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138bet Sign Up Offer 2020

Claim your 138bet Bonus Code now!

138Bet gained popularity in the Asian market before breaking into the UK online gambling industry. It has established a name for itself and will be familiar to those that follow the Premier League, as 138Bet has been a sponsor of Watford Football Club since 2013.

That’s all good and well, but how does it fair up against long-standing brands and competition when it comes to bonuses and promos? It stands up very well next to its competitors, and we’re going to tell you why. With 138Bet sign up offers where you can get £10 back on your first sportsbook bet, or a 138Bet deposit offer as a casino welcome bonus.

100% up to £10
Risk-Free Bet

Introduction to Bonus Offers

As you know, most casinos and sportsbooks have bonuses and rewards like the Ohmbet welcome bonus. Bookmakers need to have promotions as a means of drawing in new members. The 138Bet sign up offers are no different.

What sets it apart is that there is no 138Bet bonus code needed to access the welcome offers. Whether it’s a 138Bet promo code or an Acca boost bonus, it always honours its members with no hidden terms and conditions.

Tips on How to Use the Bonus

Now that you have a general idea about the 138Bet sign up offers, you probably want to know how to go about claiming them. Look no further; you’ll find everything you’ll need here. Below you’ll find the best tips and tricks on setting up your account and claiming your 138Bet offers.

  1. Open the 138Bet website or app (available for iOS and Android devices). Click on the big red “Join Now” button. You’ll be prompted to complete the three sections of the registration form where you’ll enter your details. Don’t worry about your privacy being compromised because 138Bet uses secure SSL digital encryption technology.
  2. Don’t enter any 138Bet promo codes during the registration. The welcome offers don’t require a 138Bet bonus code, and can’t be used in conjunction with any other promotions. Hold onto the 138Bet bonus code until you’ve concluded the 138Bet sign up offers. You wouldn’t want to waste any possible rewards.
  3. If you’d like to claim the 138Bet sign up offers in the casino, you need to opt-in. You can opt-in by visiting the casino promotions page and selecting the opt-in button. The sportsbook offer will be loaded automatically once the requirements have been met.
  4. You are now set to place your first deposit. 138Bet accepts Visa and MasterCard debit cards, Skrill and Neteller. However, the 138Bet sign up offers can only be awarded if your deposit was made via a debit card. No eWallet deposits will qualify for the offers, and you’ll lose the bonus opportunities altogether.
100% up to £10
Risk-Free Bet

Top 5 Expert Tips to Take Advantage of the Offer

Now that you understand the sign up process and how to get started without using a 138Bet bonus code, what else is essential to know and remember? You already know that there’s no 138Bet promo code to remember, so take a look at what is important when taking advantage of 138Bet sign up offers.

Terms and Conditions

Always read the terms and conditions that apply to any offer, whether it’s a welcome offer or a 138 bonus code to unlock a reward, always read. Most companies take advantage of players ignoring the fine print, which ultimately results in you being disappointed. It’s a rookie error, so be above smart when you play.

This guide will help you to understand the most important criteria, but you should skim through the rules to avoid making an assumption about something that hasn’t been addressed here. For example, something you might have thought would be okay, like using an eWallet payment method for a deposit, actually results in a forfeit of the bonus.

Sportsbook Wager

138Bet sign up offers for the sportsbook is redeemable only if your first wager loses, and you’ll receive a maximum of £10 back as a bonus token. This makes it similar to an insurance bonus. If your wager is a winner, you’ll receive your profits only.

It’s also worth noting that any qualifying bet needs to be a single bet with odds of 2.00 (1/1) or over, and on any sport or virtual sport. You also need to place the bet before the match starts as no in-play wagers will qualify for the bonus.

Bonus Token

Make sure that your first wager is at least £10. Anything lower will not meet the requirements stated for the bonus. The offer is capped at returning £10 to you, so logically you need to risk £10.

The bonus token is awarded if you lose, so you can take a slightly bigger risk in your play because a winning wager will award you a handsome profit. A loss will guarantee that you still receive the £10. When your losing bet is settled, the 138Bet system automatically offers you a £10 bonus token; you just need to accept it.

Time Period

In the event that you lose, you’ll receive the token and you’ll be able to access it on your bet slip. Don’t waste any time making the next wager as the token has a five-day life span. After the five days you’ll have lost access to it, so use it soon.

The token value will be £10, and you need to use the full amount at once. You have an option to place a £10 wager, or you can bet a higher amount and use real money for the remaining value. Just make sure that you use the full £10.

No Crossover

The final tip may seem obvious, but just in case, the bonus token may only be used in the sportsbook. It can be used on any available sport, and can’t be used in the casino. The value of the token also can’t be exchanged for casino credits.

The casino is a separate part of the sportsbook and has its own 138Bet bonus code and unique 138Bet sign up offers.

100% up to £10
Risk-Free Bet

Frequently Asked Questions About the Bonus

Now that the most important aspects of claiming the welcome offers have been covered, what are other essential elements? Here are the most frequently asked questions that will give you insight and further guidance.

Is the offer open to everyone?

No, the offer is closed to existing members. Only new players that join and current members that haven’t placed a wager in the past may take advantage of the offer.

The welcome offers are designed to draw new members in. If you’re an existing member, you would have already received a sign up bonus.

What payment methods are accepted?

To qualify for the 138Bet sign up offers, you need to make a deposit with a debit card (MasterCard and Visa are both accepted). Your withdrawal will be paid back into the same account.

138Bet might not be able to send your withdrawals to the account linked to MasterCard debit cards, corporate cards and non-UK registered cards. If this is the case, 138Bet will reach out to make an alternative payment to you.

I have a 138Bet promo code, how do I use it?

The 138Bet sign up offers are automatically offered to you, or you need to opt-in. There is no 138Bet bonus code or promo codes necessary.

If you have a code, then hold onto it until you have completed and claimed your welcome bonuses. The offers can’t be used in conjunction with any other promos. Once you have used the £10 bonus token, feel free to use the 138Bet bonus code.

Can the sports bets be placed at any time?

No. Sports bets that qualify are to be placed pre-match. Live bets don’t contribute towards the offer. Once you’ve placed your bet, it is locked and you shouldn’t adjust or cancel it; otherwise, you forfeit the bonus.

Can the sports bet be any bet type, at any odds?

No, the bet has to be a single win bet at staked odds of 1/1 (2.00).

Combo bets, system bets, in-play bets, cash out or partial cash out bets, Starting Price and Forecast/Tricast bets, and “Build a Bet” don’t form part of the offer. Once you have redeemed your bonus token, you are free to place any bet type at any staked odds.

Which offer is better: the sportsbook or casino sign up offer?

If you are stuck between the two, the sportsbook is the better offer. It gives you the freedom to choose any sports and place a wager value of your choice. If you win, you’ll profit, and if you lose, you will have guaranteed £10 token.

The casino welcome offer is quite restricting and has a requirement of wagering 50 times the bonus value. If you place a minimum deposit of £20, you’ll wager £1000 on the first stage of the offer alone. The games that can be played that contribute towards the wagering requirement are limited, and the extra spins are limited to Video Slot Super Flip.

100% up to £10
Risk-Free Bet

Additional Rewards & Loyalty Programs

Unfortunately, 138Bet doesn’t offer a loyalty system. However, players are rewarded regularly with other forms of rewards and promos, so keep an eye out for a 138Bet bonus code being released.

The casino has a range of offers that change frequently. Members of 138Bet are rewarded with extra spins, the opportunity to participate in tournaments with lucrative prize money, and some 138Bet deposit offers. Keep an eye on the site for any current promos and a new 138Bet bonus code.

The sportsbook also offers some fantastic rewards and bonuses for its players. There’s a nifty “Build a Bet” feature, Acca boosts, and “Add 2 Bet” feature. Besides these, players are frequently rewarded with premium price boost and enhanced odds. The sportsbook also regularly hosts exclusive and unique offers.

Always watch the social media pages, mailers and the site for upcoming promos and 138Bet bonus codes that are released.

100% up to £10
Risk-Free Bet
- Sports Bonus

Bonus Intro

The sportsbook bonus is rather enticing. 138Bet sign up offers are essentially a £10 insurance bonus.

When you make a deposit with your debit card and place your first wager of £10 or more, you’re on track to completing the reward. You need to make sure that you place a single win bet with odds of 2.00 or better.

If the result is a win or draw, you’ll be awarded the profits. If it’s a loss, you will be offered a £10 bonus token. It will appear as a pop-up notification, so you need to accept it. Otherwise, it will be lost and you won’t get another sign up bonus opportunity again.

Once the token appears on your bet slip, you can use it anywhere in the sportsbook and the £10 must be used all at once.

Reality Test: Wagering the Bonus

How do other players find the sportsbook welcome bonus? What are the opinions and reviews from players just like yourself? Take a look at the below reviews from real members that have wagered and been awarded the bonus token.

“I must say that I’m very impressed with 138Bet. The sign up process was seamless, and I had no hassles. Unfortunately, my first wager wasn’t a winner, and the £10 token came through quickly. Looking forward to exploring this bookie further.”

“I’m a new punter, and the sign up offer gave me the courage to take a riskier bet, and although I lost I still was awarded the £10 bonus token quickly. The wager I made with the token was a win, and I can’t wait to keep going. Thank you 138Bet!”

“It’s a good offer, but I would have preferred the bonus to be a higher value. It’s a good draw in none the less.”

Bonus Withdrawal

The 138Bet sportsbook welcome offer is a bonus token reward, so you won’t be limited to withdrawing from your account. Also if your wager didn’t win, you wouldn’t have any winnings to withdraw. If you won, you can proceed with withdrawals as usual.

If you use the bonus token and the wager wins, the withdrawal policy is the same as the regular policy. It is worth noting that you will not receive the value of the bonus token stake in your returns and winnings.

If you’d like to find more information on the 138Bet withdrawal policies and methods you can see the 138Bet review, where the bookie has received an in-depth evaluation from our team of experts.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid when Claiming Bonus

Many players make rookie errors during the process of claiming and when using the welcome bonus. You’ll find a few helpful hints and reminder of what to do, and what not to do here:

  • Once again, use a MasterCard or Visa debit card when making your deposit. You will have noticed that regulation in the gambling industry has changed and credit cards are not allowed to be used any longer. Other payment methods will forfeit your participation in the offer.
  • Hold onto your 138Bet bonus code until after the token has been used in a wager. Most promos and offers are not allowed to be used in conjunction with one another.
  • Only place a single win bet. Make sure the odds staked are 1/1 or better to qualify for the offer.
  • Stick to a sport that you are familiar with when wagering, and take a more significant risk than you usually would because you’ll have the £10 insurance.
  • Use the token within seven days, because it will only be valid for a seven day period.

Bonus Conclusion

Overall the bonus is a standard offer that most sports bookies have to welcome and attract new punters. 138Bet sign up offers stand out because there’s no specific 138Bet bonus code required.

The 138Bet system automatically offering the bonus token for the player to accept makes the process simple and efficient and removes the possibility of human error. Insurance type bonuses are always welcomed and give the member a boost of confidence to place a higher wager.

The offer could be enhanced by increasing the value of the bonus token, and by opening the deposit options as some players prefer paying with an e-wallet service.

If you’d like any tips when placing your bets, have a look at Tipsters Empire, where you may be treated to its unique offers.

100% up to £10
Risk-Free Bet
- Casino Bonus

Bonus Intro

The 138Bet sign up offers in the casino is an attention-grabbing offer. It is essentially a 138Bet deposit offer that is used as a welcome bonus. You can earn up to £500 in bonus credits and 150 bonus spins across the first three deposits you make. The bonus credits are spread at different ratios across the three deposits, while the bonus spins are allocated at 50 per deposit round.

The minimum deposit that needs to be made via a MasterCard or Visa debit card is £20, and the value wagered must be 50 times the bonus value. You will receive:

  • 100% on your first deposit to a maximum value of £50
  • 50% on your second deposit to a maximum value of £150
  • 25% on your third deposit to a maximum value of £300

When you use the bonus token, the maximum that you may win is five times the bonus value. So, if the bonus value is £50, your maximum win will be £250.

The terms and conditions are quite lengthy for this offer, so it’s best to check the 138Bet site for the full list.

Reality Test: Wagering the Bonus

Are you uncertain about this welcome bonus from the 138Bet? Take a look at what the current players have said about it:

“This welcome bonus is rubbish! You don’t receive bonus credit enough to validate the amount of cash you spend on the game. And if you don’t complete, you aren’t eligible for further casino offers! No, thank you!”

“My girlfriend opted for this promo, and it wasn’t worthwhile, you spend more than you can win and the bonus credits aren’t worth it. Rather stick to the sportsbook sign up offer and don’t opt-in for the casino offer.”

“I love my slots and had a blast with the offer. I wish we could choose the game for our extra spins, but I enjoyed Video Slot Super Flip anyway.”

Bonus Withdrawal

The bonus credits will be credited to your account, and you can’t withdraw them. The credits can be used to wager on games that you are playing. Be careful though because your cash account needs to be zero before you wager with the bonus credits.

The maximum you can win with the extra spins and bonus credit is capped at £100 and 5 times the bonus value respectively.

It’s recommended that you don’t withdraw from your account until you’ve completed the bonus. You are allowed to withdraw from your account, but then you forfeit your bonus value and any associated winnings on the bonus.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid When Claiming Bonus

As previously stated, the fine print for this 138Bet deposit offer is rather lengthy, but the most important do’s and don’ts are listed here:

  • If you want to participate in this welcome bonus, then you must opt-in
  • Only deposit with a Visa or MasterCard debit card
  • To meet the wagering requirements, faster play slots, progressive slots, scratch cards, keno and arcade games. They all have a 100% stake contribution, while the remaining casino games are 5% to 20%. Baccarat, Craps, and the Live Football Studio are all 0%.
  • Keep your cash account (where you’ve deposited) low. The real money funds will first be used and once depleted you can make use of the bonus credits.
  • If you have a 138Bet bonus code hold onto it until you’ve completed the sign up offer
  • The extra spins and bonus credits expire after seven days, so play and get through them quickly.

Bonus Conclusion

The 138Bet deposit offer that is acting as the welcome bonus seems very attractive and lucrative at first glance. However, the number of games that can be played and the restrictions that accompany the offer are not worthwhile unless you are a high rolling casino punter.

138Bet could enhance the offer and draw in more casino players by lowering the bonus value rollover and allowing players unlimited winnings on the bonus credits and bonus spins. It could also loosen some of the restrictions that are currently present.

If you’d prefer a different set of casino welcome bonuses, try the Gamebookers welcome offer. Poker Bonus

Bonus Intro

138Bet, unfortunately, doesn’t offer a welcome offer that can be used in poker games. Hopefully, it’ll soon add some offers that players can use when playing the beloved casino table game.

Overall Conclusion

138Bet has done an excellent job at creating sign up offers that are very attractive to most players. What enhances the offers is that no 138Bet bonus code is required to redeem or activate the offers.

The sportsbook welcome bonus is a great offer and really encourages newbies to launch their punting career. The automatic pop-up notification is a decent feature and takes the stress off of the player from having to contact the customer care team for activation.

The casino offer is a little disappointing because of the list of restricted games, and the massive amount of cash that players need to wager to claim the bonus. It’s a good option that it is an opt-in only offer, so if you’re not a high roller you can skip it altogether.

100% up to £10
Risk-Free Bet

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