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Betclic review: Is it scam? Is it legal? Warning: Blacklisted

BetClic Sign Up Offer

Betclic is French-owned sports and casino site.  While there is no Betclic bonus code on offer at the moment, we can show you how to get an 888Sport bonus that is way better than any Betclic sign up offer!

Betclic delivers good sports-related gambling, but the casino offerings are somewhat limited for fans of slots and table games. Don’t let that put you off though –  it’s a great sports betting site if you happen to be in France or any of the other European countries it serves. The Betclic sign up offer is probably the reason you would choose to give it a go. Read more about it on our Betclic reviews below, and make sure to check out our Betonline review or Unibet rating for a fair comparison.

BetClic: Pros & Cons
  • Can be played in France
  • Good Betclic sign up offer
  • Decent odds
  • Good range of gambling
  • No Betclic bonus code
Headquarter3. Level, Tagliaferro Business Centre, High Street c/w Gaiety Lane, Sliema, Malta
Year of Founding-
Available Languages-
Customer SupportLive Chat, Phone, Email Support
UKGC - UK Gambling Commission
Verified byIBIA (International Betting Integrity Association)
IBIA (International Betting Integrity Association)
Payment Methods
Credit Card
Show More
Betting Markets80
Live StreamsNo
Odd Level81.67%
Betting Tax-
Cash OutNot Available
Live CasinoNo
VIP ClubNo

Bonus Offers - Betclic ratings review of their promos

When you sign up for the sportsbook side you can claim the first of two Betclic sign up offers. Make your first bet and they will double it with bonus funds, much like the Betfred deposit bonus, SkyBet promo code, and Betdaq bonus code. The limit they will double to is €100. So, if you make a €20 bet your bet will be €40 which gives you a fairly high chance of winning. When you sign up for the casino, they will provide 100% matching funds up to €500. We would like it if they had a Betclic bonus code but don’t at this time.

But the Betclic sign up offer is solid and should deliver what you are expecting. This is all represented in our Betclic reviews and provides an interesting comparison to our 5dimes review. The matching money on your first bet should make things interesting, especially when you are just starting out.

Usability, look & feel - Our Betclic reviews check out how the website acts

Betclic has a good look. It’s all reds and whites which make it look good on your laptop and your phone as well. Everything is set out in an easy to use way, and navigating around the site is simple. As the layout is intuitive, and you can always find what you are looking for quickly. The casino is a bit awkward with the limited number of games available on a slider at the top. It seems however that they are still building their casino so this may explain that – we look forward to seeing how the casino section grows over time.

You can easily access the Betclic sign up offer without any trouble. We’d like there to be a Betclic bonus code, but unfortunately, there is none at this time. It’s a well-designed site that shows off its European flair. This is all taken into account here in our Betclic reviews score. Make sure to read over our Intertops review to see how their site looks in comparison.


Betclic payments are weird. You can deposit money through Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Maestro, Neteller, PaySafeCard, and direct wire transfer. There will be no fees applied to any of your deposits. When it comes to withdrawals things are different. The site says it will apply fees to all withdrawals. It doesn’t, however, say what those fees will be. Just that they will “vary” by withdrawal. They do say that they will tell you what the fee is before you decide to make your withdrawal.

We haven’t seen that on other sites before and are not sure what it means. As noted before there is no Betclic bonus code at this time. Withdrawals through Visa and MasterCard can take up to five days. Withdrawals through direct wire transfer can take up to seven business days. This is fairly standard for online casinos, so we have no issues here.

Payments are a huge factor in compiling our Betclic review, as well as our Bodog reviews.

Credit Card

Customer Service

Betclic review & sign up bonusBetclic has just OK customer service that is on par with what we found in our Fun88 review. They give you two ways to contact them. One is through live chat. This will get you a fairly quick response. Language may prove to be a bit of a difficulty if you only speak English, but we were able to make ourselves understood. The other way to contact them is through email. This will take you at least 24 hours if not longer to get a response. That’s a long time when you have a problem and need it resolved quickly. Their English is much better when you are dealing with email than it is on the live chat.

Once again there is no Betclic bonus code so you won’t need to ask for one. They can, however, explain the Betclic sign up offer if you ask them directly. The customer service is serviceable but not great. This all factors into our Betclic review, and we also cover superior customer service in our Sporting bet customer reviews and Bovada review.

License & Security

As you might have seen in our Netbet safe and Is RubyBet legit guides, checking the licensing and security of providers is one of the most important tasks when we create our reviews.

Betclic is run from France but licensed in Malta, which should make it a safe site to use, although the UK Gambling Commission refuses to allow Betclic to operate in the UK. They won’t say why but that should be taken as a fairly big red flag. They are also not allowed to operate in the United States. The Betclic sign up offer seems secure. And there is no Betclic bonus code. Still, the site seems to have up to date encryption technology and should be safe for you to send and receive money through. Any system is only as secure as both sides so you should make sure to run anti-virus software regularly to keep your end of the connection clean. We have factored all of this into our Betclic review.

You can compare these findings with our other provider reviews, such as our Is PartyPoker reliable? and Is Gala reliable? guides.

MGA - Malta Gaming Authority
UKGC - UK Gambling Commission

Rewards & Loyalty Program

There is no Betclic bonus code. Betclic does not have a VIP program. However, they do have a good Betclic sign up offer so there is that. Still, we would hope that at some point that they do build up a VIP program to give something back to the regular players. Without one the site is lacking a bit. This is part of our Betclic ratings and review. We are hoping that as Betclic grows it will eventually put in a VIP program for the people who like to play.

Betclic Sports Betting

Betting Markets

Betclic has a wide range of sports for you to bet on. While they may not have a Betclic bonus code they have all major and minor sports. From football to water polo if you want to bet on it Betclic has it! There was no sport we couldn’t find. This factors heavily into our Betclic review. We were impressed with the wide range of sports we could bet on. They couldn’t have done a better job than this, as you can read in our MyBookie reviews.


When it comes to odds, Betclic is standard. They aren’t great but they aren’t bad either. They also have regular promotions where they boost the odds in your favor. You have to look out for the promotions however so always go to their Promotions page to see if there are any particularly good odds offered on a given day.

Live Betting & Streaming

When it comes to live streaming, they live stream matches from France, Portugal, and Italy. Matches in the UK, Ireland, and the United States are not live-streamed. This factors into our Betclic review, and you should check out our 10bet review and “Is Novibet reliable?” guide as well.

For the games that they don’t live stream, they have animations to show you what is going on. Also, they constantly update the scores for all of their games. We are unsure why they limit their live streaming the way they do.

They do have plenty of in-game betting on offer. For every sport, there are dozens of things you can bet on while the game is going on. Far more options actually than a lot of other sites have.


When it comes to limits Betclic is odd. The minimum bet you can make is €0.10. The maximum you can win on any given event is €500. They are not looking for the high rollers. We find it unusual for a betting site to limit the amount you can win at such a low number. It implies that they may not have the financial backing to accept large bets. But for low-level gamblers, it should be fine. If you want to bet heavy however you can find a better site to do so at. This plays a major factor in our Betclic review, and is in contrast to our GTbets review. They should raise the amount you can win to encourage bigger players to come into the field.

Product Summary & Conclusion

This is a fairly basic sports betting site. It’s designed for people to make small bets and win a little bit of money. And that’s fine. There is room in the market for this type of site. Particularly in countries like France that don’t have the option of going to larger sportsbooks. It delivers the fun of making a bet and you can thrill if you win.

It needs more live streaming options. And the odds shouldn’t only become good when they have a promotion going on. But Betclic is a site designed for people who just want to have a little bit of fun. It’s not for big spenders or professional gamblers. That is reflected in our Betclic review and our BetHard review, too.

We like the Betclic sign up offer. We wish they had a Betclic no deposit bonus. And we would like to see a Betclic bonus code. All that aside though Betclic does a good job at being what it wants to be – a simple little sportsbook.

300% up to £30 + 30 Free Spins
Free Bet
Get Betfred Bonus
Betclic Casino


The Betclic casino is still being built. They have a section for their game providers but it’s blank. It’s unclear who will provide their games. As it is, they only have Gonzo’s Quest, Live Roulette, the Starburst video slot machine, and Blackjack White Gold Live. This lack of games is represented in our Betclic review.

We believe given the huge amount of blank space on their page that they will soon be contracting with providers and have a real casino. However, if you have €500 in matching funds to play with you should probably hit the blackjack table. If you know what you are doing, it’s hard to lose too quickly at blackjack.

The odds are only slightly in the dealer’s favor so you can play for a long time with €500 in matching funds. We don’t recommend roulette as it’s a game where it’s super easy to lose a lot of money quickly. Blackjack is the game we’d try.

Just take basic blackjack advice: Always assume any down card and your next card will be a 10. That’s how you decide whether to get hit or stand. For example, if the dealer has a five up and you have 14 you want to stand. That’s because the dealer likely has 15, which means she will have to take a hit which should push her over 21 and result in a win for you. And always split your aces because they will more often than not give you at least one blackjack.

Live Casino

The live casino is the first thing they are working on. Right now, it has Live Roulette and Blackjack. A live casino is when they put a camera in a casino and invite you to play. It makes it feel like you are in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo. Roulette and blackjack are good places for them to start. People like a live casino so hopefully, they’ll start adding some more live casino features as time goes on. If you do enjoy live casino games, we’d recommend looking into the best live casino offers.


The site has yet to post any information yet about betting limits. We assume that the default is their €500 limit on what you can win the same way it is on the sportsbook, but it is important to clarify with live chat for yourself rather than proceeding under this assumption.

Product Summary & Conclusion

We don’t think this is a case of a sportsbook just having a casino as a side thing. We think that they mean to build up a real casino. Otherwise, their page would be laid out much differently. We think that what we are seeing is a casino being built.

If you are going to try out their casino, we suggest playing Gonzo’s Quest rather than Starburst. The odds for Gonzo’s Quest are much better. There’s a reason so many online casinos give you bonus spins on Starburst.

Or you can just wait a few months until the casino is more built out and then activate your matching funds. Your sportsbook money is kept separate from your casino funds. So, you can sign up for the sportsbook today and then in six months sign up for the casino and still claim your Betclic sign up offer. That might be the best way to handle the lack of casino options available at the moment.

The Betclic casino is a work in progress and we can’t say what will happen with it in the future. A year from now and we may be looking at a whole new Betclic online casino! The fact that they do have two famous games – Gonzo’s Quest and Starburst is a good sign. It means that they are looking for high-quality games. Now they just need to be given time to implement them. When they do so we will go back and do another Betclic review.

500 Free Spins
Free Spins
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Betclic Poker

Software - Betclic poker review

Betclic has recently started offering a poker room on their French language site so naturally we had to perform a Betclic poker review! They have not integrated that into their English language site yet. On the French language site, the poker room is provided by Party Poker. They seem to still be setting up and we’ll be interested in where they go once they have it fully integrated first on their French language site and then on their English language site.

We’ll be interested to see if their low maximum winning threshold is still in effect. If so, that could make for more games that are friendly to newcomers. It would also make it difficult to bluff too much and force people out of the game. We’ll also be looking at what tournaments they decide to host if any. Tournaments are a great way to get people into poker. You pay a one-time fee to enter and then get a certain amount of chips. The last person still with chips on the table ends up winning a jackpot. Sometimes this jackpot is also shared with the person who came in second. If they are going to keep their low win potential, they could have cheap tournaments that would be fun to play in. Sure, you wouldn’t win a lot, but you wouldn’t have to pay much either and could easily play poker all day fairly cheaply.

Party Poker is a pretty good provider so we expect their integration will go on fairly well, although you never know until you see it up and running. Poker is somewhat more difficult to run than slot machines. If done well it will be an excellent addition to the Betclic platform. We certainly hope that’s the case because we do like the site and want to see it succeed. But as of right now like the slot machine room, it is still a work in progress.

Game Types & Rake

We’ll be curious if they provide a different Betclic sign up offer for their poker room. Many sites do this, and it allows you to experiment with the room and see if it’s to your taste before you spend any of your own real money.

From what we’ve seen from our Betclic poker review so far, we don’t expect Betclic to attract high rollers to their poker room. It will probably be more like a social poker site than one where you bet serious amounts of money. And that’s fine. Not every site needs to have high roller tables. Sometimes just kicking back and having a laugh is what you are looking for. And we suspect that’s what will happen at Betclic – low stakes poker that’s cheap to enter into with small but nice sized pots for whoever ends up winning. A site like that would be more than welcome to our senses.

Our team assumes that Texas Hold Em will be the first game they offer in their poker room. Under Texas Hold Em rules everyone is dealt two cards. Then they bet. Then the first card of the “river” is exposed. This card can be used by anyone to build their hand. People then bet again. Then another card is turned over. This continues until there are five up cards. Then a final bet is made and whoever has the best hand wins. It’s a good game that anyone can pick up in a short time which is why it is what is played at the World Series Of Poker and other tournaments.

Other forms of poker including seven-card stud would follow. That’s how it works at most online casinos and Party Poker knows this and should have no problem integrating it. It could end up being a fairly fun room to have.

Product Summary & Conclusion

But for now, we will have to wait while they integrate the poker room first into their French language site and then into their English language site. We have high hopes for Betclic as it seems to be a betting site with its heart in the right place.

As it is, Betclic is primarily a sportsbook but that is changing. Once they have their casino and poker room properly set up, we expect good things from them. They seem to want to be able to take the European market by storm.

Overall Conclusion

Our Betclic ratings have shown it is a decent site to use if you are in France or another EU country and can’t access a UK or United States sportsbook. It covers nearly every sport you can imagine, and the Betclic sign up offer is decent; remember, there is no Betclic bonus code.

Unfortunately, your winnings will be limited to €500. That’s not a problem for a casual player but could be a deal-breaker for a high-stakes bettor. The casino is still being built and we have no idea what it will be like when it’s complete. But the sportsbook is decent. If you are in the UK, you’d be better off with one of their casinos but sometimes people travel, and this site will do you until you get back to the UK.

Looking for more provider comparisons? Head on over to our Pots of Luck review, or Mecca Bingo review if you fancy something a bit different from traditional betting.

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