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Betdaq Sign Up Offers & Bonus Code 2021

Get Your £10 Betdaq Bonus

You’re looking for the Betdaq welcome bonus along with facts about the Betdaq promotion code, right? We thought so! And you’re in luck — there’s a nice and tasty £10 bonus up for grabs.

But what do you have to do to get it? Well, either click the big green button below and sign up, or you can check out the terms and conditions alongside other info below.

If we were you though, we’d just head on over straight to Betdaq! What have you got to lose?

100% up to £10
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Betdaq could be best described as the kind of operator that genuinely seeks to offer something for the vast majority of online bettors. The company, which is owned by Ladbrokes, operates as an exchange, a sportsbook, and a casino all in one, so if you’re looking for the convenience of such an inclusive service, then signing up to the company is worth considering.

As one would hope from such an established name, Betdaq offer a range of different sign up bonus options for those new to their site. These Betdaq welcome offers cover the full spectrum of what the company provide; there’s an exchange offer, a sportsbook offer, a casino offer, and even a virtual sports offer – all of which can be accessed by using the right Betdaq code. To find out more about each of these offers as well as the latest Betdaq deals from one of the best betting sites UK has to offer, read on…

Betdaq Provide a Leading Selection of Bonus Offers

Promo offers are all about catching the eye of potential users; that’s why you will find the likes of Matchbook offers for exchange users, Novibet offers and similar for those more focused on accessing a sportsbook, and even specific casino and poker offers too.

Each offer, regardless of its type, is designed to help the operator stand out as worthy of user attention in the large online betting environment. In seeking to achieve this crucial goal, Betdaq have provided a number of different offers to potential users, from exchange commission deals to casino offers – as we’ll discuss in more detail below. Keep reading to see if these are among the top betting offers UK has at the moment.

Using Your Betdaq Offer Promo Code

There are three different Betdaq welcome offers that can be availed of for those signing up to the site for the first time:

Bet £10 get £10

This welcome bonus promo code offer is available with the Betdaq promo number BDQ10. New users can place a bet at odds of 2.00 or above and will then be credited with a £10 bonus bet. The qualifying wager can be placed and settled on either the exchange or the sportsbook within two weeks of registering a new account. Also, don’t forget that when you receive your £10 Betdaq free bet it must be used within seven days.

Cashback on commission

Although the Betdaq commission rates are already very reasonable, the second of the Betdaq welcome offers gives you even better value. It’s a cashback offer for exchange users, who can receive up to £1,000 cashback on commission charged during their first 30 days of using the account. Users will be charged the standard commission of 2% and must sign up using the Betdaq sequence of DAQBACK when registering their account.

Cashback on net losses

This offer provides 5% cashback on net losses on the sportsbook (minimum of £50, maximum of £5,000) and 10% cashback on casino losses (minimum of £50, maximum of £5,000) to users who place at least five bets or wagers within 30 days of registering their account. Cashback is credited on a weekly basis; a week of the promotion runs from Monday to Sunday, and refunds are then credited the following Tuesday. To qualify for this offer, the Betdaq promo sequence BETINS must be entered when setting up an account.

We thought it important to note that these Betdaq promo code offers are exclusive from one another and cannot be stacked, as each requires a different Betdaq promo code to be used when registering a brand new account with the site. Check out our Netbet promo codeWill Hill sign up offer and 21Bet free bet bonus reviews to see what other bookmakers are offering and how they compare to the Betdaq promo code.

100% up to £10
Free Bet
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Make the Most of Betdaq Bonuses With Our Top5 Expert Tips

To make sure you get the most from the Betdaq sign up offers, here are five tips you might want to keep in mind:

Select the right offer for your betting preferences

With three different offers to choose from, it’s imperative that you select the right one – and this is a very personal decision, based on your own personal preferences and requirements. It’s therefore advantageous to think about how you intend to use Betdaq and which offer is most likely to elicit the best value; for example, if you’re looking for a simple offer and don’t intend to use the site regularly, then the ‘Bet £10 Get £10’ bonus bet offer may be preferable, whereas heavy exchange users may find the commission refund a better deal – it depends entirely on how you intend to use Betdaq when you have signed up. Just remember to use a good online betting system too.

Enter the right promo code for the offer you want to use

All of these offers are contingent on entering the correct bonus code when you are registering your account. Without such a code, you will either receive an offer you don’t want or need, or you may not even receive any offer at all – so always double-check to make sure you’re using the right code for the offer you have selected.

Make sure you use an eligible payment method

If there is one thing that unites people who use Sportingbet offers, Pinnacle offers, or any other kind of operator offer, it’s a need to check to see which payment methods they can use in order to access the offer. The same is true for those using the Betdaq sign up offers and, for those intending to use the ‘Bet £10 Get £10’ bonus bet deal, there is a significant restriction to note: the offer cannot be used by users if funds are deposited using Moneybookers, Neteller, or Skrill (If this news disappoints you, why not check out our review of which bookmakers use skrill to continue playing carefree with this e-wallet option) This isn’t one of the sites that offers sports betting with PayPal connected to the bonus, so choose another deposit method that is eligible. Interestingly there does not appear to be any such restriction for the other two offers, though if you intend to use a non-debit card payment method to fund your account while using these offers, it might be best to double-check this is acceptable with Betdaq customer service – who are readily available to deal with your queries via Live Chat and a range of other contact methods.

Keep notes if using the ‘refund’ offers

The commission cashback offer and the net losses refund offer both have upper limits of the amount that you will receive back – up to £1,000 with the exchange commission offer, and £5,000 on net losses. It’s therefore advisable to keep notes of each bet or wager you place when seeking to use these offers, so you know exactly how much you should receive at the end of the 30 day initial period (for the exchange commission offer) or every seven days (for the net losses offer).

Read through the terms and conditions

Information is always critical when attempting to use an operator sign up bonus, so do take the time to read through the terms and conditions for whichever offer you are attempting to use on the Betdaq site. These terms do change on occasion, so just verifying everything is as expected – and, most importantly of all, that you have the exactly-correct Betdaq promo code for the offer that you’re intending to use – will always be time well spent prior to registering your account. If nothing else, it will prevent you having to chase up a query with Betdaq only to be told that it was your mistake that caused the problem.

100% up to £10
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Redeem Betdaq Bonus: Everything You Wanted to Ask About the Sign Up Offers

Many users find that they still have questions about the Betdaq welcome offers we have discussed thus far, so below, we have answered the most common queries…

Can I use these offers if I already have a Betdaq account?

Unfortunately not; each of the offers we have detailed are only available to those registering a brand new customer account using the relevant Betdaq promo code as they do so, and then placing their first ever bet on the sportsbook or the exchange, will be eligible for the Betdaq new customer offers. These are new customer offers, so they won’t apply to anyone who has a history with Betdaq.

However, if you already have a Betdaq account, then you may still be able to use the virtual sports offer we have detailed in ‘Additional Offers’ below – though to do so, you cannot have placed a virtual sports bet with Betdaq in the past.

What are the minimum odds for the Betdaq new customer offers?

The ‘Bet £10 Get £10’ bonus bet offer does have minimum odds: you will need to place a qualifying bet of at least a £10 stake at 2.00 (Evens) or above in order to qualify for the £10 bonus bet.

In contrast, if you choose to use either the commission refund offer or the net losses refund, then there are no minimum odds to be concerned with for the duration of either offer.

Is the ‘Bet £10 Get £10’ bonus bet offer for the sportsbook or the exchange?

It’s fairly rare to find a bonus bet offer that can be used on an exchange, so it’s understandable that users query whether the Betdaq new joiner offer can be used on the sportsbook only. However, unusually, no such restriction applies – both the qualifying bet and the bonus bet can be used on either the sportsbook or the exchange, so you can opt for whichever suits your preferences.

Do lay bets count towards the ‘Bet £10 Get £10’ bonus bet offer?

If you’re intending to use the exchange for the above offer, then yes, you can access the offer by placing a lay bet provided you meet the other requirements for the offer – such as the minimum odds of 2.00, placing the bet within 14 days of opening your account, and with a stake of at least £10. You will also need to ensure that this is the first bet you place on either the casino or the exchange and you cannot cash out the bet ahead of it settling; this will invalidate the offer.

Can the net losses refund include both the casino and sportsbook?

Yes, if you’re intending to use both the casino and the sportsbook, then the net losses refund will apply to both. You can receive refunds of up to £5,000 on each section of the site, so a maximum of value of £10,000. You will also need to place five bets or wagers for each in order to qualify; so you will have to place 5 x sportsbook bets and 5 x casino wagers. However, the value of the refunds differs: you’ll receive a refund of up to 5% on net losses on the sportsbook, and 10% on the casino. It’s also worth mentioning that the refund is net losses of a minimum of £50 on both the casino and the sportsbook, so if you have made a net profit during the first 30 days of your account, then you won’t be eligible for a refund.

100% up to £10
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Check Out These Extra Betdaq Promotions

After using one of the Betdaq welcome offers, you may be wondering if there are any ongoing deals such as Betdaq deposit offers or a loyalty programme for you to use – so here’s a look at the other promotions found on the site:

Virtual sports Bet £10 Get £10 if it loses

Account holders must enter the Betdaq promo code V1010 in the ‘Promotion Code’ section of ‘My Account’ before placing their first virtual sports bet to get one of these Betdaq offers. Users can then place a virtual sports bet at odds of 2.00 or above and should that bet lose, a £10 bonus bet will be credited. The bonus bet can only be used on virtuals within seven days and is a great alternative to the Betfred sign up offers, as well as the latest Foxy Bingo bonus code.

Best Odds Guaranteed with the Betdaq promo offers

A fairly standard, but always-beneficial, offer that is provided on UK and Irish horse racing. If you place a bet on a horse and that horse’s SP then offers better value, you will be paid out at the preferable odds with these Betdaq promos. Only bets placed on the day of the race count, those who deposit with PayPal, Moneybookers, Skrill, or Neteller are not eligible, and there is a maximum cap of £25,000 on extra winnings, amongst other T&Cs you can read on the Betdaq site.

Loyalty programmes

Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a loyalty program currently available from Betdaq at present, nor are there any Betdaq deposit offers available. With that said, we have to note that all Betdaq promo deals are subject to change, so further offers along these lines may be introduced at a later point.


Finally, a note regarding poker offers: at the time of writing, Betdaq do not seem to host poker on their website. This is rather unusual but, for the moment it seems, poker players will have to look elsewhere if seeking Betdaq offers, and instead focus on Betdaq for casino, sportsbook, and exchange betting.

100% up to £10
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An Excellent Site With Plenty of Offers & Rewards to Choose From

Realistically, few bettors will think of Betdaq first and foremost when asked to name a sportsbook or an exchange – but as our Betdaq review demonstrates, and we have found when paying closer attention to the offers in this piece, it’s definitely worth looking again at this excellent site.

Betdaq is a well-designed operator that functions exactly as bettors need it to, and there’s a range of great promotions and Betdaq welcome offers that serve as a great introduction to those who have never used the site before. If you decide to sign up yourself, then remember to use the relevant Betdaq promo code for the bonus you’re looking to activate, and then you’ll be all set to try this impressive operator for yourself. At, we cover the all the top online betting sign up offers.

For more comprehensive bonus guides, make your way over to our Mecca Bingo bonus code and Grosvenor bonus code reviews. Otherwise, try out the latest Sky bet sign up bonus.

100% up to £10
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Betdaq Sign Up Offers FAQ 

📁 Must I create an account to claim the Betdaq sign up offer?

Each bookmaker will require customers to tick off certain requirements before claiming the bonus in question. Our bonus offer reviews go to great lengths in order to outline exactly what it is you need to do in order to access online bonuses. This way, you’ll never miss out on the latest online bonus offers. Stay in the loop with

💰 Does Betdaq offer matched deposit bonuses?

One of the most common sign up offers is a matched deposit bonus. This type of bonus will match your first deposit by a specific percentage. The top bookmakers will match your deposit with a 100% bonus amount. However, this can vary accordingly. To find out which bookies currently offer matched deposit bonuses, take a look at our bonus reviews.

🎾 Can I apply Betdaq promotions to sports betting?

Bookmakers tend to offer regular promotions over and above sign up bonuses. This keeps existing, and new, customers in tow for some enthralling opportunities. Our bonus offer reviews touch on these additional promotions. You’ll be sure to know precisely how to apply these promotions and whether you can use them to bet on your favourite sports.

❓How do I use my free bet on Betdaq?

You can use your free bet in a variety of ways and on a variety of sports and betting types at Betdaq. Full details can be found here.

🤔 What is the comission on betdaq?

This depends on a number of factors but we have an extensive answer for you. In the Betdaq review here at you can find full detials.

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