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Coral Sign Up Offer & Bonus Code for 2021

Claim your Coral Promo Code now!

Established and named after Joe Coral in 1926, his namesake bookmakers came from humble beginnings before evolving into a mighty entertainment company, and eventually (after a series of ownership changes) the mighty Coral Online gambling provider. As of 2015, Coral had nearly 2000 gambling shops in the UK alone, proving that when it comes to the top bookmakers, they’re definitely touching the top.

Coral is registered with the UK Gambling Commission and is one of the most respected UK bookmakers around.

With that in mind, it’s certain that the Coral sign up offers will be something of great interest to punters and newcomers alike. In this review, we’ll go through the various Coral deposit offers and Coral promo codes, so you can make an informed decision as to which bookmaker you’ll be making your home.

400% up to £20
Free Bet
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Bonus Offers Intro

We’ve seen it in our Slotmob no deposit bonus and GentingBet free bet reviews. Like literally every modern-day bookmaker, Coral strives to offer new players the most enticing and exciting deposit bonuses, in order to lure potentially loyal customers to their virtual tables – the initial bonus play and bets that players can receive is massive to players, especially when they’re deciding where to put their time.

There are many different bookmakers out there, all of which offer generous deposit offers to recruit new gamers, and being one of the oldest and most traditional bookmakers in the UK, Coral tries to beat out the competition with their intriguing promotions. Upon entering their website, you’ll have a choice of Coral promo codes. You’ll only be able to redeem one, so make sure if you’re planning to play at the casino, you’ll need to be redeeming a casino-based bonus offer.You’ll also need to activate the specific bonus offer you’re looking to use.

Tips: How to Use Your Bonus

When it comes to Coral sign up offers, it’s all about how you use them. There are some simple things every punter can do to help ensure their bonus is used properly, so to help you get the most out of your money, here are some tips.

These are things you should look out for if you’re seriously thinking about putting your faith in Coral, areas you need to check and pointers that every experienced gambler will, no doubt, already be doing.

Wagering Requirements

If you’re not sure what these are, a wagering requirement is the multiplier applied to bonus winnings that a player must reach to redeem them. For example, if you receive a

£50 bonus at a casino with a 40x wagering requirement, that means you need to bet at least £2,000 on selected activities before you can claim the bonus.

Many bookmakers have different wagering requirements on different promotions, and it is absolutely essential that you double – triple check – what these requirements are before you put your hard earned cash into a game.

Know what you stand to win before you dive in – this also goes for the latest Betfred sign up code and Betdaq promotions.

Expiry Date

Every Coral sign up offer comes with an expiry date. It usually begins from when you activate the offer, and will vary based on the promotion you’re selecting.

The Coral Sportsbook, for example, offers £20 in bonus bets to new customers who deposit £5. These bonus bets, however, completely disappear after 7 days in your account.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep an eye out for these caveats, whether you’re looking at Coral sign up offers, Sky Bet sign up offers or Paddy Power sign up offers.

Terms and Conditions

Punters will be well versed in the language of terms and conditions, and if you’re not, you should be. Every bookmaker offer comes with a massive list of “don’ts” that you must avoid to keep your bonus active.

In all likelihood, you’ll never violate one of these terms, but as boring as it is, we highly recommend you trawl through the appropriate text to make sure your bonus offer isn’t going to be ripped from your hands at the last second.

They’re usually located on the website right by the Coral bonus code you’re trying to activate, so there’s no excuse for not giving them a “quick” read.


Very often, a bookmaker will only allow certain games to qualify for the activation of the bonus. In an online casino for example, it’s very likely that if you acquire “extra spins” from a promo code, those spins will only be able to be used on certain slots designated by the bookmaker.

With the bonus cash inevitably expiring if not used correctly, this makes it even more essential that you understand your promotion before you try to take advantage of it. It would be heartbreaking for you to giddily jump into the world of online gambling, gung-ho in order to smash through the requirements of a promotion and take home that sweet bonus cash, only to realise that all that playing you’ve done has been in the wrong place and counts for nothing.

Don’t Double Up

Obviously when savvy punters hear you can only activate one Coral sign up offer per account, the first thing that jumps into their minds is that they could just make another account.

Unfortunately, we’re almost certain there’s no way to get around this. Most bookmakers track accounts through multiple details, including: bank account details, address, contact details and even IP address.

There’s almost absolutely no way to double up on the sign up offers, so to avoid any trouble from the bookmaker in question, we advise trying to make the most of your first (and only) sign up offer.

400% up to £20
Free Bet
Redeem Coral Bonus

Top 5 Tips to Take Advantage of Offers

It’s one thing to activate an offer, but it’s another completely to actually play with your bonus bets. You’ll be desperate to make the most of your chances, so here are some top tips from our expert panel of experienced gamblers to help you avoid the obvious pitfalls.

Bankroll Management

One of the most important things about online gambling, is that you keep an eye on your bankroll. This is the balance of your betting account – how many funds you have available to play with. Even if you manage to grab a Spreadex free bet or Ruby Bet sign up offer, there’s still risk involved.

Sure, if you’re feeling lucky and you’re confident you’re onto a winner, be as fast and loose with your funds as you want, but more often than not it will pay dividends to keep an eye on your bankroll.

Place bets with one eye on your funds. If you’re running low, bet low. You want to keep your game going as long as humanly possible, as this increases your chances of actually winning drastically.

Stick to Your Sports

One of the aspects of online gambling that makes it so fun, is the fact that you can bet on all different types of events from one place. You’re free to explore the betting market as you see fit, with no need to worry about what you may or may not know – it’s all there at your fingertips.

With this many events going on at once, it’s easy to stray far from home, but one of the best tips we can give you is to stick to your sports. Sure, it’ll be fun putting some money on a third tier Norwegian second league football match and eagerly awaiting the outcome, but if you’re really looking to increase your cash, we urge you to stick to the sports you know best.

We don’t need to tell you that your odds of winning a wager increase dramatically the more you know about the sport, so think about that when you’re looking for a market to punt on.

Record Your Bets

Inexperienced gamblers may scoff at the notion of recording their betting wins and losses, but we’re telling you, it’s a great way to refine your game.

Most punters show bad habits, some of which they don’t even realise they’re doing, and when you’re trying to take advantage of a Coral promo code, bad habits are something you really don’t need.

Recording the details of your wins and losses somewhere you can easily refer to them is a great way to track those bad habits, and hopefully reduce them to a minimum. It’s also a fantastically straight forward way to notice your good habits, increase their occurrences and multiply your bankroll.

Promotional Offers

It goes without saying that if you’re an avid punter, you should always subscribe to the operator you’re using to get first dibs on all the promo codes they offer.

You could always keep checking the website for news, but it’s so much easier to subscribe for news and receive emails as soon as the offers go live. This way you’ll ensure you see the promotions first.

Bookies tend to run promotions on weekends and/or during the holidays, and as these increase your chances of taking away a profit substantially, we think subscribing to updates is one of the best ways to make the most of your gambling experience. This can also be applied to the latest STSbet promo code and William Hill joining bonus.

Take Chances Where you Can

No successful gambler takes unnecessary risks every day – putting your faith in the underdog 100% of the time is a sure fire way to reduce your bankroll. Taking smart risks, however, is a fantastic trait to have.

It’s hard to figure out when the operators have their odds wrong, but with experience and careful monitoring, taking chances on the dark horses is what online gambling is all about.

The better the odds, the more money you stand to win, so if you happen to see an “underdog” you’re sure has something special in their locker, take the chance. Don’t forget, it’s always possible that you know something the bookies don’t.

400% up to £20
Free Bet
Redeem Coral Bonus

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a promo code to qualify for the bonus?

Most of the time the Coral sign up offers will be automatically applied to your new account when you fulfil the qualifying criteria. If this criteria is that you need to “make a £X bet”, you should double check what kind of bet will qualify.

However, it will depend on the specific bonus you’re wanting to apply to your account, so you should always check the terms and conditions on the offer’s information page.

Do I need to make a deposit?

Yes, almost all of the time. As mentioned, it will depend on the promotion’s specific criteria, but more often that not you’ll be required to make a hard cash deposit to qualify for a bonus.

Some bookmakers offer no-deposit bonuses, something that may interest punters looking for a quick game without commitment.

Can we redeem bonuses with any payment methods?

Almost certainly not. Again, it depends on the specific offer you’re trying to redeem, but on the Coral Sportsbook for example, the introductory offer cannot be redeemed by customers depositing money with: Paypal, Moneybookers, Paysafe, Neteller or Skrill.

What if I don’t meet the wagering requirements?

If you don’t meet the wagering requirements in the specified time period after activating the bonus offer, your bonus will be lost. You won’t have much time to use your extra bets after they’re in your account, so we recommend you look to put that bonus down as quickly as possible.

Can my bonus be cancelled?

Yes. Like most bookmakers, Coral reserves the right to cancel a promotion or bonus at any time. It’s almost definitely not going to happen to you – unless you violate the terms and conditions of Coral – so it’s something you shouldn’t have to worry about too much.

Additional Rewards & Loyalty Schemes

In addition to the regular Coral promo codes players are treated to on their website, there’s also an extensive loyalty scheme. It’s not just for super-dedicated veterans – Coral offers rewards for everyone who plays on their website. Here’s how it works:

Loyalty Points

On Coral Casino, anyone who has an account can begin accumulating loyalty points just by playing their games. It’s the same as any loyalty scheme – you earn designated points for participating in the various games, and are able to redeem those points for bonuses when a limit has been met.

Blackjack earns you 1 point, as does Baccarat and Roulette, but slot spins earn you 2 points. Once you’ve collected 100 points, you can trade that in for money.

It’s nice to know that while you’re playing on Coral online Casino, you’re constantly being rewarded with loyalty points. It’s a nice consolation, should you take a couple of hits in your gambling career. The bonus cash you receive from the loyalty store is amazing also, giving you real control over your overall betting power and bankroll management.

Exclusive VIP Program

Coral’s VIP Club is known to be one of the most exclusive and rewarding around, but despite this reputation, the bookmaker keeps the benefits of the club relatively secret.

It has been reported however that these bonuses include: acca refunds, bonus bets on selected racing events, offer refunds of bets up to £100, not to mention a whole host of private offers and promotions.

From what we can tell, it’s one of the most rewarding VIP programs in the world of online gambling, so if you’re looking for a proper bookie to put your whole faith into and you’re the kind of person who’ll chase the VIP status, Coral might just be the one for you.

Membership Tiers

The way you attain this highly exclusive VIP status is, of course, by playing Coral online games. They structure their memberships in tiers, starting with Bronze and reaching Platinum.

The further up the tiers your membership rises, the better, with the very top level being treated to insanely generous personal promotions and bonus goodies.

In order to attain these exclusive Coral promo codes, it seems like you would have to be wagering between £5,000 and £10,000 per month. Customers wishing for a more straightforward and accessible VIP club should check out our Ladbrokes offers review.

400% up to £20
Free Bet
Redeem Coral Bonus
Coral Sports Bonus

Coral Sports Bonus: £20 in Bonus Bets!

Coral is currently offering new customers £20 in bonus bets when they place a £5 wager. The extra bet comes in the form of 4 £5 bonus bets, they are valid for 7 days and players only qualify for this bonus if they make the required deposit within 14 days of activating their account.

Our Casino Sports Bonus Reality Test

The £5 wager needed to activate the bonus must be a qualifying bet. Different promotions have different definitions of “qualifying bet”, but in this case it means a real money £5 wager on a win or each-way bet. The odds of the bet must total ½, and will not be considered “qualifying” if it is placed on Tote or Pools. Once these parameters have been made, you’ll automatically be credited with the 4 £5 bonus bets.

Pitfalls to Avoid with this Bonus

  • This Coral sign up offer is only available to new players. If you’ve ever registered with Coral online before, you will not receive the bonus.
  • The qualifying bet must be made with real money.
  • The qualifying bet must be made within 14 days of activating your account.
  • The qualifying bet must not be placed on Tote or Pools.
  • The qualifying bet must be made at odds of at least ½.
  • Each individual section of the bet must be at least ½ odds to qualify.
  • The extra bet reward is only available for 7 days after redemption.
  • You can’t cash out your bonus bets

Bonus Conclusion: Not bad, not great!

Overall, this Coral deposit offer is so-so. It’s designed to get brand new players in and playing, which is why the threshold for the bet is so low. There are however many qualifying factors that are included in the fine print, ones that may lead inexperienced players to accidentally waste their qualifying or bonus bets.

Our Coral operator review sheds some light on some of the bookmaker’s other features, but all in all, the sports bonus currently on offer at Coral sportsbook is only a good start to your gambling life. Not convinced? Check out the latest FansBet new customer offer or Dafabet registration bonus.

400% up to £20
Free Bet
Redeem Coral Bonus
Coral Casino Bonus

Coral Casino Bonus: Get £50 for just £10!

Coral Casino is proudly promoting a massive sign up offer at the moment – £50 bonus when you deposit £10. The bonus must be accepted within 48 hours of making the deposit and is valid for 30 days once redeemed. If you’re after even more Casino bonus goodies, take a look at our Betfair offers review.

Our Coral Casino Bonus Reality Test

This is a massive bonus from a relatively small deposit, so we’re tempted to say that this Coral deposit offer is an absolute steal, but there are some downsides. The bonus is subjected to wagering requirements – 40x to be exact – meaning you’re going to have to do a lot more playing after you’ve initially qualified in order to use the bonus money. This wagering requirement can also be accumulated on selected games (something you’ll definitely want to look into before you go throwing your bonus bets out there).

Understanding the wagering conditions

The Coral casino bonus has 40x wagering conditions. So if you claimed the full £50 bonus amount, this means that you’d have to bet £2,000 in order to clear your bonus and make a successful withdrawal of your boosted winnings.

Pitfalls to Avoid

  • Wagering requirements may only be met by betting on: Big Banker, Well Well Well, Money Multiplier, Rainbow Repeater, Rainbow Rewards, Balls Fun Drops, Magpie Mayhem, Wild Cannons, Multropolis, Premium European Roulette and Premium Blackjack.
  • Bonus must be accepted within 48 hours of it becoming available in your account.
  • Once the bonus is claimed, you may only take winnings from the Bonus Balance wallet once wagering requirements are met.
  • Wagering requirements must be met within 30 days of activating the bonus or it will be forfeited.
  • Double options will not count towards the wagering requirements.
  • The bonus is not available to be used on Poker, Bingo or Live Casino play.
  • Bets on these games will not contribute towards qualification for this Casino bonus: 60 Seconds, 8 ball slot, Any variant of Video Poker, Around the World, Baccarat, Blackjack Surrender, Blackjack Switch, Casino Hold’em, Casino War, Castle Builder, Chinese Kitchen, Club Night, Craps, Darts, Deuces Wild, Dice Twister, Funky Monkey, Golden Tour, Haunted House, Heads or Tails, Highway Kings, Jacks or better, Joker Poker, Jungle Boogie, Key Bet Roulette, Legacy of the Wild, Let Them Ride, Lucky Blackjack (All variations), Neptune’s Kingdom, Ocean Princess, Pai Gow, Pontoon, Red Dog, Rock N Roller, Rock Paper Scissors, Roller Coaster, Silver Bullet, Spin a Win, Spin A Win/Lucky Wheel, Stravaganza, Tres Amigos, Ugga Bugga, Vacation.

Conclusion of the Coral Casino Bonus

There’s a lot to be desired with this Coral deposit offer. £50 in extra bets from just a £10 wager is a hefty return, and although there are many qualifying factors within the terms of the promo, it’s no more than you’d have to do for most other deals.

The wagering requirements to receive the bonus though are massive, meaning that unless you’re planning on playing some serious casino games in the future, you’ll likely not benefit from the bonus cash at all.

There are plenty of games available for play though, so if you’re a newcomer wanting to try out the array of games for the first time, this promotion is perfect for you, as it allows you the necessary funds to spread over many games.

400% up to £20
Free Bet
Redeem Coral Bonus
Coral Poker Bonus

Coral Poker Bonus

Coral is currently offering a welcome bonus to new players on their poker site of up to $30 bonus play tickets when you deposit $20, or $10 bonus play when you deposit $10. The reward comes in the form of Fastforward Sit N Go and Spin tickets. Spins are fast paced, three player poker games that have a random multiplier placed on the pot, meaning that you’re in with a chance of playing for massive money every game.

Reality Test

There are two separate offers here, both with similar terms and conditions. All Spin tickets will expire after seven days of purchase, so you literally only have a week to use up your rewards. This isn’t such a bad thing, as the Spins are super fast paced poker hands that’ll take no time at all to get through, but players should be aware of the time limit so that they don’t accidentally miss out.

These tickets can only be used on their respective games, so although they give you a nice taste of what Coral online poker is like, you don’t have the freedom to choose where to put your free play time.

Bonus withdrawal

As with the vast majority of casino offers, the Coral bonus is subject to wagering requirements before it can be withdrawn. However, the bonus only has to be wagered three times, which is relatively low for this kind of offer. When wagering is complete, you should find that the withdrawal process is smooth, taking between three and five working days.

Pitfalls to Avoid

  • Do not let your Spins expire (seven days)
  • Don’t set up a new account with different details (T&Cs suggest this could forfeit your bonus)
  • Login everyday to receive more bonus tickets and spins (the reward is handed out over the course of the week)

Conclusion on the Bonus

The bonus offered here by Coral Casino seems to be specifically aimed at new players. Not new players to Coral, but new players to poker entirely. The free play tickets are great – because if there’s one thing you wanna do immediately after signing up for a Coral account, it’s actually play some poker.

Here you’re allowed to do this. The Spins are exciting fast games that give you a chance (however small) at making some ridiculous money on the pot multiplier, and the Fastforward Sit N Go’s offer a similar experience.

Overall, it’s not the most generous offer in terms of cold hard cash, but it’s nice to have the opportunity to play straight away, not to mention the fact that the wagering requirement set to withdraw winnings are lower than most operator’s we’ve seen.

400% up to £20
Free Bet
Redeem Coral Bonus

Overall Conclusion

400% up to £20
Free Bet
Redeem Coral Bonus

Coral Sign Up Offers FAQ

❓ Can I get any Coral Sign-up offers?

Coral is one of the most recognised bookmakers in sports betting and is known for its special offers in particular. The promotions offered by the platform change frequently – especially when new sports seasons start or finish – but it’s safe to assume that Coral always has some kind of special offer. Our Coral bonus review will tell you everything you need to know about the current spate of promotions – including details of any sign-up offers, loyalty schemes and how to use any Coral bonus code you may have.

✒️ How do I claim Coral sign-up offers?

Most betting platforms offer some kind of sign-up bonus to entice new members – and Coral is no exception. However, it’s important to be aware of the sign-up process when it comes to new customer offers, as you usually only get one chance to claim them. For example, if you have a Coral sports betting bonus code, then you may need to enter it when registering your account. All this is explained in our Coral bonus review, as well as details on the current promotions the platform is offering.

🤔Do I need a Coral bonus code?

Betting platforms often use different ways of awarding bonuses and promotions. Sometimes users are opted in automatically or when making a qualifying bet – which is the case with the Coral sign up offers – but occasionally firms distribute codes as a way of enticing new members. If you have a Coral bonus code, then our review of the platform’s offers will tell you how to use it, as well as detailing any other betting and casino promotions you might be eligible for.

✔️ What promotions does Coral offer?

Anyone with an interest in sports betting will be familiar with Coral, as it is one of the biggest names in the industry. Aside from its diverse sportsbook, the platform is also known for its generous bonuses and promotions – particularly the coral sign-up offers. If you’d like to know more about what’s currently on offer, then feel free to check out our Coral bonus review, which should tell you everything you need to know.

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