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TLCBet Sign Up Offer 2020

Claim your TLCBet Bonus Code now!

TLCBet is a relatively new gambling and sportsbook that emerged from the Philippines in 2010 and is making big waves in the UK community. Its growth has been exponential and keeps growing by picking up more players as time goes by.

With the enticing £30 bonus TLCBet sign up offers, TLCBet deposit offers, and so much more across its sportsbook and casino platforms, it’s no wonder it’s becoming a familiar favourite among punters across the UK.

It’s fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, making it perfectly legal and safe for you to join TLCBet. It uses a secure 128-bit SSL digital encryption, so you’ll never have to worry about your confidentiality. You can find more details in the in-depth TLCBet review.

Introduction to Bonus Offers

Most sportsbooks and casinos have promos and bonuses for its users, like the 138Bet sign up offer or the Gamebookers welcome bonus.

TLCBet is no different! It boasts a range of offers to its players like the TLCBet sign up offers, which is rewarding, and what makes it better is that there’s no TLCBet bonus code required to access it. Simply wager and be rewarded.

Tips on How to Use the Bonus

What are some of the important aspects to consider when claiming your TLCBet sign up offers? How should offers be used? Here are a few top tips to remember when you want to join TLCBet and claim a sign up offer.

Tip 1

If you’re going to be using both the sportsbook and the casino, make sure that you don’t opt-in for the casino welcome bonus. It will prevent you from participating in the sportsbook sign up offer.

If you’re more interested in the casino platform, then you can go ahead with the TLCBet casino welcome bonus. Just remember that you can’t place any sportsbook wagers before claiming the casino bonus.

You’ll have to make your decision between the sportsbook and casino before you register your account. Once you’ve created your account, they will prompt you to choose, and that offer will apply. You can’t change it thereafter.

Tip 2

To be rewarded with TLCBet sign up offers, you need to place five bets, each at a stake of at least £10, and each one needs to be a winner.

Take your time before placing your bets because you don’t want to lose. Stick to sports and betting markets that you’re familiar with. Also, do your research before you place a wager. You don’t want to lose because you didn’t give the bets some thought.

Always be a smart punter that does their homework before playing.

Tip 3

You receive 30% back across the five wagers made. To get £30, you need to place at least £30 on each of the five bets which totals £150 altogether, so if you’re a newbie, don’t go overboard the first time you play. Keep a level head and try not to place an excessive stake that you won’t be rewarded for.

Top 5 Expert Tips to Take Advantage of the Offer

Navigating through the often tricky fine print that accompanies offers, like the TLCBet sign up offers, can be daunting. Whether you’re a newbie to the world of sports betting or a seasoned veteran, joining a new bookie can be confusing.

Some companies will require a code to activate a bonus, and some will require you to call the customer care team. Some bonuses load automatically. How do you know what to do when you join and claim the TLCBet sign up offer? Is there a TLCBet bonus code needed?

Don’t stress; you’ll find the top five tips you need to take advantage of TLCBet sign up offers.

Terms and Conditions

A frequent rookie error is ignoring the terms and conditions that come with any type of bonus. Any experienced punter will advise you to check the terms and conditions before proceeding with any promos. Be sure to check TLCBet sign up offers’ T&Cs.

Many bookies will keep the fine details in the terms and conditions because they know that players don’t read them. You’ll be caught out and won’t be able to access the offer or reward. This tip goes isn’t just for TLCBet sign up offers, mind you. It goes for any promotions that may pop up in the future.

Bonus Code

There’s no TLCBet bonus code to enter when you want to claim the TLCBet sign up offers, so be sure not to enter any TLCBet promo codes when you’re registering an account. The offer can’t be used in conjunction with any other rewards or TLCBet bonus codes.

Wait until you’ve placed your first wager, received your £30 in bonus tokens and spent them before commencing with other promos. As with most bookmakers, bonuses and rewards can’t be used in conjunction with one another. You can use any TLCBet bonus code after you’ve completed the initial sign up offer.

Payment Method

Check your payment method. As with the terms and conditions, many newbies don’t ensure that the chosen payment method is available to the offer. TLCBet sign up offers are strictly for deposits made by Visa or MasterCard debit cards.

It is highly recommended that you use a Visa card for deposits. There are special rules that apply when you want to withdraw with MasterCard, which can be a headache to some players. Most punters prefer a seamless, quick, and easy withdrawal process.

Sports Wagers

The bets placed can be made on any sports, and they need to be placed on different events and selections. If you play the wagers on the same event or selection, then only the first settled bet will contribute to your five bets.

TLCBet hosts a range of sports and all major leagues and events, so there’s plenty for you to choose between. Find the five that you are most familiar with and place your five pre-match bets when you’re ready. Try another great sportsbook promotion with our Paddy Power welcome offer review.

Time Period

Don’t take too much time to place your bets because the offer may expire at any time. Once you’ve decided to join and take advantage of the TLCBet bonus code free sign up offer, place your wagers fairly soon. Your first five wagers placed will automatically go towards the five qualifying bets.

What is important to remember is the max limit £30 has five days before it expires. Essentially you should know exactly which events you’ll be wagering on and the wagers you’ll be spending the reward on.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Bonus

Some aspects of the Matchbook sign up offer and account creation can sometimes be a little tricky. TheTLCBet site has some helpful easily laid out sections to guide you, but there’s also a pretty easy to follow FAQ section right here!

Even if you have a good idea of what to expect, it’s encouraged that you go through these questions. You might come across information that you didn’t know. You might find that something you assumed was incorrect, and the FAQs will save you from future issues and misunderstandings.

Is the offer open to anyone?

No, it’s only open to brand new members. The offer is aimed at drawing in new players, so current users are excluded from it. If you aren’t already a member but are considering joining, don’t take too long. Otherwise, you’ll be unable to take advantage of the sign up offer.

If you’re already a member of TLCBet, you would have already passed your new member period, and most likely would have already benefited from a previous sign up offer. Current members are regularly given opportunities to take advantage of other promos and rewards.

Keep an eye out for them, and any TLCBet deposit offer or TLCBet promo code that may pop up.

Is a TLCBet bonus code required to claim the offer?

No, there’s no TLCBet bonus code needed to access the sign up offer. All that you need to do is complete the registration process in a few quick and easy steps. You’ll be asked whether you’d like to go to the sportsbook or casino, then select sportsbook.

The bonus token will automatically be issued within 30 minutes of your fifth bet’s settlement. The token will appear as an on-screen pop-up notification where you need to accept it. It will appear a few minutes later in your account.

How do you sign up to TLCBet?

The sign up process is pretty quick and can be completed within 5 – 10 minutes. There are three short sign up pages (only a few questions on each page). You’ll need to create a profile with a username and password, and complete some personal information.

If TLCBet doesn’t request proof of ID when you register an account, you’ll have to at a later stage. Don’t be taken aback when this happens; it’s standard protocol amongst sportsbooks and casinos. Many people are surprised, but bookies operate at a similar standard to a bank, where you also need to provide proof of ID and sometimes address as well.

Is there an expiration to the TLCBet sign up offer?

The offer itself is running indefinitely, and TLCBet can end it as and when it sees fit. If this does happen, it will most likely launch a new promo.

Even though the offer is running indefinitely, the bonus token needs to be used within five days. If not used, then you’ll lose them, and you won’t be able to benefit from them again.

Can a TLCBet promo code be used with the sign up offer?

No. There’s no TLCBet bonus code needed to claim the offer. The bonus token is loaded automatically once the correct criteria have been met.

If you do use a TLCBet bonus code, you’ll be accessing a separate promo. The sign up offer can’t be used in conjunction with any other rewards, bonuses, or promos. If you have a TLCBet promo code, rather hold on to it until you’ve completed the sign up bonus.

Additional Rewards & Loyalty Programs

Once you’ve become a member, you can look forward to a host of promotions and bonuses from TLCBet. It has bonuses across the sportsbook, casino and the live casino. You’ll never find a deficit of rewards at TLCBet.

Amongst the current sportsbook rewards is a 50% Acca boost, build-you-own-bet promo on the mobile app, a price boost with enhanced odds, and more. You’ll find that they also have exclusive to mobile rewards, so don’t forget to install the app to receive further benefits.

The casino has some rewards too. Try out a few games, and you’ll find yourself being entertained for hours on end, and you’ll even be rewarded for the time spent playing.

The casino has a TLCBet deposit offer where they’ll match your deposit. This is a promotion that runs on Wednesdays and Fridays, and it’s customised to each player. It’s also running a free spin on virtual sports bonus that players are thoroughly enjoying.

When you join TLCBet, you’ll be asked if you’d like to subscribe to the newsletter. Say yes! You’ll be the first to know when there are new promos, and you’ll also have instant access to TLCBet bonus codes.

TLCBET Sports Bonus

Bonus Intro

The sportsbook is the most marketed and used product on TLCBet. Among the many bonuses that you’ll receive, the very first are TLCBet sign up offers.

The reward will automatically be allocated to your account once you’ve accepted it from an on-screen pop-up notification, so there’s no need for a TLCBet bonus code. The pop-up will appear as soon as your five qualifying bets have been settled.

A quick reminder on the criteria for the wagers:

  • All five must all win
  • A deposit via debit card
  • Stakes need to be at least £10 each
  • Valid only on pre-match bets for sports and virtual sports
  • Single bet staked odds must be 2.00 or over
  • Qualifying combo bets must be staked at 1.40 or over
  • Each of the five qualifying bets needs to be placed on different events and selections

These are the most important aspects, but you’ll find a more detailed version on the TLCBet site.

Reality Test: Wagering the Bonus

If you’re not convinced on the offer, this is what current players have to say about it:

“The process to claim the bonus tokens takes a bit of work, but essentially it’s not complicated. The reward was worthwhile.”

“The welcome offer is a generous one from TLCBet, the process to actually get your award isn’t as instant as most bookies, but I enjoyed playing to get to the prize.”

“As a new player, I was nervous to place five bets. I’m a new player, so it’s intimidating to start with five bets. Fortunately, I won all five and the bonus token came through almost right away.”

Bonus Withdrawal

The bonus for this offer specifically is a bonus token that will be used on future bets, so you won’t be able to make a withdrawal with the token.

What you need to know about the bonus is that you need to redeem the value of the token all at once. So you can’t split the token or use part of it on another occasion.

The withdrawal of any winnings has the same limits and restrictions as usual withdrawals. Also, remember that only players that deposit with debit cards are eligible to be rewarded the bonus.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid when Claiming Bonus

When you’re playing and wanting to claim the bonus, you may be rushing through the process. You might forget a few things and make some rookie errors. Small errors and not paying attention to terms and conditions can jeopardise your chance at claiming the token.

How to avoid errors:

  • Avoid making a hasty bet. You do have some time before placing any wagers, so do your research so that you place smart bets that are more likely to have a winning outcome.
  • Before submitting your bet, check that everything is in order: the stake, the odds, the market. Remember the odds need to be 2.00 for singles and 1.40 for combos.
  • Don’t enter any TLCBet bonus codes that you may have until after your TLCBet sign up offers have been cleared.
  • If anything isn’t clear to you, contact the customer service team. They are available 24/7.

Bonus Conclusion

TLCBet sign up offers are fantastic if you’re knowledgeable in your sports markets and with the teams/ players that you wager on. If you want to claim the bonus token ASAP, then place your wagers carefully.

Overall the bonus is worthwhile for players because it’ll get you into the swing of things by having to place five wagers. You’ll end up with a great confidence boost; you’ll know that your wagers were good because the token is awarded when all five are winning bets. It could be lowered to three bets so that newbies aren’t intimidated.

If you’re considering joining, take advantage of the offer before it gets pulled off the system.

300% up to £30
Free Bet
Redeem Betfair Bonus
TLCBET Casino Bonus

Bonus Intro

Most casinos and online slots run promos and specials for its players. After all, players tend to spend a lot of time playing various games. TLCBet sign up offers for its casino are quite superb. Players can expect to receive up to £500 in bonus tokens and 100 free spins in rewards, depending on how much is paid with the first three deposits.

As the sportsbook promo, this bonus is only valid for deposits that were made via debit cards. The bonuses are released as the previous one is completed. Your free spins and bonus balance need to be zero before you can claim the second bonus tokens and spins. Once they’ve reached zero, the third can be claimed.

Similarly to the sportsbook offer, the bonus tokens and free spins will be awarded automatically, and you’ll need to accept them from the on-screen pop-pop notification.

Further information on the T’s and C’s can be found on the TLCBet website.

Reality Test: Wagering the Bonus

Here are some comments from players once the sign up bonus had been claimed:

“Claiming the free spins and bonus tokens is easy. Not many casinos have a welcome offer quite this good!”

“The bonus is great, but to wager the bonus amount 50 times is excessive. I would’ve preferred a lower amount. I am happy with my profits.”

“I love this welcome incentive! I had tons of fun playing, and it was all worthwhile! Thank you TLCBet, I’m glad I opted in.”

Bonus Withdrawal

The bonus received by players is again in the form of bonus tokens and free spins, so you can’t directly withdraw the bonus. The catch that comes with making a withdrawal is that the initial bonus amount credited has to be wagered 50 times and all the bonus criteria must be met.

If you withdraw your cash balance while there’s still a balance in the bonus, you will lose all winnings that are associated with the bonus, and you forfeit the bonus balance as well. Deposits made via eWallet services are excluded from the offer. Only debit card deposit methods are eligible. The withdrawal policy can be found online.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid When Claiming Bonus

The term and conditions for the casino welcome bonus is quite long, so take the time to go through it to avoid disappointment in the long run. Bonuses in casinos often need to be rolled over several times. It becomes infeasible for many players.

Some helpful tips to avoid mishaps:

  • The bonus value needs to be rolled over 50 times, so don’t set a high wager unless you’re prepared for it.
  • There is a long list of casino games that are excluded. Have a look at which games they are so that you don’t waste your time.
  • Make sure that you hold onto any TLCBet bonus codes until you’ve completed the welcome bonus. The promo is self-standing and can’t be used in conjunction with other promos or bonuses.
  • The free spins and bonus tokens expire after seven days. Don’t take too long to play.

Bonus Conclusion

The casino bonus is definitely one to draw players in. However, the rollover of 50 can become costly and could be lowered to 30 or lower. The promos that come after the welcome bonus are fantastic and worth sticking around for, so give the casino a try.

That being said, many players love the casino and have no complaints. TLCBet members also rave about the live casino games and tables. If you’re new to casinos, stick to a lower wager so that you don’t end too deep. Casinos are an excellent place to get lost in for a while, so enjoy the time you virtually spend there.

If the casino sign up offer isn’t for you, perhaps you’ll enjoy the Slot Mob offers more.

TLCBET Poker Bonus

Bonus Conclusion

At the moment, TLCBet doesn’t have a poker platform, but hopefully in the future one may be added. In the meantime have a go at some video poker and other table games like blackjack or baccarat. You’ll find a number of options in the live casino.

Overall Conclusion

TLCBet takes tender loving care of its members, which is obvious from the array of offers and promos available to them. The company has built a good reputation for itself, and its growing number of members are evidence of this.

The main sign up offer, which is for the sportsbook, is a unique offer that stands out from its competitors. It ensures that the new member engages in wagering and makes sure that the punter’s confidence is boosted by rewarding the bonus once the five bets have won.

The casino’s welcome bonus could use some adjustments so that it becomes feasible and attracts more players. It could also add a few other deposit methods that are eligible for bonuses.

Overall the variety of bonuses and rewards that players have access to make the sign up offers worth the bit of work.

300% up to £30
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Redeem Betfair Bonus

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