capabilities as a casino operator.

If you’re considering joining 12BET as a punter, you might as well stop by the Casino. Cash in on the bonus, have fun with the slots. However, if sports betting isn’t your thing, then there’s far more competitive casino operators for you to commit your money to.

Overall Conclusion

In the course of our 12BET reviews, our experts thoroughly tested every aspect of the operator. 12BET is a solid sportsbook operator, albeit now that offers very limited promotions and bonuses. With reasonably deep markets and competitive odds, it’s a capable sports betting platform, although if you want more offers you should look at the 12Bet offers for better ones.

While Live Betting features are available for most markets and matches, the lack of live streaming is a serious shortcoming. Live punters will have trouble keeping up with the games they bet on, at least through 12BET. Is 12Bet secure? Definitely, But is it fantastic?

However, it does leave much to be desired as a Casino operator. While it offers an enticing welcome bonus, there’s a sincerely small amount of games available on which to gamble your bonus. The Live Casino is excellent, but it’s a minor exception in an otherwise dull section.

With no Poker section to speak of, the reasons to join 12BET are, frankly, quite few. The situation is unlikely to change in the near future. If you like poker, you should check out Full Tilt. If you’re a diehard sports bettor, there’s some attractive betting lines for you to hunt for. For anyone else, 21BET is an operator you can pass on. Make sure to visit our Pots of Luck review and Mecca Bingo review for more fair and thorough operator comparisons.

12Bet Reviews FAQ 

🎮 Does 12Bet offer virtual sports betting?

One of the latest innovations to online betting is virtual sports betting. This particular feature has grown in popularity over the last couple of years. Many top bookmakers include virtual sports betting on their platforms. Our bookmaker reviews outline exactly what you can expect to find on each sportsbook. This ay, you’ll be able to choose a bookie that caters to your betting interests.

🏧 Which payment methods does 12Bet accept?

Knowing how to fund your betting account is of utmost importance. Many bookmakers accept a range of different payment methods. However, it can be that certain methods are excluded from your chosen bookmaker. By reading our bookmaker reviews at Betting.co.uk, you’ll find out which payment methods can be used to fund your account. This allows you to do so with minimal effort, paving the way to a streamlined betting experience.

⚡ Does 12Bet have a good betting platform?

Our bookmaker reviews are concerned with a host of different facets of each bookie. However, at the end of the day, we set out to provide an overall rating. These ratings will give you a better idea of how good each bookie is. This allows you to narrow down your selection based on the best bookmakers around.

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