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Sun Bingo Sign Up Offer & Bonus Code UKWelcome to our guide to the Sun Bingo deposit offer. Started in just 2006, Sun Bingo is an arm of The Sun newspaper, and so is owned by The News Group UK. The primarily bingo-based brand once sponsored The Jeremy Kyle Show, which should tell all you need to know about the quality of this firm. Do you need a Sun Bingo promo code to get their offer? It's time to find out!

We won't be recommending Sun Bingo to you anytime, but we do think you should check out the VideoSlots bonus right now!

They have a website and an app available to play on-the-go, but we know what you really want to know: how enticing are The Sun Bingo sign up offers? Well, in this review, we’re going to go in-depth on the strengths and weaknesses of The Sun Bingo sign up offers, as well as giving you some tips to make the most of your welcome bonus. We'll let you know if you need any Sun Bingo bonus codes too.

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A Generous Sun Bingo Bonus Offer to Get You Playing

The sign up offers on a bookmaker’s website can literally make or break a punter’s decision to play, such as the sun bingo bonus code. Especially for first-time gamblers, it’s essential that The Sun Bingo deposit offers give the potential player a reason to dive into the world of online bingo.

They might seem too good to be true sometimes, but actually bonus introductory offers are great for everybody involved: for the operators, it’s a fantastic way to convince new players that they are the right bookmaker for them to dedicate their time, while the customer gets a great chance at multiplying their initial stake. It’s a win-win.

The current sign up bonus offered at The Sun Bingo is this: deposit £10 and receive a £50 bingo bonus, which sounds great, but we assure you it comes with one (or more) catches.

For even more sign-up offers, we encourage you to visit our Foxy Bingo offers, Sportingbet no deposit bonus, 32red offers, and Betway deposit bonus reviews, and also check out our Sun Bingo review for more information on this specific bookmaker.

We recognise the importance of sign up offers to punters - both new and old - so let’s dive into some tips and tricks to help you make the most of your welcome bonus, before going in-depth on The Sun Bingo’s offers and if you should bother signing up with them at all.

Essential Tips & Tricks to Get the Most From Sun Bingo Sign Up Offers

It’s one thing to track down a cracking welcome bonus, but it’s another thing entirely to make the most of it. No offence, but anyone could easily miss a trick with their Sun Bingo deposit offer, and once it’s used, you’ll never get another chance to maximise your welcome bonus profit.

Here we’ll share some essential tips and tricks, the basics, so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision as to what to do with your bonus.

Availability of the Sun Bingo promo code

It goes without saying that The Sun Bingo’s sign up offers are exclusively for over 18s only, but that isn’t the only parameter in the world of online gambling. Some promos are exclusively made for customers in certain countries (UK and Republic of Ireland, for instance), and others run regularly on certain days of the week

Obviously, sign up offers are only available one-per-person, and regretfully, you’ll probably not be able to find a way to get around that with these Sun Bingo codes deals.

Most operators use all kinds of information to stop their customers re-using a sign up bonus (details on that later), so trust us, the chances of you managing to fool them is pretty slim.

It’s worth remembering that these kinds of availability requirements will be different for every promo that you look at, so make sure you check the fine print for the exact details of the offer you’re looking to claim.

Expiry Date of the Sun Bingo Sign Up Offers

Expiry dates are the bane of the online gambler and this is true of all Sun Bingo codes. Not only will you have to look out for the date listed on the offer itself (you’ll only have so long to claim a sign up offer before its run ends and another one takes its place), but once you’ve activated the Sun Bingo deposit offer you’ll essentially be on a timer to use your bonus before it expires completely - THEN, after you’ve used your bonus, you’re on another timer to collect your winnings.

It’s an absolute nightmare, especially if you’re a new player and you’ve not gotten into the swing of online gambling just yet.

It’s one of the most important practices, checking the expiry dates on your offers, as it ensures that you’ll never have to deal with the fact that you let cold hard cash slip through your fingers - which is a punters worst fear.

The offer we discussed earlier (deposit £10 and play with £50) is available on Sun Bingo until 31/03/2022, and you have just 48 days to accept the extra spins from the offer, and meet the wagering requirements for them.

Then you have just 7 days to accept the bonus and wager it, presumably also to meet any wagering requirements set out in the terms and conditions of the offer.

Terms & Conditions of the Sun Bingo Deposit Offer 

We probably don’t need to tell you that The Sun Bingo sign up offers (as well as, pretty much, every other offer in the whole online gambling world) is subject to a lengthy set of terms and conditions that clarify exactly what you’re getting into.

This has always been the case, and always will be the case with the Sun Bingo codes. For that reason, we have to recommend that you trawl through the fine print at your very first opportunity. It is boring, we know, but making the effort to examine the Ts and Cs could well be the difference between you cashing in big and losing out.

These will always be listed on the website page where the offer is detailed - usually at the bottom - so although it may sound like as much fun as watching paint dry, we have to encourage you to take the time to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions.


Almost every online sign up offer is subject to some kind of wagering requirements. This is a formula used by bookmakers to tell players how much they must wager in order to claim winnings generated from their bonus bets.

This means that if you receive a bonus of £10 with a x10 wagering requirement, you must bet a total of £100 before you will be permitted to withdraw any winnings earned from that bonus. This will likely come as a shock to new players, but it’s the way it works.

Yet another caveat to this whole thing, is that the wagering requirements can regularly only be met on eligible games. So, after depositing cash, claiming the bonus and actually managing to beat the odds and win some money, you could still end up with nothing if you’re playing the wrong games.

Activities that qualify to contribute to wagering requirements will be listed in the terms and conditions.

Don’t Bother Trying to Double Up

Many operators track their players with all kinds of personal information, including: home address, phone number, personal details and even sometimes their IP address.

Knowing this, it’s very hard for us to ever advocate you trying to double up on the sign up offers. The fact is, you’re always going to be up against it, trying to get two of the same one-time offer, as there are already a ridiculous amount of protocols in place to prevent this from easily happening.

Should you actually manage to get two sign up bonuses on one account, you’re probably going to feel it. This violates the terms and conditions of every operator's sign up offers, and this could lead to your bonus being rescinded and/or your account blocked.

It really isn’t worth the hassle. If you're looking for an alternative bonus, try out the Paddy Power welcome offer or the latest Guts deposit bonus.

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It pays to game with a Loot.Bet Bonus.

Top 5 Tactical Tips to Best Use the Sun Bingo Bonus Offers

Here we’ve got some proper tips from our expert panel, with something for first time punters to take it and even some lesser known things maybe even veterans will find useful.

Hopefully combining some of these insider tricks will help you keep a positive bankroll and keep your gaming going.

Manage Your Bankroll

It’s so important to keep an eye on your available funds at all times, we’ve put this first to emphasise how vital we think it is. Smart bankroll management is absolutely essential for any would-be online gambler, both in order to keep their streak going to get those big wins, and also to help mitigate their losses (because there will always be some) to a minimum - even with a bingo bonus no deposit offer.

The key is to always make wagers relative to how much you have in your account. For example, a player with £2000 in their betting account may not have much concern for their stakes, sticking large amounts on almost all of their games, and that’s fair enough.

Someone with £100 in their account however would be foolish to do the same. This level of bankroll would almost definitely require you to place smaller bets in order to ensure you have the opportunity to play again.

You’re not going to win anything with a balance of zero, always remember that.

There are infinite Sun Bingo promo codes for you to take advantage of, so while smart bankroll management will obviously help you to keep your funds in check, it also opens up new opportunities for you to take advantage of.

The worst case scenario is that your favourite operator releases a brand new fantastic offer, and you have no bankroll to take advantage of it. It’s all relative.

Stick to Your Games

This one of the most important tips we can give to new players. Online casinos offer all the facets of gambling, literally at the click of a button, so it’s really easy to get lost in the whole thing and end up playing some game you know nothing about. This is a massive mistake.

Your best chance at maximising your profit from online gambling is to stick to your area of expertise. There’s nothing wrong with trying out new things, but when we’re talking about a one-time bonus, you need to make that count.

If you’re a football fanatic, don’t go putting your bonus bet on a random cricket match - you’d be surprised how many do.

Record Your Bets

If we’re strictly talking about getting the absolute most out of our money, recording your bets is a fantastic way to refine your gambling experience. Truth be told, there’s very little skill in using Sun Bingo promo codes, just a lot of luck and time.

One of the best ways you can tip the scales a little bit in your favour though, is by recording your bets. It might sound slightly alien to anyone new to online gambling, but it’s one of the best habits we can recommend.

Keeping track of your wins and losses helps you isolate those bad habits and refine the good ones, giving you a chance to pinpoint the areas and times in which you win the most money, and - more importantly - to weed out (or at least reduce) the bad habits that drag your bankroll down.

Keep an Eye on the Promotions

It goes without saying that new players can get a fantastic deal by taking advantage of sign up offers, but the bargains don’t end when you finish setting up your account. To get the absolute most out of your experience, you should definitely be signing up for any updates the operator offers.

Notifications may sound like the last thing you want, but trust us, many bookmakers (Sun Bingo in particular) chop and change their available promos all the time. Everyday there could be a brand new wonder deal ready to take your bankroll to the next level, so even if you don’t want notifications from the provider, you should definitely be coming back to the website on a regular basis to see what’s changed.

Take Chances on the Underdog

Now this one really depends on the situation. Keep in mind that the odds will very rarely be in your favour, such is the nature of betting against the bookies, but they can’t get it right every single time, and that’s a fact.

It’s true that betting on the underdog can be disastrous - we can’t deny that it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you’re onto a win, only to be let down at the last second - but deciphering which bets are the traps and which are the bargains is a skill you must refine.

There’ll come points where you’re sure that the odds aren’t right - maybe you know something the bookies don’t, maybe you’re expert knowledge gives you the edge - and when those opportunities show themselves, go for the jugular and take your chance.

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Most Asked Question About the Sun Bingo Promotion

Do I need a promo code?

You don't actually need some kind of Sun Bingo promo code to qualify for this sign up bonus. In the event that changes and on other sites, you will be given it on the webpage that details the offer itself, and you’ll just have to stick it in a box when you sign up for your account with no need to use Sun Bingo bonus codes.

Many sign up offers actually forego this requirement however, and it completely depends on the offer itself. You’ll have to check before activating a sign up offer if any code is needed, as more often than not setting up your account without inputting the appropriate promo code will forfeit the offer.

Do I need to deposit funds straight away with Sun Bingo bonus codes?

To qualify for the main Sun Bingo sign up bonus, you must make a deposit of at least £10 within seven days of setting up your new account. This isn’t the most stringent of requirements - fact is if you’re setting up a new account you’re presumably going to want to play within a week - failure to do this will result in the offer and bonus being rescinded.  Don't want to make a deposit yet? Then you'll find there are always around 10 other promotions running at any given time including Sun Bingo no deposit bingo games with prizes up to £1000, exclusive cash drops for selected slots and daily Sun Bingo free scratchcards.

Can I use any payment method?

Punters will regularly find that when they inspect the terms and conditions of a sign up offer that only certain payment methods will be accepted. What we mean by this, is that where a deposit is required to qualify for the sign up bonus (in the case of this Sun Bingo review, a £10 deposit) only a deposit made with an acceptable payment method will suffice.

Operators always accept direct bank transfer for these kinds of bonuses, but alternative payment methods like: Skrill, Paypal, Neteller etc will often fall into the “not valid” category.

As with all these things, it will differ depending on the specific offer you’re trying to take advantage of, so it’s down to you to double check the fine print to see exactly what you need to do to qualify for the bonus - it’s rarely as simple as you think it’s going to be.

Can my bonus be cancelled?

The Sun Bingo (and pretty much every operator) reserves the right to cancel a bonus or promotion at any time. This isn’t such a big deal, as it will most likely never happen to you, although if you’re attempting to rig the system and bag two sign up offers on one account, it could.

Violating the terms and conditions of an operator’s website is one such thing that could lead to your bonus being cancelled or your winnings withheld, so keep that in mind at all times.

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Loyalty Rewards Without Any Codes Needed

Sun Bingo has a very typical rewards scheme, typical to any other points-based loyalty system. You earn points simply by playing various games on the website, then use these points to redeem rewards, but you won't need any Sun Bingo codes.

There are five tiers to their program:


Earn 8 points for every £1 spent on bingo, earn £1 cash when you exchange 1,000 loyalty points, take a £1 bingo bonus when you exchange 700 loyalty points.

Sapphire - earn 2,500 points

Earn 10.5 points for every £1 spent on bingo, earn £1 cash when you spend 1,000 loyalty points, take £1 bingo bonus when you exchange 700 loyalty points.

Emerald - earn 10,000 points

Earn 13 points for every £1 spent on bingo, earn £1 cash when you spend 1,000 loyalty points, take £1 bingo bonus when you exchange 700 loyalty points.

Ruby - earn 20,000 points

Earn 16 points for every £1 spent on bingo, earn £1 cash when you spend 1,000 loyalty points, take £1 bingo bonus when you exchange 700 loyalty points.

Diamond - earn 40,000 points

Earn 16 points for every £1 spent on bingo and a further 0.5 points for every £1 spent on side games, earn £1 cash when you spend 1,000 loyalty points, take £1 bingo bonus when you exchange 700 loyalty points.

It has to be said, this loyalty program, although accessible to just about everyone and rewards simply playing, leaves much to be desired. We don’t know how long it would take you to earn the 40,000 points required to be deemed in the Diamond tier, but on the whole, the rewards offered here are pretty lackluster. To see what other providers offer in terms of loyalty bonuses, check out our guides to the Mr Green sport welcome offer and Genting bet new customer offer.

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Sun Bingo Casino Bonus

A Huge Cash Boost & Free Spins With Sun Bingo Casino Bonus

Sun Bingo is offering new players £50 + 50 extra spins when they spend £10 on bingo. You must accept the extra spins within 48 hours of activating the bonus, and the overall bonus must be accepted and used within 7 days of activation. No need to use any Sun Bingo bonus codes here - much like the 888 welcome bonus.

Reality Test - An Easy to Claim Offer on Selected Games

£50 worth of bingo games seems like a generous offer, but when compared to others offered by similar operators, it’s extremely difficult to get proper value for money on. The £50 can only be used on selected bingo variants, so although the bonus offered here pretty much guarantees you some free play time - something that rookie punters may value very highly - you’re likely-as-not going to get much less from your reward than it would first seem. But you won't need any Sun Bingo bonus codes.

You can easily see your available cash bonus in the bingo lobby, should you wish to check if you have any free plays or not, and the spins themselves function very much the same way, giving you automatic access to the Age of Gods bingo room.

How Easy Is It to Cash In Bonus Winnings?

This bonus is subject to massive wagering requirements, which is one of the biggest reasons we question how valuable Sun Bingo’s welcome bonuses are to new players. You’re required to wager any winnings from the Bonus Spins Bonus 30 times, meaning if you win £10 you’d have to wager £300 before you can withdraw those winnings.

Also, you’re required to bet your Bingo Bonus four times, meaning that even disregarding the Spins Bonus, you’ll have to wager at least £40 before you can withdraw any winnings you earn from this bingo bonus.

A Few Pointers When Claiming The Sun Bingo Promo Codes

  • Don’t miss the deadline to claim your bonus
  • Don't go looking for a Sun Bingo promo code because you don't need one
  • Don’t allow your bonus to expire with any winnings before you meet the wagering requirements
  • Be aware the Extra Spins expire within 48 hours of activation
  • Don’t expect to claim another welcome offer in conjunction with this one (one-per-player)
  • Violating the terms and conditions could lead to your bonus being cancelled, along with any winnings

Our Conclusion - A Good Bonus to Get You Playing Bingo

This bonus offer is extremely hard to make work, especially for new players, and in-fact anyone. Bingo is completely luck based, so the odds are already against you, and then on top of that if you’re lucky enough to hit the jackpot, any winnings are subject to some crazy wagering requirements obviously designed to make taking money from this introductory offer incredibly difficult.

It’s designed to get you on the website and playing, so to that end, it succeeds, but the fact remains that if you really wanted a sign up offer that hints at profit, you’ll be better off going elsewhere. Despite this, you won't need any Sun Bingo bonus codes to get this deal. For more excellent bonus offers, be sure to have a quick look through our BetVictor sign up offers and Boylesports bonus code reviews.

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Is the Sun Bingo Deposit Offer Worthwhile?

So, is the Sun Bingo deposit offer worth putting your time into? Long story short, no. In all honesty if you’re really into your bingo, there are plenty of other bookmakers out there that will probably be able to offer you a better deal than Sun Bingo sign up offers can.

The wagering requirements are absolutely massive, especially given the fact that there are a limited number of opportunities to win on their website. You don't need a Sun Bingo promo code at least to get the offer.

There’s not much variety in the site, and even if there was, the Sun Bingo sign up offers basically limit you to bingo and bingo only. If you actually manage to win anything from your admittedly sizable bonus bet money or your extra spins, they are subject to wagering requirements so steep and so limited in time that 99% of the time you’ll be taking absolutely no winnings from this offer.

Sun Bingo does offer plenty more promo codes on their website, so feel free to take a look at those Sun Bingo codes deals , but from what we can see the vast majority of their “offers” simply seem like advertisements for their other games.

For more bonus reviews, make sure to read our latest Redbet bonus review, as well as our guide on Dafabet sign up bonus offers.

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Sun Bingo Sign Up Offers FAQ

✅ What is the Sun Bingo sign up bonus?

Sun Bingo has released a variety of different sign up bonuses over the years. This means that you never truly know what you will get when you register your first account at the brand. But by taking a look at our shortlist of the casino offers, you’ll get to see how the Sun Bingo sign up offers compare to those deals put on by other gaming sites. All of which should give you a good headstart on your online gaming.

✨How do I get Sun Bingo sign up offers?

You will always have to carry out a range of tasks to get special deals like the Sun Bingo sign up offers. These include things like having to set up your account for the first time, plus you will ordinarily have to put down a qualifying deposit. All of our reviews of casino offers will describe exactly what you have to do to activate each bonus. This means that you’ll have an easy way to claim the current Sun Bingo sign up offers.

❓Do I need a Sun Bingo bonus code?

Some Sun Bingo sign up offers can simply be claimed by putting down a qualifying deposit. While some of the brand’s other welcome bonuses may require you to have to use a special kind of bonus code. Our casino bonus reviews will tell you how you can claim all of the best special offers currently available from these online casinos. This means that you’ll get an easy way to see what kind of bonus code you may need for the Sun Bingo sign up offers.

⭐ Can I get Sun Bingo free spins?

Sun Bingo has a good reputation for putting on a wide range of special offers and promotions. In the past, some of these Sun Bingo sign up offers have given your bonus spins for slots gaming, while at other times you may have been able to get a matched deposit bonus. Take a look at our reviews of casino offers where we detail what kinds of bonuses each gaming site has to offer. The easiest way to find a casino site with lots of bonus slot spins.

🎁 Is there a Sun Bingo refer a friend bonus?

While we have been concentrating on the Sun Bingo sign up offers, it’s important to note that this brand has a good range of other promotions currently available. These could include things like bonus slot spins and reload bonus deals. Plus there might even be a refer a friend bonus. All of this will be covered in our casino offer reviews where we have built up a leaderboard of all of the best deals currently available from online gaming sites.

User Reviews for Sun Bingo Bonus

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