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Here at, we understand the importance of finding the right sportsbook. A large part of finding the sportsbook for you is knowing whether bonuses are good value or not when compared to their competitors.

For this review, we are taking a look at the Tote sign up offers as well as any other bonuses. If you’re looking for a matched first bet or regular casino deals, then Tote is for you. Want to know more? Keep reading for all you need to know.

What is a bonus offer?

Bonuses are offered by bookmakers for the same reason every retail store has coupons or vouchers. The best betting offers UK tend to add value for bettors and can also be used to attract some punters into markets they’d otherwise ignore.

For this promotion, we are looking at Tote’s sign up offer which is a £25 matched first bet offer for new customers. This bonus works by matching the first sports bet a punter places with free credit for their account.

How to use the Tote sign up offer

Tote’s sign up offer matches any new customer’s first racing bet up to £25. This bonus is very strictly limited to completely new customers, although the offer is open to every new account that is opened through Tote.

To get your Tote Credit, it’s as easy as signing up for the service, depositing the funds you want, and then placing your first horse racing bet. Be careful on the type of bet you place though as ‘Ten to Follow’, virtual sports and casino wagers will not count. You don’t have to remember any Tote promo code.

Now considering these are horse racing bets, there is a high chance that you are going to be betting each way rather than just to win or place. You have to be careful as these are counted as two bets, meaning a £25 each-way bet is actually two separate £12.50 bets which will affect the qualification for this bonus.

These two bets would mean that only one will count, the bet to win is the one that would qualify due to the extra importance placed on the bet. If you place two bets at once as your first bet, the first bet you physically add to your betting slip will be the one that qualifies.

There is no minimum to what you can bet to qualify for the Tote sign up offers, with whatever you bet being matched. There is a maximum though, you can bet more than £25 but you won’t get any more Tote Credit back.

Our top five tips to take advantage of the Tote sign up offers

Keep track of the schedules

If you are going to take full advantage of Tote’s sign up offer then you need to make sure you have got an eye on the best possible outcome. This means finding a race that is attractive for you when placing your first bet; after all this is your own money.

But also look beyond that, look at what you will do once you have the credit. Tote Credit is time-limited so you need to make sure you have timed your qualifying right. This is especially important if there is a major race that you plan to use your credit on; you don’t want it to expire before you get your chance.

Remember how Tote Credit works

Tote Credit doesn’t work in the same way as free bets offered by others such as Matchbook sign up offers, with Tote Credit functioning closer to real money instead. It isn’t quite the same, you can’t withdraw it and it is restricted to only being able to be used on horse racing bets.

But unlike free bets, it isn’t set up to be used a certain way. Free bets are typically awarded in sets of bets with values, for example, you may get two £5 free bets. Tote Credit doesn’t do this instead the value is added to your account and you're free to wager it how you want.

It does expire though. From the day it is credited to your account you have seven days to use it before you lose it.

Don’t lose your plan

Researching, planning and budgeting are and always have been some of the key pillars of successful betting. That won’t be new to most bettors and it simply is a few bits of diligence you should always do before you bet. However, when there’s a big, inviting bonus in front of you it is easy to get carried away.

That’s where making sure you pause, apply your normal checks and then make your informed decision helps. This also means looking around their competitors such as Red Zone Sports sign up offers. You are far more likely to get the best use out of the bonus if you do.

Take note of the small print

Reading small print is always the most boring but also the most crucial part of research. We know it is time-consuming and dull but it is also where sportsbooks tend to hide the details you really need to know.

We’ve tried to get every detail that is in the Tote sign up offers’ small print covered, but terms and conditions change. The only way to be certain you’ve got the most up to date information is to keep checking it yourself.

Make sure you are familiar with Tote’s website first

Tote’s website and product can be slightly overwhelming to new customers; however, by using our review and also the tips they include on their website, you can get used to it quite quickly.

Once you are up to speed it is easy to use and can offer good value. This is why we would recommend making sure you have a good grasp of their product before you start using the Tote sign up offers or before you start using the Tote Credit, so you don’t waste the hard work you put in when qualifying.

Frequently asked questions about Tote’s sign up offer

Can I use the credit across Tote’s products?

Whilst Tote UK as a website does offer horse racing, football betting, casino games and their ‘Ten to Follow’ fantasy game, it is not all eligible for Tote Credit.

Instead, the credit is strictly limited to only being used for horse racing betting, not including the “Ten to Follow” fantasy racing game.

How long will it take to be credited?

The time frame for you to receive your Tote Credit will begin once your qualifying wager is settled. It’s important to note that it is when the bet is settled, not when the bet is placed. This could be a key difference if your chosen event to bet on will take place on a different day.

From your bet being settled, Tote will then credit your account within 48 hours.

Will this affect me from qualifying for other bonuses?

Some bookies will include in the terms and conditions that using some bonuses will then limit a bettor’s ability to use another bonus, this will often be when there are similar or conflicting bonuses available.

The Tote sign up offer is not one of these. Tote offers just the one welcome bonus and it doesn’t infringe on any of their other bonuses, therefore you can use them. However, you can only use one bonus at once and your bets won’t work towards qualifying for their other bonuses. Your Tote Credits can also not be used to qualify for a bonus offer.

When does this offer expire?

If you have already qualified and received your free bets then the countdown is on as Tote Credits are only valid for seven days after which they will expire.

However, whilst the free credit may have an expiry date the bonus offer itself does not have one in its terms and conditions. The terms and conditions do include a clause that allows them to end Tote’s sign up offer if they want to and they have in the past paused this offer to put a replacement welcome offer in its place for short promotional periods.

Can someone else in my household use this offer even if I have?

Part and parcel of any welcome bonus is the restriction of the bonus to just one use per customer. Tote is no different with this bonus restricted to just one use of the bonus; however, whilst some of their competitors such as the BetTarget sign up offer, use IP addresses or home addresses to ensure it isn’t being used by two accounts run by the same person, Tote do not.

This doesn’t mean that Tote is relaxed when it comes to people setting up more than one account using someone else's name though, they include in the terms and conditions that any account they believe to be a duplicate can be shut down and they will void any placed bets.

Loyalty schemes - Tote Recharge

Tote UK currently doesn't offer a bonus that is explicitly called a VIP or loyalty scheme.  However, they do offer Recharge which name aside does function somewhat as a loyalty bonus.

The bonus rewards bettors for placing multiple bets within one week. You get your rewards once you have six individual racing bets within a week, with the free bet you receive being dependent on the amount you choose to wager.

The lowest free bet is £2 which you will receive if you place six bets worth between £2 - £5 during the week, the next free bet is £5 which is available if your bets are between £5 and £10 with the largest free bet being worth £10 if you place your wagers with stakes of £10 or more.

The qualifying period begins at midnight on Monday and ends at 11:59 pm on Sunday night. Should you have placed the right qualifying bets to get the bonus, the free bet will be credited to your account on the first following Monday as Tote Credits. You don’t have to opt into the  bonus nor does it require a Tote promo code.

Totesport Sports Bonus

Bonus intro

One of the bonuses currently being offered by Tote UK is their Cheltenham Bankroll promo. This bonus is a form of a Tote deposit offer with one eye on the upcoming Cheltenham Festival. This is the newest bonus being offered by Tote and as such we have decided to take a further look below.

Reality Test

The Tote deposit offer works over a three-week programme where you need to deposit into your account once a week to qualify towards getting Tote Credit.

In week one we hit the minimum of £30 deposited into our account, this meant that we earned £10 worth of Tote Credit for the first week.

In the second week, we have once again reached the deposit target meaning that we have once again qualified for another £10 of free Tote Credit. This means we do currently have £20 worth of credit, but it is worth remembering it won’t come until the third week is finished.

With the third week set to get underway with us planning to deposit the full £30 again, it is reassuring to know that should we end up not depositing £30, it won’t cost us all the work we have put in so far. Instead, we will just receive the £20 we have banked so far, rather than the full £30 Tote Credit you can get out of the bonus.

Whilst the three-week qualifying process is pretty long for most bonuses, we have found it does not detract from the value offered even if you don’t qualify every single week. The long period and need to opt-in isn’t ideal. But, unlike The Pools bonus code or the LiveScoreBet bonus code, the lack of a Tote Bonus code meant it was still straightforward.

Bonus withdrawal

The bonus will be awarded to your account on Monday 14th March, just in time for Day One of the Cheltenham Festival. It should also be noted that although you earn free credits each week of the bonus, you don’t receive these credits weekly; rather it all adds up until the date at the end of the three weeks.

Tote Credit can not be withdrawn as cash, but any winnings it generates can.

Pitfalls & what to avoid when claiming the bonus

Given this is a three week bonus period where you have to take part each week to get the most out of it, it is going to be worth your time making sure you have reminders as one week missed can lead to a significant drop in value. It is also worth paying close attention to the fact you have to opt-in, any progress made before you opt-in does not count.

Whilst the bonus credit is awarded for every £30 deposited across the three week period, the offer does not allow you to claim more than one set of free £10 credits per week. Of course, you are free to deposit any amount of money you want during each week, but it is only the first £30 of each week that qualifies.

The Verdict on bonus

As a whole, this is a pretty solid bonus that leads well into a major sporting event. The value isn’t exactly astronomical in contrast to what it takes to qualify, but for many racing punters, these are amounts you are likely to be betting with anyway and will add some useful extra credit. As long as you build the three weeks into your betting plan correctly it’s well worth using the Tote deposit offer.

Our conclusion - Regular bonuses make for a strong sportsbook

In conclusion, the bonuses offered by Tote add good value to an already strong horse betting sportsbook. Tote’s sign up offer is a particularly valuable bonus that has the benefit of the rewards it offers being issued as Tote Credit rather than set free bets which allow some more freedom compared to others.

The lack of an all-out loyalty or VIP scheme is slightly disappointing. However, the presence of the Recharge bonus does go some way to making up for it, and their track record of introducing bonuses in the build-up and during major race events makes them worthwhile throughout the year.

Tote Bonus Code FAQ 

💷 Are Tote’s bonuses worth it?

Tote offers several bonuses across their horse racing betting markets such as their Cheltenham bankroll bonus or a matched first bet. These offers add a varying amount of value to their product. Check out bonus reviews to find out more.

💳Do Tote offer any loyalty programmes?

Tote offers a wide range of bonuses across their horse racing market. They typically exclude their Ten to Follow game with most of the rewards being issued as Tote Credits. Read our guides on to learn more.

🎟 Do I need to opt into Tote’s bonuses?

The bonuses offered by Tote cover a variety of bonus types such as matched bets, extra credit on deposits and a loyalty scheme of sorts. The wide nature of these bonuses also means there are differing entry criteria for all of them. Find out more with our Tote review.

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