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Guts Sign Up Offer 2020

Claim your Guts Bonus Code now!

Guts Casino is relatively new, and it’s done an excellent job of breaking into a crowded online industry. Its policies claim to be transparent, the staff are friendly, and the games are fun and beautiful. With top of the line technology and a massive variety of games, it could draw in almost any new player.

The Gaming Innovation Group is behind Guts casino, which launched in 2013. The Guts casino itself is known for its high standards and security measures. It’s also known for its variety of games and amazing promotional offers.

Unfortunately, many of these Guts sign up offers, the Guts bonus code, and other offers are now only available to players outside of the United Kingdom.

It’s still a fantastic place to gamble online, making up for what it lacks in promotional offers. In the rest of this review, you’ll find out about what Guts sign up offers are still available to UK players, and why the selection is now so limited.

Introduction to Bonus Offers

Most online casinos and betting sites offer a welcome bonus to new players. There’s usually a VIP scheme, and many different promotions to choose from. This is how these casinos bring new players in; by offering them credits or bonus bets if they deposit funds.

Guts Casino used to be no different. In fact, for countries outside of the UK, there are still Guts sign up offers, a Guts bonus code, and several promotions. This used to be the same for players from the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, this changed due to regulation changes made by the UK Gambling Commission that took effect as of 14 April 2020. These stringent new regulations affect how many of these offers can be presented to players, which payment methods are allowed, and that UK players immediately need to verify their identities before they can even begin to play on an online casino.

In short, the commission is crunching down on irresponsible and fraudulent gambling, and many online casinos have been scrambling to change their terms, offers, and more.

Even so, Guts casino still has a Live Poker welcome bonus, which we’ll be looking at in this review.

Please note that all the amounts are in Euros when visiting the website. Although players can play in British Pounds, the Poker Bonus is only listed in Euros. This might be because the bonus is available in several different countries.

If you’d like to compare what’s available at Guts casino with other providers, you can read our bonus reviews for RedBet, Spreadex, McBookie, and Dafabet.

Tips on How to Use the Bonus

Usually, we enjoy giving players tips on how to use their hard-earned bonuses. Most of the time, as is standard practice, online casinos have wagering requirements. There might also be other restrictions or instructions that players must follow before they get a withdrawable reward. This used to be the case with Guts as well and still is if you’re outside of the United Kingdom.

Unfortunately, due to the new gambling regulations that came into effect on 14th April 2020, Guts Casino did away with all of those for UK players, as we’ve mentioned.

The Poker Welcome Bonus works a little differently. Instead of a lump sum that’s paid into a bonus wallet with a wagering requirement, the Poker Guts sign up offer is paid out in increments. Once you’re paid, you don’t have to worry about meeting a wagering requirement at all. The money is paid directly into your account, and you can withdraw it immediately.

Players can, of course, use the bonus funds that they receive to continue playing and earn more incremental bonus rewards instead of withdrawing their Guts sign up offer immediately. The choice is yours.

Top 5 Expert Tips to Take Advantage of the Offer

When we visit a new online casino or betting site, we also try and find things that players should pay attention to. This could be information, tips, or things that are often overlooked when it comes to offers. Here are some of our top tips for Guts casino. Keep in mind that these are based on the fact that Guts casino has limited offers available to UK players currently, due to legislative changes on 14 April 2020.

1. Pay attention to your payment method

Many promotions have restrictions regarding which payment methods can be used to qualify for a bonus. Most commonly, deposits via Neteller, Skrill, or Paysafecard disqualify players from a promotion. This is also one of the terms stated by Guts casino, so pay attention to which payment method you use before trying to claim an offer or bonus.

2. Read the terms and conditions

This is standard advice that we give all players, no matter the promotion. Always read the terms and conditions listed on a promotion’s page. It’s easy to miss something important and completely forfeiting your reward. Some terms may include restrictions on payment methods, wagering rules, and more. Always read the T&C’s. If you’re not sure about something, contact customer services before opting in or trying to claim a bonus.

3. Keep visiting the promotions section

Although there are no Guts sign up offers, a Guts bonus code or promotions available to UK players right now, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be again. We advise players to keep visiting the promotional section to see if any new offers are made available in the future.

4. Play live poker games and tournaments

The only Guts sign up offer still available is the Poker Welcome Bonus, which we’re covering in this review. Make sure to opt-in for the offer and get rewarded for playing live poker games! You can earn up to £1,000 in rewards.

5. Talk to customer support

When we couldn’t find any information on promotions, we quickly turned to customer support. We must mention that the staff was friendly and quickly worked to help us. Aside from just answering our questions, they also told us why there were no promotions, and even went so far as to ask if we wanted to join their newsletter list to be informed when new promotions are approved. If you need any help with Guts sign up offers, the Guts bonus code, or future offers, make sure to ask customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Bonus

It’s common for players to have questions about any Guts sign up offers, Guts bonus codes, Guts promo codes, or Guts deposit offers. Usually, these questions tend to be about the different offers and how to claim them. Here are some of the most common questions that we’ve encountered regarding the Guts sign up offers and promotions.

  • Are there any Guts sign up offers, Guts bonus codes, Guts Promo Codes, or Guts deposit offers?

Yes and no. There’s a Guts sign up offer for the Live Poker, but, unfortunately, that’s the only one. There are no other Guts bonus codes or promotions running, either. Due to new regulations imposed by the UKGC as of 14th April, Guts Casino has completely removed all of its promotions and Guts sign up offers, leaving only the poker bonus available to UK players.

  •  Do I need a Guts bonus code to claim the Poker bonus?

No. Earning your poker reward is automatic when you sign up for Live Poker. Once you’ve started to play, you just need to contribute to the stake, and you’ll start earning your reward.

  • Is there a wagering requirement to claim the Poker promotional offer?

No. In a way, players fulfil a wagering requirement simply by playing the game. By contributing to the rake, players basically ensure that the casino makes a profit, whether from the pot or the player themselves. This depends on the type of rake, but it’s not listed by Guts casino. By contributing £25 or more towards the rake, you’ll start earning £5 incremental rewards.

  • Is there a Guts VIP program or reward scheme?

There might have been one before, but there is no VIP system or reward scheme at Guts Casino any longer. It used to draw its players with Guts sign up offers, Guts bonus codes, and other promotional rewards before. Unfortunately, due to the new regulations, all of these have been done away with.

  • I saw a review with a Guts sign up offer and Guts bonus code. Why isn’t it working?

In 2019 and early 2020, the UKGC and several financial institutions decided that the best way to deal with rising credit card debt from online gambling is to change the regulations. These changes took effect on 14 April 2020. We were told by customer service about the changes, and the removal of all promotions. They did say that there might be new ones in the future, but at the time of writing this article, there are no Guts sign up offers or promotions open to players from the UK. 

  • Can I join Guts Casino without verifying my identity?

No. Before, players could join a casino and take some time to play free games or explore the promotional section. It was only when they made a deposit or started to play for real money that they needed to verify their identity. With the UKGC changes, players from the United Kingdom now need to verify their identity on Guts casino immediately after registering. Not only will you not be able to look around the casino once you’ve registered, but you won’t be able to leave the verification page at all.

Additional Rewards / Loyalty Programmes

Many online casinos or betting sites employ a loyalty or VIP scheme to draw new players. This can, at times, be even more effective than a welcome offer or deposit offer. There are some reports online that Guts used to have a VIP scheme, but even if there used to be one, it isn’t available anymore.

Just like there aren’t any Guts sign up offers, Guts promo codes, Guts deposit offers, or a Guts bonus code, there is no VIP or loyalty system. As the customer support told us, “All our players are very important people.”. It’s a great sentiment, but it falls rather short in a community that enjoys getting rewarded by remaining loyal to an online casino or betting site.

With the new restrictions from the UK Gambling Commission, the chances of Guts creating a VIP system in the future is rather low. Even so, we still hope that the online casino and sportsbook will look to adding one in the future. It would certainly make up for what they lack in promotions, at least in part.

For now, players who want to be rewarded for their loyalty or who would like to see a referral scheme would be better off looking elsewhere.

Unfortunately, the same goes for promotions. As we’ve mentioned, there are no Guts sign up offers, Guts promo codes,  Guts deposit offers or a Guts bonus code. It wasn’t always that way. Just a few months ago, new players would have found themselves spoiled for choice. There were a few Guts sign up offers,  a Guts bonus code, and even a Guts deposit offer.

Unfortunately, due to the new regulations, these are now available only to players who are not in the UK. Visiting the promotions section of the website does seem to indicate that there might be other promotions, but after confirming with customer support staff, these are just images for show. Aside from the Poker offer that we’re covering in this review, there are no Guts sign up offers, Guts promo codes, Guts deposit offers, or a Guts bonus code. There aren’t any other promotions available to players from the UK.

We were told that this might change in the future, but right now the Guts promotional section is drier than the Atacama Desert. Poker Bonus

Bonus Intro

Under different circumstances, Guts casino usually has many different promotional offers for players to choose from. At the time of this article, however, there’s only one Guts sign up offer, and that’s the Poker Welcome bonus, which we’ve been covering in this review. This section of the review will take you through the bonus in more detail; how to use it, claim it, and our verdict on it.

Unfortunately, there are no other bonuses to review for players from the United Kingdom but, if you’re a poker player, we’re sure that you’ll find this bonus both interesting and appealing.

The bonus itself is very simple. The maximum reward players can receive £1,000, and it’s paid out in increments of £5. There are both good points and a few negative elements to this welcome bonus. One of the biggest disappointments for us was that the bonus is only available in Euros, even though it’s limited to players from the United Kingdom.

Here’s the rest of our review on the Poker welcome bonus from Guts casino.

Reality Test: Wagering the bonus

As always, our team likes to test a bonus before we review it. Things were a little trickier this time around, but we managed to get the job done! This is one of the easiest bonuses that players should be able to claim, and we’ll take you through the steps to take advantage of the offer quickly.

First, players need to create a poker alias. That means that, even if you’ve been a member of the casino or the sportsbook for a while, you can still take advantage of the poker offer. Once you’ve created your poker alias, you’ll automatically be entered into the £1,000 reward scheme, and can start earning your bonus!

Earning the bonus itself isn’t that hard, especially not if you love to play live poker, and yes, it must be live poker. As any poker player and gambler knows, casinos make their profits through the rake. This is the cut that they take from any pot or winnings. As you play poker, you’ll be contributing to that rake.

There are several thresholds in increments of £25. In other words, for every £25 that you contribute to the rake, you’ll receive £5. The money isn’t added to a bonus wallet, and you don’t need to meet any wagering requirements to receive it. Instead, the money is directly credited to your account, and you can either use it or withdraw it.

It is as simple as that. Play, contribute, and get rewarded. Keep in mind, though, that to claim the full £1,000, players will need to contribute 200x £25 to the casino’s rake. That’s equal to £5,000. That’s a significant contribution.

Bonus Withdrawal

Most casino and betting bonuses have certain requirements that need to be met before they can be withdrawn. Usually, these bonuses are held in a bonus wallet and are only released if players fulfil wagering or spending requirements. This is standard practice in the industry, and not surprising at all.

The Poker Welcome bonus from Guts casino doesn’t have such a requirement. Instead, the bonus is simply paid out when you earn one of your incremental £5 bonus pay-outs. Once the money is in your account, you can either continue to bet with it or simply withdraw it. Players can withdraw their bonus using any of their preferred payment methods.

There might be applicable fees, depending on which provider you use to make your withdrawal. It’s also possible that the withdrawal might take a few days. Make sure that you’ve verified your account and identity to avoid any delays.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid when Claiming Bonus

In your excitement to claim a new bonus, you might skip over a few things in the terms and conditions. This is something that happens more often than most players might think, and it usually results in a forfeited or invalid bonus claim.

Although the Poker Welcome offer doesn’t have many of these pitfalls, there are still a few of the terms that might catch players off guard. There are a few things that players should be aware of before they try to claim their Poker welcome bonus.

There aren’t any special steps to follow, at first. If you sign up with a poker alias, Guts will automatically enter you into the £1,000 reward system. You don’t just receive the whole reward, though, and need to contribute to the rake. That’s the casino’s cut of every pot. For every £25 you contribute, you get a portion of your reward – so don’t expect everything at once!

Players only have 60 days from the day of their registration to get their £1,000. If you don’t reach that maximum amount before the time runs out, you won’t be able to get the rest of the bonus.

Naturally, this bonus is only available to players in the United Kingdom. Players should also avoid making payments or deposits with eWallets. Using any eWallet automatically disqualifies you for any of the bonuses or promotional offers available at Guts casino.

You also need to make sure that you’ve verified your identity. If you haven’t, not only will you not be able to claim your bonus, but you might not even be able to play or access any part of the casino at all. In fact, with the new legislative rules from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Guts casino doesn’t even allow new players to leave the verification page until they’ve submitted the required documents.

Those are the only things to look out for, and it’s ridiculously easy. If you use common sense and follow the rules, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get the most out of this promotion.

Bonus Conclusion

We’ve seen some amazing bonuses in the past, and we’ve reviewed some of the worst. We weren’t spoiled for choice when finding a bonus to review, and we only had one to use. That said, the Poker Welcome bonus isn’t that bad at all.

As far as poker bonuses go, the poker welcome bonus does measure up. Because it’s ongoing as you play, you can occasionally expect a random surprise £5 to drop into your account when you achieve one of the thresholds. Not having any complicated processes or hoops to jump through before a player can claim or withdraw the bonus is a plus point as well.

Overall, we’re happy with the poker bonus, aside from one or two small factors. Even so, it’s still worthwhile for poker lovers to give it a go and reap the rewards. We do hope to see other promotions become available again soon, but, for now, this will do.


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