Best Football Betting Strategy 2021

How to Bet on Football?

Football remains the world’s most popular sport. Played from Iceland to New Zealand and from Chile to China, the Beautiful Game remains the sport most beloved by millions and millions of people across the world. It is no wonder then that betting on football is possibly more popular than any other form of sports betting in the world. The possibilities are myriad, with a massive range of bet types and markets available for fans of football betting.

If you’re wondering how to bet on football then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out how to come up with the best football betting strategy possible.

The Best Football Betting Strategy: Key Points

  • Massive range of bet types and markets
  • Plenty of live betting options available
  • Huge amount of leagues and matches
  • Bookies offer plenty of football betting bonuses

5 Ways to Formulate the Best Football Betting Strategy

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If you’re looking to come up with the best football betting strategy there are a number of factors on which it really pays to focus, such as the Asian handicap. Football may be a simple game to play, but when it comes to betting on it there is a huge number of complicating factors that can throw a spanner in the works of anyone seeking the best football betting strategy.

Here we’ve put together five simple things that anyone can do to improve their chances of finding the best football betting strategy. As you gain more experience in football betting and gain more knowledge about how to bet on football, you will find that these fundamentals will give you a sound base to which you can add your own specialist expertise.

You Need Sound Sporting Knowledge

If you want to come up with the best football betting strategy then it is pretty obvious that you need to know plenty about the sport of football. It helps, of course, if you have played the game, as this will give you extra insight into how events might turn out in a game, especially when it comes to live betting. We’ll look at live betting later on in this guide. Even if you have never played football, you can still gain plenty of knowledge by watching the professional game.

If you want to find the best football betting strategy for you then you need to be watching as much football as possible. You need the kind of deep knowledge that almost feels instinctive. To be a really successful football punter, you need to literally have knowledge at your finger tips. You need to be able to recall the last time a player scored from the penalty spot when the pressure was on. You need to be able to know what tends to happen to a particular team if they go a goal down inside the first five minutes of a game. You need to know how a manager will change his formation if a star defender goes off injured.

That kind of knowledge is essential to building the best football betting strategy. You can only gain that knowledge by watching as much football as possible. But you improve your chances of making the best use of that knowledge by researching in a targeted and focused way, something that we’ll look at in the next section of this guide to the best football betting strategy.

Always Do Your Research Carefully

You may watch football all the time and even play the game for a local club, but your instinctive knowledge of the sport needs to be supplemented by something a little more intellectual. If you’re looking for the best football betting strategy then you need to do plenty of additional research. You need to be able to recall statistics and results, and to know just what kind of form teams and players are in, if you want to bet successfully on football.

The good thing about researching football is that there are so many resources at your disposal nowadays. The internet means that there is an ever growing range of football content to consume. Not all of it is of value when you are coming up with the best football betting strategy, of course. You need to use credible resources such as the official websites of leagues for stats and analysis. Other news can come from news websites, but you should never rely on rumour from fan sites or blogs, unless they are written by a proper journalist.

It is not just knowledge about results and stats that you need for the best football betting strategy. You also need to know about news like transfers and injuries. Speculation about a player’s future can affect him, but also the team, and his relationship with his coach. An injury to a talismanic player can change a team’s entire season.

Conversely, a star player returning to action can hand his team a huge boost. These are all the types of factors you need to weigh carefully when betting on football. Is the game on which you plan to bet a match between local rivals, that you’re intending to use a derby betting strategy while betting on? This type of game can often upset bookies’ predictions because of neighbourly passions coming into play. The more knowledge you have, the simpler it is to analyse the possible effects of factors such as these.

It is a good idea to narrow the focus of your research as much as possible. You need to balance up your need for a range of betting options with the need for expert knowledge. This is why we recommend that you focus on two or possibly three leagues or competitions. This will help you find the best value possible. You can often find good bets on more obscure competitions in countries away from football’s mainstream heartlands of South America and Europe. If you become an expert on Indian football, for example, you may well find value where others fear to tread.

Look out for Special Offers on Football Betting

Due to the popularity of football, you can find plenty of bonuses and special offers from bookies that relate to the sport. Many bookies will tempt new customers in with an extra bet, for example, if you place a bet on a football. Other offers relate to specific events, teams or tournaments. You might get a no lose bet for wagering on Manchester United’s weekend fixture, for example.

Events like the World Cup can also be a rich source of football betting bonuses. Whenever a major tournament is taking place anywhere in the world you should keep a sharp eye out for bookies’ offers. A no lose bet where you get your stake back if your selection loses can be an important factor in shaping the best football betting strategy.

You should also look out for improved odds offers. These will often relate to a specific type of bet on a certain event. Newcomers to a bookie can often pick up outstanding odds on specific games, so never be shy about opening an account with a new bookie if you see an offer you like. You can also use the general betting bonuses used as welcome offers for a bet on football.

Of course, many football betting bonuses relate to specific types of bet that can be placed on the sport. One type that is beloved by football fans is the accumulator. This type of betting can bring big rewards to the astute punter, especially if they have a bonus up their sleeve. We’ll look at accumulators in detail next.

Accumulators should be a Huge Part of the Best Football Betting Strategy

An accumulator is a good way of maximising your possible returns from betting on football. An accumulator is where you combine bets on several different matches onto one betting slip. The odds from each bet are multiplied together to create some potentially huge wins. But each bet on the coupon needs to be successful for you to win. If your first bet wins, the winnings are used as the stake on the next bet on the coupon. If one bet loses, the whole coupon is down the drain, so you need to make careful selections.

Betting using accumulators is a good way of betting on favourites. While betting on a favourite to win a football match might not bring substantial rewards on its own, combining that bet with four or five others in an accumulator can bring very large rewards indeed. If you bet on three or four favourites on an accumulator, your chances of winning are pretty good. But you need to balance up that possibility with the likelihood that there might be a shock result along the way. This is where your knowledge of football comes into play, as it will help your judgement in such situations.

Some bookies will give accumulator bettors an extra bonus, by returning their stake to them as a bonus bet if one or two selections on the accumulator loses. Look out for these offers as they can provide a useful insurance policy. Another type of betting that is useful for football punters is in play betting, and we’ll look at that in detail in the next section of this guide.

Make Use of Live Betting Options

If you’re seeking the best football betting strategy then you need to be properly aware of how to use live betting. There are myriad options when it comes to in play betting on soccer. You can bet on almost anything that can happen in a game of football while it is taking place. This allows you to focus on particular areas of specialist knowledge that you may feel that you have.

For example, if you feel that you have some good ideas about player psychology, especially if you have closely followed the careers of specific players, then you might find fortune by betting on yellow or red cards. Knowing how or when a team tends to attack can bring you good luck when it comes to betting on corners.

It is not just teams or players that you can focus on when it comes to live betting. If you’re looking to add live betting expertise to your best football betting strategy then you should also take note of how referees perform. Some referees are far more prone to dish out red or yellow cards, while others may like to crack down on certain fouls or behaviour more than others. Other referees may have a tendency to award penalties. This can all be useful when it comes to putting together the best football betting strategy for in play wagering.

Check out’s Other Betting Guides

As well as this guide to the best football betting strategy, you can find plenty of other great betting information at You can find detailed guides to cricket betting strategy and horse racing betting strategies, as well as guides to concepts like in play betting and value betting, and even concepts such as the pick three betting strategy. We have all the information you need to set you on your way to betting expertise.

Watch the Game and Use Your Football Knowledge

As you can see, coming up with the best football betting strategy incorporates a number of things. At its most basic level, though, football betting is about knowledge. The more that you know about football, the more successful your betting will be. That knowledge needs to extend beyond mere statistics, though, to the history of the game, to recent form and to news. You also need to look out for any betting offers that you can use, and make positive use of specific types of bet, such as accumulators.

Knowing how to bet on football is a lifelong journey that is full of twists and turns. The good thing about it is that to be a good punter you need to watch as much football as possible. Who said research can never be fun?

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