Derby Betting Strategy 2021

How to bet on Derby?

Rangers versus Celtic, Liverpool versus Everton, Manchester United versus Manchester City – derbies are some of the most keenly anticipated fixtures in the football calendar. These games are where local rivalries come into play, and old grudges surface. Form goes out the window, as the old saying goes, on these occasions.

That can make things very tricky for punters who like to bet on football. So how should you approach betting on derbies? This guide will explain how to come up with a successful derby betting strategy that can bring rewards. Read on to have derby betting explained!

Derby Betting Strategy: The Key Points

  • Derbies are games between fierce, usually local, rivals
  • The intensity of the occasion makes prediction tricky
  • Specialist knowledge is vital
  • Bettors need to avoid the passion and emotion of the occasion

Derby Betting Explained: 6 Key Factors to Shape a Derby Betting Strategy

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So how can you come up with a derby betting strategy that works? Here, we’ll look at five things that you can do to boost your chances of success when it comes to betting on football derbies. Before we do that, though, it’s worth outlining just what is meant by a ‘derby’.

A derby is traditionally seen as a game between local rivals, although some derbies are between teams from different cities or even regions these days. Crystal Palace and Brighton & Hove Albion is now classed as a ‘derby’ by the fans of the clubs, while Liverpool versus Manchester United is played by teams from different cities, but has all the characteristics of a derby match.

Yorkshire has its fair share of derbies too, with Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday not only playing derbies against each other, but also against clubs like Barnsley, Rotherham United and, especially, Leeds United. In Scotland, local rivalries such as Rangers versus Celtic in Glasgow, and even Heart of Midlothian against Hibernian in Edinburgh, are complicated by religious and ethnic tension that stretches back hundreds of years. You need to understand factors like this once you have had derby betting explained to you.

Of course, derbies are not limited to football. Any punter with a sound derby betting strategy can also apply it to sports such as rugby union, rugby league, ice hockey and even cricket. All team sports tend to have these kinds of marquee clashes that transcend a mere clash for league points or a place in the next round of a cup competition. But when it comes to having derby betting explained for you here, our focus will be on football.

Careful Analysis is Key

Part of a good derby betting strategy is to be properly knowledgeable about the teams on whom you are planning to bet. You should not need to have derby betting explained for you to know this, it is something that bettors of every type know. You should always make sure that you keep abreast of all the news relating to the teams playing in a derby. Things like injuries, transfer rumours or players falling out with coaches can all be used as part of a derby betting strategy.

Now that you have had this aspect of derby betting explained to you, we can look at how to keep the emotion out of your wagering on derby day.

Keep the Passion Out of your Betting

When it comes to having derby betting explained to you, one really important aspect is the passion and emotion that surrounds these occasions. But a successful derby betting strategy depends on you being able to lift your head above the clouds of local passion and rivalry and keep your vision clear. Just as the best players in local derbies can ignore the sense of occasion and just get on with their jobs, so the successful derby punter keeps their head clear and makes informed and astute decisions about betting.

Anger and frustration are emotions that are wholly negative for successful betting. However well you have had derby betting explained to you, if you are angry or frustrated then you will not make good decisions about betting. You are likely to place silly bets that are too big or are at very long odds. This can lead to you chasing your losses. This is a negative cycle where after a loss, you bet bigger to try and compensate. You often lose again, and the pattern then repeats until your bankroll is exhausted. This leads to more problems in your life and can cause real issues.

This is why it is wise to bet on derby matches that have no connection to you. If you are betting on your favourite team in a local derby, your emotions are going to be running very high indeed. Anyone who has had derby betting explained properly to them will know that betting when you are full of this kind of passion is a very bad idea. Bet on teams you do not particularly care about. That way, your mind will be clinical, cold and efficient when it comes to making decisions.

Use In Play Betting Options

Anyone who has had derby betting explained clearly to them will recognise the potential importance of in play betting. Also known as live betting, this form of wagering can play an important role in a successful derby betting strategy. Derby matches can fluctuate and change rapidly, which makes live betting a potential goldmine for the punter who is alive to the possibilities of a quickly chosen punt.

For live betting to work, of course, you need to be watching the game. Watching a TV broadcast is probably best, but many bookies do offer live streams of matches to their customers. You need to be able to watch the game so that you can spot good betting opportunities.

Markets on yellow and red cards can be useful, if you’re looking to put together a successful derby betting strategy. The passion of the occasion on derby day means that many players succumb to rage and do silly things. This can lead to a flurry of cards. Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos, as an example, became notorious in 2018/19 for receiving red cards in games against Celtic. Derby matches can be a treasure trove for punters who like to bet on the cards market.

But make sure that you don’t ignore the markets on corners either, especially towards the end of a tight tussle. As part of a good derby betting strategy you need to understand that teams might be chasing a result near the end of game. This can lead to them winning more corners.

Derby Betting Explained: Pick the Right Matches

Something that should be part of any successful derby betting strategy is selecting the right derby matches to bet on. This should be tied into the research that you do. There is little point in choosing to bet on Inverness Caledonian Thistle versus Ross County, for example, if you have little or no interest in Scottish football.

Your research when it comes to betting on football should always focus on two or three leagues at most. This allows you to narrow your focus and pick out the important details, rather than spreading yourself too thinly and trying to cover too much. Keeping your focus narrowed to two or three leagues means that you get to know the nuances of a competition, as well as being able to identify key players in teams. This becomes very clear when you have had derby betting explained to you.

When it comes to derbies, knowing how players perform under pressure is key factor. That is the kind of thing you can only grasp if you have the detailed knowledge that comes from keeping a sharp focus when you research. This knowledge can only be properly applied if you pick the right matches to bet on.

Look Out for Bookies’ Bonuses

When it comes to having derby betting explained, the role played by bookies’ bonuses is often underplayed. Part of a good derby betting strategy is being able to find the bookmakers who are offering tempting and potentially lucrative bonuses for specific games. Of course, the bigger the derby, the more likely you are to find special offers. Liverpool versus Everton will have more offers attached to it than Linfield versus Cliftonville, for example.

What you will often see as a bonus for a derby clash in football is a no lose bet. This is where the bookie will refund all losing bets of a certain type on a specific game as bonus bets. This can be useful. You should also look out for odds boosts, which can be attached to big derby games. Many bookies also like to offer bonuses for accumulator bets on football, and you may benefit from these too, if you use them as part of your derby betting strategy.

Of course, some of the most tempting bonuses that bookies offer are for new customers. You can often pick up bonus bets by opening an account with a new bookie. Changing bookies might be part of a successful derby betting strategy if it means you pick up some extra bets to use on an epic clash between old rivals. You need to make sure you use them on the right type of bets, though, which is something that we’ll look at next.

Pick the Right Bet Types

Having derby betting explained is not simply a case of researching and keeping calm. You also need to pick the right types of bet. The most obvious, and simplest, form of betting on a derby is to simply pick the winner.

You can also have a go at picking the correct score, and this can bring lucrative rewards as the odds on some common score lines can often be quite long. The over/under markets for goals scored in a game can be a good choice too, once you have had derby betting explained clearly to you. This is where you bet on a certain number of goals being scored in the game.

In games where there is a clear and massive favourite, handicap betting can be a useful part of your derby betting strategy. This is where the bookie will provide a handicap of winning margin for both teams. For example, if Rangers are facing Celtic, then the Celts might be given a +2 handicap by the bookie. Rangers would be at -2. This means that if you bet on Celtic to win on this market, they need to win by two goals or more for you to collect on your bet. Similarly, if you bet on Rangers, they can still lose by up to two goals and you will win your bet.

Picking the right bet type is a vital part of a solid derby betting strategy. If you have had derby betting explained properly then you should be able to pick the right bet type to suit the occasion.

Check out’s Other Betting Guides

Now that you have had derby betting explained to you, you might want to explore some other types of betting too. As well as finding guidance on your derby betting strategy here, you can also find guides tennis in play betting, over/under betting and matched betting. There’s plenty to get stuck into if you’re a betting fan, so make sure you bookmark! We look forward to seeing you back here as often as possible. We cover most sports, and you can find betting tips for the week’s key clashes as well as in-depth details on the likes of the 1.01 betting strategy, the pick three betting strategy, which is one of the best horse betting strategies on offer, and a huge range of other topics across our detailed betting guides.

Derby Betting Explained: A Clear Mind is Vital to a Good Derby Betting Strategy

With derby betting explained to you now, you should be able to see that knowing how to bet on derbys is not that different to normal football betting. As with other forms of football betting, you need to conduct careful research, have sound sporting knowledge, and be able to keep a clear mind so that you can spot the right opportunities. In many ways, you need a similar mindset to that taken by the best players when it comes to derbies. You leave the emotion out of the occasion and spot your moment.

A good derby betting strategy should be part of the armoury of every football punter. Derbies are the lifeblood of football in many ways, and there are some great betting opportunities on offer for the astute bettor to exploit, especially now that you have had derby betting explained.

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