1.01 Betting Strategy 2021

1.01 Betting System - Everything YOU Need to Know

The 1.01 betting strategy involves placing multiple bets on sports events with odds of 1/100, giving you a 99.01% chance of winning. Bookies only post these odds when the outcome is pretty much a foregone conclusion, but that gives you the chance of making a steady profit with very little risk involved.

In this guide, we’ll explain exactly how to go about implementing the 1.01 betting system and show you what makes it perfect to use in combination with a bookmaker like 888 where you'll find a huge range of betting markets.

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Top5 Features of the 1.01 Betting Strategy

  • Place multiple wagers for multiple small wins
  • Long-term profit accumulation almost guaranteed
  • Very low risk strategy
  • Requires a keen eye to spot betting opportunities
  • Works with any level of stake

Why Use the 1.01 Betting Strategy?

It’s a low-risk, low-reward tactic that focuses on the likelihood of consistent profit, in contrast to the possibility of a massive one-off win with backdoor cover.

If you plan on betting long-term and at regular intervals, the 1.01 betting strategy is definitely worth having a think about. For that reason we recommend a bookmaker with the best odds, such as 888.

The Key to Making the 1.01 Strategy Work For You

The key to making this strategy work for you is in its name. You must only place bets with odds of 1.01 (1/100) or less. This may seem crazy to punters regularly engaging in online gambling, as no doubt they’ll be used to the classic accumulators or the last minute 'Hail Mary' bets that we all know and love, but it’s the cornerstone of the 1.01 strategy.

Be the tortoise and not the hare.

Let’s look at the core fundamentals of this strategy. The idea here is that if you’re never going to lose a whole lot of bankroll in one swoop, and the odds are heavily stacked in your favour. More often than not, you’ll win your bet. Yes, you’ll only win a very small percentage of your original bet back, but multiple small wins add up, especially when you’re utilizing this strategy correctly and regularly.

Consistency is King

  • Maintain bets at 1/10 or longer
  • Don't ever be tempted to punt your profits shorter than 1/10
  • Don't ever bet blindly on anything longer than 1/10

Most punters that utilize this strategy stick to placing £1 bets, on 1/100, hoping to take £1.01 from the winnings. This probably seems like madness, but consistency is king: if you win 100 £1 bets at 1/100 odds, you’ll have doubled your money.

Keeping your stake this low ensures that eventually, if you’re placing your money wisely, you’ll make profit. Experienced 1.01 bettors have been known to raise their stake money to £10 per wager, making 10p on every win to expedite the process. But for this theory to work, you generally need to always place the same low amount - we recommend keeping your stake low, especially when first trying out the 1.01 betting strategy.

Understanding Your Sports Markets

There are several areas where you’re likely to see 1/100, but they're most commonly located in the football betting markets. Favourites to win are regularly given 1/100 odds in-play when they have built up a lead, while teams that have become detached at the bottom of the table may become huge favourites for relegation.

As you can see, the best football betting strategy should clearly include some element of 1.01 wagering. It’s not just football though. Any sport could well have these kinds of odds at any given moment, although you have to be aware that it’s always possible for the random underdog success story to spoil your “dead cert”.

This can happen, but it's only a minor setback to your strategy. As you become more familiar with your area of betting expertise it will happen less and less, making experience the key to improving your chances of earning with the 1.01 betting strategy.

Laying Your Bets for Greater Success

Laying is one of the newest tricks on the betting scene, with betting exchanges radically changing the way punters can earn money from online gambling. It’s not easy to get your calculations on the exchange right every time, but if you can develop the ability to place lay bets that cover your backed bets, you could be in for some serious profit. This type of strategy works really well  in conjunction with tennis betting strategies in general, but especially so for in-play tennis betting strategies.

More than just making profit, it’s also about avoiding risk. If you can get into the habit of covering the potential losses of a backed bet with a lay bet, even at 1/100 odds, you’re essentially multiplying your future profits by mitigating your losses.

Keeping Your Eye on 'Live' Odds

In combination with laying bets, you want to be keeping an eye on the live odds at your chosen exchange or favourite bookie. Because we’re working with such small numbers when using the 1.01 betting strategy, even the slightest change in odds is significant. It might not seem a big deal that a 1/100 has increased to 2/100, but it doubles your profit margin.

Honestly — the very best odds for the 1.01 strategy are found in-play

It’s in these situations where laying a bet to cover the predicted outcome of your backed bet is the safest way to secure a profit (however small) or at the very least, mitigate your losses should the worst happen. When you hear 1.01 betting explained in straightforward plain English, it’s not as hard as it first seemed.

The Luck of the Draw

If you’re using the 1.01 betting strategy properly, you shouldn't lose many bets. At first, your wins will be small so it might feel like you're making little progress, but if you keep records, it will help you to see that you are.

Occasionally, although it’s a ridiculously small chance, you could lose twice or even three times on the bounce. It’s the luck of the draw, so don’t immediately give up if you do lose out on a couple of wagers once in a while. Remember, the cornerstone of this 1.01 betting explained guide is longevity. Eventually you are going to turn a profit if you dedicate yourself to finding the right betting markets and place wagers on a regular basis.

Found This Interesting? Check Out These Other Strategies

We hope our 1.01 betting explained guide has helped to enhance your knowledge of this particular strategy - but it’s not just the 1.01 betting strategy that’ll give you an edge over the competition. There are many tips and strategies you can employ while you’re gambling online.

Luckily for you we have produced plenty of guides ready to give you the lowdown of what’s hot and what’s not.  Combining one or more of these tactics at any one time could easily result in a massive profit margin for your betting, so don’t miss out - take a look at some of these:

1.01 Round Up

The 1.01 betting strategy isn’t for everyone and if it's not for you, you might like to look at the Asian handicap as an alternative. Also, there's no denying that the 1.01 betting strategy does take dedication, practice and a lot of faith, because even when you’re winning, the minute profit margins might give you the impression that you’re not. There could even be an unexpected loss (Leicester could always win the league again) which might occasionally diminish your accrued profits.

However, the fact is, the 1.01 betting strategy is a theoretical winner. The odds are always in your favour, turning the tables on the bookmaker and putting you in the driver’s seat, meaning that if you placed 1000 wagers at 1/100 odds, you’re virtually guaranteed to be in the money. We’re hoping this 1.01 betting explained guide has given you all the information you need to start a successful online gambling career.

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