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Cheeky Bingo Reviews & Ratings UK 2021

Is Cheeky Bingo reliable?

Cheeky Bingo UK is an online casino focused on bingo games. It launched back in 2006 and has created a successful business in the United Kingdom since then.

Most online casinos don’t focus on this niche, so Cheeky Bingo stands out as offering something unique.

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Anyway! Back to the review. Is Cheeky Bingo reliable? Yes, it is. Not only is Cheeky Bingo reliable, the operator is fully licensed to legally operate in the UK. Cheeky Bingo reviews and follows all applicable regulations, with over ten years of experience in the industry.

You’ll not be let down by the operator. Players asking themselves “is Cheeky Bingo reliable?” often wonder if bonuses work as advertised. In our Cheeky Bingo reviews, we’ll answer this and other questions, like “is Cheeky Bingo secure?”.

In that regard, not only is Cheeky Bingo secure, there are several safe payment options that you can use, plus a massive variety of bingo games available. Our Cheeky Bingo reviews will cover all this and more.

Cheeky Bingo: Pros & Cons
  • There are several options for bingo games
  • Cheeky Bingo UK has deposit bonuses for newcomers
  • The company has a license and has operated on the market for over ten years
  • A nice variety of payment methods can be used in this operator’ function
  • It doesn’t have a lot of variety of games that aren’t bingo

Welcome Offer

Cheeky Bingo reviews wouldn’t be useful without first talking about promotions. You can expect most casino operators to offer these bonuses, and Cheeky Bingo UK promotions pass the test with flying colours. Not only is Cheeky Bingo reliable when it comes to bingo, it also offers very attractive promotions.

The operator provides a welcome bonus offer. You only need to deposit £10, and you’ll get £40. The bonus needs to be spent within 14 days, or you’ll lose it, and only UK players can grab it. Check out our Sun Bingo review to see what you can get at rival sites.

There’s also a catch, so beware. You need to wager at least four times the value of the bonus in order to be able to withdraw any winnings from the promotion. This means that you need to wager £160 before you can withdraw any amount of cash.

This is far from the only bonus, however. Several other offers are linked to specific games. Generally, you need to buy tickets and then wait until a particular hour. The prizes vary from 2,000 extra spins on casino slots to £5,000 to £30,000 in bonuses. These attractive rewards boosted our Cheeky Bingo ratings.

Not only is Cheeky Bingo reliable as a bingo provider, its bingo related promotions are quite interesting too. Some examples of games that are linked to promotions are Boosted Bingo, Penny Hours, Irish Cash Pot, High Five Bingo, Speed Bingo, and others.

In case Cheeky Bingo UK believes that the player may be acting suspiciously, all bonuses may be cancelled and the player may be banned. This may happen if you try to cheat, for instance. The company reserves the right to judge for itself whether the customer is acting “suspiciously” or not.

Trust us, check out Sun Bingo instead!

Usability, Look & Feel

A casino can be pretty good, but if the user experience is not optimised, then it may still fail. So, is Cheeky Bingo reliable when it comes to its interface? Fortunately, it seems that not only is Cheeky Bingo reliable, the company actually has a very robust design. Users will not feel overwhelmed when visiting the site.

All of the information that you may need can be found quickly. At the top of the screen, a player can find access to the essential features of the site: the casino and bingo sections. It’s also straightforward to register. At the bottom, you can find details about the operator, links to FAQs, support, and information about licences and promotions.

The operator’s website has quite an unusual design. Everything is bright pink and cartoonish. Most casinos would choose a more classic design or a modern one, but not this one.

The whole process of accessing the site is generally pretty smooth. The performance itself is also not bad. No part of the site takes too much time to load, which is always a good sign.

Cheeky Bingo UK doesn’t have its own mobile app, but you can access it from phones without any issues. The site has been optimised for mobile, and the experience will not be inferior in any identifiable way.

Payment Methods

Cheeky Bingo UK has several options that clients can use for withdrawals and deposits. They include MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, and Visa Electron debit cards, PayPal, Neteller, Paysafecard, and EntroPay.

Not only is Cheeky Bingo reliable when it comes to payment processing, it’s also inexpensive. Cheeky Bingo UK doesn’t have any individual fees associated with either deposits or withdrawals. However, you should note that your payment method may have its costs. In this case, you’re advised to check them before you start using the website.

While most deposits will be instant, withdrawals may take a couple of business days. This happens because the operator needs to check the money before it leaves the company.

Obviously, some payment methods such as wire transfers will take longer than others, so it’s a good idea to avoid using them in this situation. Generally, debit cards and e-wallets tend to be the fastest options.

Among all options, PayPal and Neteller seem to be the best. They’re swift and widely accepted. It’s important to remember that some banks block transactions associated with gambling. So, you may want to use a method that will not get in your way.

Finally, is Cheeky Bingo secure for making payments? Yes. Nothing in our Cheeky Bingo ratings have led us to believe that there is an inherent danger in depositing money in this operator.

Not only is Cheeky Bingo secure, it’s fully compliant with all applicable legislation. Cheeky Bingo reviews and follows all regulations from two different gambling authorities.

Customer Service

It’s not uncommon to run into problems when using an online casino. So, clients tend to reach out to customer service in order to determine how best to deal with these issues. Is Cheeky Bingo reliable when it comes to customer services or not?

Not only is Cheeky Bingo reliable as an operator, it has different support channels as well. You can contact the operator by phone or email. The company’s support phone number is 0800 279 4568. The official email for support is [email protected]

Unfortunately, there’s no live service, which is a major shortcoming. Live chat is generally the most comfortable option whenever you need to solve your issues swiftly. Phones are not optimal in some cases, and email takes a long time, so this tarnishes our Cheeky Bingo ratings somewhat.

That being said, the service seems to work as intended. It’s live 24/7, meaning that you can get in touch at any time, and you will get your answer as soon as possible. There are no costs to reaching out and asking for support too, which is a positive point for Cheeky Bingo ratings.

Our Cheeky Bingo reviews were unable to locate any VIP customer service. So, not only is Cheeky Bingo secure, it’s quite democratic in customer support as well. VIP players don’t get any special treatment when issues arise.

Licence & Security

Whenever you use an online operator, it’s essential to determine if the company has the licence to operate legally in the United Kingdom. So, is Cheeky Bingo secure, or is it a scam? Not only is Cheeky Bingo secure, our Cheeky Bingo reviews can attest that this is a fully licensed operator.

Cheeky Bingo UK operations are managed by ElectraWorks Limited, a registered company that has two licences, issued by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner licence, and the UK Gambling Commission.

It means that the company can legally offer online gambling services across the United Kingdom and the world at large. Not only is Cheeky Bingo secure, it’s internationally licensed.

Unfortunately, most people outside the UK won’t be able to use this site. The Cheeky Bingo promotions are unavailable for non-residents, and only a few countries can create an account and access the site legally.

The casino also has eCOGRA certification, and it’s part of the European Gaming & Betting Association.

Cheeky Bingo also promotes responsible gambling. This is another clue for players asking “is Cheeky Bingo secure?” or “is Cheeky Bingo reliable?”. Not only is Cheeky Bingo secure, it actually tries to put players over profits. That’s real reliability right there.

Rewards & Loyalty Program

Cheeky Bingo has interesting bonus offers, but the company doesn’t have a very complex loyalty system. Fortunately, players can collect Cheeky Points. You can use them later to get bingo cards for cheap games.

You can claim your Cheeky Points in two ways. The first one is by making a deposit. However, the second method is by winning free bingo games. In any case, you can play some free games this way.

While VIP rewards and loyalty programmes are not exactly a strong aspect of the services offered by the company, you can still participate in several promotions. There’s many seasonal promotions available, including occasional free bingo.

Not only is Cheeky Bingo reliable, it’s frequently generous. These promotions change from time to time. Players can participate in them at specific times to win prizes such as extra spins or bonus rewards.

Cheeky Bingo Poker


Evolution Gaming provides all poker software in Cheeky Bingo. This developer is well-known for live poker games. It has won several prizes recently for the quality of its offerings.

Together with a few other companies, Evolution gaming is among the best providers in the European market.


Game Types & Rake

You can play a single poker game in Cheeky Bingo: Live Three Card Poker. It’s a game with a live dealer.

The operator may add more options in the future, but that’s it for the moment. Evolution Gaming provides the current software. So, it’s not unexpected for the operator to order more games from this developer in the near future. However, without a proper poker room, Cheeky Bingo ratings will remain low in this area.



Due to the lack of several poker games in Cheeky Bingo, the site would not be a great place to find an exciting online poker tournament. You should look for a more lively community instead. Cheeky Bingo ratings definitely take a hit in this department.



All poker games have limits, so it’s no different in this case. In the case of Cheeky Bingo’s offering, limits often range from £1 to £5,000. You can either play it safe, and only bet a few quid, or go for the high stakes and try your luck. These comfy limits help boost Cheeky Bingo ratings for poker, though not much.

Poker Conclusion

Cheeky Bingo ratings take a hit in the poker section. It barely has a real poker offering. You can play a single poker game on this website. That’s it. This may be better in the future, so check our Cheeky Bingo reviews down the road to discover if the situation changed.

The conclusion of our Cheeky Bingo reviews related to poker is that the operator has a very poor offering. All poker players should avoid it. if you want some solid poker gambling action, check out other operators, such as Guts Casino.

Cheeky Bingo Bingo

Cheeky Bingo


Cheeky Bingo UK does not cite any specific companies as providers for its bingo offering. This means that the development of the software was most likely done in-house. However, there’s no need to ask yourself: is Cheeky Bingo secure? It most certainly is.

Remember that this is a licensed company that has been on the market for over a decade. The product is tried and tested. So, you’ll probably not have any kind of issues with it. There’s no chance of fraud either, as regulators would catch any company that had been doing it for such a long time.

Game portfolio

Cheeky Bingo UK has a large variety of bingo games, as one would expect. There are mainly two types of games: 75 and 90-ball games. Basically, you can buy tickets and each one will give you a table with numbers.

The 75-ball bingo game uses a 5×5 table with numbers from one to 75. The first person to be able to score all of the points in a line wins the game. Generally, you can set up the points manually or automatically. It’s a useful way to control the game.

90-ball bingo is similar to the previous game, but it works differently. First, you need to make a lot more points to score. It also uses a 3×9 grid and 90 numbers, which adds more possibilities to a match. There are prizes for covering one line, two lines or all of them. The more lines, the higher the award will be.

All numbers are random, and the jackpot varies a lot. If more people are playing at the same time, then the prizes will be higher. Different games also have various prizes, including exclusive games with prizes of over £10,000. Cheeky Bingo ratings are excellent in this department.

Examples of bingo games include Flirty 30 (a special 30-ball bingo game), High Five (75), Cheeky Minx (75), 80s Babies (80), Cheeky Rewards (90), Cheeky Newbies (90), Boosted Bingo (90), Elite Bingo (90), Cheeky Exclusive (90), and Double Trouble (90).

Unique games include trademarked products such as FRIENDS Bingo, or the seasonal promotions such as the £15K Spring Bingo, which has a prize of £15,000.


Limits in bingo games function in a different way than in most casino games. Instead of betting a certain amount of money, you can buy tickets to enter the bingo table. Generally, you can buy as many tickets as you want and each one will give you a new table. So, the more you buy, the higher your chances will be.

You can, for example, pay £0.05 to participate in a game with a £6.00 prize. Or £0.10 for a contest with a £20.00 prize. The seasonal table generally costs £0.50, but rewards can go as high as £20,000.

Product Summary & Conclusion

Cheeky Bingo UK has a unique offering. As you can see in Cheeky Bingo reviews, this company does a little bit of everything. It offers most casino games, but the bingo section is where it really shines.

There’s a cool variety of games, and some games even have amazing prizes. This way, all types of players can have their wishes fulfilled by visiting the casino. It’s easy to find something that will cater to different players, because there are “high stakes” and very easy-going games.

With options such as free bingo, you can even play just for fun if you’re not willing to spend money. It’s a good way to have the players hooked on the new offerings.

In any case, the product that Cheeky Bingo offers is far from bad. Most games are pretty cheap to participate in, and some have decent prizes. Because of this, using this operator won’t be too hard for you to win sometimes and you’ll still get good prizes for your efforts.

Overall Conclusion

How does the operator fare in Cheeky Bingo reviews? Is Cheeky Bingo secure, or the kind of company that you should run away from?

This company has a solid niche offering. It has a long history in the market and all of the right certifications. It also offers several bonuses for its clients and lets them use several payment methods. The website has a pretty good interface, and everything generally works well.

Its bingo games are unique, and most fans will be pleased with the number of options on offer. Casino offerings aren’t so good, but they’re within what can be expected of a decent casino. So, it’s not an exaggeration to say that Cheeky Bingo does well where it counts, but only there.

Should you try Cheeky Bingo? Only if you’re a big bingo fan. The company’s poker offerings are basically non-existent and its casino is decent, but you can find several other variations in the UK. Cheeky Bingo does a great job of offering its niche product, but not a lot beyond that.

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Cheeky Bingo Reviews FAQ

🌟Can I get a Cheeky Bingo free spins?

The only thing better than treating yourself to some time at an online casino is playing with free spins. Without the pressure of gaming with their own money, players are liberated to try out some new games or keep their gaming session going for longer. To find out if Cheeky Bingo are offering any free spins at the moment, head over to our bonus review of the operator. 

❓Who owns Cheeky Bingo?

The vast majority of online casinos in the UK are operated by what is known as a parent company. These are essential larger companies that boast several big name gaming brands in their portfolio. You may be surprised to find out that different online casinos that you once thought were rivals are actually owned by the same company! We had a look to see if Cheeky Bingo was operated in this way during our in depth review of the casino.

🔒Is Cheeky Bingo a legitimate site?

As it is not the best known name on the online betting and casino market, you may be forgiven for wondering whether or not Cheeky Bingo can be trusted. Before signing up to the operator, it is vitally important that you check whether it is a legitimate online casino site. A good source for some research is our review of the operator. During our testing period, we had a look at the operator’s security and licensing credentials.  

❔Can I get a Cheeky Bingo sign up offer?

In a crowded and competitive marketplace many online casinos attempt to entice new customers by offering them lucrative sign up offers. Included in such offers are the promise of a deposit boost, free spins and more if a player creates an account. During our Cheeky Bingo bonus review, we discovered that the operator – like so many others – also offers a sign up offer. We put the bonus through its paces recently to find it if it’s worth your time. 

🏛️Is Cheeky Bingo secure?

Security is one of the most important things in creating a great online casino site. That’s why our team of experts at always make testing it a priority during our in depth operator reviews. Over the course of our testing process, we are looking for award winning SSL encryption, account security and much more. Find out if Cheeky Bingo held up to our tough scrutiny by heading over to our review of the casino now. 

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