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The two latest Mr Spin bonuses are versatile, super-easy to claim and very competitive in terms of wagering requirements – but you’ll need to act fast if you want to get the absolute most out of either bonus, because Mr Spin gives you just 7 days to roll them over!

One key thing you always need to consider when claiming Mr Spin sign up offers is whether a Mr Spin bonus code or Mr Spin promo code is required – and we’re happy to reveal that neither of the two amazing bonuses on offer at the moment requires one.

To be honest, that should be all you need to know to take full advantage of Mr Spin’s latest offers. But let’s take a closer look at how these two offers work and what they look like in action when you get down to gaming.

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Mr Spin
100% up to £100 + up to
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Bonus Offers - Two fantastic deals to pick up from Mr Spin!

Dependable, easy-to-use bonuses are the backbone of the online casino industry and the latest Mr Spin sign up offers are both absolute belters.

We love the fact that Mr Spin is offering not one, but two Mr Spin sign up offers to cater to players of different tastes and preferences. The first grants eager casino gamers a 100% bonus up to £100. This is granted upon opening an account and putting down a fresh deposit and can be played on almost any game across the Mr Spin site. What’s more, no faffy Mr Spin promo code is required!

The second deal offers players up to £3 bonus credit, which can still be claimed even if you make no deposit whatsoever upon registering – allowing gamers to effectively try out one of Mr Spin’s top games for free. Neither deal requires a Mr Spin promo code or Mr Spin bonus code in order to claim, which we think is fabulous news. Not only are these great, but there is also a Mr Spin free spins code for you to take advantage of!

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How To Use The Bonus - A simple bonus to activate

If you’re claiming the Mr Spin deposit offer, expect to have to jump through a few (albeit not very many) hoops. Right away, you’ll have to make a minimum qualifying deposit of £3 before you can get your mitts on that 100% up to £100 bonus. Upon registering, you’ll have a 30-day time limit to claim the offer, and your bonus funds will be released within 10 minutes of making your first deposit (although in our experiences, the funds are actually released a little quicker).

With this offer, be sure to keep the following in mind:

  • The offer will expire within 7 days once claimed, so play fast!
  • Bonus funds are subject to 40x wagering requirements
  • If you withdraw any of your unspent qualifying deposit, you’ll be excluded from the promotion altogether (so steady goes there!)

If while weighing up the pros and cons of the two Mr Spin sign up offers, you decide that the free credits deal is more your cup of tea, there’s still plenty of fun to be had. By registering as a new player, you can claim £3 bonus credit to use as Mr Spin free spins. However, you will need to:

  • Use your free credits within 7 days, before they expire
  • Wager at least 40x, again
  • Withdraw no more than £50 in winnings accumulated via this offer

We don’t want to bore you by stating the obvious, but be sure to double-check the operator’s T&Cs page carefully before claiming your preferred deal. It’s not at all uncommon for casinos to change the rules slightly at short notice. Maybe in the future, a Mr Spin promo code or Mr Spin bonus code will be required, or perhaps the rules could change in your favour, like if a Fun Casino deposit offer got updated to be deposit and code-free, for example. Either way, just be sure you’re acting on the latest information and you can’t go far wrong. It’s as simple as that.

Casino Bonus
Mr Spin
100% up to £100 + up to
Deposit Bonus
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Top 5 Expert Tips To Take Advantage Of The Mr Spin Offer

Now, we reckon any Mr Spin review that didn’t serve up a good selection of tips on how to take best advantage of the latest Mr Spin sign up offers wouldn’t be worth its salt – so allow us to share some wisdom with you.

We know you understand how bonuses work generally and we don’t want to patronise you, but here’s a handful of things we’d warmly recommend to anyone who’s keen to make these specific two Mr Spin sign up offers go that extra mile:

Keep track of your accounts

Any money deposited onto Mr Spin’s site will go into what’s called a Cashable Credit Account, while any bonus funds will go into a separate Bonus Credit Account. It’s important to know the difference between the two, as the latter does not allow you to withdraw funds. Also, as we pointed out earlier, withdrawing any of your unspent deposit qualifying funds from the Cashable kitty could invalidate the Mr Spin deposit offer, while trying to cash out more than £50 might throw a spanner in the works with the free spins deal. Keep an eye on your accounts closely to ensure you don’t accidentally shoot yourself in the foot.

Wager at least 40x within 7 days

Both of the Mr Spin sign up offers currently on the market come loaded with 40x wagering requirements, which means you must rollover your original deposit and bonus funds at least 40 times before cashing out. One way to keep on top of this is to keep a wagering diary as you play, or to plan out how many games you’ll play per day in advance, seeing as you only have 7 days before either offer expires. MrPlay prevents players from withdrawing until the wagering requirements have been met, but it’s all too easy to lose track of time and fail to wager within the 7-day limit if you’re not paying attention.

Settle on one or two games and strategies, and stick to them

The free spins deal, which gives the latest Pocket Win bonus a real run for its money, requires no deposit but limits you to playing only one slots game. As the deposit offer gives you more flexibility, however, it’s easy to go wild playing different strategies across different games, which can get confusing very quickly if you’re trying to plan or record each wager. We’d recommend doing your research before claiming the bonus, sticking to one or two favourite games with favourable odds, and playing the same strategies until your bonus has been fully rolled over.

Don’t rule out alternative bonuses

Now don’t get us wrong, the two Mr Spin sign up offers available right now are both stellar, but Mr Spin is also offering several other great deals that might be more appropriate for your gaming habits, and shouldn’t be ruled out. For example, the Winter Wonder Wins! offer gives players a chance to win a share of £25,000 in prizes by staking just £10 on any game of their choice. If tournaments are your thing, this might sound more attractive than a couple of free spins! Meanwhile, the Refer a Friend Bonus could get you a £5 bonus plus a cash injection of 50% of your buddy’s first deposit, which is perfect if you have a mate who’s a high roller looking for somewhere fresh to splash the cash.

Keep an eye on the clock

We hate to bang on and on about time limits, but we really can’t stress enough how important that 7-day expiry is to these two bonuses. If you’re comfortable without a wagering diary or an advance game plan, at least make a note on your calendar or set some alarms on your phone to remind you when the offer ends and help you beat the clock.

With any luck, these five tips will help you to truly master your preferred bonus and push it as far as it can realistically go within Mr Spin’s limitations. If you think you’d benefit from shaping up on your casino gaming strategies, however, feel free to take a look at the various betting tips and other more specific strategy articles across our site. Who knows – you might discover some betting tips that are just perfect for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Mr Spin Bonus

We’ve already established that neither of these great sign up offers require a Mr Spin bonus code or MrSpin promo code, which is great. That said, let’s take a look at some of the other top frequently asked questions we receive about Mr Spin’s new bonuses. This will help you get down to action without any confusion, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience and better peace of mind all round.

What payment methods can I use to make a deposit?

Unfortunately, there’s often a limitation or two in this area with online casinos, and Mr Spin is no different. The bonus terms and conditions state that players must make a deposit using either debit card or Paysafecard. However, as Mr Spin is quite a mobile-friendly casino, there is an option for longer-term players to top-up their Cashable Credit Amount by applying a charge to their mobile phone bill later down the line. This is a very unusual feature, and definitely worth pointing out.

Do I need to worry about any expiry dates?

We hate to teach your Grandmother to suck eggs, but yes – both sign up bonuses have a 7-day expiry date once they have been claimed, so you need to act fast to fulfil your wagering requirements within this 7-day time limit. If your bonus is not used fully within the allocated period, it’ll disappear from your account altogether.

Are there any game-specific rules?

Whether you’re claiming a Rizk bonus code or one of Mr Spin’s special offers with a MrSpin promo code or MrSpin bonus code, every online casino offer will always have game-specific rules that you’ll need to abide by and be aware of. With Mr Spin, we recommend picking one or two favourite games before claiming your bonus and reviewing the operator’s “Rules of the Games” page prior to betting, to familiarise yourself with what you’re up against. If you’re trying to fulfil those wagering requirements quickly, it’s worth noting that different games will contribute a different percentage amount to these – but more on this in the next FAQ!

Do different games contribute differently towards my wagering requirements?

In short, yes. As a general rule of thumb with Mr Spin, slots games will always contribute 100%, while roulette and blackjack titles will only contribute 5% and only stakes of £0.20 or higher will have an impact. If you really want to speed things up, bingo games contribute a colossal 500% – but be sure to check in the T&Cs that your preferred bonus is definitely playable on your game of choice to avoid any unwanted complications. For example, if you’re claiming the free credits offer, stick to playing Reel Royalty only.

How long will my bonus take to appear in my Bonus Credit Account?

It’s no secret that some casinos leave players hanging on for far too long waiting for their new customer bonuses to be credited and approved. Fortunately, with no fiddly Mr Spin bonus code or MrSpin promo code in sight and a pretty straightforward registration process, getting your hands on either of the two Mr Spin new customer offers is easy as pie. Whether you’re going for free credits or the 100% bonus, your account will be credited within 10 minutes of registering, allowing you to get betting right away – no-nonsense, no excuses.

If you have any other questions that we’ve left unanswered, do yourself a favour and take a look at our comprehensive betting guides and tips across the site. We’d also recommend comparing this Mr Spin sign up offers review with our reviews of bonuses offered by Mr Spin’s top competitors, to give you a better idea of which operator is offering the most bang for your buck right now.

Casino Bonus
Mr Spin
100% up to £100 + up to
Deposit Bonus
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Additional Rewards & Loyalty Programmes - Great bonuses for loyal players

As far as additional rewards and loyalty programmes go, Mr Spin is a little unconventional. Instead of offering a traditional tiered VIP scheme, where players can work their way up the rankings to unlock fresh bonuses, tournaments and giveaways, Mr Spin runs a “Loyalty Shop” where players of pretty much any ability can swap accumulated “Bingo Loyalty Points” for special gifts.

Now, in some cases, these gifts come in the shape of a “£10 Bonus Credit” for 850 points, or a slightly sprucier “£30 Bonus Credit” for 2,400 points. But a Mr Spin promo code or MrSpin bonus code purchasable on the store sometimes unlocks a physical gift of some kind instead, like an “iPad Air 2” for 35,000 points, or a “Tassimo Coffee Machine” for 11,000 points, for example. Just like with a Trada casino promo code, you’ll need to enter the relevant code in order to claim your desired prize.

The gifts on offer literally range from vacuum cleaners and fridge freezers to luxury spa treatments and driving experiences. The prizes are regularly rotated and updated, and players can build up their points simply by playing bingo games anywhere across the Mr Spin site. You’ll automatically be enrolled into the loyalty scheme when you register.

Casino Bonus
Mr Spin
100% up to £100 + up to
Deposit Bonus
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Mr Spin Casino Bonus

Bonus Intro - A 100% deposit bonus AND bonus credits!

As you’ll no doubt be aware by now, Mr Spin has two amazing Mr Spin sign up offers available to new customers, as well as a whole host of great perks for longer-term players to claim later down the line. The first offer grants gamers a 100% up to £100 bonus upon making an initial deposit of £3 or more. This is playable almost anywhere on the site, but there’s a number of things you’ll need to be aware of before claiming – which we’ll review in this section. The second sign up offer, which must not be claimed in conjunction with the first, gives you £3 in free bonus credits.

Reality Test - Wagering your Mr Spin bonus offer

To use the 100% up to £100 bonus, you’ll need to deposit £3 or more, pick a qualifying game and roll over your initial deposit and your bonus funds at least 40 times within 7 days or less. Pretty much any game qualifies, including Mr Spin’s amazing bingo titles.

With the free credits offer, no deposit of any kind is required – you can claim your £3 bonus credit the moment you open an account. However, you’ll still need to use it within 7 days or less if you don’t want to invalidate the offer. Neither deal requires a Mr Spin promo code or Mr Spin bonus code, and we are happy to confirm that each bonus does exactly what it says on the tin.

Bonus Withdrawal - Average 40x wagering requirements

As we’ve already pointed out, your 100% up to £100 bonus will need to be wagered 40 times before you can request a withdrawal if you’re claiming the first sign up offer - and that no Mr Spin bonus code or Mr Spin promo code is required.

If the free credits offer tickles your fancy a little more, you’ll also need to wager your bonus credit at least 40 times and will be capped at withdrawing a maximum of £50 in winnings accumulated from these spins, too.

With both Mr Spin sign up offers, you’ll need to deposit using either debit card or Paysafecard, but you are allowed to withdraw using Bank Transfer or PayPal instead if preferred.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid When Claiming Bonus

With these Mr Spin sign up offers, Mr Spin actively prevents players from withdrawing if they haven’t fulfilled those x40 wagering requirements, so the biggest pitfall you’re likely to face with either of these offers is the fear of running out of time. To make sure you meet your wagering requirements within 7 days or less, we recommend planning out your play days in advance and keeping track of how much you have wagered on each given day.

If you opt for the free credits offer rather than the Mr Spin deposit offer, you’ll also have to make sure your eventual withdrawal is £50 or less. With either offer, expect to be asked to provide ID information when requesting your first withdrawal – which could include evidence of a paid phone bill.

Verdict on Bonus - An excellent deposit bonus for keen casino-goers

choose between two very different sign up bonuses. Better yet, we think it’s great that no Mr Spin promo code or Mr Spin bonus code is required for either of them!

In any case, the wagering requirements are fairly competitive on both Mr Spin sign up offers and we’re sure you’ll have a fantastic time! With no Mr Spin bonus code or Mr Spin promo code needed, the deal is super easy to claim, too. We think this is great, because we don’t know about you, but we’ve always found having to enter a Mr Spin bonus code seriously annoying...

Casino Bonus
Mr Spin
100% up to £100 + up to
Deposit Bonus
Get Bonus

Overall Conclusion - Take a spin on this fantastic bonus offer

Now, we understand you just want to know whether or not we think Mr Spin is a good place to play bonus-wise, so let’s get down to business. With not one, but two amazing Mr Spin sign up offers up for grabs at the time of writing, lower than average wagering requirements and an utterly unique VIP programme for bingo lovers, we’re more than happy to recommend Mr Spin to our readers. There are many reasons for this, and it’s probably clear as day to you by now that it’s hard to argue against them.

Both bonuses are super easy to claim and use, without any annoying MrSpin bonus code, MrSpin promo code or confusing T&Cs, but we prefer the 100% up to £100 deal for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s playable on more game options. Secondly, a minimum deposit of just £3 is virtually nothing compared to the sort of figures competitors are demanding to kick-start their alternative sign up deals.

And finally, those wagering requirements of x40 are about average – although to be fair this can be said for both of Mr Spin’s new customer deals. Just be sure to keep a close eye on that 7-day time limit and we think you’ll have a blast.

For a good betting bonus, be sure to take a look at our 32red promo code or Sportingbet bonus code reviews!

Casino Bonus
Mr Spin
100% up to £100 + up to
Deposit Bonus
Get Bonus

Mr Spin Sign Up Offers FAQ

🤔 How many Mr Spin sign up offers can I claim at once?

If you’ve played online casino games with Mr Spin or any of the other best betting sites in the UK before, you’ll be aware that it’s not uncommon for operators to offer more than one bonus at once. But the million-dollar question usually is, can players claim more than one bonus at the same time? Right now, Mr Spin is offering some amazing casino bonuses, but each is subject to its own rules. Read our reviews to find out how they work.

🎰 How do I get a free spins bonus with Mr Spin?

If you want a bonus that grants free spins on top slots games, where should you go? It’s no secret that different Mr Spin bonuses will often cater towards gamers of different tastes. If you want free spins, a bingo bonus might not be right for you, but there’s always a chance they’ll be plenty of other great casino offers out there if you’re willing to do a bit of digging. Compare the best casinos and bonuses with today.

🎁 Is the latest Mr Spin bonus any good?

Want to get the best casino bonus on the market? If so, it always pays to compare betting offers and sign up bonuses strategically between providers, to ensure that Mr Spin’s latest is definitely the best fit for a gamer of your background and tastes. We love Mr Spin and think the site stacks up a lot of benefits compared to some of the other best online casinos in the UK right now. Nevertheless, bonuses should always be considered on a case-by-case basis.

🔐 Is Mr Spin trustworthy and legit?

If you find it difficult to spot the differences between scam gaming sites and the best online casinos in the UK, check out our betting tips and guides to discover how to find the right trustworthy casino for you. Here at, we’ve been in business a long time reviewing online gaming sites like Mr Spin and we want to share our online gaming knowledge and strategies with players just like you. Visit today to find out more.

🎉 How can I win with Mr Spin’s new bonus?

Getting the absolute most out of Mr Spin’s latest bonus means knowing the rules inside out and practising the best betting strategies and techniques for your preferred game. Here at, we keep our site updated with expert reviews, betting tips, guides and strategies to help players get just that little bit more out of their online gaming experiences. Find out what’s new with MrPlay and the best online casinos in the UK with today.

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