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Dafabet Sign Up Offer 2020

Claim your Dafabet Bonus Code now!

Dafabet is one of the leading sports betting sites and online casinos in Asia, and has expanded their offering into several different countries, including the UK. Dafabet also offers a selection of online poker games, a casino and live casino, slots, and more.

The UK branch has been involved in many different sponsorships of European football clubs, and they are an international betting and gaming partner of the Everton Football Club. It is, first and foremost, a sportsbook, and you can see that when you first visit the site. That is not the full extent of its offering, however, and you’ll find that there are a lot of different games for you to choose from.

In this section, we’ll primarily look at the Dafabet sign up offers, as well as the Dafabet deposit offer, and their different promotions.

Introduction to Bonus Offers

Dafabet has a sign up offer, and there are several different Dafabet deposit offers and bonus codes. We’ll be looking at some of the different Dafabet sign up offers, as well as the site’s different bonuses and promotions. Where applicable, we’ll also share the latest Dafabet bonus code or Dafabet promo codes.

Players should be aware that Dafabet sign up offers and other bonuses are on a rotational promotion schedule, so always check its website to make sure that you know what the latest offers are. The Dafabet bonus code, Dafabet deposit offer, and Dafabet promo codes that we’ll mention are current as April 2020.

Tips on How to Use the Bonus

We’ll be looking at some of their more constant offers, and how you can take advantage of these, because the Dafabet deposit offers and bonuses are on a rotational schedule. Some of the Dafabet deposit offers do have stringent terms and specific ways in which the offers can be claimed and used. There’s also a Dafabet bonus code that is only available to VIP players.

For more general Dafabet promo code offers, there are fewer limits on how you can use your winnings. There are several rebate and cashback rewards, as well as grand prizes, raffles, and jackpots.

For example, here are the steps to claim one of the Dafabet deposit offers in the sportsbook.

  • Create a Dafabet account and verify it
  • Deposit £10 or more
  • Do not use Skrill as your deposit method, or you won’t qualify for the bonus
  • Place a minimum bet of £5 at 1/2 (1.5) odds
  • If your bet loses – yes, loses – you’ll get a free bet matching your first, up to £30

In other words, your reward is a free bet to a certain value and not a cash reward. You can only use this Dafabet deposit offer reward to place another bet. What most people don’t realise is that you only qualify for this reward if you lose. Always read the terms and conditions, folks!

The Dafabet bonus code offers are standard, similar to offers made by GentingBet and others,  but many also come with restrictions to VIP players. All the offers featured on Dafabet’s promo code page will list their terms and conditions, whether a player needs to be a VIP, or if the bonus is limited to a specific country. If there are any restrictions on how to use the Dafabet bonus code, it will be listed there as well.

Top 5 Expert Tips to Take Advantage of the Offer

It can be easy to make a mistake in the process of trying to claim one of the Dafabet sign up offers, a Dafabet bonus code, or Dafabet deposit offers. We’re listing five important tips to claim your bonus to give you the best chance at getting your reward.

Verify Your Identity

Identity verification is one of the most important requirements from Dafabet for players to be able to claim any of the Dafabet sign up offers or Dafabet deposit offers. If you don’t, you won’t be able to claim any Dafabet sign up offers, Dafabet bonus codes, or Dafabet deposit offers. It’s important to note that sharing either your PC or your IP address with other Dafabet players does mean that you won’t be able to claim your bonus as it will appear to be a duplicate account.

Always Read the Terms and Conditions

Every single one of the Dafabet deposit offers, Dafabet bonus codes, and Dafabet promo code rewards have their terms and conditions. When you open the offer, it will give you the option to view the terms, and we highly recommend that players read them thoroughly. Not reading the terms that apply to a bonus can result in players being unable to claim their rewards.

Take Note of the VIP Program

There are several Dafabet bonus code offers that only apply to players who are part of the VIP program. The tricky part is that different VIP and loyalty programs apply, depending on where you spend your money. The VIP program also comes with its rewards, so it’s worth looking anyway.

Pay Attention to the Promotional Schedule

The Dafabet bonus code offers are on a rotational promotion schedule. In other words, while some of the Dafabet bonus code offers and Dafabet deposit offers are standard, many of its other rewards are only available for a limited time. Always take note of the times and visit the rewards section frequently to see if there are any new offers.

Visit Different Sections for more Offers

Some of the Dafabet bonus code offers only apply to certain sections of the site. The more sections you visit, the better your chances are of finding a Dafabet bonus code offer that works for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Bonus

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve encountered from players who aren’t sure about how to claim their bonuses, whether they’re eligible or have encountered issues while trying to claim their rewards from Dafabet bonus code offers.

Am I eligible for the bonus? 

Players must verify their identity to be eligible for any of the Dafabet sign up offers or bonus offers. You can contact Dafabet via their customer service to send them your identification documents. Dafabet has stringent rules about multiple accounts as well, so players who share their IP address with other players will encounter issues with claiming any bonuses. Some bonuses are limited to certain countries, so read the terms and conditions as well.

Is there a New Customer Dafabet Bonus Code or No Deposit Dafabet Promo Code? 

The Dafabet sign up offers are more of a first deposit bonus. There’s a £30 risk-free welcome offer for new players, and no Dafabet promo code is needed. Deposit via any payment method, except Skrill or Neteller, place the minimum £5 bet, and lose to get a free bet refund.

I’ve made my deposit, but I don’t qualify for my bonus. Why? 

There might be a few reasons why you don’t qualify for the bonus. One of the most common problems that players encounter is if they make their first deposit with Neteller or Skrill. Those payment methods do not qualify for the first deposit. The sportsbook bonus also has a requirement that players lose their bet to qualify for the free bet promotion.

Do Combination bets qualify for the £30 free bet bonus? 

Yes, combination bets can be considered, but the whole combination must lose for you to qualify for the free bet. If your first bet becomes refunded or voided, you can still qualify for the bonus as well, with certain terms that apply.

Why am I struggling to make a withdrawal? 

Dafabet has been experiencing issues with knock-off sites. Always make sure that you’re on the actual Dafabet website before you make any bets. If you’re struggling with withdrawal and can’t get in contact with customer support, this might be your problem. For any other problems, customer support will quickly respond with advice to help you claim your winnings.

Additional Rewards / Loyalty Programmes

Through the VIP program, players have access to exclusive rewards and bonuses, and Dafabet sign up offers if you opt-in for the program. Entry into the program is not automatic.

The VIP program isn’t advertised on the site. The first sign of it is off to the side in the menu, where you can see the VIP button. This will take players to an overview of what the VIP system is, and the rewards players can get. The levels and promotional rewards are all based on how much time and money you spend on the website, with levels from bronze through platinum.

Rebates on casino games start at 0.80% on the Bronze level, while going as high as 1.20%. Live dealer percentages are somewhat lower, maxing out at 0.68%, and sports rebates max out at 0.58% on the Platinum level. Cashback rewards are pretty good, even at the lower levels, but apply mainly to sports betting and not general casino games. Players can get up to 10.88% cash back rewards, while the weekly reload cashback goes all the way up to 35%.

Other rewards include higher betting limits, exclusive tournaments and promotions, priority payments, exclusive game access, and even a dedicated personal VIP team.

There’s also an entirely different VIP section for poker players. This VIP system works on Status Points and Gold Coins which players can get by playing in real money poker games and tournaments. Instead of the four levels in the standard VIP program, there are eight different levels in the Poker VIP program, starting at iron and going up to diamond.

Considering the fact that players get a Dafabet sign up offers bonus when signing up for the program is motivation in and of itself.

dafabet Sports Bonus

Bonus Intro

There are a lot of different offers available on the Dafabet site, including several that apply to the sportsbook. The website features a rotational promotional schedule, which means that players will often have access to new bonuses and rewards. However, we can’t cover them all. We’re going to be looking at Dafabet sign up offers for the sportsbook, which is more of a first deposit bonus.

Wagering the Bonus: Reality Test

Players need to sign up on the website to make use of this welcome offer from Dafabet, and then open a personal sports betting account. Once you’ve opened your account and completed the necessary steps to verify, you’ll need to make your £10 bet in the sportsbook.

To qualify for the 100% Matching Free Bet offer, you need to adhere to the following requirements:

  • When you make your first deposit, remember that £10 is the minimum deposit, and £5 is the minimum bet amount. The maximum amount that you can claim is £30.
  • Place your first bet of £5 or more on odds that are 1.50 or higher. If it’s a combination wager, the combined odds need to be higher than 1.50.
  • Lose. That’s right; your bet needs to lose. If you’ve made a combination bet, then the entire combination must lose.
  • Your free bet will reflect as credit within your sportsbook account, usually within 24 hours of settling your losing bet or bets.
  • Your free bet can only be used for placing another bet and does not equal any withdrawable reward.
  • You will not qualify if you’ve made your first deposit via Neteller or Skrill.

As far as offers go, it’s not the worst. However, as one of the few promotions that’s available to players who don’t use MR as their primary currency, we expected more.

Bonus Withdrawal

The first deposit, free bet bonus does not have a reward that can be withdrawn, and players need to be aware of that. It’s more of a refund than anything else. The reason we say that is because you need to lose to be able to claim this bonus, and it’s not a cash reward. Instead, you receive a free bet to the value of the bet that you lost, allowing you to place another bet and stand a chance to win real money instead. If you win a bet with your free bet reward, you can withdraw your winnings.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid when Claiming Bonus

To claim your bonus, make sure that you read and understand these terms. If you don’t obey these rules, you will not be able to claim your bonus:

  • Limited to new players that are 18+, and from the UK or Ireland.
  • £10 Minimum deposit required.
  • Any deposits made via Neteller or Skrill do not qualify.
  • Place a bet of at least £5 on any sport. If you lose, you’ll get a free bet matching your bet amount up to £30.
  • The odds of your bet must be 1/2 (1.5).
  • If you cash out your bet, you will not qualify for the reward.
  • The free bet will be credited to your account within 24 hours of settling the bet.
  • New accounts will need to undergo account verification to be eligible.
  • Further T&C’s may apply, so remember to read the full terms and conditions on the Dafabet site before placing any bets.

Bonus Conclusion

The sports bonus can be confusing for players, and it’s not the best offer available for bettors. The terms of the bonus can be confusing. Even though there aren’t any extensive requirements to claim it, many players overlook the fact that they need to lose before they qualify for their reward. This isn’t a widespread trend when it comes to bonuses and rewards.

The fact that the reward is also limited to only specific payment methods can make it even more confusing to players. If you want a little security on your first bet, then the Dafabet sign up offers can give you that comfort. Other than that, it’s not remarkable in any way.

Many of the offers are limited to RM currency holders only, like the 150% Deposit bonus. There are, however, other rebate and cashback promotions that are available to all players. The fact that there is no horse betting option may also make something like the offers made by Racebets attractive to users, to give them the option.

£30 Free Bet
Free Bet
Redeem dafabet Bonus
dafabet Casino Bonus

Bonus Intro

The casino has several different bonuses. Like the sportsbook, the Dafabet sign up offers for the casino is more of a first deposit bonus. However, more terms apply to this bonus. One of the main requirements is that players need to be a Bronze VIP member before they can even apply for it, and it’s only valid if they’ve not made any deposits yet.

The VIP system is opt-in only, and players don’t automatically become part of it. It’s simple enough to join, but it does seem like Dafabet wants players to use different parts of the site before they start playing in the casino.

Reality Test - Wagering the Bonus

There are a few things that you need to know about the 100% First deposit bonus offered by Dafabet. First, and most importantly, is that you need to be a Bronze VIP member, which is opt-in only. Players do not automatically qualify for the VIP system. Another thing that players should be aware of is that you must not have made any deposits into your casino account yet.

When you have opted in and have been accepted as a Bronze VIP member, you need to make a minimum deposit of £10, but it can be higher. The bonus you receive will be based on this initial amount. The maximum for the deposit is £115.

The bonus has a 20x wagering requirement (deposit + bonus). In other words, if your deposit is £10, you will need to wager £400 to qualify. This isn’t unreasonable and is standard practice for bonuses from online casinos. All casino games are valid, but baccarat games will only contribute up to 25% of the requirement.

Once you’ve fulfilled the wagering requirement, the bonus will usually be transferred within 24 hours, after which you can use it to bet on other casino games. The bonus itself can’t be withdrawn, but any winnings you receive from bets made with the bonus can be withdrawn or used as you wish.

Bonus Withdrawal

You can withdraw your bonus winnings from your Dafabet account. Click on the banking button to view your transaction history. You’ll be able to see all the deposits and withdrawals that have taken place on your account. Players need to keep in mind that the payment method that they used to make their deposits will, by default, be the same method for their withdrawals.

The personal credentials of your accounts must match the information on your Dafabet account, or your transactions may be denied.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid When Claiming the Bonus

Apart from the VIP and wagering requirements, there are a few other terms that apply to this bonus that players should be aware of to avoid losing their bonus:

  • Accumulated deposits do not count. Only the first deposited amount qualifies for the first deposit.
  • Any transfer fees and bank fees do not count towards the deposit requirement for the promotion.
  • If you withdraw any funds from your deposit before receiving the bonus, you will no longer qualify for the first deposit bonus. After you’ve redeemed your bonus, you can transfer funds again.
  • The bonus will only be based on your first deposit amount.

Bonus Conclusion

The first deposit bonus from the online casino is somewhat better than the offer from the sportsbook, but that’s not saying much. The biggest problem with most of the casino’s offers is that you either need to be part of the VIP scheme, need to be using RM as your currency, or both. From an online casino that claims to be geared to UK players as well, this seems incredibly limited.

If you’re looking for a great variety of rewards that you can qualify for easily, however, you won’t find that in the promotional casino section. Overall, we were somewhat disappointed with the results and hope that Dafabet will give their UK players better offers in the future.

£30 Free Bet
Free Bet
Redeem dafabet Bonus
dafabet Poker Bonus

Bonus Intro

The Dafabet sign up offers are called the Newbie Starter Pack, and as far as the Dafabet sign up bonus offers go, it’s the best one on offer to UK players. It allows for new poker players to get a very nice bonus across bonus games, a cash bonus, as well as status point bonuses. The nice thing about the status points part of the bonus is that it automatically increases your VIP level should you opt-in when you start playing.

Reality Test: Wagering the bonus

There are a few parts to getting the Dafabet sign up offer, also called the Newbie Starter Pack. First, players need to make sure that they opt-in for the offer. Like all of the other offers from Dafabet, entry is not automatic. Once you’ve opted in, you need to create your Dafabet Poker account and log in to the poker client.

You will immediately qualify for the bonuses, which include a £10 bonus on Side Games (with a 10x wagering requirement), a £5 cash bonus, and another £88 that’s released in £4 increments for every 188 status points that you earn while playing. Status points also help increase your VIP level, so it adds a little bonus for players. If you make a first deposit over £20, you also get a free spin on the bonus wheel, which has some great prizes available.

The 10x wagering requirement can be met on any of the games, although there are some wagering limitations.

Once you’ve reached 200 status points, these limits are lifted, and you can keep playing. It’s easily achievable, and some nice perks come with being a VIP player.

Bonus withdrawal

As with other bonuses, you can initiate the withdrawal of any winnings via your Dafabet account. Simply select the banking button, and your transaction history will appear, where you can see all of your previous transactions. Remember, the payment method which you used for your deposit will automatically be the payment method used for any withdrawals.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid when Claiming Bonus

Certain terms might catch players off guard when it comes to claiming their poker bonus. Here are a few things to keep an eye out for:

  • You must opt-in to be able to claim the bonus, so don’t forget to do that first!
  • Bonuses expire within 60 days.
  • You can’t make any withdrawals if you haven’t made the first deposit of at least £20 and meet a 1x wagering requirement.
  • You must complete the wagering requirement to be able to claim the £10 Casino bonus.
  • Dafabet checks new accounts against existing accounts before allowing players to claim any bonuses. If there are other players on Dafabet that use your PC, or with whom you share your IP address, you will not be able to qualify for the bonus. Your account may also be frozen as a duplicate account.

Bonus Conclusion

The poker bonus is arguably the best bonus on offer from the site for UK players. It’s extremely disappointing, considering that they are primarily a sportsbook. However, the poker Newbie Starter Pack bonus has fewer limitations and has much more to offer.

It’s a pity that such a popular sports betting and casino brand has little to offer it’s UK players by way of bonuses. Especially when compared to some of the offers at 188Bets and the likes. However, if you’re a poker player, the bonuses you’ll get as a player make joining worthwhile.

£30 Free Bet
Free Bet
Redeem dafabet Bonus

Overall Conclusion

There’s no denying that Dafabet is one of the most well-known brands in the online sports betting industry. They have players from all around the world, and they do try to cater to all of them. Unfortunately for UK players, the Asian markets are still Dafabet’s top priority. As such, there are very few bonuses that will benefit players from the UK.

The Dafabet sign up offers also tend to be more like first deposit bonuses than actual sign up offers, and the terms can be confusing for some players. It is nice to see a regular Dafabet bonus code, though.

£30 Free Bet
Free Bet
Redeem dafabet Bonus

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