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Welcome to our amazing Cheeky Bingo bonus review. Keep reading to see how you can get the Cheeky Bingo bonus to take your bingo gaming to the next level. Woo-hoo!

Bingo isn’t just for grandma anymore! Now you can enjoy great bingo games, online slots, and all of the amazing promotional offers that go with them. Cheeky Bingo has been around for a while, and it’s one of the most fun and friendly bingo sites online today. It also has a reputation as an extremely rewarding website, with great promotions and pay-outs rumoured to exceed £40,000,000 a month!

Cheeky Bingo has over 65,000 players, and players often praise the excellent and interactive community. It has an invitation-only VIP club with amazing rewards. Some promotions are fun, exciting, and can pay out anything from a few pounds to jackpots that go into the millions.

It’s also one of the few bingo sites where players can play for free and still stand a chance to win some real cash. There are Cheeky Bingo sign up offers and deposit offers, and occasionally a Cheeky Bingo bonus code and promo codes.

For players who enjoy a fun and rewarding bingo experience, there’s no going wrong with Cheeky Bingo. We’re going to look at its bonus offers and promotions, giving potential players a good idea of what to expect should they decide to join Cheeky Bingo.

Bingo Bonus
Cheeky Bingo
400% up to £40
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Introduction to Cheeky Bingo Promotional Offers

If you’re looking for the same bonuses every month that are consistently claimable, you might find yourself disappointed by Cheeky Bingo’s promotions. You might also find yourself in the minority. Cheeky Bingo has several promotions running at any one time, but they often have time limits or are only available for a specific time. This makes for an exhilarating and ever-changing promotional schedule. It brings new rewards to different games all the time.

It’s this exciting promotional scheme that has drawn many players to Cheeky Bingo. There’s also the invitation-only VIP scheme, appealing Cheeky Bingo sign up offers and massive progressive jackpots. There isn’t a Cheeky Bingo bonus code to keep in mind. Instead, most bonuses can be claimed easily or activate automatically.

We tried out several of these bonuses, and Cheeky Bingo offers variety, as well as some intriguing promotions and specials. There are even a few chance events that make for a lot of fun. Here’s a summary of our results, and why we think that players should give Cheeky Bingo’s many promotional offers a chance.

If you’d like to compare the bonuses from Cheeky Bingo against those available from other providers, you can always check out our other offer review pages. These include the current Guts bonuses, Redbet offers, the current Spreadex bonus opportunities and the McBookie bonus offers up for grabs.

Pointers on How to Use Your Cheeky Bingo Promo Code

The Cheeky Bingo sign up offers, or Welcome Bonus, activates automatically when players make a first minimum deposit of £10. They also need to wager the full amount on either bingo games or casino games. Once that’s done, you’ll get your £40, safely nestled into a bonus wallet. Unfortunately, that’s not the end of it, and you won’t be able to withdraw it until you’ve met the wagering requirements.

Here are a few tips on how to get your bonus as quickly as possible.

The first thing players should be aware of is that you can only fulfil the wagering requirement on bingo games. All your wagers will also be drawn from that bonus wallet before any of your real money is taken. Even so, players need to reach a £160 spending requirement. That's the 4x wagering requirement that must be met. Only then will their bonus and winnings will be released. Unfortunately, this is the only area of the site that you can wager your Cheeky Bingo welcome offer bonus. However, the bingo section alone offers you a diverse amount of games including 75-ball and 90-ball bingo to be played. This offer does appear to be tailored to fans of bingo, so if you are a fan of playing bingo then this Cheeky Bingo welcome offer bonus is definitely for you.

An important tip here is that you need to keep an eye on your winnings while you fulfil the wagering requirements for the welcome bonus. It can be easy to get carried away, but if your winnings don’t carry you through to the full £160 spending requirement, you’re going to have to start putting up your own money. That can and will take a nice bite out of your potential profit. It’s entirely possible to save up your bonus winnings so that you don’t have to use any of your own money.

Much like the Boylesports welcome offer and McBookie new customer bonus, you don’t need to go hunting for a Cheeky Bingo bonus code. The bonus system works relatively automatically, and you won’t be asked to provide a Cheeky Bingo bonus code before you receive your reward.

Finally, there’s no greater tip that we can give other than, “Read the terms and conditions, folks!”. The terms that apply to Cheeky Bingo are simple enough that most players should be able to understand them. Even so, it’s easy to miss something important and make a mistake that could cost you your entire bonus. Always read the terms, and if you have any questions, you can either ask the community or customer service.

Our Experts Reveal How to Take Full Advantage of Your Bonus

It’s all good and well to tell you about the Cheeky Bonus sign up offer, and how to best take advantage of it. That bonus is just a small part of everything that Cheeky Bingo has to offer via its promotions. Players can miss out on many fantastic rewards by focusing only on the welcome offer.

For more tips on how to claim the Cheeky Bingo deposit offer, you can check out our Casino Bonus section. It focuses more thoroughly on that specific offer and how to get the most out of it. The five expert tips below will help you not only with the welcome bonus, but also with other promotions, events, and rewards you can claim! They can also be applied to nearly every bonus out there, including the Betfred casino sign up offer and any Betdaq promotions.

Visit the Cheeky Bingo promotions section often

Cheeky Bingo loves its ‘cheeky’ promotions, and if you pay attention to the promotions section, you’ll find that there are a lot of them. It might not seem like a lot at first glance, but Cheeky Bingo often rotates its offers, drops events, or adds new ones. This means that players will often find new rewards or exciting events, many of which have low entry costs, or none.

Only one bonus is allocated per person, per household

The most prominent condition attached here is that you may only access the Cheeky Bingo welcome offer if this is your first account with the online bookmaker. Should you be sharing an IP in your house that also tries to claim a Cheeky Bingo welcome offer, your bonus will be voided immediately. Furthermore, you need to be older than 18-years of age to qualify for the welcome offer.

Read any Terms and Conditions thoroughly, and visit the Promotional Legal Terms page

Compared to many other betting sites and online casinos, Cheeky Bingo has some of the easiest to understand terms and conditions that apply to its promotions. That doesn’t mean that players can skip reading them, however. There are still rules that apply to every single promotion. Skipping over them can result in players forfeiting their bonus by making simple mistakes. There’s also an extensive legal page that covers overall terms that apply to all promotions. We recommend that players give that a read as well.

Pay attention to how much you win or lose

This rule is especially true for the Cheeky Bingo sign up offers. Because of the £160 spend requirement (or 4x £40 wagering requirement, to clarify), it’s easy to forget that you need to keep an eye on the numbers. Players need to stretch that £40 and its winnings into the full £160 to get the most out of the bonus. If you lose more than you make, you’ll have to use your own money to make up the rest of the £160 spend requirement, which can really eat into your reward. Wager wisely!

Make your pennies count

Pennies usually aren’t worth much, especially when most bingo game tickets cost around 50p. However, Cheeky Bingo has something called ‘Penny Hours’, which runs between 8 am – 9 am, and 4 pm – 5 pm every day. Tickets are only 1p, and it’s a great way to turn some of your useless pennies into bigger rewards! There is a max prize, which is £5, and it might not sound like much. Think about it this way; you just turned one penny into 500!

The Cheeky Community

Cheeky Bingo has one of the most active and friendly bingo communities online. It has chats, like most other bingo sites, where players can talk with each other while playing. It also helps to make new players more comfortable on the website. The community will often give players advice, make them feel welcome, or just add a fun and social experience.

The community is one of the biggest bingo communities currently online, and the number of bingo rooms serves as a good indicator of that. There are more than 40 bingo rooms alone, with several variations also available. That’s not even including the VIP rooms and events.

VIP Members also get invited to real-life events, concerts, and social gatherings. These social events give the community even more opportunities to socialize and connect. If you’re a new player and need some help on any bonuses, you might want to speak to the community. You'll get a lot of help before you even need to approach customer service!

Your Most Asked Questions About Cheeky Bingo Bonuses

Players commonly have questions about promotions available on any betting site or online casino, and Cheeky Bingo is no different. Here are some of the most common questions asked about the Cheeky Bingo sign up offers and Cheeky Bingo bonus code.

Can I apply for any of the promotions when I already have an account?

Unfortunately, the Cheeky Bingo sign up offers are only available to players who open a new account. So you need to make a decision whether to go for the Cheeky Bingo no deposit offer or the deposit version, you can't have both. This is a common clause for many bonus offers, including the Mr Green no deposit free spins and NetBet free bet bonus promotions. However, Cheeky Bingo has many promotions, and often launches new special offers while removing others. That way, existing players can still get bonus rewards.

Is there a Cheeky Bingo bonus code or any Cheeky Bingo promo codes that apply?

Not that we could find, but that doesn’t mean that none of the future promotions won’t need a Cheeky Bingo bonus code. For the current promotions and special offers, there isn’t a Cheeky Bingo bonus code available or needed. You still need to either claim your bonus or enter a promotional event, but some are entirely automatic.

Can I withdraw my welcome bonus immediately once it’s deposited?

No. The £40 will be deposited in a non-withdrawable Bonus Wallet. You need to meet a 4x wagering requirement by playing bingo games. Your winnings and the deposit will be transferred to your general account wallet once you’ve met the terms, and then you can withdraw your earnings.

Are there any VIP programs or loyalty programs?

Yes, there’s the Cheeky Bingo All Stars VIP Club. Not much is known about how the club works, except that it’s by invitation only, and that spots are limited. If you don’t keep playing, you won’t keep your position in the club, and you’ll lose all the excellent perks that come with it.

Can I fulfil the wagering requirement for the Cheeky Bingo sign up offers on either Bingo games or Casino slots?

No. While you can spend your own qualifying £10 deposit on either Bingo games or slots (not both), the £40 bonus’ wagering requirement can only be met on Bingo games.

Can I play also access online sports betting markets by using the bonus?

Cheeky Bingo only offers table games, casino and bingo so if you are looking for a bookmaker that also offers sports and poker sections then Cheeky Bingo might not be the online bookmaker for you. Furthermore, the welcome offer is also strictly available to players that are based in the United Kingdom. So if you were interested but you don’t meet these specific criteria then you are better off looking elsewhere for a quality welcome offer.

Get an Invite to the Cheeky Bingo VIP Club

All Stars VIP Club

Many bingo sites reward their loyal players with a system of rewards, and Cheeky Bingo is no different. For players at Cheeky Bingo, there’s the All Stars VIP Club, and it’s not something you just join on a whim. The All Stars VIP Club is invitation only, and there’s limited space available. Even if you are invited to join, your position will be reviewed every month. If you’re not an active player that deserves to be in the club, you might find yourself kicked out before you can say Cheeky.

Being part of the VIP club does come with its benefits, and it should be enough to convince any player to keep spending. Members get access to enhanced tournaments and promotions that are exclusive to VIP members.

Other benefits include extra spins and surprise gifts and a birthday bonus. There's also access to the VIP Facebook group and its exclusive offers, and VIP bingo games. Finally, there are real-life hospitality events. These events take players away from their comfortable online games, bringing them together for fun events in the real world.

Best of all, players get access to a dedicated account manager whose sole purpose is to help you with all your VIP needs.

Other rewards

The promotions section of the website should be something players visit frequently. You might find an event specific Cheeky Bingo bonus code and other Cheeky Bingo promo codes. The offers are constantly changing, bring players unique events, large jackpots, daily drops, and more! The Cheeky Bingo sign up offers are also listed under the promotions section.

One of the current promotions is the £1,000 Daily Drop promotion. Simply opt-in while playing any of the qualifying slot games and stand a chance to win one of the 50 daily cash drops valued between £20 and £1,000. That would be a great surprise for any player!

Cheeky bingo is giving their punters a chance to win up to £15000 on their bingo slider. Ticket costs to get into the bingo room will only set you back £0,50 per ticket and you get as many as 150 tickets per person! Specific numbers that get called will make the slider move, which will make the prize smaller. However, the minimum that the winner takes away from the event is £7000! Not bad for minimal investment. The faster your numbers get called, the better chance you have to take home the entire £15000 prize.

If you’re a low-budget player, the Penny Hours promotion might be more your style. A ticket is only 1p, and although it’s only available during certain hours, it’s a great way to turn small coins into big rewards.

Overall Conclusion - One to Check Out for Bingo Fans

When players are looking for a new site to join, whether online casino, sportsbook, or bingo site, great promotions can be a big draw. Cheeky Bingo is a bingo site first, with a smattering of slot games. We will say this, though. If players aren’t drawn in by the promotions, there are other significant attractions. The massive progressive jackpots could convince even the most sceptical of players. Who doesn’t want the chance to win over £1,000,000? You can read more about these in our full Cheeky Bingo review.

The Cheeky Bingo sign up offer, or Cheeky Bingo deposit offer if you will, isn’t mind-blowing, but that doesn’t make it bad. It’s not only achievable but quite easy to get and use. Smart players might even find themselves making a pretty penny from the bonus in winnings.

Cheeky Bingo has an exciting promotions section on the website. The offers that apply both to slots and bingo. The great thing is that these generally don’t require a Cheeky Bingo bonus code or any Cheeky Bingo promo codes to get them. They’re either automatic or need a few small actions to be triggered – and Cheeky Bingo has a lot of promotions.

It might not seem like much, but many of the promotions are only available for a limited time. Afterwards, they're replaced by other, equally enticing offers.

Looking for a sports betting bonus instead? Then you'll want to try the generous FansBet bonus code offer or STSbet welcome bonus!

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Cheeky Bingo Sign Up Offers FAQs

🎰How do I get my free spins on Cheeky Bingo?

If you want to know what kind of things are available to you when you claim a welcome bonus or another offer from an online casino or similar then it is a good idea to read our operator reviews here at As well as telling you all about what kind of bonus offers are available, you can also find out about issues like the range of payment methods available, what customer service is like and what kind of range of casino games is can answer any gambling query you may have!

❓Is Cheeky Bingo the best site to win on?

If you’re weighing up the options when it comes to choosing the best bingo site for you then we would advise that you read our operator reviews here at Our reviews are packed with the kind of detailed information about issues like collecting winnings and bonus offers that you need to make a properly informed decision about which site to choose. Whatever the nature of your gambling related query, can help!

💰Can you win real money playing bingo at Cheeky Bingo?

If you want to know how to collect winnings from an online casino site then it is a good idea to read our detailed operator and bonus reviews here at Each operator approaches the question of payouts in a slightly different way, so it is always bets to check how it’s done in our reviews before you make the commitment of definitely opening an account with a site. Before you dive in and open an account, always check what we say about an operator here at!

🎲What online games can I play with the Cheeky Bingo bonus?

Cheeky Bingo is predominantly an online bingo platform. However, you will find  additional online casino games. Thus, you might even be able to use the latest welcome offer on more than just a bingo game. To find out if this is possible, take a look at our coverage of the Cheeky Bingo online deal. This way, you’ll know exactly what the bonus offer can be used.

🔖What are the Cheeky Bingo welcome offer terms?

The latest Cheeky Bingo welcome offer, like all welcome offers, has a set of terms and conditions. Instead of sifting through the fine print on the official website, you can visit to find out all about the terms. Included in our coverage of the Cheeky Bingo welcome offer is a couple of handy tips which will help you claim the offer with ease.

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