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Redbet Sign Up Offer 2020

Claim your Redbet Bonus Code now!

Redbet is run by Evoke Gaming, part of the Mr. Green group based in Malta, and today we’re going to review the Redbet welcome offer available to new players. The group was bought by William Hill in 2019. The casino and sportsbook side of the operation are available to UK customers, and there’s also a strong international audience, mostly in Europe, who also have access to the poker room. There are a number of promotions on offer for UK customers. However, these have recently become limited, as the Redbet welcome offer is no longer available to UK players. It remains to be seen whether a new set of Redbet promo codes and bonuses will be launched in the future, but this review focuses on what UK customers can still benefit from.

Introduction to Bonus Offers

Welcome bonuses are a popular way to attract new customers to online casinos and sportsbooks, as they give you an opportunity to explore the features in a risk-free way. It seems that this operator is reconsidering its approach, as the Redbet welcome offer for UK customers is no longer available. There are still prizes and rewards to claim for players on this site, but the lack of any Redbet sign up offers is disappointing.

Tips on How to Use the Bonus

Since the Redbet sign up offers are no longer available to UK customers, these tips will focus on identifying a good bonus and how to make the most of it.

Does it matter if you can’t find a good sign up bonus? The idea of generous Redbet sign up offers sounds great, but there are also other ways to benefit. A welcome promotion can help you to explore the best games in the casino, or give you a chance to place some extra bets as you discover the bet types and in-play section of a sportsbook.

Instead of going for one big bonus at the start, some customers prefer to benefit from smaller, but more frequent, boosts over time. At Redbet, customers can access daily and weekly tournament prizes. You have to play to win, but what you receive is a cash prize, not bonus funds.

When it comes to ongoing promotions, they don’t always follow the same rules as a sign up offer. For example, you won’t need a Redbet bonus code to claim the reward, but you’ll need to complete other actions.

For the Pragmatic Play £1,500,000 prize pool, you’ll need to launch a qualifying game, such as Wolf Gold, and opt in. You’ve got to make a minimum spin of at least £0.50 on the game to be part of the tournament. Daily prizes are triggered at random, and the weekly tournaments depend on points, which come from the highest multiplier spin.

Sports promotions typically focus on bonus bets and cashback. That means that you might receive your stake back if one of your legs in an accumulator loses, or you might receive a bonus bet when you make your first bet. These funds are designed to be used once as a bet, and if you win, you can withdraw the funds.

Casino bonuses are a little different, and it’s best to read the Redbet bonus terms & conditions to make sure that you understand their terminology. In general, you’ll need to remember that bonus funds are separate to your cash balance, cannot be withdrawn, and will have wagering requirements. There’s a distinction between bonus funds, and cash prizes, which you win and can withdraw.

Top 5 Expert Tips to Take Advantage of the Redbet Welcome Offer

When you find a new operator or an offer that you want to claim, then it’s worth going about it in the right way to maximise the benefits. Here are 5 tips from the experts that will help you to avoid missing out.

Creating a new account

The lack of Redbet sign up offers for UK customers at the moment shows us that timing is everything. If you’re looking for a new casino or sportsbook, you should check for bonuses before you register. Unless you have a specific bet to place, you have time to shop around for the best offer that week or month.

On the other hand, if Redbet’s other services seem to fit the bill, then it’s worth contacting the customer service to see if the deals are about to change or to ask whether there will be something specific that the operator can offer.

Follow a process

Although you aren’t using a Redbet bonus code, there are still steps that need to be taken in a particular order to trigger the rewards. For the casino prize pool, the first step is to read the details of the promotion. You’re looking out for key pieces of information, such as when it finishes, how much you can win, and how to enter. It will tell you that the campaign is running until July, and will have links to the 13 different slot games that qualify for the promotion.

Agree to receive offers

There isn’t an active Redbet deposit offer for UK sportsbook bettors. For an alternative, you can look at the Dafabet bonus offers. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t get a bonus. Most operators, including Redbet, offer ongoing promotions directly to a customer’s account. This can be done through email or the main account page, but you need to opt in or add your email address to the list to benefit.

Understand the personal value

Irrespective of the fact that you can’t claim the Redbet welcome offer right now, it’s still important to have an idea of how you spend and bet. For example, a big bonus that focuses on slot games and extra spins doesn’t represent much value to a casino poker player. Just as guaranteed odds on UK and Irish horse racing won’t mean a lot to football fans. The bottom line is that attractive numbers and impressive statements need to apply to your style of betting to be useful.

Speculate to accumulate

In betting, you can’t help but become familiar with the idea that you’ll need to spend some money to get something back. Some bonuses work the same way, but you need to know how much it can cost and how much you’ll get back.

If you aren’t using a Redbet bonus code, then it’s quite likely that you’ll need to opt in, and that you’ll have to make a qualifying bet. This applies to sports and casinos; there are instances where you’ll need to make some bets to trigger a reward to or enter a prize draw. You need to feel comfortable with the amount you need to spend, and it should feel worth it for the reward. Another factor is fun. Would you place that bet or play that game anyway? If the answer is yes, then the promotion really is an added bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Bonus

Here, you’ll find answers to the questions that help you navigate bonuses and promotions in general. There is also more information about Redbet, it’s offers, and features, and how to avoid many common mistakes.

Will there be new Redbet sign up offers for UK customers?

The operator has gone through several changes. It became part of the Mr. Green group in 2018. This group was bought by William Hill in 2019, and although Evoke is still running the platform in the UK, all of these changes seemed to have had an impact on the offer for the UK market.

International customers can still claim the bonus bets for the sportsbook, and up to £100 deposit offer for the casino. A different offer might be created for UK customers in the future, but it could also be a sign that the operator is focusing less on this market.

Can I get a Redbet bonus code through my email?

Those who are existing customers, and who have signed up to receive promotions, can still benefit from being a loyal and regular bettor or player by receiving special bets and exclusive access to games through their email. Checking your email or your account will put you in a good position to take advantage of bespoke bonuses.

How does Redbet ownership affect my account and bonus?

Redbet ownership shouldn’t have too much of an impact on your daily use, but it’s definitely worth keeping track of any significant changes. The offers could change in the weeks or months after a takeover, and it’s worth noting that many operators that are part of larger groups have similar rules between sister sites.

That might mean that you can’t claim a welcome offer if they share the same promotions. It could also mean that if you self-exclude from a Mr. Green site, then you might void your account and winnings at Redbet.

Does Redbet offer special sports features instead of bonuses?

Redbet does offer competitive sports odds, which will attract customers and could make them forget that there isn’t a Redbet bonus code to claim a bonus bet. You can also find the option to cash out for some bets, which is a useful feature to minimise your losses or guarantee some profit.

How much can I win from casino prizes?

The prize pool for the Pragmatic Play promotion is £1.5 million. This is given out in daily drop prizes, which are triggered randomly. They go up to £1,000. The rest of the prizes are given out as part of a weekly tournament.

The week runs from Thursday to Wednesday, and the winner is whoever is at the top of the leaderboard at the end of that week. Weekly tournament prizes are up to £5,000. To top the leaderboard, you’ll need to have the most points, which come from having the highest single spin win amount when multiplied by the initial bet.

Additional Rewards / Loyalty Programmes

Another way that sportsbooks and online casinos provide benefits to their customers is through VIP and loyalty programmes. For an example of a different kind of rewards offer, you can check out Spreadex refer a friend programme. Redbet hasn’t published any details about a VIP programme, which suggests that it doesn’t offer one, although it could be an exclusive, invite-only club.

There isn’t a Redbet welcome offer, or a traditional loyalty programme. However, the operator does offer a rewards scheme through a casino slot provider. Quickspin rewards come from playing games developed by this software provider, not from using a Redbet bonus code. Slots from Quickspin, such as Sticky Bandits Wild return, have an achievements tab where you can track your progress and use your rewards.

As you play the slots, events will occur in the game that unlock achievements. Once you have triggered these events a certain number of times, the achievement will be complete, and you move up a level from bronze to silver, gold, and diamond to receive rewards tokens. These allow you to access game features, such as extra spins.

Redbet Sports Bonus

Bonus Intro

This section reviews specific areas of the sportsbook, such as whether you might need a Redbet bonus code, and what promotions are on offer to boost your sports bets winnings. To find out more about the betting markets, live betting centre and odds, read our Redbet operator review.

Since Redbet sign up offers for the sportsbook aren’t available to customers who live and play in the UK, there aren’t any active promotions for new Redbet customers now. The site doesn’t advertise any ongoing offers, such as a live bet bonus, or cashback offer. The site doesn’t provide BOG, or best odds guaranteed, either.

It’s hoped that the operator is developing new bonuses and promotions for bettors, but at present, there isn’t anything to attract new customers.

Wagering the Bonus: Reality Test

Since there isn’t a welcome bonus or another offer, and there isn’t a Redbet bonus code, the reality of wagering the bonus is simple. There aren’t any steps that you need to complete to claim anything. This means that you can deposit and place your bets as normal.

It might be worth agreeing to receiving emails and notifications about promotions as they are made available, so that you know how to access them in the future.

Bonus Withdrawal

Just as you won’t find a Redbet promo code to trigger a bonus, you also won’t have to worry about any complications with making a withdrawal. There isn’t an active bonus or bonus bet to use, which means that everything in your account is your cash, and you can follow the normal withdrawal procedures to access it.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid when Claiming Bonus

Bettors do not need to opt in, or find a Redbet bonus code, and there’s no need to worry about meeting the minimum qualifying deposit amount or making a bet at certain odds. As there isn’t a sports bonus, there are no rules, restrictions, or qualifying criteria to adhere to at the sportsbook.

Bonus Conclusion

It’s disappointing that there aren’t any Redbet sign up offers, or any other ongoing promotion for customers to benefit from. The odds are competitive, and there are some features, but that isn’t enough to make this sportsbook stand out from the crowd. A good sportsbook needs a way to attract and reward customers, with bonus bets, insurance, or an odds boost feature. For example, take a look at the McBookie accumulator cashback promotion.

Redbet Casino Bonus

Bonus Intro

This part of the review looks at how players can use the casino promotions, how to claim, whether you need a Redbet promo code, and how to withdraw your winnings.

There aren’t any traditional Redbet sign up offers for new casino customers. However, there are some other ways to benefit. One is the Pragmatic Play prize pool, which requires that you opt in while playing certain slots, instead of using a Redbet bonus code. This offers players the chance to win daily prizes, as well as to take part in a weekly tournament to win a bigger prize.

Other rewards can be found by playing the Quickspin slots. As you trigger events in the game, you’ll complete achievements, which trigger rewards. These come in the form of tokens that can be used in Quickspin slot games to activate bonus features, such as extra spins.

Reality Test - Wagering the Bonus

Claiming these rewards is slightly more complex than entering a Redbet bonus code when you make a deposit. For the prize pool, you’ll need to opt in by launching one of the qualifying games, and then place a bet of £0.50 or more. Prizes are triggered at random, so you aren’t guaranteed a win.

For the weekly tournament, once you’ve opted in and placed a bet, you can earn points by scoring the highest win amount from a single spin. The player that is at the top of the leaderboard at the end of the week gets the cash prize. If you’re interested in playing these games anyway, then there isn’t anything extra that you have to do to be in with a chance of winning a prize.

The same is true for the Quickspin rewards. You need to play quite a bit more than you do for the prize pool to receive the tokens, as there are different rewards levels to reach, and you need to trigger the events several times to complete the achievement.

Bonus Withdrawal

There aren’t any traditional wagering requirements for these promotions as they are different from a Redbet deposit offer. For the prize pool, if you receive a random daily prize, it’s issued in cash with no wagering requirements attached. This means it can be withdrawn straight away using the standard withdrawal procedure.

The same is true for the weekly prize if you’re top of the leaderboard at the end of the week. The rewards for the Quickspin promotion do not have a cash value. The tokens can only be used in Quickspin slot games to trigger the bonus features. Any winnings from these features are credited to your account balance and can be withdrawn as normal.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid When Claiming the Bonus

A Redbet bonus code won’t trip you up, but you do need to opt in if you want to take part in the Pragmatic Play prize pool. To be in with a chance to win a daily prize, you’ll also need to play one of the qualifying games with a minimum bet of £0.50. Since it’s random, you can’t affect the outcome, apart from by ensuring that you are entered.

Taking part in the Quickspin rewards will happen automatically as the achievements feature has been added to all Quickspin games on the Redbet platform. However, claiming the tokens and redeeming them requires action. You’ll need to visit the achievements tab in a slot like Dragon Chase or The Grand. From here, you can track your achievements, claim tokens, and spend them by activating a bonus round.


As with the sportsbook, it’s disappointing to see that there aren’t any Redbet sign up offers for casino players. For example, the GentingBet deposit match shows how much new players can boost their bankroll.

It’s good to find that there are some added extras for customers, so prizes and some boosted winnings can be found. However, both of these are connected to particular software providers, rather than to the casino itself. This also means that the promotions don’t really benefit people who aren’t fans of slot games.

Overall Conclusion

The recent change to remove the Redbet deposit offer for UK customers of the sportsbook and the casino has meant that the bonuses given by this operator are almost non-existent. There’s a complete lack of sports promotions, which means that it isn’t as enticing a prospect as it could be. The lack of Redbet sign up offers is not what we hoped for.

Like Redbet bonus code for welcome offers, the poker section of the Redbet site is also only available to international customers, not for UK players. For a UK poker room with a welcome bonus and other offers, take a look at Full Tilt poker.

Redbet is missing a trick by not encouraging customers to sign up and not rewarding them for their loyalty. The casino prize pool and slot rewards system do work well, but they will only benefit a small number of customers. Hopefully, the operator will change its offers in the near future, either by making the international promotions available to all or by establishing new UK bonuses.

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