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Gala Sign Up Offer & Bonus Code for 2021

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While Gala Bingo has had some pretty decent bonus offers, we think that you’ll be better off with a get an 888Casino bonus instead. Keep reading to see why!

For over twenty years, Gala Bingo has built itself into a household name in the UK garnering the trust and support of as many as five million customers in that time. The website has an accessible and easy to use feel about it, making the sign up much easier for its new client base. It can be daunting as a new punter to know what sites you can trust, you can rest easy knowing that Gala Bingo has all the necessary verifications and licensing from the UK Gambling Commission and the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association. Should you need even further reassurance, its parent company GVC Holdings is a household name throughout the betting and casino world of the UK.

We will predominantly be looking at the Gala sign up offer throughout this piece but will be looking at additional aspects of their rewards and promotions further down the line. So with that in mind, let’s get started on understanding your new sign up bonus.

Introduction to the bonus

Welcome bonuses have become the norm when signing up for a new gambling website. It is what aids these sites in continually attracting new clients to their player base. With so many different sites and bookmakers to choose from, welcome bonuses are how to beat operator competitors to the potential new punters. The Gala sign deposit offer is an example of one of these welcome bonuses which we will be taking a closer look at.

Many of these welcome bonuses will have different stipulations attached to them, such as whether they may need a bonus code to use, or whether they have any wagering requirements to fulfill. We will help you to better understand these conditions as you embark on your new Gala Bingo journey, should you need any additional information just head over to our Gala Bingo review.

Gaming doesn’t get any better than with a Loot.Bet Bonus.

How to use your bonus

Do not be worried if the site appears to have several promotions and rewards, the only aspect you as the new punter want to assess when you join the site is the details of their welcome bonus.

When signing up for Gala Bingo you can claim a sign up bonus. You will not be needing a Gala bonus code to do so. Before you can claim this bonus make sure you are over the age of 18 and that this is your first account on the Gala Bingo site. Should you have two accounts on their site your bonus and any winnings accrued therefrom will be forfeited. Gala Bingo will first verify your account before you can qualify for your bonus. To collect and use your sign up bonus you need to follow these tips:

  • Deposit and spend a minimum of £10 on any of the different bingo games on the site.
  • The maximum bonus you are able to receive on your deposit is £50, which is a 500% increase.
  • Look for the “My Bonuses”  section in the Bingo lobby to claim your bonus after you have made your deposit.
  • After you complete your registration and the depositing of your £10, it is very important to make sure you claim your bonus within 7 days. The site will remove the bonus from your account after this period of time so it is up to you to stay on top of your collection.

Once you have completed these steps you are ready to start playing, however it is always important to check what games your bonus is eligible for. In this case your bonus is only available to be used on the bingo games for the Gala site. For betting bonuses, be sure to have a read of our Spreadex free bet offer and Ruby Bet bonus code reviews.

5 Quality tips on using the bonus to your advantage

In order to take full advantage of your Gala sign up offer you need to be on the lookout for a few things that may either hinder or help you in this cause. But do not worry too much if you fear missing out on something important, we are here to help. Pay close attention to the following tips so that you can get the most out of your new bonus:

Terms and conditions

This may at first seem like an obvious tip but time and again you will see or hear about people who have not made the most of their bonus as a result of only skimming or not reading the terms and conditions of the site at all. It is vital for you to know what you are getting into and how best to follow the rules of your sign up offer.

Firstly, should you want to read the terms and conditions yourself, they are posted below all of the promotions and bonuses on the site. Your bonus is tied to certain wagering requirements (which are found in the terms and conditions), in this case the requirement for your bonus is that it must be used within 7 days after you have claimed it. Furthermore, you need to wager (x) 4 times the amount before you can claim any winnings off of the bons. This means to say, that you need to have wagered £200 in the case of your bonus being £50.

Bankroll management

In almost every scenario when starting out with your bonus, using effective bankroll management will aid you in building your bonus up into a withdrawable profit. Essentially, when starting out with your £50 bonus it will be in your best interest to at first use small portions of your total balance. In this case, it would be trying to buy the cheaper tickets for the games of bingo to start out with.

One thing to remember, is that while this is almost always the safest way to play, the wagering requirement here is to wager 4 times your bonus in 7 days of claiming. So don’t wait too long gin building up your balance or all your hard work may amount to nothing in the end. Try to balance safety and tenacity in your first week.

Know your game

If you are relatively new to the game of bingo then it is absolutely in your best interest to have a firm grasp of the rules. Some bingo sites may have varying ball counts in their bingo games, Gala Bingo has games ranging from 90-ball, 75-ball, 50-ball and 40-balls respectively. Knowing the differences in these games will help you in knowing which one you feel more comfortable starting with, or which one you feel you will have a better chance to increase your pending profits.

Limit your cards

Taking any advantage you can in a game such as bingo is vital and even more important is mitigating your own potential confusion. What we mean by this, is that you can purchase a large amount of cards to play for the bingo jackpot, all cards costing a certain amount in different games. While it may seem tempting to purchase as many as you can to increase your chances of winning, we recommend that at the start of your bingo experience you only purchase a few cards. Anywhere from 3-5 cards in your first game will help you say focused on what you have in front of you and minimise your chances of missing out on any numbers or potential victories. You don’t want to feel too overwhelmed in your first game with too many cards.

The right times to play

While you may only have 7-days to fulfil your wagering requirements, it is still a good idea to try and look for the most beneficial times to play with your bonus. Firstly, check to see how full the rooms are on the site, the more people in the room the less likely you are to get value out of your bonus. Another tip would be to try and play during the week if possible, of course most people work during the week and you may also have to but this would be an ideal time to try and win when most people are unavailable to play.

Frequently asked questions about the bonus (FAQS)

These are the most common questions people ask about their sign up bonus:

Q1. Do you need a Gala bonus code to be eligible for the sign up offer?

While some promotions and rewards may require you to have a promo code, the Gala sign up offer does not require you to have one. All you need to do as the punter is sign up and opt-in when you deposit your minimum of £10. This makes it a much easier experience for you as the client, as you have fewer details to worry about when claiming trying to claim your bonus.

Q2. Does the bonus require a deposit of any kind?

Yes, in order for you to claim your sign up bonus you will need to have opted-in for the sign up offer and then have deposited the minimum of £10 into your account. After which, you may claim your bonus from the “my bonus” section on the website. Once you have completed this initial sign up process you are then able to start playing on the site. This is similar to both the Dafabet joining bonus and NetBet registration bonus.

Q3. Is anybody eligible for the sign up offer?

Anybody who is using the site for the first time is eligible for the Gala sign up offer. However, should you already have an account with Gala Bingo that is shared either by bank account or IP address with anyone in your home you will run the risk of having your bonus and winnings be forfeited. The site has a strict one account and one bonus policy, should you break this policy they are fully within their rights to withdraw your account its subsequent winnings off of their site.

The only scenario in which you can claim the bonus while already having an account is if you have never played a game on the site. You will thus be able to claim the bonus provided you fall under this special circumstances.

Q4. Can I use my bonus on any of Gala Bingo’s other games?

Unfortunately not, under the terms and conditions of the Gala sign up offer you will only be allowed to utilise your bonus on the bingo games. This should not deter you though, as there are a host of different bingo options for you to make the best of your sign up bonus. If you’re looking for a dedicated casino or betting bonus, you might want to try the GentingBet free bet bonus or Slotmob no deposit bonus.

Q5. What payment methods can I use for my first deposit?

No, Gala Bingo makes it very easy for you as the punter to make your first deposit. They allow for the standard methods of payments with a debit card. Furthermore, they allow for the use of e-wallet deposits from well known brands such as Neteller, Skrill, Ecopayz, PayPal, Paysafecard and Applepay. Whatever your payment preference, Gala Bingo has got you covered on all of them.

Gala Bingo rewards and loyalty programmes

Gala has a very diverse range of rewards for their regular customers that can be obtained by accruing certain amounts of “points”. These points have different categories of their own that relate to different rewards for the loyal player base. These different categories will be explained in detail:

The points system

Gala offers various amounts of different types of points to their players base that correspond to certain rewards. The more points you collect the higher your level becomes. Each level brings new and exciting rewards as you start to rise up the ranks. Whatever level you reach within the month long period of points collecting, will be refreshed upon the start of every new month.

  • Lifetime Points: these are points that the player gains per year that they have been with Gala Bingo. This is a much longer term points gain system, the player will receive 5 lifetime points per year. For example, should the player have been with Gala for 5 years they will have gained 25 lifetime points.
  • Deposit Points: these points are gained by as the name suggests, depositing funds into your account. For every £40 you deposit into your account you will receive 1 point. You may only receive a maximum of 20 points in a month.
  • Slots & Games points: a player will receive 1 point for every £100 they wager on on the Gala slots and games. The player’s bonus or the cash they use contributes to earning points with these wagers as well. There is no maximum amount of points to be reached with this option.
  • Bingo points: for every £15 wagered on bingo games the player will receive 1 point. There is also no maximum amount of points to be reached should you use this option regularly.
  • All of these different points amount to one set of combined points that help you to climb the rewards levels.

Levels and rewards

For your first level which is between 0 – 39 points you are only entitled to use the free bingo rooms. Levels 2 and 3 are between 40-114 points, they give you access to a loyalty rewards wheelspin where you can win an exclusive prize.

From level 4 onwards the prizes and promotions start to increase exponentially. At level 4 you now have access to Bonus Spins Friday and exclusive £1k bingo. Level 5 has the same rewards with the addition of Top Up Tuesday where should you decide to deposit £20 you will receive £5 extra to play with. The points you need to obtain to use you these promotions are between 115-149.

Levels 6 – 7 are between 250-1099 points. This is where it begins to get far more difficult to reach but the prizes and promotions match the level of loyalty you have given to Gala Bingo. Both these levels add a weekend cash boost of 5% and 7.5% respectively for their clients whereby they can receive a maximum of £1000 cash back.

The last two levels from 8-9 require a whopping 1100- 3600 points whereby you will have cash boosts of 10% and 12.5% on the weekends for the corresponding levels. There is a mysterious level 10 where the rewards and promotions are left blank, this is because you have to be invited by Gala Bingo themselves for you to see what this level has in store for you.

All of these prizes seem to be quite fair per level if for how much you spend, and with each level you rise you retain the promotions and rewards you had while also acquiring new ones the higher you go.

Gala bingo bonus

The Gala sign up offer is a very simple bonus to claim. Once you have deposited your £10, spent it on bingo tickets and opted-in you are able to claim your £50 bonus from the “my bonus” section on the website. The bonus does not require a Gala bonus code to use but does require you to be over the age of 18. The £50 bonus is only available to be used on games of bingo which is why it seems as though the welcome bonus and the “bingo bonus” are one in the same.

Reality test: Wagering the bonus

In order to see if the bonus was worth your deposit we took it on ourselves to use the Gala sign up offer. Upon completing all the necessary registering steps, we claimed our bonuses and headed straight for the bingo rooms.
We decided to play the Deal or No Deal bingo as well as the Metropolis bingo because of the large prize pool. While we started out with reasonable success we ultimately did not claim any wins in our efforts at bingo. However, we received our bonus from Gala in a timely fashion and were able to jump straight into playing.
Wagering the bonus itself worked without a hitch, so all in all the experience ran as promised by Gala Bingo.

Bonus withdrawal

Withdrawing your winnings is not complex in nature but it is still fairly difficult to get to a point of being able to do so. The wagering requirements placed on your bonus are such that you have to have wagered at least (x)4 times your £50 bonus (£200) within 7-days in order to be able to withdraw any of your potential winnings. Your withdrawal does not include the bonus you received, but should you earn winnings that exceed the £200 pounds you wagered, you are then able to draw that money out.

Pitfalls and what to avoid with your bonus

There are a few pitfalls to be wary of when claiming your bonus, which are mainly attributed to the wagering requirements. It is on the punter to remain on top of their time frame when playing the bingo rooms. Your 7-day period to use the bonus in a way that you have wagered 4 times that amount is a difficult condition to overcome as it, so to forget this terms entirely would be a very unfortunate for you bonus and any future winnings. While the wagering 4-times a bonus amount is not uncommon on these sites, the 7-day period in which to do so we believe is asking a bit much. Other than these requirements, there are no real pitfalls to speak of as the deposit methods are solid. The games run smoothly and the terms and conditions are clear and direct.

Conclusion on the bonus

To be quite honest, the major negative to the Gala sign up offer is the wagering requirements. The time period in which to fulfil the wagering amount is only 7-days. This means that in order to fulfil that wagering amount you would be risking £210. While this is not uncommon it is because you need to accomplish this in 7-days that makes the wager time pressured. You may not be playing with the feeling of fun or intelligence in the first week, as you will likely be thinking about how much time you have left to fulfil the wager.

Aside from the time constraint, the bonus itself is more than fair as a 500% increase on your initial deposit to play a host of different numbered ball bingo games. Compared to other bonuses such as the 888 sign up offer and Mr Green sign up bonus, the  Gala Bingo bonus is at the very least on par and gives you value for your deposit.

Gala-Casino Casino Bonus

Plenty more offers to enjoy

Gala Bingo isn’t just about bingo games, as the brand also have a decent casino gaming section. What’s best is that they even serve up some promotions and special offers that are designed to help you get a little more out of your slots gaming.

Strong daily competitions and giveaways

Gala Bingo have done a good job in putting on some great daily contests that give you plenty of ways to make a little more when playing their slot games. These promotions come in the form of their Spin and Win Every Day campaigns that give you chance to enjoy one bonus spin on the Winner’s Wheel just by enjoying their slot games. You’ll have to spend at least £10 per day to activate this special offer, and then you can look forward to getting some great prizes that include anywhere between five and 25 extra spins. For another great casino bonus, have a read of our William Hill promo code sign up guide or Betdaq bonus review.

Watch out for wagering conditions

Whenever a gaming site gives you extra spins, then you should always watch out for something called wagering conditions. These determine what you can and cannot do with any winnings gained from your bonus spins. It’s fairly common to have to bet the value of any winnings received a certain number of times before you are allowed to make a withdrawal. Each of Gala Bingo’s promotions has separate terms and conditions that detail such matters, so be sure to check this out before you claim any of their offers.

Key things to be aware of

These casino offers from Gala Bingo initially seem like decent value for money. But you should always be aware of a few things when claiming special offers like this:

  • Wagering conditions: These commonly require you to have to bet your bonus a certain amount of times before you can make a withdrawal.
  • Qualifying bets: You might find that only bets on certain kinds of slot games will unlock access to the brand’s casino promotions.
  • Time limits: Deals like Bonus Spin and Win Every Day have some very strict time limits, so make sure that you are quick with putting your bets into action.

Fair range of special offers

There are plenty of larger casino promotions out there, but the Gala Bingo special offers can add an extra dimension to your slots gaming. Anything that gives you extra spins is worth taking a look at, and the fact that you can enter this deal with just a £10 slots bet means that just about anything could take advantage of this promotion. Just remember to thoroughly read all of the small print and see what you can win.


The Gala Bingo sign up offer is the perfect choice for keen bingo players to maximise their winnings. If you’re looking for a bonus that you can use across different casino games, take a look at our guides to the latest Unibet bonus offer and LeoVegas promo code.

Gala Sign Up Offers FAQs

✅Is Gala Bingo legit?

If you want to check the legitimacy of a bingo site then it is a good idea to look at the licence that the site holds. If you want to check the licensing situation at an online casino or bingo site then it is a good idea to read our reviews here at In those, we not only tell you all about a site’s licence but also about the quality of the bonus offers, the customer service and what the range of games is like. If you have any kind of query related to gambling, we at can help you!

❓Is Gala Bingo the best UK online bingo site?

When you’re trying to seek out the best possible UK online bingo sites it can be hard to know where to start. Here at we can offer real help when it comes to finding the best online bingo options. If you read our operator reviews you can discover the strong points of each site and make a properly informed decision. If you’re looking for the best online gambling options, whether it’s bingo, poker or sports betting that you like, we at are here to help – just take a look at our Winomania ratings for a start!

💰Can you win real money playing at Gala Bingo?

If you want to know how your favoured bingo site allows you to withdraw winnings then you should read our operator reviews here at It’s in those that we tell you all about the payment methods that can be used at a particular site, and how they process your deposits and withdrawals. You can find out if any charges are applied to your transactions, and how long money takes to appear in your account. You can also discover whether or not using a certain payment method precludes you from claiming bonuses and promotional offers like the FruitKings sign up offer.

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