Best Cricket Betting Strategy 2021

How to bet on Cricket?

Like all team sports, betting on cricket is a great way to increase your enjoyment of the sport – many punters will already be putting wagers on the match they’re watching, at a casual pace. It’s one of those, like football and rugby etc, that really is brilliant fun to watch and gamble on simultaneously.

If you’re really looking to make money from your favourite cricket teams though, the whole thing becomes much more complicated. With so many teams and players, it’s hard to know where to put your money, so with this best cricket betting strategy guide we want to give you all the essential information on how to bet on cricket.

Key Takeaways

  • Begin by specialising in certain areas
  • Surf the different sites
  • Practice on One Days
  • Pay attention to in play offers
  • Subscribe to blogs

7 Tips to Mastering Cricket Betting

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Place multiple types of bets

Given that cricket is a fairly slow sport, with massive breaks in between big moments, it goes without saying that one of the most effective ways to make money here is to cover the losses of your bets with savvy lay bets elsewhere. For those not in the know, this is usually done by placing a bet on the underdog of the match pre-game at high odds, then covering the potential losses of that bet by laying various bets on the unpredictable inplay markets.

It’s a very hard skill to master, and it’s one that experienced punters will know all too well, but the benefits of successfully learning to lay bets are massive. For the absolute best cricket betting strategy, this is an essential tip.

Do your homework

Cricket betting strategy

This is probably the most important tip we can give you, and will likely be part of every gambling strategy guide you ever read: research the teams/players you’re planning on putting money on.

Recent form is almost all you need to know when going into a wager, and this is all information you can find easily online.

Historical results, regular weaknesses as well as any recurring instances where particular players slip up – these are all things you can find at the click of a button, and they’ll multiply the value of your best cricket betting strategy instantly.

And don’t disregard the cricket betting strategy blogs

So it’s one thing to research the cold hard numbers of a team’s success, but another thing entirely to take someone else’s word for it. Now it might seem daft, to take someone’s opinion and run with it, but it’s not just as simple as putting money on whoever the blogger says is good.

Cricket blogs are a great indicator of public opinion – and public opinion is a great indicator of what an operator’s odds will look like. Reading these blogs regularly will give you a birds-eye view of the overall feeling of the cricket landscape, which will inform every bet you ever place.

Also, knowing the ins and outs of the cricket world through these blogs is invaluable, and something that all successful cricket bettors will be doing.

Stick to your markets

Like most team sports, there are many – MANY – cricket markets available to bet on. The temptation is to dive in and go everywhere, charging through the websites looking for the most interesting offers and odds.

This is, 99% of the time, going to result in you losing a significant portion of your bankroll. You should only place bets on areas where you feel you have some level of expertise, or at least a little bit of know-how, because the vast majority of cricket bets you see on a bookmaker’s website are going to take your money and do so happily.

Don’t go crazy with the numbers

Like many other strategy guides, the best cricket betting strategy involves being extremely careful with your bankroll. As a rule, you shouldn’t be placing any more than 10% of your bankroll on a single bet, and you want to be splitting that 50/50 between the match winner and your own selection of props.

The benefits to this are twofold: firstly, you’re not throwing your entire wallet down the drain, which is nice. Secondly, it’s just way more fun to place multiple bets, especially props. It’ll give you multiple things to look out for during the game, and should you have stuck to the rule and not put a fortune on, you should be enjoying some relatively risk-free cricket with a potential opportunity to profit.

ODI are great practice

One Day International cricket matches are great for newcomers, as you’re going to know whether you’ve won or lost within 24 hours (something that can’t be said for all types of cricket). There’s many ways of determining recent form and looking up the relative player’s/teams for these matches, making it the ideal place to get some practice in and get used to the format.

Learn the types of bets

There are many different forms of wager you can put on cricket, each different in its own way. You’ve got your classic match winner, series winner and outright winner (used for tournaments) bets that will be most familiar to cricket fans. Here you’re simply betting on which team will win the match, series or tournament.

Proposition (props) bets are directed towards things less quantifiable to the customer. These include things like: who will win the toss, what will the eventual series score be, will the overall runs be an odd or even number etc. These are events much harder to predict (almost impossible sometimes) but give you a much more fun option for those small bets you’ll be placing in play.

Learning how and when to use all these different types of wager will give you the best chance at earning profit on cricket, and formulate a key part of the best cricket betting strategy.

Other Strategies

While online gambling strategies are very difficult to master, we don’t need to tell you that managing to use multiple of these at once will open up a whole new area of profit for you and your bankroll. It’s not easy, but the first step in your long journey to become a gambling master is to check out our other strategy guides for earning profit online: we offer a range of different sports, such as golf strategy guides, football strategy guides, horse racing strategy guides, and much more. In addition, we also cover topics such as in-play betting for general purposes – or in-play tennis betting strategy, more specifically – and value betting, amongst others. For a full picture of the world of betting, you know you can turn to


As with all forms of online betting, one of the most important components of the best cricket betting strategy is the preparation. Most of the time the deciding factor in your success will be how much you know about the team you’re betting on  – of course, the more the better. Another factor could also be where you’re placing your bets be it via the best websites for cricket betting or the best apps for cricket betting. The more clued in you are to the world of cricket, the more successful you’ll be when gambling on it.

Learning how to bet on cricket will take some time, but ultimately you’re working towards a position where you’re savvy enough to put multiple bets on one match, most of them being fun prop bets, without worrying about losing too much of your bankroll. It’s well worth the effort, and as team sports go there’s more online information on cricket than many others – something well worth thinking about, even if you’re not the biggest fan of the sport.

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