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Spreadex Reviews & Ratings UK 2020

Is Spreadex reliable?

Established in 1999, Spreadex is a UK-based Sports Betting and Finance Trading platform. If you’re looking for betting in Asia, you can have a look at the Dafabet review. Spreadex ratings done during Spreadex reviews are generally high.

In an attempt to answer the questions, ‘Is Spreadex reliable?, and ‘Is Spreadex secure?’ our Spreadex reviews will give brand new Spreadex ratings and see how it stands up against competitors.

With two decades in the making, it’s a long-established player in the industry. More focus is on spread betting for Spreadex. The reliability of Spreadex is unquestionable, as explored in both this Spreadex sports review and the Spreadex betting review section. Spreadex UK has a unique position as the only sports spread betting operator.

Although younger than some, like Gentingbet, those 20 years have provided high Spreadex ratings. Spreadex holds some impressive titles. It was most recently named in the top 1,000 fastest-growing companies in Europe. With reports like this, it’s difficult to continue to ask the question: is Spreadex reliable? Sports fixed odds betting is the other service provided by Spreadex UK that our Spreadex reviews will endeavour to highlight

McBookie: Pros & Cons
McBookie: Pros & Cons
  • Range of markets available
  • Sports and financial betting
  • Credit facilities on offer, exclusive to Spreadex
  • Highly responsive customer care
  • Only offer spread sports and financial betting

Welcome Offer

If you’re a new account holder, then you’re in luck; this Spreadex review will cover all of the currently available promotions. You’ll know the answer to the question: is Spreadex reliable? After you’ve looked at the amazing offers on display, it’s important to bear in mind that a good sportsbook rewards its punters.

Spreadex UK has a great signup bonus for its newcomers. There’s a condition to claim the opening offer though. You have to wager £300 or more on a sports spread betting market within your first 28 days. Then you have a choice of either an iPad or a £300 cashback into your account.

This means that if you stake lower, you’ll receive cashback for that level. Once you reach your total wager of £300, you may choose to contact Spreadex to have your iPad sent to you.

There are qualifying sports markets for this offer as well. Everyone’s favourites can be found here, like horse racing, football, cricket, golf, tennis, and the NFL. Many other markets exist as well like those for the rugby union & league, snooker, and darts. All the information needed for this offer can be found in the Spreadex offers, under the promotions tab.

For specific markets, Spreadex reviews also found offers for spread-free bets. These give sports spread betters a little extra for free. You can also refer a friend and earn a £100 Total Goals spread bet. Mention your name in your friend’s signup and help them wager. When you’ve helped them with at least five bets, then you can claim this free bet.

Usability, Look & Feel

A factor that’s especially important to newcomers in the betting industry is an easy to navigate online environment. Our Spreadex reviews will cover the basic look and feel and overall use of the site.

The Spreadex UK site is concise to navigate. You can move across all of the different sports markets it offers with no problem. Tabs across the top banner will take you to each main betting area for the respective sport selected. The In-Play options are available on the left banner of the page, as well as via the In-Play tab.

The colour scheme is easy on the eye and allows the betting markets to become the sole focus of the page. Darker tabs draw your attention to the navigation to different sports markets. Towards the bottom of the page is a bubble for extras, including results and help and support.

Live races are also shown in the middle of the main betting area. There’s a few graphics making for an uncluttered and easy to navigate operator. Additionally, when clicking to another page like promotions, a new window will pop up. This is handy so you don’t lose what you’re currently doing.

Payment Methods

Good Spreadex ratings are usually calculated with a few factors in mind, like a comprehensive payment portal. With secure payment methods the answer to the question “is Spreadex secure?” is clearer than day.

Spreadex welcomes payment via UK debit, and bank transfers, cheques or direct debit. You may only use the debit card payment in terms of your cards, as debit cards are no longer viable in the UK for online bookmaker sites.. A bank transfer meets industry standards and will likely be credited within two days. Spreadex has placed a £1 charge on card deposits under £50.

Unfortunately, Spreadex is amongst those that don’t currently accept any EWallet services for payment, something also seen in the Mcbookie review. This is strange considering these cards’ popularity amongst other sportsbooks. But the Barclays Pingit app is available for payments.

The smallest withdrawal amount for Spreadex UK is £50; any amount lower than that will mean the full amount must be withdrawn. You can request your fund’s withdrawal online or over the phone or via email. The same card that was used to make a deposit must be used to withdraw funds.

The most you can withdraw is £25,000 unless you’re using MasterCard, which is £2,500 per transaction (but can be used multiple times a day!). Again, in line with industry standards, you can expect funds to reflect within 2-5 days.

Customer Service

One of the most important factors that must be taken into consideration for any Spreadex reviews, and what goes a long way for Spreadex ratings, is the customer service provided by the operator. It also says a lot for those asking: is Spreadex reliable? Is Spreadex secure?

Site-wide, a banner for both an email service and the sports desk and general inquiries contact number is available. The help & support section contains FAQs for sports. FAQs for your account, and any technical issues that you may encounter are also here. A contact button on the main banner will also take you to the customer service portal.

The landlines provided are for both domestic and international punters. It appears to be only offered in English on the site. The customer service hours listed are 8 am – 5:30 pm. This doesn’t leave much support for late-night punters. Later availability is something that other bookies offer, like in the Racebets reviews, and may be more convenient. There is, however, a live-chat window

Licence & Security

For our Spreadex reviews to give accurate Spreadex ratings, and answer the question ‘Is Spreadex reliable?’ we must review licensing.

This is where it really matters when you ask: is Spreadex secure? Spreadex has gone above and beyond to ensure the safety and online security of its punters. Good licensing and security measures will reflect positively in Spreadex ratings.

It’s essential that you seek a reputable operator online. Knowing that Spreadex is secure and reliable – will give you peace of mind. No doubts there, given that it’s regulated by three authorities: The Financial Conduct Authority, the Gambling Commission, and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. The FCA, of course, oversees the spread betting on offer.

This means that, not only is Spreadex secure, but your funds are kept safe and secure from Spreadex’s operating capital via Tier 1 banks. There’s regulatory oversight from the FCA. This means that Spreadex is required to adhere to strict regulations that aim to protect its clients.

Additionally, it ensures that your funds are kept safe and secure in a variety of scenarios, including fraud and potential bankruptcy.

Rewards & Loyalty Program

Not only is Spreadex secure, but it cares about it’s players. Apart from the welcome bonus, matched bets are another great way that Spreadex UK gives you more for your chances. Spreadex will match your existing bet, offering £25 for each £25 wager you place. You’ll be doubling your betting potential.

Promotions, regular deals and daily deals are another way that Spreadex UK rewards you, and it gives brownie points in Spreadex’s ratings.

A popular notion amongst other sportsbooks is some form of a loyalty programme. Keeping your regulars happy is just as important, if not more so, as keeping your newbies coming in.

Unfortunately, Spreadex UK is yet to roll-out a programme as such, which could harm them in the long term for potential punters. Exclusive bonuses and offers for loyal customers may be found elsewhere. Unfortunately, Spreadex loses out here and stands to lose long term customers.

Spreadex ratings and Spreadex reviews find that the operator has been awarded placement on awards like the Sunday Times Profit Tracklist on three occasions. This is a list of the top 100 fastest-expanding UK companies. The other placement is for customer service for the Best Spreading Betting Firm.

Additionally, Spreadex was named in the report by FT1000 of the top 1,000 fastest-expanding companies for Europe in 2017.

But that’s not all Spreadex has achieved; it’s also got an award for the Best Spread Betting Firm. It has been given various awards in London, from corporations like MoneyAM and Good Money Guide. Awards like these reflect advantageously in any Spreadex ratings as well. Not only do they reflect positively in the ratings, but they contribute toward answering the questions, ‘Is Spreadex secure?’ and ‘Is Spreadex reliable?’.

Spreadex UK Financial Spread Betting

As mentioned previously, this portfolio is particularly impressive as it’s exclusive to Spreadex. A range of financial markets are discussed in this Spreadex betting review.


The markets available for Spreadex’s financial spread betting are in Indices, Shares, Forex, and Commodities.

Indices trading means making a bet on the world’s major stock indices. You can trade around the clock on many of Spreadex’s available indices, with spreads on the most popular markets from 1pt on UK 100, 1pt on Germany 30, and 1.7pts on Wall Street. Thanks to its out-of-hours trading service, you’re given 24-hour trading on many indices, tight spreads, and over 30 indices markets to choose from.

Share market trading offers you the opportunity to profit off fluctuating prices on thousands of global equities. You have full exposure to the market, while bearing only a part of the total cost. You can use Spreadex’s spread betting or contracts-for-difference (CFD) services here.

You can also take advantage of the best price offers, dealing in small-cap stocks, and choice of shares from over 15 countries. The profits made from spread betting are also free from certain taxes and duties.

Forex trading allows you to speculate on over 60 currency pairs, including EUR/USD from 0.6 pts and GBP/USD from 0.9 pts. Advanced technological tools greatly help this trading market, and 24-hour trading is available for most FX markets.

Lastly, commodities trading is the placing of spread bets and CFD trades on commodity futures markets. The most popularly traded markets on Spreadex are precious metals like gold and silver, along with crude oil (Brent), light crude oil, and natural gas.


There are no limits to financial betting. However, tax inclusion and exemption need to be checked for whichever market you’re interested in.

Product Summary & Conclusion

As one of the UK’s leading spread betting services, and its only financial spread betting service, Spreadex has tailored its service well. It offers low stakes and competitive prices amongst financial markets to give punters a wide variety to choose from in the world of financial spread betting.

Spreadex Sports Betting

Betting Markets

This Spreadex sports review will cover all aspects of what’s on offer at Spreadex. Covering popular betting markets to your expected odds. With all of that in mind, you can make an informed choice if Spreadex UK is for you.

Is Spreadex reliable? Is Spreadex secure? No Spreadex reviews could give comprehensive Spreadex ratings without looking at the betting markets.

You’ll find a selection available for betting markets under sports for this Spreadex sports review. On any given sporting event, Spreadex provides as many as 150 different collections to bet on, With many of those available in-play.

The 18 different sports, including virtual sports, are listed under the all sports drop-down tab. From American football to greyhound racing, Spreadex provides a wide range of markets.

Your traditional markets, such as golf, horse racing, and tennis are, of course, featured as well. Each sport can also be switched between the pagh’s main betting area; under each of these, there are various tournaments, leagues, and competitions available.

The extras section of the page includes a ‘Get Started’ section. Those of you beginning your spread betting journey can benefit greatly here.

Spreadex provides spread betting in many of its markets. This type of betting differs significantly from its fixed-odds counterpart. This means that you don’t have to choose a winner or horse to back. Instead, you wager on a market margin. Margins are points scored or record timings, etc. The options for spread betting are endless, but be sure to know the risks involved!

Not only is Spreadex reliable, not only is Spreadex secure, but it offers many learning opportunities as well. Not only are the basics of spread betting like above covered, but a section on fixed odds is also available.

Live Betting & Streaming

The In-Play events are displayed on the left of the main sports homepage, for all relevant sports and specifically under each sports tab. The In-Play button can also be clicked from a drop-down menu of what’s currently available.

This style of betting allows you to place wagers and harbour guesses while the action is going on. In-Play betting increases your chances of successful wins. Here you can make decisions based about what’s happening in reality. In-Play is seen for current and upcoming events.

Live streaming is also available on the Spreadex UK site. Offering a variety of options to choose from. Spreadex has also got a virtual sports section. This Spreadex betting review found that the sports offered are football, horse racing, motorsports, badminton, and more. The availability of live-streaming encouraged the experts doing our Spreadex reviews to give high Spreadex ratings. Not only is Spreadex reliable, but it has fantastic features on offer.


Our Spreadex reviews found that odds could have a significant effect on the Spreadex ratings. Before we can answer the questions, ‘Is Spreadex reliable?’ and ‘Is Spreadex secure?’, we have to see if the odds are competitive.

The odds are displayed in default as fractional odds; you can alter the format if you wish. Spreadex offers the traditional wager of fixed-odds betting as well as spread sports betting. Spread betting is unique to Spreadex UK.

Punters will be familiar with fixed-odds betting discussed in this Spreadex sports review. A bookie offers odds on a particular result of an event or tournament; if the desired outcome occurs, then the bookie reimburses you under the odds agreed upon previously. But, if unsuccessful, the punter loses the wager to the bookmaker.

What’s the most significant difference between fixed-odds betting and spread sports betting? The potential for winning or losing in monetary terms.

On the one hand, your potential winnings or the amount you can lose is secured. This is thanks to the odds offered by the bookie, i.e., they’ll remain the same. On the other hand, the sports spread betting for winnings or loss can be many multiples of your original wager and far more significant.

Spreadex UK does, of course, offer many different markets for regular fixed-odds. With thousands of markets for international sports events. Its horse racing markets are also available with more complex wagers. These include accumulators or multiple bet options.

The following are examples of Spreadex fixed-odds offers; odds-against bets, even money bets, and odds on bets. A return for odds against bets will be by a simple calculation: your wager x the offered odds. Even money means that you win precisely what you’ve bet if your bet comes in. Odds on bets give you a part of your initial wager if the gamble comes in.


Is Spreadex secure? Is Spreadex reliable? We must look at the limits to answer these questions accurately.

The smallest stakes begin at a very reasonable 1p, allowing flexibility for even the most casual of punters. Some rooms fluctuate in this respect. Some more volatile markets available on Spreadex may have higher starting points. This is displayed on your betting slip/ticket when placing your bet.

In the context of winnings, spread betting differs from conventional fixed odds betting in that the amount you can win or lose is a multiple of your stake, rather than a fixed amount.

So imagine you wager, let’s say, £10 per point, buying the number of corners in a football match at 11. For every corner more than 11 in the game, you’ll accumulate £10 in winnings. For 16 corners in a game, you’ll win £50. So, if there are less than 10, say only eight corners in the game, you will lose £30.

Understanding the different volatility that exists in different markets with spread betting is very important. This will help lessen your potential losses. This will also ensure that you make the most out of your market. After all, you want to bet to try to profit as much as you can. Not only is Spreadex secure, but our Spreadex ratings concluded that the limits are very competitive.

Sportsbook Conclusion

If you have a solid foundation in understanding spread betting and how different markets influence different outcomes, then Spreadex is for you. Its unique offering of spread sports betting has founded its standing as spread experts. Spreadex is an award-winning sportsbook with outstanding markets available. Is Spreadex secure? Yes, incredibly so. Is Spreadex reliable? Undoubtedly.

NOt only is Spreadex reliable, not only is Spreadex secure, but it has an easy to navigate platform that allows you to tab through these offerings. Because of Spreadex’s extensive provision, they have more in-play sports betting markets than many other bookmakers. The wide range of markets is available 24/7 for the most casual to the experience spread bettor.

Spreadex Casino


This Spreadex betting review will cover the casino services available. The Casino area on Spreadex is a classic black theme giving a real-feel to the casino environment. There are clickable tabs for popular and new games, Live Casino, and then the typical offerings like slots and Blackjack. The homepage features a range of different games available. Including Conan, Dead or Alive, Jumanji, and many, many more.

Chartwell Games is the company behind Spreadex’s games and casino offerings. A live dealer feature is also available which allows you to communicate with casino employees during your game.

Games Portfolio

There are over 50 popular games listed on Spreadex UK. From Vikings and Narcos to Live Casinos Roulette or Blackjack, the list goes on. The new games featured include the likes of Who’s the Bride?, Rise of Maya, and Ozzy Osbourne Video Slots. The live dealer feature is available for live Roulette, Blackjack, and Blitz Blackjack only. Unfortunately, no Poker tables are offered by Spreadex.

Plenty of slots have been provided by Spreadex UK for your enjoyment as well. The slot games include Berry Burst Max, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Reel Rush 2, The Wish Master, and Serengeti Kings. You can view all of these and more on Spreadex’s slots homepage when you navigate in the casino area.

Classic and VIP Auto and Classic Roulette, as well as American, European, and French Roulette tables, are all available. Find them under Spreadex’s Roulette casino experience. The American, European, and French tables all have the same limits.

Live Casino

Live casino is available via the live dealer feature for traditional casino games, as mentioned previously. The Blackjack available under the live dealers varies to your budget. The different levels are Silver, Black Gold, White Gold, and Gold Blackjack tables.


There aren’t any limits for the casino games on offer. But there are limits for casino tables like Roulette and Blackjack. The Roulette tables adhere to bets from £1 – £5,000. Blackjack is a little more complicated and is split into levels. Blackjack Silvers limits are from £25 – £2,000, Black Gold is £5 – £500, and White Gold and Gold is £10 – £1,000.

Casino Conclusion

Spreadex has focused its attention on its sports betting offers. Hence, it has a small casino in comparison to others out there. That said, it’s compact enough for casual betters. Offering all of the traditional classic games and tables you could want.

Flexible limits also make tables accessible to you. Choose depending on your budget and how much you have to play with.

Overall Conclusion

Spreadex has a long-standing history in the betting industry. It has swept many awards with its unique offers in the spread-betting world. Although Spreadex UK does offer a casino, it’s not the most comprehensive one out there – but this is made up for by the energy that’s channeled into its sports and financial betting.

A great welcome bonus is enticing for beginners and offers a significant boost at the very beginning of your betting experience. With over 60,000 account holders, Spreadex has been at the forefront of the spread betting industry since 1999.

You have access to over 10,000 global markets, can trade with attractive margin rates, and deal AIM stock shares with Spreadex, down to a market cap of £1m+. All of this and the best customer service, as voted by traders in the Investment Trends Survey, makes Spreadex a leading choice for your betting operator and gives brilliant Spreadex ratings, like this one of which gives it four stars.

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