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Grosvenor Reviews & Ratings UK 2020

Is Grosvenor reliable?

Grosvenor is definitely one of the UK’s more classy gambling brands, holding a respected position in the hierarchy of British bookmakers. They don’t just operate in the UK however, Grosvenor boasts many casinos across Belgium and Spain, and operates in the style of a traditional casino, catering first and foremost to classic games like: blackjack, roulette and poker.

No doubt punters thinking of getting into the delights of their gaming paradise will be asking questions like: “is Grosvenor secure?” and “is Grosvenor reliable?”, and we’ve got the answers for you right here. Our Grosvenor review will detail everything you need to know in order to make an informed decision as to if these guys are the right online casino for you.

Here we’ll dive into the various Grosvenor UK options (sportsbook, caino, poker) and help you decide where they stand in the all-time rankings of great operators.

Grosvenor: Pros & Cons
Grosvenor: Pros & Cons
  • Crisp and clean website look
  • Comprehensive list of casino games
  • Professional process
  • Easy to use website
  • Wagers can only be made in GBP

Bonus Offers

Bonus offers are massive to punters, especially those of you wishing to work out whether or not you should be signing up to Grosvenor UK or not. Our Grosvenor ratings on this matter are as follows:

Grosvenor UK is currently offering players a sign up offer of: “deposit £20, get a £20 bonus”. As bonuses go, this is pretty average, but players could do a lot worse than doubling their money upon signing up.

It doesn’t end with the sign up bonuses though: Grosvenor UK offers a one-time “double your odds” on a single sports bet, money back on controversial VAR decisions in football and multiple chances to increase your odds on British and Irish racing.

Our Grosvenor ratings in regard to their offers are definitely above average, as they offer a diverse catalogue of promotions clearly designed to cater to every type of punter out there.

For more information on Grosvenor’s offers, see our Grosvenor offers review.

Usability, Look & Feel

Surely one of the most enticing aspects of Grosvenor UK is their website. The whole thing has a very professional finish, making you feel like you’re dealing with the absolute very best in the business while browsing their web pages – it’s like being in the website-version of Caesar’s Palace.

The dark colour scheme is especially appealing and makes browsing the website very easy on the eye. It makes it very easy to identify tabs and locations of the website you may wish to find, which may sound like a little thing, but when you’ve gotten lost on enough online casino websites you’ll understand.

All of the links that lead to important parts of the website are easy to see and find – browsing the website is one of the smoothest experiences we’ve ever had – so we’d especially recommend this operator for any newcomers wanting to traverse the various aspects of online gambling with ease.

Everything loads very quickly, without any trouble and on demand, and every possible avenue of online gaming is posted on one page, meaning you’ll never have to scroll for very long before your eye is caught by an intriguing wagering proposition.


Grosvenor UK supports payment from: Paypal, Paysafe, Visa and Mastercard. Unfortunately, they will charge you up to £5 for withdrawals, which is one thing we have to chastise Grosvenor ratings for.

The minimum and maximum deposit/withdrawal amounts for Paypal are: £10 and £10,000, which shouldn’t be much of an issue for most punters, as £10 in the minimum deposit needed to qualify for the sign up bonus on Grosvenor.

Withdrawals can take anywhere up to 7 days, which won’t come as very welcome news to punters looking for an operator that’ll give them a quick sharp payout. Some e-wallets will even have higher minimum withdrawals set, all in all making the payments methods of Grosvenor UK nice and varied, but there are definitely some better than others.

At the end of the day, we highly recommend either using a direct bank transfer or Paypal to deposit funds into your Grosvenor account. It gives you a much greater level of control over your bankroll.

Customer Service

You’ll be pleased to hear that Grosvenor UK has plenty of contact options. We know all too well how frustrating it can be when you’ve got an unsolvable problem with your betting account and can’t get through to anyone.

Well not only does Grosvenor offer the standard landline and email contact options, but they also sport a 24/7 live chat option on their website. This means you’re basically never going to be left in the cold when you need help fixing your betting account.

Their staff speak multiple European languages and aim to get to the bottom of your complaint ASAP, giving you more time to do what you really want: playing their amazing games.

Grosvenor ratings on the customer service scale are very high, as their competence and contact options means, as a customer, you’re the most important part of the Grosvenor family.

License & Security

Grosvenor UK are licensed by the UK Gambling Commision, which is the standard authoritative body when talking about British Bookmakers. This emphasises that Grosvenor is both secure and safe.

Outside the UK, Grosvenor is also licensed by The Alderney Gambling Control Commision, showing that this bookmaker isn’t just relevant in the UK, but all over Europe as well.

They also employ many different styles of technology to keep their casinos (both online and not) safe and secure. They recently installed new technology that tracks cheaters, implemented IGT Cloud (which allows punters to customise their own casino experience without delay), and use the Netverify tech to ensure the sign up process is both authentic and smooth.

Rewards & Loyalty Program

This is one area that brings down our Grosvenor ratings significantly. There is a loyalty program in place: Grosvenor One, they call it. It’s an exclusive club (with a membership card and everything) that you manually join – like a premium membership.

For starters, you must sign up for a Grosvenor One membership in store – physically in one of the many Grosvenor UK casinos – so for those of you wishing to play online exclusively, you’re out of luck.

We can’t tell you the exact benefits you get from being part of this exclusive club, as they’re not strictly mentioned anywhere, but members do get access to a unique set of bonuses and offers obviously designed to lure grunt gamblers into signing up. From what we can tell, most of the offers given to the Grosvenor One members are similar to the regular offers, only without a direct deposit needed to begin.

It’s definitely a lackluster part of the website, and Grosvenor UK as a whole.

Grosvenor Sports Betting

Betting Markets

Despite being known as a traditional casino, the sports betting options on Grosvenor UK’s website are rather comprehensive. There are a vast variety of markets, from the Welsh Open snooker to Greyhound racing.

Punters are in for a treat, as although they don’t offer the same quirky outside markets as a less traditional bookmaker would, the scale of their sports options is massive. If you’re looking to put money on a sporting event, any sporting event, you should definitely take a look at Grosvenor.


Grosvenor UK proudly claims it “guarantees the best odds on all UK and Irish horse racing”, apparently making this their specialty area in the sports world. Also, something they give their punters as a bonus, is an odds upgrade. If you put money on a horse at 2/1, and that horse should win later with odds at 4/1, Grosvenor will pay out the greater odds. This is something that not all bookmakers do, and definitely worth picking up on.

Their RTP (return to player) percentage is great at 97.15%, so although Grosvenor UK might not be the first name that comes to mind when you’re thinking about placing a sportsbook bet, they offer markets on: football, rugby, greyhound racing and darts.

Live Betting & Streaming

Unfortunately, there are no live streaming options for sports at Grosvenor casino. This is a feature we think is exceptionally important to the average player, as it means you can lay your bet and watch it unfold all from one place.

They do however offer live betting on all kinds of sports, such as: basketball, winter sports, tennis, football, ice hockey, volleyball and even some eSports.

Live betting is particularly important when it comes to sports, and although we have to deduct points for the lack of live streaming options, the fact that Grosvenor UK offers so many markets for sports is an absolute blessing.


There doesn’t seem to be a limit on how much you can put on a sporting event, but Grosvenor will limit a sportsbook payout to £250,000, should you be lucky enough to ever pull that kind of cash.

They do reserve the right to decline any bet for valid reasons, but this kind of thing probably will never happen.

Product Conclusion

There are plenty of options for punters when it comes to sports betting, so we’re always hesitant to recommend one operator over another. The reality is that there are a handful of bookmakers out there that specialise purely in their sportsbook, so honestly, if you’re looking to place a sports related bet you’re probably better off going to one of them.

All in all though, Grosvenor’s sportsbook options are much better and more comprehensive than you’d expect from a traditional casino. The lack of live streaming is the biggest disappointment, although the vast array of markets on offer almost makes up for it.

It’s not that we don’t want to recommend Grosvenor sportsbook to people, it’s just that there are better options out there.

Grosvenor Casino


Grosvenor UK uses a blend of software to power their games: Playtech, IGT, Evolution, Novomatic and Microgaming to name a few. You’ll have seen these names before, as they’re regular staples of online casino gaming.

Their most popular games include: Guns N’ Roses slots, Jungle Kim El Dorado and Elvis: The King Lives, all classic casino slots powered by the modern technology we mentioned.

Game portfolio

There are many games going on at Grosvenor Casino, with all the usual suspects being catered to. From classic blackjack to 3 Card Brag, browsing the casino options on Grosvenor will make you feel like you’re taking a stroll down the Vegas Strip.

There’s plenty of Roulette options (classic, advanced, European, live), and should this not be enough for you there’s also multiple versions of Baccarat and Poker going on as well. These kinds of options you see at most casinos, but something Grosvenor does a little different is their live events. These are specialised group hangouts where punters can gather to play and watch games together, usually presented by a host to tie it all together.

It won’t be for everyone, but these live events do well to split up the regular game timetable and give punters who’re used to the traditional casino experience something new to do.

The selection on offer is fantastic, and Grosvenor has clearly gone to serious lengths to create an authentic casino experience.

Live Casino

The options for playing and watching live games on Grosvenor UK are vast, in contrast to some of the other aspects of the website. Their mobile app makes it very easy for you to play on the go, involve yourself in live tables and even watch some top class games going on around the world.

Live Roulette and Blackjack are advertised most predominantly on their website, with many different tables and games being available to the player at any one time.

They also hold live game shows, which are game-show hybrids, giving you the chance to play and watch live casino games at any time. If you’re not really feeling like putting any money down, this is a great place to learn the ropes of games you may or may not have experience in.


The limits placed on Grosvenor’s games are massive. In Roulette in particular, the limit for the maximum wager is a massive £50,000, essentially meaning there is no limit to how much you’re allowed to gamble on a spin.

It’s a bit lower for Blackjack (£5,000), but it’s still a massive amount of money to put down on one hand. In fact, we’d probably say that unless you’ve somehow come into a lot of money (maybe you’ve won the lottery, maybe you’ve found a map to some buried treasure) you really should never be putting anything close to £5,000 on one hand of blackjack.

Grosvenor clearly wants to replicate the experience that punters have in their land casinos, and with the gigantic limits placed on their games, it seems they’ve succeeded.

Product Conclusion

Overall, the casino offerings at Grosvenor UK are fantastic. You’ll be hard pushed to find an online bookmaker with as many casino smarts as this one, filling their promotions page with all kinds of introductory and beneficiary offers on casino plays.

This is where the real strength of Grosvenor lays. The variety of games on their catalogue is staggering, and the fact that they’ve replicated the brick and mortar casino experience is genius.

Not only does this give new customers a chance to acclimatise to the casino feel, increasing the chances that they’ll comfortably visit the on-land branch, it also gives a really authentic atmosphere to their website.

As we said, playing on Grosvenor Casino feels like taking a walk down the Vegas Strip, and we really mean it.

Grosvenor Poker

Game Types & Rake

Grosvenor UK offers multiple poker game types, including: Ten Play Draw, Live 3 Card Poker, Jacks or Better, 3 Card Brag and Live Video Poker. They hold regular tournaments that anyone can sign up for.

Their websites also guides players through the essential basics of poker, making it extremely appealing to new poker players and new punters in general.

They also run a loyalty scheme specifically for poker, which includes bonuses such as: earn 10 points for every £1 raked on cash tables or every £1 in fee paid on Tournaments or Sit & Go Tournaments, 20% cashback in the form of cashable Loyalty Points, opportunities to win seats into GUKPT qualifiers, entry towards online tournaments and live tournament entry and sponsorship packages.


Grosvenor Poker offers opportunities to qualify for multiple different live poker events across the UK. These include: GUKPT Satellites, 25/25 Series Satellites, Deepstack Satellites, Goliath Satellites, Seasonal Special Satellites and Online Day 1’s.

They also run a special promotional National Poker League, whereby players can earn league points to improve their standing and skills.

In addition to the official tournaments held, there are also many, more low-key, poker events going on throughout the week. Look for the live games going on – most are open to new players specifically and will serve as a good practice for those serious games and tournaments.


Maximum wager and minimum deposit options can always be found in the terms and conditions of the page that you’re visiting, so do a bit of reading if you’re wondering how far you can push your luck.

At Grosvenor UK however, if you’re a fan of online poker you’re in for a real treat. Grosvenor’s poker speciality is classic Texas Hold’Em, specifically the no limit type.

“No Limit” means there is no maximum deposit on the game, so you’re free to be as lavish with your bets as you think you can cope with. Bet wisely, it’s easy to get wrapped up in a game of poker, and with there being no limit to your deposit, you need to make sure you’re not unwittingly being dragged into a massive betting war that you cannot win.

Product Conclusion

Overall there are some seriously superb poker options on Grosvenor Online. Not only are there a catalogue of different game types to dig your teeth into, but the fact that there’s no limit on the Texas Hold’Em games opens up the tables to punters of all shapes and sizes.

Their live events and sporadic tournaments are also much better than most operators can offer, with mini tours and knockout tournaments taking place all the time – even throughout the week.

Poker fans will find a very nice home on Grosvenor online, with plenty of hands to be played and a very high skill ceiling – you’ll always have room to grow as a player with these guys.

Overall Conclusion

In conclusion, Grosvenor UK offers traditional casino play, with everything from Roulette to 3 Card Brag lining their online casino webpage like a proudly flying flag. These guys are the real deal, offering you a professional feeling online casino experience aiming to make you feel like you’re hopping around the great casinos of old.

Their sportsbook options probably drag the ratings down a little, as the markets on offer don’t exactly stand-up to some of the other specialised sportsbook operators like Paddy Power. As we said, if you know you’re a big fan of sports betting, maybe Grosvenor UK isn’t the perfect online casino for you. It’s not that their sportsbook is particularly lacking in any way, it’s just that other bookies have wider options and cater more to sports betting.

Things really start getting serious when we move onto Grosvenor’s casino offers. Their traditional style lends itself to classic casino games like Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat – and that’s not all. Grosvenor also runs a VIP and online casino game shows for it’s punters to play along with, which is something of an innovation when it comes to online casino interactions.

And their poker section follows on from this, offering punters a proper place to dive into online poker – it’s really like a Vegas casino on the web.

So overall, our Grosvenor UK ratings are extremely high. They have an exceptional variety of classic casino activities, catering to exactly the right type of people for their style. It’s a classy experience, nuanced enough to keep veterans interested while they peruse the various options.

We have to say that the loyalty program at Grosvenor could definitely be improved, with elusive and lacklustre prizes dominating the offers, as opposed to other operators that can offer its customers the world should they amass enough loyalty points. It’s just be nice to get a little more bang for your buck with the loyalty scheme, however it would probably dampen the traditional casino experience slightly, so we don’t want to go on about it too much.

Also, their promotional offers and sign up bonuses could be a little more generous, we think, so while newcomers will definitely find Grosvenor online a great place to get used to the various activities popular in online gambling, there will be many other operators that can offer you much more generous initial offers than these guys can.

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