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Slotmob Sign Up Offer 2020

Claim your Slotmob Bonus Code now!

Slotmob is a popular online gambling operator. It’s a sister site to the well-known international casino website, LeoVegas. As the name suggests, it’s strictly a casino gambling site with a massive selection of slot games, and you won’t find a sportsbook.

It’s built a solid reputation for itself and often boasts a range of Slotmob deposit offers and Slotmob bonus code that its members take advantage of, resulting in good profits. Slotmob has done an excellent job of attracting new customers because they don’t have just one sign up offer, but they have two Slotmob sign up offers!

To set your mind at ease, so that you can play for hours on end, Slotmob is perfectly legal as it’s licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. It also uses 128-bit SSL encryption so you can trust that your identity is kept private.

There is an in-depth review of Slotmob that you can use to learn everything else there’s to know.

Introduction to Bonus Offers

As most casinos need an enticing draw in to attract new players, like the 138bet casino sign up offer and the Ohmbet bonuses, Slotmob also runs promos, and Slotmob sign up offers.

Between the two offers, you’ll receive five bonus spins once you’ve created your account, and you can receive 100% deposit matching Slotmob sign up offers up to £50. It’s an enticing combination of promotions that is sure to catch the eye of any casino gambler.

Sounds like a pretty good deal, doesn’t it? What makes the bonus offers even better, is that there is no Slotmob bonus code required to activate them. Continue reading to find out more.

Tips on How to Use the Bonus

When claiming rewards like the Slotmob sign up offers, there’s usually a catch or some hidden details that are easy to miss when using the bonus cash reward or bonus spins. Reading the fine print carefully is essential to successfully using a bonus offer.

This can be a somewhat daunting experience, particularly for the uninitiated. That’s why we’ve put together some quick and easy tips to make the most of your Slotmob sign up offers and Slotmob deposit offer.

Top 4 Tips when using the bonuses

  1. Don’t enter a Slotmob bonus code to access the rewards. They can be accessed via the “Promotions” tab. Make sure that before you start playing or wagering that you opt-in to them via the “Promotions” tab. You’ll kick yourself if you don’t opt-in and activate the Slotmob sign up offers.
  2. Bonus spins are great! They give you the chance to win some extra money without opening yourself up to much risk! Use them only on the Starburst slot – the catch to this bonus is that the spins can only be used on one game, the Starburst slot game. Starburst is decided on by Slotmob, and you can’t change it.
  3. When claiming Slotmob sign up offers, you will have to wager the bonus cash value by 30. Unless you’re a high roller stick to a £20 deposit so that the total you wager will be £600. A lower deposit takes away your eligibility, and the maximum you’re allowed is £50 (therefore, a total wager of £1500).
  4. Place your qualifying wagers amongst slot games, and avoid table games and the live casino. Slots contribute 100%, table games contribute 10%, and the live casino games 0% towards the wagering requirements. You also only have 14 days to match the requirement, so don’t waste too much time.

Top 5 Expert Tips to Take Advantage of the Offer

The rules that surround bonuses like the Slotmob sign up offers can be challenging to figure out. Often people will be unsure of some of the rules or whether a Slotmob promo code is needed. Below is a list of top tips and guidelines for taking advantage of the Slotmob sign up offer, compiled by the experts, just for you:

Tip 1

Always read through the terms and conditions that accompany any bonus, reward, or Slotmob promo code. A common newbie error is to ignore or not bother going through the terms and conditions. Often amongst the jargon, you’ll learn the most important rules, like min/max wagers, and limits on bonuses.

New members that are familiar with casino games at a competing company also pass on the fine print, because they assume that the rules are similar across all bookies. This is not the case, and it’s always advised to scan the rules and ensure there are no criteria that are less obvious that you can miss.

Tip 2

If you see anywhere to enter a Slotmob bonus code, you can ignore it for now. Usually, promos and bonuses can’t be used in conjunction with each other. The Slotmob sign up offer is activated by opting-in on the “Promotions” page, so no Slotmob bonus code is necessary.

If you do have a Slotmob promo code, hold onto it. First, contact the customer care team to ask if the promo code will void the Slotmob sign up offers. The service team can be contacted via live chat for the quickest result. If they can’t be used together, hang onto the Slotmob bonus code until you’ve completed the offer procedures.

Tip 3

After you’ve completed the registration process, go straight to the “Promotions” page. Once you’re there, hit the “no deposit required” claim button to proceed with the bonus. The bonus spins will automatically be credited to the Starburst slot game.

It’s recommended to do it straight away because you have three days to claim the bonus. You also only have three days to use the bonus spins. Starburst is a pretty fun game and isn’t too busy for the eyes. Try it out when the bonus spins have been allocated, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself hooked after the five spins!

Tip 4

Always check the minimum deposit that applies to a deposit bonus. The first deposit bonus is usually higher than the usual minimum deposit value (£10), which is the case here. Make your first deposit at least £20 (which is the minimum deposit applicable to the reward) and a maximum of £50.

The deposit bonus reward will be between £20 and £50, and the values in between will increase in increments of £10. For example, a deposit between £20 and £29, you’re eligible for a £20 cash reward. If you deposit between £30 and £39, you’re eligible for a £30 cash reward and so forth.

Tip 5

When you join Slotmob, and it asks if you’d like to receive a newsletter subscription, always say yes! The emails and messages may be spam, but you’ll also be in the loop for when some lucrative bonuses and promos are being dealt out, or when new games are being released.

The most important part of the newsletter subscription is that if there is a Slotmob bonus code that could be redeemed, you’re sure to find it there. Don’t dismiss those emails!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Bonus

Even though you should always read the fine print yourself, there can be a lot of terms and jargon used throughout that can make it seem complicated.  Sometimes the terms and conditions need to be rephrased so that players don’t get confused or misunderstand something important.

The team here has gone through the fine print and summarised the rules into an informative FAQ section. You’ll find all the essential information that you need when joining Slotmob, and claiming one of the Slotmob sign up offers.

Q1. Is the offer open to everyone and anyone?

No, it’s not. The sign up offers are only valid to brand new members of Slotmob. All the current members are excluded and can’t claim the bonus spins or the deposit offer. If you’re already a member, you’ve already been drawn into Slotmob and received a welcome bonus.

If you’re considering signing up, do so now before you miss the chance to realise a return off the sign up offers, that certainly won’t come around twice. The massive selection of games and the chance to enhance your table skills will be enough to keep you busy and entertained for hours. You’ll even be treated to further rewards and maybe even a Slotmob bonus code in the future.

Q2. Do I need a Slotmob bonus code to claim the welcome offers? Where do I find the codes?

No, you don’t need a bonus code to claim the Slotmob sign up offers, so you don’t need to look for them anywhere. The offers will be presented to you automatically.

After you’ve successfully registered your account, you can go to the “Promotions” tab. A page will load with all available offers to you. Once you’re signed up and ready to go, you can claim the bonus spins. You’ll see the first deposit offer once you’ve met the criteria required to claim it.

Q3. Do the Slotmob sign up offers expire? Can it only be claimed within a specific time frame?

Yes. The five bonus spins offer needs to be claimed and activated within three days of you creating an account. It is recommended that you claim the spins as soon as you’ve successfully registered. You’ll find the promo on the “Promotions” page.

After you have claimed the bonus spins welcome bonus, you have three days to make use of the spins. All you need to do is head over the Starburst slots game and use your three spins. The spins will automatically be credited to the game, so there’s no need for you to do anything.

The Slotmob deposit bonus needs to be claimed within 14 days of registering your account. Once you’ve created your account, you’ll find the deposit offer on the “Promotions” page, but you’ll only be able to claim the offer once you’ve met the wagering requirements.

Q4. Will you be able to make more deposits for wagering when you want to complete the deposit offer?

Yes, only the first deposit will determine the value of the cash reward. To complete the wagering requirements, you’ll need to make another deposit (or a few).

The minimum deposit that qualifies for the reward is £20, so you’ll need to make another deposit of at least £580 to meet the 30 times bonus value of £600. For £30 deposit, you’ll wager £900, £40 deposit, you’ll wager £1200, and for £50 or more, you’ll wager £1500, in order to claim the cash reward.

Additional Rewards & Loyalty Programs

Slotmob rewards its users regularly, usually through bonus spins. It also sends out a newsletter of sorts that informs its subscribers of any promotions that are running, and any bonuses that can be claimed. If any promo or bonus needs a Slotmob bonus code, you’ll see it there.

Slotmob also nominates a game each week as the Slot of the Week. When the Slot of the Week is announced, all members will receive bonus spins so that everyone can have a go at the game. Bonus spins are always superb because it takes you to games that you hadn’t considered playing previously.

As far as a loyalty or VIP program is concerned, it appears as though one doesn’t exist, which is unusual for a casino. If one does exist it’s very well hidden and neither the members nor Slotmob have very much to say about it. It’s a considerable oversight. Loyalty programs are crucial for building an active player base that keeps coming back for more.

However, besides the Slotmob bonus welcome offers, there’s plenty more that awaits you once you’ve started playing. You’ll find many games and bonus spins regularly. You’ll find that despite the lack of a rewards program, Slotmob aims to give users plenty of reasons to keep on gambling.

Slots Mob Sports Bonus

Bonus Intro

Sports betting is a tremendously popular form of gambling. Online sports betting is all the rage these days, combining the thrill of punting with the convenience of online gambling. Millions of sports fans gather online every day to bet on their favourite games and events.

However, as previously stated, Slotmob is a casino site. Unfortunately, at the moment, Slotmob hasn’t ventured into online sports betting. You won’t find any sort of sportsbook features at Slotmob, including a total absence of sports betting markets and promotions.

We would like to think that it might add a sportsbook in the future. However, given the rather specialized nature of Slotmob, that does seem highly unlikely. Still, if Slotmob decides to see the light and open up an online sportsbook, we’ll happily update our Slotmob reviews.

Bonus Conclusion

In the meantime, try your hand at some of its slots or table games. You’ll be sure to find some other rewards, like a Slotmob bonus code, or extra spins.

If you’re dead set on sportsbooks with superb markets, odds and rewards, you might want to consider giving Gamebookers’ bonuses a try.

Slots Mob Casino Bonus

Bonus Intro

The Slotmob sign up offers that new players can take advantage of are designed to attract players to the available slot games. The two welcome offers are a five bonus spins, no deposit offer, and a cashback reward of up to £50 on your first deposit. Slotmob stands out from its competitors because it’s unusual to have two sign up offers for new players.

The two bonuses encourage new players to get into the swing of things and immerses them in the world of Slotmob’s 300+ games. Players start with the Starburst slot game and then are free to use any other available game. It’s best to use the bonuses on slot games because you’ll reap the rewards sooner.

What makes these offers that much better is that players simply need to opt-in to claim the bonus, there’s no Slotmob bonus code required to activate them.

Reality Test: Wagering the Bonus

Many players have their own opinions on the sign up bonuses. Below you’ll see some of those opinions and views.

“I was really drawn into the extra spins welcome offer. I was disappointed that the spins were limited to Starburst but ended up enjoying the game, and it’s now one of my favourites!”

“The bonus spins were great fun, but the deposit bonus isn’t worthwhile. I had to spend £600 just to be rewarded with £20?!? Not worth it. I would’ve preferred more bonus spins on Starburst or another game.”

“I was over the moon to claim bonus spins on my favourite slot, Starburst! I wish there were more bonus spins! I didn’t opt for the deposit cash back because I prefer to keep my high rolling for table games and the live casino. Table games don’t contribute enough to the requirements to validate the effort.”

Bonus Withdrawal

The Slotmob bonus spin welcome bonus doesn’t have a withdrawal, as it is for bonus spins. It is worth noticing that the max that you’re able to win with you five bonus spins on Starburst is £50 if you don’t make any deposit. For bigger rewards, you need only make a cash deposit, and you’ll be on your way to making a profit!

Most casinos have strict rules when it comes to withdrawing from your account when you are in the middle of redeeming or trying to meet the bonus requirements. In fact, in many online casinos, initiating a withdrawal before clearing a bonus can result in outright cancellation of said bonus.

Fortunately for Slotmob members, you can withdraw from your real money balance without it having an impact on meeting the bonus requirements. That is, you won’t be forfeiting your bonus reward when you withdraw from your account. This is another unique aspect of Slotmob.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid When Claiming Bonus

There aren’t many pitfalls when it comes to the Slotmob welcome bonuses. The time frames given to claim the rewards are more than fair. It mostly comes down to the new member claiming the bonuses from the “Promotion” page and opting-in. There is also no pitfall when it comes to withdrawing the winnings from the offers.

The biggest pitfall of the extra spin bonus is that the spins can only be used on Starburst. The five spins can be used up quickly, so the time limit is not an issue.

The first deposit has a hefty wagering requirement. 30 times the bonus value needs to be wagered before you receive the deposit cash reward. Still, for the online casino industry, it’s a squarely average requirement. The wagering is also encouraged to be used on slots. Both these factors are the pitfalls that most members have.

Bonus Conclusion

The Slotmob casino welcome offers are an excellent draw in, and not having to use any Slotmob bonus code is a bonus in itself. The five bonus spin bonus is an instant reward that gets you started in the slots straight away. Slotmob has selected a fun game that you’ll most probably love playing and end up using real money to play afterward.

The deposit offer is a little less satisfying. It would have been better if the players could have a higher percentage of table games wager contribution. That said, it is understood that Slotmob has a focus on slot games – it’s in its name after all. It also is a costly bonus. The amount to be wagered could be lowered, or Slotmob could offer a higher cash reward.

Slots Mob Poker Bonus

Bonus Intro

Online poker is one of the most popular types of gambling in the world. Countless online poker rooms today offer all kinds of poker cash games, tournaments and tables for poker fans. Poker bonuses are a great way to draw in those customers, and a regular source of reliable revenues.

That’s why so many online gambling operators today are opening up their own poker rooms, and doling out promotions. However, Slotmob is a casino that keeps the focus away from poker and other table games.

As you can tell from its name, slot games take center stage. It has minimal poker games, with the only two poker variations are Live casino Hold ‘Em and Live Texas Hold ‘Em. There is no Slotmob Poker Room. Video poker options are all you will find here.

It’s safe to say that neither the bonus spins welcome bonus, nor the first deposit offer will be able to be used on the two live poker variations. The bonus spins are designated to slots; specifically, the Starburst slot game, therefore, has no use in live poker.

When you deposit into your account, you can use the funds to play live poker. In the case of the first deposit offer, live poker games will have a 0% contribution towards the wagering requirements on the offer. The lack of poker and the inability to use live poker to contribute towards the requirements is disappointing as poker is a popular game amongst users.

Overall Conclusion

Slotmob has done a fantastic job of drawing new members in by offering two different Slotmob sign up offers. It also receives bonus points for making the offers available without the need of a Slotmob bonus code. The rewards are attractive, but upon closer inspection are very restrictive.

The five bonus spins can only be used on Starburst. Not every member will want to play Starburst, even though it is an entertaining slot game. The offer could be improved by adding a choice of slots for the bonus spins to be used on. On the positive side, the time frame given to claim the spins, and to use the spins is more than fair.

The deposit bonus seems to be lucrative but is very limiting as the value that players need to wager is very high in comparison to the reward. A quick calculation shows that you receive a little over 3% in cash rewards of the amount of money wagered. The requirements are also very restrictive because it encourages newbies only to explore slots.

Furthermore, by forgoing both a Casino and a Poker section, Slotmob leaves a lot of gamblers out. It would definitely benefit the operator to incorporate these options and some attractive promotions for them as well.

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