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Spreadex Sign Up Offer 2020

Claim your Spreadex Bonus Code now!

Spreadex UK is an online entertainment provider specialising mainly in spread betting. This online gambling provider offers potential clients a traditional casino, featuring a wide variety of slots. This online gambling entity also offers clients two types of betting segments.

  • Financial markets spread betting.
  • Sports spread betting

This Spreadex review will take an in-depth look at Spreadex UK as an online gambling provider. It will encompass a Spreadex sports review, as well as a Spreadex betting review pertaining to financial markets, all in one place. It also makes mention of the Spreadex Casino segment and the bonuses and promotions offered by this entertainment entity.

Spreadex UK offers enticing Spreadex sign up offers without the need of a Spreadex bonus code, otherwise known as the provider’s welcome bonus. The Spreadex sign up offers state that the client can get £300 cashback or an Ipad 10.2 Inch. The great thing about Spreadex UK is that Spreadex is secure. Clients can rest assured that this entity is authentic and has been licensed by the appropriate authorities.

It has been in business for over a decade, meaning that it has acquired experience in the field. This also shows that Spreadex is reliable and is worth looking into. Claiming a Spreadex bonus is easy, as you will find out in this Spreadex review. The opening Spreadex sign up offers only require clients to login to the Spreadex site, follow the prompts to sign-up, and stake £300 on qualifying markets within 28 days of signing up. You don’t need to use a Spreadex bonus code. This process will be further elucidated in this review.

If the client stakes an amount that’s lower than £300, the client will still get cashback at a lower level matching the amount that the client staked. Generally, Spreadex UK is an authentic provider. It’s an entity that ticks all the right boxes with regards to online gambling. Spreadex ratings are favourable, and Spreadex is secure.

Introduction to Bonus Offers

With any online gambling or betting entity, it has basically become a standard requirement for it to provide clients promotions or bonuses, and the Spreadex sign up offers certainly tick that box. Bonuses are usually available in the following form and usually don’t require a Spreadex bonus code:

  • Welcome bonus
  • Promotional codes
  • Referral rewards

The welcome bonus is also referred to as the sign-up bonus. Some gambling entities offer this bonus just for signing up and becoming a member. Another type of bonus offered as Spreadex sign up offers is a deposit bonus, which again doesn’t require a Spreadex bonus code.

This bonus usually has a minimum initial deposit requirement. Once a client has made the initial deposit, they’re entitled to a bonus. With most entities, if the client should fail to meet the minimum deposit requirements, then they forfeit the entire bonus. This Spreadex sports review and Spreadex betting review will take a closer look at the Spreadex sign up offers available, and will also highlight the exciting fact that clients do not forfeit the cashback bonus.

Tips on How to Use the Bonus

Tips And Tricks 

Most online gambling entities offer client bonuses and promotions. Although the potential of these promotions and bonuses may entice the customer to sign-up, it’s not always easy to access or understand. Ratings show that the Spreadex sign up offers from this entity are user-friendly and not complicated.

Sometimes with certain online entities, clients don’t manage to claim the bonus due to certain misunderstandings regarding the providers’ terms and conditions or using an invalid Spreadex bonus code. This Spreadex review will assist clients in obtaining and understanding how the Spreadex reliable bonuses work and how to go about claiming them without the need of a Spreadex bonus code. It will also provide guidance on how to take complete advantage of the Spreadex UK offer.

Sign Up Process

When a client signs-up with an online gambling provider such as Spreadex UK, there are specific actions that should be taken in order to enjoy the maximum benefits of this provider. Clients need to thoroughly read through the terms and conditions of each of Spreadex’s reliable bonuses or Spreadex’s secure promotions that they’d like to partake in. This will ensure that they have complete clarity on the requirements.

Being wholly informed can help set out more clear expectations for the client. Understanding the terms and conditions of a particular Spreadex secure promotion or a Spreadex reliable bonus also helps the client to avoid disappointment at a later stage.

Spreadex Sign up Offers Terms and Conditions

Certain factors must be kept in mind in terms of the Spreadex sign up offers. There are specific terms and conditions that are involved concerning this Spreadex secure promotion. These are as follows:

  • There’s a deadline. Spreadex ratings show that sometimes clients signed up and had the intent of claiming the bonus a few days later. By the time the client wanted to claim the bonus, the Spreadex sign up offers had already expired. This can leave the client feeling frustrated. For this reason, it’s best for the clients to request a welcome bonus as soon as possible after signing-up.
  • In order to qualify for the full amount of the offered bonus amount, a client must first stake £300 or above in Spreadex secure sports spread betting markets. If a client stakes a lower amount, then a reduced bonus will be given. The reduced bonus amount will be in accordance with the amount staked by the client. Spreadex reviews and Spreadex ratings regard this as a positive aspect, given that clients don’t forfeit their entire bonus.
  • This offer is restricted to sports spread betting markets, so avoid any Spreadex bonus code that claims you can use it elsewhere. Spread bet ratings in markets are pretty good, and it should attract many clients. Even though Spreadex ratings is not limited to a Spreadex sports betting segment, the welcome offer is only applicable to qualifying sports spread bets.

Qualifying sports spread betting markets include:

  • Horse racing
  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • NFL
  • Rugby Union
  • Rugby League
  • Snooker
  • Darts

In order for the bet to be appropriate for the client to claim the Spreadex reliable bonus without using a Spreadex bonus code, more rules apply:

  • Bets must be placed pre-match for the client.
  • Only a client’s opening stakes count.
  • For bets that are closed out in play, the opening part of the bet will count.

Apart from these rules, terms and conditions should also be noted. If a client opts to take the iPad instead of cash, then they have 30 days to claim it, or the Spreadex secure offer will expire. It should also be noted that the Spreadex reliable offer is only available to new clients. Clients who closed their Spreadex UK account previously and reopened them, do not qualify for this offer. You don’t need a Spreadex bonus code.

Top 5 Expert Tips to Take Advantage of the Offer

Taking advantage of the welcome offer is relatively easy. Since the welcome offer is the first bonus available to the client, it only makes sense to discuss this option first. Like all gambling bonuses and promotional offers, terms and conditions do apply in order for a client to qualify for these secure Spreadex offers.

1. Are the terms and conditions fair?

Yes. In terms of the Spreadex sign up offers, the terms and conditions are easy to abide by. The first thing that a client needs to do is read through and familiarise themselves with the conditions set out in order to get the Spreadex secure bonus.

2. How can I make sure I meet the minimum requirements?

Here’s how to meet the Spreadex sign up offers minimum requirements. You must ensure that the amount staked meets the minimum requirements of the bonus. In the case of the welcome bonus, this is £300 or more. The client should also keep in mind that should they stake a lower amount, then they’ll only be entitled to a cashback match from Spreadex UK on the level of the lower amount. Spreadex ratings rank this favourably because clients that cannot stake the full amount still benefit.

3. Is the offer valid indefinitely?

The third, and equally important, step that clients need to remember from this Spreadex review is that the offer is only valid for a limited time. The client has a limited period of time to take advantage of this part of the Spreadex sign up offers  after signing up. The qualifying bet must be made within 28 days of signing up to Spreadex, a reliable online entertainment entity, or the client will end up forfeiting the offer.

Another promotional offer available at Spreadex UK is the Spread-free bets. This is only available on specific Spreadex secure markets. It entails a client betting at the midpoint of a spread. A three-step process needs to be followed iIn order to try and get this offer.

The first step the client needs to take is to place three Spreadex secure sports bets within 10 minutes, on the same sport’s qualifying market. The client can then place a fourth spread bet on the same market spread-free.

4. Are the bets free of charge?

Clients also need to understand that Spread-free bets as part of the Spreadex sign up offers do not mean that the bet is free of charge. It only means that the client is allowed to bet at the market midpoint inside of the spread. This offer may be claimed from Spreadex, a reliable entertainment entity, as often as a client chooses to do so.

Spreadex reviews also rate the feature of Spreadex reliable ‘refer and earn’ promotion. This promotion is reasonably easy to understand, and just as easy to do according to Spreadex ratings. The basic premise of this promotion is that a client can earn £100 free bets for successfully referring a friend to Spreadex, a reliable online entity.

5. How does the ‘refer a friend’ bonus work?

This promotion is also subject to certain conditions, which is why this Spreadex review is going to act as a guide providing prospective clients with tips on how to qualify for it without needing a Spreadex bonus code. When a client refers a friend to Spreadex, a reliable online entertainment entity, the friend must mention the client’s full name and postcode.

This must be done when they receive the welcome call from the Spreadex reliable customer support team. The Spreadex secure customer support team will contact them shortly after they’ve opened an account. When the friend mentions the client’s full name and postcode, this serves as a confirmation of the client’s referral.

Once the friend has placed a minimum of five qualifying sports spread bets with a minimum of £2 per stake, the client can place £100 total goals spread bet. In order for clients to stay updated with regards to Spreadex sports, ensure that you review the latest offerings and bonuses. Clients should look at the promotions segments on the site where the best offers are easily available, according to Spreadex ratings.

The Spreadex secure promotions segment also goes into detail about the terms and conditions required to qualify for these Spreadex reliable promotions. This will give the client clarity so that they understand what’s needed from them.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Bonus

Most clients are aware that promotions and bonuses are usually accompanied by terms and conditions. It often leads to confusion and misunderstandings when clients don’t fully have clarity regarding the bonus. Spreadex ratings show that the terms and conditions of this entity are not complicated to understand.

Some online entertainment entities provide a frequently asked questions section for this purpose. Other entities simply explain each promotion’s terms and conditions. In order to provide clarity, this Spreadex review will take a look at the top five frequently asked questions about the Spreadex UK welcome bonus.

The Spreadex review will also try to answer these questions in a clear and concise manner, which is easy to understand. The five questions that are asked most frequently are:

  • How do I qualify for a full bonus?
  • What happens if I don’t bet with £300 or more?
  • Does this offer expire and do I need a Spreadex bonus code?
  • When will I receive a bonus?
  • What are the qualifying sports spread betting markets for this offer?

The answers are as follows:

How Do I Qualify For The Full Bonus?

The welcome bonus is either a cashback of £300 or an iPad. This is what’s referred to as the full bonus, and is the maximum benefit that clients can receive as a welcome offer. In order to qualify, a client needs to sign-up to Spreadex and make a up to a minimum stake of £300 on a qualifying sports spread betting market. Spreadex ratings show that choosing a qualifying market is relatively easy, due to the range of options given.

This stake must be made within 28 days after signing up. After 28 days, the amount will be credited to the client’s account. If the client would prefer to receive an iPad, then the client will need to contact the provider. The provider can be contacted either telephonically or via email.

Once the client contacts the provider, Spreadex UK will remove the credited amount of £300 from the client’s account and make the necessary arrangements to send the iPad to the client. This arrangement is a relatively simple process, according to most Spreadex reviews. Clients must ensure that when they make their stake, it should be on qualifying sports spread betting markets. Spreadex ratings warn against clients accidentally placing stakes on markets that don’t qualify. Spreadex reviews also list this as one of the main pitfalls of this bonus.

This is, of course, if their intent is to qualify for the bonus. The qualifying sports spread betting markets can be found on the Spreadex UK site promotions page without the need of a Spreadex bonus code. Bets need to be placed before the start of the event or pre-match in order for it to count. Spreadex ratings also warn against placing bets too late, and this is another pitfall that’s often mentioned in Spreadex reviews.

What Happens If I Don’t Bet With £300 or more?

Spreadex UK, unlike other gambling entities, doesn’t entirely penalise clients who stake less than the required amount. Clients who stake less than £300 after signing-up don’t forfeit their welcome bonus.

They do forfeit the option of getting an iPad, but they don’t sacrifice the cashback option. The only difference is that the cashback amount will match the amount of the client’s belt. The cashback amount will still be awarded after 28 days.

This Spreadex review will provide further clarity by making use of an example. If a client signs up and stakes £150 on a qualifying sports spread betting market. After 28 days, the client will receive a cashback bonus of £150.

Does This Offer Expire?

The offer doesn’t have an exact date of expiration because the Spreadex reliable welcome bonus is available to new clients on a permanent basis, according to Spreadex ratings.  Spreadex sign up offers can be stopped, though, and Spreadex reserves the right to do so at any time. In terms of each client, they have 28 days after signing up in order to qualify for the welcome bonus. So in terms of expiration, clients have just under a month to make their qualifying stake.

When Will I Receive The Bonus?

The bonus will be credited to the client’s account after the 28 day period ends. The bonus amount is dependent on the amount that the client staked.

What Are The Qualifying Sports Spreadbetting Markets For This Offer?

The client has an exhaustive list of options to choose from. This list extends over various sporting types. They are also listed on the promotions page of the Spreadex UK website. Some sports that fall into this category have additional rules. The sports so that to qualify in this category are as follows:

Horse Racing: (in this category the client will need to place their bet before the first race of a meeting). Options include Starting prices, favourites, racing past favorites, squared numbers, multi mules, and also spotlight verdict.

For clients who are enthused by horse racing and its related markets, another great online entertainment entity comes highly recommended. This online entertainment entity is called Racebets.

Football: (All bets must be placed pre-match). The qualifying bets in football are: Match bookings, match multi corners, match shirt numbers, match goals x corners, total goal minutes, match headed or penalty goal minutes.

Clients should note that all of the above options are with regards to the match and not to the team. Other qualifying options are: cross corners, corners squared, first match goal times, and first-team goal times.

Cricket: Batsmen runs quotes, in terms of the betting option, both match as well as in-play innings count.

Golf: (Matchplay is excluded) 10-3 player match bets.

Tennis: X-courts, points supremacy, total points, as well as player match points.

NFL: Bets on TD, shirt numbers, and bets on total points are qualifying options.

Rugby Union and Rugby League: Total points, try scorers and points supremacy.

Darts: Higher match checks out.

Snooker: Total player points, total match points, 10-3 frame supremacy, player 50 ups, match 50 ups.

Additional Rewards / Loyalty Programmes

Spreadex UK doesn’t currently have a VIP or customer loyalty programme. It does, however, reward its loyal clients who refer a friend to Spreadex UK. Most Spreadex reviews mention that it may become an option in the future. You’re also unlikely to find a Spreadex bonus code anywhere online, so check the page for the latest.

Spreadex Sports Bonus

The bonus for the sports segment of the Spreadex sports review is unique. It can be claimed multiple times, as long as the bettor complies with the rules. The sports bonus is referred to as spread free bets. It gives the bettor an opportunity to bet in the centre of a spread. Spreadex ratings rank this particular bonus highly, as it can be claimed multiple times.

Clients must understand that the term “free bets” doesn’t mean that no payment is required, or that the bet is free. It merely means that the client is permitted to bet at the midpoint of a spread for specific markets.

The qualifying markets are specific, so clients must ensure that they’re placing the correct bets if they wish to take advantage of this offer. The terms and conditions for this bonus are available on the site’s promotions page.

It also provides all of the required information regarding the relevant betting markets. Information on these markets can be found in the Spreadex betting review. Some of the qualifying markets can be found in the following sports: Horse racing, NFL, Darts, F1, Snooker, Tennis, Rugby League, and Rugby Union.

There are at least two or three options for each client to choose from within each of these categories. How it works is that clients pick a particular qualifying market to bet on. An example would be football.

The client would then need to place three stakes. This would then qualify the client to place a fourth stake in the centre of a spread. The stake amount is limited. This limitation is based on the amounts staked in the initial three bets. Overall, this promotion is unique, and it’s great that clients can have access to it as often as they like. Another online entertainment provider with excellent sport options is McBookie.

Spreadex Casino Bonus

As well as its financial and sports segment, Spreadex also features a fantastic casino segment. The Spreadex Casino has a range of slots, roulette, blackjack, new games as well as “live” dealer gaming options.

The casino doesn’t currently have a separate bonus or promotion for clients. The welcome bonus extends over all of the segments of the online entity.

Many clients do enjoy online providers that encompass multiple segments, such as a sportsbook, poker rooms as well as a classic casino all in one. Spreadex offers clients this level of variety. Another excellent provider that fits this profile of multiple online gambling options is Dafabet.

Spreadex Poker Bonus

Spreadex Casino doesn’t currently have a poker segment, although it may become a possibility in the future. For clients that have a keen interest in poker, another excellent provider is Gentingbet. This online provider has multiple segments that provide a diverse range of gambling options to clients. Poker is only one exciting segment of this provider.

Overall Conclusion

Looking at Spreadex holistically as an online entertainment entity, some advantages and disadvantages are quite evident. One of the drawbacks is that Spreadex doesn’t have separate welcome bonuses for each gaming segment that it features.

The occasional promotions are only sent to clients once they’ve signed up. Another negative aspect is that there are no separate poker rooms. The advantage of this entity is that it caters to a diverse target market.

It may pique the interests of clients interested in financial markets, sports betting, or traditional casino games. The concept of spread betting is different and sets the online entertainment entity apart from most of its competitors.

The welcome bonus is very attractive. The amount that Spreadex is willing to match is quite extravagant. For those who are not enthused by the cashback option of the welcome bonus, a second option is given in the form of an iPad. This is unique as it even provides prospective clients with a choice.

As well as the selection of which welcome bonus they prefer to receive, potential clients are also not entirely penalised if they fail to meet the minimum requirements for the bonus.

With most online entertainment entities, clients who don’t comply with the minimum bet requirements end up forfeiting the welcome bonus. The same doesn’t apply to Spreadex. Clients who stake a lower amount are simply given a welcome bonus that matches the level of their stake. This is a client-friendly gesture that makes signing up to Spreadex worth it.

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