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Mecca Bingo Casino Bonus
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Formally named Top Rank, Mecca Bingo is a UK based bookmaker that runs over 80 British bingo clubs across the country. It’s owned by The Rank Group, and was established in 1961 before quickly growing into the largest National Bingo Game operator in the UK.

In addition to their many halls, Mecca Bingo boasts a website and polished app, meaning avid bingo players have all the opportunity to play from wherever they happen to be, further cementing Mecca Bingo as one of the most established bingo operators in the country. Oh - and did we mention they also have some great bonuses for new and existing players?

In this review, we’ll cover some of the Mecca Bingo sign up offers and bonus codes, to show you exactly why if you’re thinking about getting into light online gambling, Mecca Bingo is a great place to start.

Casino Bonus
Mecca Bingo
500% up to £50
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Introduction to Bonus Offers

Literally every online casino operating in the real world offers brand new customers a welcome bonus to begin their gambling lives. These can range from: initial bonus bets, risk-free wagering chances, bingo bonus no deposit, extra spins on slots and many other advantages.

It’s a win-win situation: the operator is more than happy to be enticing new players through their virtual doors, and the punters playing the games get a helpful leg up on their first furore into the world of online wagering.

Mecca Bingo are currently offering a sign up bonus of: spend £10, play with £60. Simply sign up and make a deposit of £10, and you’ll be rewarded with a £30 online bingo bonus, £20 to spend on Reel King Mega online, and a £10 voucher to spend at your local bingo club.

For more information on introductory offers that may suit you, check out our Betway offers and 32red offers.

Needless to say, sign up offers are ridiculously important to first time punters looking for a bookmaker to pledge their loyalty - they can literally make or break a decision to join. We recognise this importance, so much so that we’ve dedicated this whole review to helping you easily analyse the Mecca bingo deposit offers and Mecca Bingo promo codes open to new players.

For a more comprehensive view on Mecca Bingo as a whole, see our Mecca Bingo review.

Tips on How to Use the Bonus

In the world of online gambling, you can never guarantee a win - it’s hard enough to increase your chances of winning. Here we’ll share some essential tips and tricks, the basics, to help you nudge the odds in your favour. You can never bank on a win, but you can try your best, with our help.


Before you look into any odds or try to edge your bets, you need to check that you’re eligible for any promotions you’re thinking about activating. Many bookmakers will only offer their introductory offers to UK and Republic of Ireland customers, something first time betters should definitely check out.

It goes without saying that sign up offers are only available one-per-person, and before you think about getting around that rule by simply making another account, that option is off the table.

Most bookmakers track their user’s accounts via many different pieces of vital information (home address, bank account details, personal information and even sometimes IP address) to verify their identity, so the possibility of you managing to pull off a double account sign up offer coup is next to nothing.

These availability stipulations will be different for every Mecca Bingo promo code you look at, so make sure you always check the fine print at the bottom to see if you qualify.

Expiry Date

Most online betting promotions will have expiry dates, both on the offer itself and the bonus rewards you earn from the promo. We can’t stress highly enough how important it is to check these dates before you begin plotting what to do with your promotion and winnings.

It’s very possible that you could redeem a fantastic bonus offer, eagerly looking forward to cashing it in, only to realise that the window for use is closed, and you have no bonus bets or bonus cash left. Obviously, you want to avoid this at all costs.

Mecca Bingo’s current sign up offer has a seven day limit on it, meaning you have 7 days from when the bonus is added to your account to fulfil any wagering requirements, or the remaining bonus balance will disappear. During this time, the bonus will be displayed in the “pending winnings” section until the requirements are met.

This is something that isn’t exclusive to Mecca Bingo sign up offers: almost every operator has these kinds of caveats on their promotions, so the sooner you get into the habit of checking these parameters before setting your heart on a particular offer, the better.

Terms & Conditions

A constant in the world of online gambling, is the terms and conditions associated with most promotional offers. We know, we know, it’s stupidly boring to be reading through the entirety of these documents, but it’s an absolutely essential evil to put it into practice.

The fact of the matter is that, pretty much, every promotional offer on a bookmaker’s website will be littered with conditions that need to be met and terms that must not be broken. A lax attitude towards these factors could well lead to your promotional offer being prematurely cancelled.

Qualifying requirements and expiry dates will be detailed in this section of the page, and this is definitely essential knowledge if you want to make sure you get the most out of your bonus bets. This is also essential for the latest Unibet code and LeoVegas deposit bonus code.


Within the terms & conditions, a betting promotion will almost definitely list a wagering requirement required. A wagering requirement is an indication of how much a punter must bet in real cash before the bonus from their selected promotion will become available (more on the specifics later in the review).

With no prior knowledge, you would probably assume that this wagering requirement can be made up on almost every type of game on the website.

Unfortunately, you’d be wrong. Every promotion will not only have some kind of betting ceiling that must be met before you can claim the prize, but listed in the fine print somewhere will be the eligible games you can play to meet this ceiling.

Some activities on the website will add to this wagering requirement, some definitely will not, so check the information at the bottom of the page of every Mecca Bingo deposit offer you’re looking into.

Don’t Bother Trying to Double Up

As we previously mentioned, almost all bookmakers use a massive pool of information to track player accounts. These can range from personal information to actual IP addresses of the player’s devices.

They put a lot of effort into making sure the introductory offers are only available one-per-person, so if you’re thinking of trying to double up on the promos, we’d advise you not to bother.

Chances are, the people looking into the incident will have a lot more experience in these situations than you will, and the odds are always going to be stacked against you in those instances.

Violation of the terms and conditions could lead to your bonus and/or winnings being completely taken away, or your playing account actually being suspended. Trust us, it’s really not worth it.

It's worth comparing this offer to the latest Cheeky Bingo no deposit bonus before signing up.

Casino Bonus
Mecca Bingo
500% up to £50
Deposit Bonus
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Top 5 Tips to Take Advantage of the Offers

Here, we’ll list some essential tips taken from the knowledge banks of our expert panel.

We also think there’s plenty of information in here for veteran players also, so unless you think you’re the king on online gambling, we highly recommend this next section to anyone keen on online gambling.

Manage Your Bankroll

The absolute most important tip we can give any online gamer, is to keep an eye on their balance. There is no excuse for running out of funds while playing. It’s one of the most stereotypical issues punters run into, and the most important one to avoid.

You should always be placing bets relative to your available funds. If you’ve got a massive balance to work with, of course, feel free to place large bets at free will. Conversely, should you be playing with quite a small amount of money, you should be placing small bets.

Don’t go throwing your last £20 on an underdog in an unfamiliar horse race just because the odds are pretty good. It’s easy to get starry eyed when online gambling, but success is all about relativity: if you don’t have much money to play with, bet small, if you have loads of money to play with, bet as much as you like.

With online promos being such a big part of online gambling at the minute, smart bankroll management doesn’t just keep you in the game: it gives you the best shot at the right opportunities. Imagine you’ve just lost your last £20 in your bankroll, and the next morning Mecca Bingo releases a staggeringly generous deposit offer; needless you say it would be heartbreaking for you, as that offer could well have turned your peanuts into hundreds of pounds.

Remember: always bet relative to what you have.

Stick to Your Games

With so much on offer at online casinos, it’s very easy to lose your way.

The bright lights and vibrant colours have a tendency to lead players into unfamiliar territory, and while one of the best things about the online gambling market is the variety at your fingertips, you should always stick to what you know.

While we know how easy it is to get wrapped up in everything the internet gambling world has to offer, we have to stress it’s important that you stick to what you know if you’re looking to multiply your rewards from a one-time promotion.

At Mecca Bingo online, you’ll not need to worry about this too much, as the vast majority of the website is dedicated either to straight bingo play or casino slots. Although there’s less variety involved, it gives players a chance to specialise in their chosen games, getting more skilled and savvy every time they play.

Record Your Bets

It’s probably an alien concept to first-time gamblers, but recording your bets is an absolute key aspect of a successful punter. Gamblers almost always fall into habits, good and bad, and the simplest way of taking control of these habits is to spot them early and acknowledge them.

Old habits die hard, we know, but nobody expects you to be absolutely perfect when gambling online. The odds are always against you, but recording your bets and analysing the mistakes is one of the best ways to tip the scales back towards you a little.

Seeing where you regularly lose, when you tend to make your bets, and how much you put into your account on a regular basis is a real eye opener, and can really help you manage your bankroll properly and, at the very least, reduce your bad gambling habits to a minimum.

Keep an Eye on the Promotions

If you’re trying to make a profit out of online gambling, it’s obviously a great idea to take advantage of an operator’s sign up offer, but it’s an even better idea to sign up for updates from them.

Even without signing up for direct updates, coming back regularly and checking the available promotions is a must for any would-be avid punter.

The Mecca Bingo sign up offers are just the beginning, as all operators regularly update their promotions page with enticing offers for their players. It’s where punters will find the best value for money.

Weekends and holidays are a good time to use a Mecca Bingo voucher, as these are the most obvious times for operators to release their most mouth watering promotions and offers.

Take Chances on the Underdog

It’s a dangerous game, putting money on the dark horse. We’re not going to lie, more often than not, your luck won’t come in when you take a chance on the underdog.

However, there is a skill to noticing when an underdog dog looks good. It’s a combination of: the odds offered, the level of the handicap to the underdog, the specific situation and all sorts of other factors, but if you’re sticking to the games you know the most about and keeping an eye on your bankroll, you should be able to notice a bargain bet with a little practice.

As we say, it’s something you’re going to need experience in before you start to regularly pick out an underdog worthy of your time, so don’t just go throwing your money on the least favourite in every area.

Take it steady, think about your bets, and when you get a gut feeling that something about a certain situation seems to give the underdog the edge, take your chances.

Casino Bonus
Mecca Bingo
500% up to £50
Deposit Bonus
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Frequently Asked Questions About The Bonus

Do I need a promo code?

Yes, more often than not, the website will expect you to input a promo code when creating your new account in order to qualify for the sign up offer. This is something you can easily miss, and unfortunately, if you create an account without using the promo code listed in the terms and conditions, you will not be eligible for a sign up offer.

However, Mecca Bingo’s current sign up offer needs no such code. The Mecca Bingo new member welcome pack will automatically be applied to a new account once they spend £10 on bingo, meaning that you need not think about anything other than your game.

This won’t always be the case though, so we urge anyone looking to take one of these offers carefully reads through the fine print at the bottom before proceeding.

Do I need to deposit funds straight away?

Kind of. To qualify for the Mecca Bingo deposit bonuses, you must make an initial deposit equal to the minimum spend specified on the offer’s page. For their current offer, this is only £10, meaning new players only have to deposit £10 and then spend that on Mecca Bingo.

There is a time limit on these deposits, but it’s very lenient. The example we’ve given above gives players 60 days to make the deposit, so it’s not like you’re on a time limit once you’ve set the account up.  Always bear in mind though that different conditions are applied to each promotion. For example, the Mecca bingo no deposit bonus has a much shorter time limit applied.

Can I use any payment method?

Different bookmakers use many different payment methods as standard, and every promotion run by every bookmaker will have different allowances as to which of these methods can be used.

We sound like a broken record at this point, but it’s absolutely essential that before you decide to cash in on a promotion, you should always check the terms and conditions below to see if the payment method you’re thinking of using is applicable.

It seems however that Mecca Bingo has a loose attitude towards payment methods. The above sign up offer has no stipulations when it comes to how you put the money into your account, so you’re free to use pretty much any method you want.

Again, this will not always (very rarely, in fact) be the case, so always check for yourself.

Can my bonus be cancelled?

As always yes. Mecca Bingo reserves the right to cancel a bonus or promotion at any time, so as gutting as it may be, you must always be aware that this could happen.

It probably won’t - it’s a rare occurrence - but nonetheless you need to be aware that it’s a possibility. One reason this could happen is that the operator suspects you’ve violated the websites terms and conditions (yet another reason to read them through carefully), and this could even lead to them suspending your account. If you're looking for a different offer, try our Pinnacle welcome offer review.

Casino Bonus
Mecca Bingo
500% up to £50
Deposit Bonus
Get Bonus

Loyalty Rewards

Mecca Bingo’s loyalty scheme is simple: play bingo, earn points, spend points on rewards. It’s similar to a typical point scheme, ensuring that the only thing punters need to do in order to take advantage of the prizes on offer, is play.

There are four tiers to the loyalty scheme, each with its own set of rewards. The tiers are named after typical bingo ball colours:


Earn 15 points for every £1 spent, allowed to enter the mystery prize draw (enter your Mecca Bingo discount code in the online lobby), chance to earn double points on selected days, and get a birthday present from Mecca every year.

Orange - earn 1,000 points per month

Earn 16 bonus points for every £1 spent, allowed to enter mystery prize draw, chance to earn double points and a birthday present every year.

Green - earn 3,500 points per month

Earn 17 bonus points for every £1 spent, allowed to enter mystery prize draw, chance to earn double points, free bingo on selected days and a birthday present every year.

Blue - earn 10,000 points per month

Earn 18 bonus points for every £1 spent, allowed to enter mystery prize draw, chance to earn triple points on selected days, chance for free bingo and a birthday present every year.

Casino Bonus
Mecca Bingo
500% up to £50
Deposit Bonus
Get Bonus

Mecca Bingo Deposit Offer

For new customers, Mecca Bingo sign up offers are perfect, with the offer currently on promotion offering £60 to play with if they make just a £10 deposit.

This £60 comes in the form of: £30 online bingo bonus, £20 to spend on Reel King Mega online, and a £10 voucher to spend at your local Mecca BIngo club.

Reality Test - Wagering The Bonus

Note when signing up for a new account, players must select to receive the welcome bonus listed on the website, and the bonus rewards are subject to a one-time wagering requirement. You must spend at least £30 on online bingo to withdraw any winnings from the free play money, but will be able to withdraw as cash after the limit has been met.

You have 7 days to make these wagering requirements, which might not seem like a lot of time for new players, so you should definitely try to get your bingo time in that first week after activating the bonus.

You only have 7 days to use the bonus play money also, so before signing up for the offer you should be ready to play a lot of bingo to get your money’s worth.

Mecca Online Bingo Bonus Conclusion

Overall the Mecca Bingo deposit offer here is pretty good. If you’re a new player looking to check out all the different games on offer, this is a good promo to start with.

It showcases the two biggest gaming areas of Mecca’s website: the bingo hall, and the casino. With the small wagering requirements needed to make this offer a reality, we really would encourage anyone who wants just a taste of online betting starts here.

Looking for a betting bonus? The best place to start is with a Loot.Bet Bonus. Make sure to head on over to our Pinnacle welcome bonus and Boylesports new customer offer reviews too.

Casino Bonus
Mecca Bingo
500% up to £50
Deposit Bonus
Get Bonus

Mecca Bingo Bonus Code FAQ

🎁 What are the Mecca Bingo sign up offers?

Mecca Bingo is a name  that will be familiar to most online gaming and betting fans as the brand has a well-established history in the UK. It will also be of little surprise that the platform offers some great casino bonuses and promotions for its customers. These are detailed in our Mecca Bingo bonus review - along with instructions on how to claim each offer. We also let you know how and when you can use any Mecca Bingo bonus code you may have.

✒️ How do I claim the Mecca Bingo sign up offers?

When you sign-up to any new betting platform, there are certain steps you need to follow. These usually involve inputting a few details and sometimes submitting documents to confirm your identity. Of course, this is also the time to claim any new customer offers. Details of the current Mecca Bingo sign up offers can be found in our bonus review for the site, as well as instructions on how to claim each one.

#️⃣ Where can I find a Mecca Bingo bonus code?

You might have seen bonus codes offered as part of a promotion or new customer offer, as this is common practice with online gaming sites, like this Cheeky Bingo promo code. However, codes are not always necessary to claim offers. Our Mecca Bingo bonus review looks at what the platform currently has to offer and if there is an active Mecca Bingo bonus code, we’ll give you the lowdown on how and when to use it.

✔️ Is Mecca Bingo reliable?

Mecca Bingo is one of the most recognised bingo and gaming brands in the UK, so you can rest assured the platform is completely legit. But is it reliable? Even the best websites have been known to have issues and these can really put punters off. If you’re interested in finding out more about Mecca bingo, then our expert review at takes an in-depth look at the operator - including its reliability and gaming software.

User Reviews for Mecca Bingo Bonus

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