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Paddy Power Sign Up Offer & Bonus Code for 2021

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Being one of the UK’s favourite bookmakers, you’d probably assume that it’s also one of the oldest, wouldn’t you? Well, you’d be wrong. Paddy Power, as we know it today, was actually founded in just 1988, making it a relative youngster in terms of UK betting organisations.

Any semi-experienced punter will tell you that Paddy Power are absolutely killing it in the modern day gambling scene, being the first name on many people’s lips when they’re talking about the most influential and desirable bookies in the country.

Although it has a slightly controversial history, Paddy Power is definitely one of the nation’s favourite bookmakers, and in this review we’re going to examine the Paddy Power sign up offers and Paddy Power promo codes to show you if they really are the kings of online.

100% up to £200
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Introduction to Bonus Offers

Introductory bonus offers are a massive market in the online gambling scene, with every bookmaker worth their salt offering new players a chance to get ahead of the game. They’re both user friendly and operator friendly, giving you as the player an opportunity to risk-free play the vast array of games available on their website, and in-turn gives the bookie a great chance of getting new players onto their site.

Like our Sky Bet offers and Betfred offers reviews, this review will go through the vast array of different Paddy Power deposit offers to give you an insight into how much you stand to gain from making a first time account with them.

Deposit offers are massive to punters – they can literally be the difference when trying to decide who you’re going to invest your time, money and effort into – so we think it’s important for gamers to really get to grips with a bookmaker’s philosophy.

Remember: you only get one chance to make the most of your introductory offers, with most bookies (Paddy Power included) run a one-time-only policy on these special offers. In this review you’ll find everything you need to know about the various Paddy Power bonus codes, how to get the most out of those offers and what to avoid when making your first wagers.

Tips on How to Use your Paddy Power Sign Up Offers

Your victories are never nailed on, especially in the world of online gambling, but there are some things you can do to either: increase your odds of winning or decrease your odds of losing. Here are some simple tips and tricks to implement into your game to get into good gambling habits.


Many of the Paddy Power sign up offers are only available to players in the UK and Republic of Ireland, unfortunately. If you’re playing from outside of the UK, you won’t qualify for these bonus codes.

Sign up offers are also limited to one per person, and like many other bookmakers, Paddy Power will check your: email address, household address and IP address to stop customers from tricking the system into giving them a second sign up offer.

Also, only deposits made with debit cards, Apple Pay and Paypal will be accepted for the bonus offer. Payments made with: Skrill, Paysafe and Neteller will not count.

These stipulations will change depending on the offer you’re going for, so make sure you check each one before you decide to go all in on redeeming the bonus.

Expiry Date

As seen in our Pinnacle welcome offer and Boylesports new account offer guides, most bonus offers and promo codes are subject to some kind of expiry date. This is something you should always (ALWAYS) check before you decide whether a specific bonus is right for you.

We can imagine nothing worse than going through the deposit, playing many games over the course of a few days to meet the wagering requirements, only to realise that your offer expired without you realising.

After you’ve activated the offer, the promotion itself will have an expiry date which you must fulfil the criteria for, and after you’ve claimed your rewards, the bonus bet you receive will have an expiry date itself.

Be mindful of these possibilities when perusing the Paddy Power bonus codes.

Terms & Conditions

Every offer on every bookmaker’s website will be subject to many terms & conditions, unfortunately, and it’s up to you to go through them.

The temptation, we know too well, is to ignore the arduous walls of text associated with documents like these, but we can’t recommend highly enough that you ignore that temptation.

You may not realise it, but most of the information in there can affect your bets, in good ways and in bad, although it’s the latter we’d encourage you to look out for. Qualifying boundaries and expiry dates will all be in there, including and potential pitfalls which might see you lose out on your offer or rewards completely.


Although it may seem like the sign up offers on Paddy Power (and almost all other betting sites) allow you to freely place your bonus cash wherever you wish, this is almost never the case.

Within the terms & conditions of introductory bets, you’ll find a list of games which qualify towards wagering requirements and qualifying bets. You need to make sure that when you’re picking your game of choice, you know exactly what you’re getting into, as wagering requirements tend to be rather steep and unwittingly throwing money into a game which counts for no overall progress can be frustrating.

The appropriate games will always be listed either on the promo page itself or in the terms & conditions.

Don’t Bother Doubling Up

As with all introductory offers, the Paddy Power sign up offers are limited to one per person. There’s almost no way to trick the system (at least not that mortals like us can find) into granting you an extra bonus promo code, so if you dared to imagine such a thing you’ll have to kiss that dream goodbye.

As we mentioned, Paddy Power will track your identity through many pieces of information (home address, bank details, IP address), so the likelihood of you pulling a double intro offer is tiny, and even if you managed it, it’s very possible that the bookmaker could find that you’ve violated the terms & conditions of the website, leading to your offer being rescinded and even account suspension.

100% up to £200
Deposit Bonus
Redeem Tonybet Bonus

Top 5 Expert Tips to Take Advantage of the Offers

Here we’ll give you a few sage pieces of advice from our expert panel, because seen as you’ve only got one shot at making the most out of your Paddy Power deposit code, expert help will never go to waste.

Newcomers to the gambling scene will find a lot to take away here, but veterans may also find there’s something here for them.

Manage Your Bankroll

Under no circumstances should you be running out of funds while online gambling. It’s one of the easiest traps to fall into, but one that anyone who wants to be successful in online gambling and maximise their fun must avoid.

Punters should always place bets relative to their funds, wagering much smaller amounts as their bankroll reduces. We all go through rough patches, nobody is perfect, but it’s important that when it happens you deal with it properly.

Don’t go putting the last of your wagering cash all on an underdog to go out in a blaze of glory, we can tell you from experience that it’s much more practical and sensible to place small bets in the hope of multiplying your funds back to where they belong.

As well as keeping you in the game, smart management leaves the right opportunities. Should Paddy Power release a staggeringly generous promotion the day after you throw all of your bankroll down the toilet, you’ll be left wishing you had just taken it steadier and given yourself the option of jumping on these offers.

Stick to your Sports

This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to find yourself wandering the infinite web looking for a weird and wonderful market to make you rich. You know how it is, one minute you’re casually sticking a couple of quid on in-play Premier League markets, the next you’re wandering through the possibilities of being a baccarat world champion.

You’ve probably had this thought before, but we can’t tell you how important it is to stick to your sports. Your odds of winning a bet increase astronomically the more you know about the particular game you’re betting on, so it goes without saying that if you’re looking after your bankroll, you should always go with what you know.

Record your Bets

One of the key habits that separate experienced gamblers from inexperienced ones, is the recording of bets. Almost all serious gamblers record their win and losses somewhere close to the computer, although it’s something that may seem excessive to newcomers.

In fact, you’d be surprised at how easy it is to single out bad and good habits when you start recording your gambling conquests. It’s clear how you’re winning and losing money, making it very easy for you to pinpoint those areas in which you need to watch yourself.

This practice makes it very easy to eliminate (or at least reduce) those times where you find yourself down.

Keep an Eye on the Promotions

It’s one thing to jump onto a betting website and take them up on their signup offer, but it’s another thing entirely to keep up to date with them.

It doesn’t end with Paddy Power sign up offers, it’s just the start. Many bookmakers constantly update their website with new improved offers, promos and events, meaning your best way of getting the perfect deal is by subscribing to news from your chosen bookmaker.

Weekends and holidays are the bookie’s favourite times to debut these offers, so if you’re not keen on signing up for newsletters, we advise avid punters log into the sites at these times to double check that they’re not missing anything. The same goes for grabbing the latest LeoVegas casino bonus and 888 betting offers, too.

Take Chances on the Underdog

Putting your faith in the underdog isn’t always the right way to go, as any haphazard daredevil gambler will tell you, but sometimes it is. As players we have a tendency to shy away from the bets with the most fantastic odds, they’re scary numbers after all.

It’s true that more often than not the bookmakers have picked the favourite just right, but it’s not true 100% of the time. It’s always possible that they’ve slipped up, missed something, a key piece of information that you’ve got a feeling will make the difference.

There are times where the bet is worth the risk, and your job as a punter is to single out those times and get better and better at noticing them. Sometimes, you’ve just got to take a punt on the underdog.

100% up to £200
Deposit Bonus
Redeem Tonybet Bonus

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a promo code?

Yes, more often than not, you’ll need a Paddy Power promo code in order to receive the sign up offers you want. It always depends on the specific terms of the offer you’re looking at, so make sure you read the page carefully to get it right.

For example, the current Paddy Power sportsbook sign up offer requires you to enter the promo code: YSKACE when you initially set up your account.

Like most online bookmakers, creating an account without entering this specific code will forfeit the offer, so it’s something you definitely need to get straight before you get going. Be sure to check for any promo codes if you’ll be picking up the latest Rubybet welcome bonus or bet 365 promo codes, too.

Do I need to deposit funds straight away?

You’ll almost always be required to make some kind of deposit before qualifying for your bonus bet. The deposits are usually a token amount (for the above example only a £5 deposit is enough), so it shouldn’t be enough to drive you away.

Some bookmakers do offer no deposit bonuses, but again, you’d need to consult the specific web page to discover what the terms of the promotion were.

Can I use any payment method?

Although online bookmakers provide many different payment methods for depositing actual funds into their account, the bets that must be made to qualify for these offers rarely have that kind of flexibility.

Each promotion will be different, so you’re going to have to do some research to make sure your deposits aren’t wasted efforts. The good news is that these stipulations are always listed on the promotion page itself, so you’ll not have to search very far.

Usually, payment methods such as: Skrill, Neteller and Paysafe will be disqualified, but again, you’ll have to check the terms of the promo you’re investigating.

Can my bonus be cancelled?

Yes, Paddy Power reserves the right to cancel a promotion or bonus at any time, which is something you’ll find at every bookmaker.

It’ll most likely never happen, unless you blatantly violate the terms and conditions of the website and/or offer you’re using, but it’s something that nethertheless can happen.

100% up to £200
Deposit Bonus
Redeem Tonybet Bonus

Loyalty Rewards

Whilst some bookmakers choose to make their VIP club super exclusive, like a billionaire’s lounge where the champagne is free and the chairs are made from solid gold, Paddy Power has done the exact opposite.

Literally anyone who satisfies one of the very lenient qualifying criteria will be rewarded with gambling goodies, including bonus bets and bonuses up to £25.

It’s a party for the people, making sure the salt of the gambling earth (you guys) are the ones reaping the biggest benefits from your gaming.

Paddy Power also adds all kinds of spontaneous rewards to their prize pool, including: tickets to live events, discount codes for third party products, or just general free stuff. It’s not a marketing tool for the products either, they stress the prizes are just that, prizes, for the loyalty of their customers.

We’ve got plenty more bonus guides here at – head over to our Cheeky Bingo no deposit bonus and Mr Green voucher reviews for more detailed guides.

100% up to £200
Deposit Bonus
Redeem Tonybet Bonus
PaddyPower Sports Bonus

Bonus Intro

Paddy Power are currently running  a cracking sports promo for anyone looking to get into online gambling for the first time: £30 in bonus bets (money back as cash should any of your three £10 bets lose) plus 100 extra spins on Paddy Power Gold Megaways games.

Reality Test - Wagering the Bonus

The bonus bets will be credited in the form of three £10 bets and only deposits made with debit cards, Apple Pay or and Paypal will qualify. The 100 extra spins can be used on Paddy Power Gold Megaways only, and can be claimed from the promotions hub once the deposit has been made.

Bonus Withdrawal

  • Open a brand new Paddy Power online account
  • Use the Paddy Power promo code: YSKACE
  • Make a £5 deposit using debit card, Apple Pay or Paypal
  • Place the £5 take on a sportsbook bet
  • Claim your reward from the promotions hub

Pitfalls & What to Avoid When Claiming the Bonus

  • Qualifying requirements must be made within 90 days of setting up your account
  • Paddy Power sign up offers are only available one per-person, and any attempt to get around this will probably lead to them rescinding the promotion
  • The qualifying bet will not count if it is any of these types: Canadian, Goliath, Heinz, Lucky 15, Lucky 31, Lucky 63, Patent, Super Heinz, Trixie & Yankee
  • Deposits made with e-wallets such as: Skrill, Paysafe and Neteller will not qualify for the bonus

Bonus Conclusion

Overall, this introductory offer is extremely friendly to new customers. There’s very little that can go wrong here, and you stand to gain not one, not two, but three bets, and if any of those bets fail, you are refunded in cold hard cash.

The stipulations regarding which games you can play to qualify are rather slim in comparison to some offers from other bookmakers.

It’s easy to claim, and given that you’ve got a safety net with your rewarded bets, it’s easy to win. For more excellent bonuses, head over to our 32red new customer offer and Sportingbet signup bonus guides.

100% up to £200
Deposit Bonus
Redeem Tonybet Bonus
PaddyPower Casino Bonus

Bonus Intro

The Paddy Power casino bonus on offer at the moment is decent enough without being overly generous. Punters can receive £50 bonus betting money and 20 extra spins on selected games when they make a £10 deposit.

Deposits made with e-wallets are not valid for this promo and new players must use promo code: PASREG upon setting up their account.

Reality Test - Wagering the Bonus

Although it’s quite a generous offer, this promo does require you to complete wagering requirements of x35 before you can withdraw your winnings. We don’t need to tell you that these are hefty requirements, possibly enough to even put you off the promotion altogether.

You also only have seven days to make these wagering requirements, meaning unless you’re playing crazy amounts of casino games in the week after you redeem the bonus, you might not even see any benefits from it.

Some qualifying games contribute more or less to your wagering requirements, so be careful before you decide to activate this one-time bonus.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid When Claiming the Bonus

  • You must use promo code PASREG when signing up for your Paddy Power account
  • You must accept the extra spins from the promotion hub before being able to use them
  • Unused bonus spins will expire 24 hours after they are accepted
  • Winnings from this offer are capped at £500
  • Not all eligible games contribute 100% towards the wagering requirements; for example, slots contribute to the wagering requirements at a rate of 100% meaning if you put £100 into the slots, you would be £100 closer to completing your wagering requirements. Roulette however, contributes at a rate of 50%, meaning if you put £100 into roulette, you’d only be £50 closer to satisfying the wagering requirements.

Bonus Conclusion

This offer is much less enticing than the Paddy Power sports sign up offer. There’s a nice bonus return available, and these bonus bets could be a great start to your gambling career.

The fact is though, the wagering requirements are massive, you only have 24 hours to use the extra spins (which will, likely as not, lead to you just smashing through them as quickly as possible), and the fact that not all of the eligible games contribute to the wagering requirement at the same rate means that you could end up having to play a hell of a lot of casino games before you see anything from the offer.

It’s here to get you playing, not to get you winning. Having said all that, you could do a lot worse than £50 of bonus credit and 20 extra slot spins, so it isn’t the worst offer out there by any stretch.

100% up to £200
Deposit Bonus
Redeem Tonybet Bonus
PaddyPower Poker Bonus

Great poker bonus to try

Paddy Power have got a great poker bonus on. This is a matched deposit deal that will match your first deposit by 200% all the way up to £100. What’s best is that they will even throw in £20 in Twister tokens on top.

Getting the Paddy Power poker bonus

It’s easy to get the Paddy Power poker bonus. You’ll have to download the Paddy Power poker software, register an account as a new customer, and then make a simple deposit of at least £10 with one of the accepted payment methods. Paddy Power will then match this amount by 200% up to £100.

Using the Paddy Power poker bonus

Before you get carried away with using the Paddy Power poker bonus, it’s worth mentioning a few important parts of the terms and conditions. You should know that you only get seven days to use your Twister tokens, and that there are specific details over how you use any Power Points in any poker tournament. So make sure that you pay attention to the small print before you sign up to get this offer.

Decent poker bonus from Paddy Power

It’s nice to find that the Paddy Power poker bonus is easy to get and simple to put into action. There may be larger poker bonuses out there, but for sheer value for money it’s hard to argue with the Paddy Power poker sign up offer. So be sure to download the Paddy Power poker app and see what you can win with this competitive poker promotion.

100% up to £200
Deposit Bonus
Redeem Tonybet Bonus


Paddy Power brings you a top-notch gambling experience with their online platform. The sheer depth of the website will allow you to play a range of games and wager on all the latest sports. Coupled with exciting offers, there’s not much missing when it comes to Paddy Power.

For more in-depth bonus guides, be sure to visit our Novibet offer and Sporting Index promo code reviews.

100% up to £200
Deposit Bonus
Redeem Tonybet Bonus

Paddy Power Sign Up Offers FAQ 

💵 Does Paddy Power offer a matched deposit bonus?

Paddy is a renowned online bookmaker with a range of fantastic betting services on offer. The mere fact that Paddy Power is so popular is a sure sign that you’ll be able to grab some enticing bonuses. However, each top bookmaker will offer a different bonus. In many cases, these bonuses come in the form of a matched deposit bonus. To find out if this is the case, take a look at our Paddy Power bonus review.

💡How do I claim the Paddy Power welcome bonus?

At, we aim to bring you a great deal coverage of the latest welcome bonus offers. These offers can be claimed as you sign up and create a valid account. Take note that welcome offers are only available to new customers. In our coverage, we’ll also mention any additional offers which are available to existing customers.

📄 What documents do I require to claim the Paddy Power sign up offer?

In order to claim the Paddy Power sign up offer, you’ll need to sign up to the official website. When you create an account, you’ll need to provide documents verifying your identity. These documents are not shared with third-party individuals. Take a look at our reviews to find out more about what will be required from your side.

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