Best Golf Betting Strategy 2021

How to Bet on Golf?

Golf is a sport that can bring rich rewards to punters who bet astutely and with skill. The great thing about betting on golf tournaments is that the fields are massive, usually featuring over 100 players, and almost any player has a chance of winning. This makes it tricky for bookmakers and better for punters who really know the sport.

Read on to find out how to bet on golf. We’ll give you a full guide here on how to find the best golf betting strategy.

Best Golf Betting Strategy: Key Points

  • Most golf events are stroke play tournaments
  • The four Majors are the biggest tournaments
  • You can bet on match play events too, but these are less common
  • Popular markets for tournaments include winner, top 5 or top 10

5 Ways to Find the Best Golf Betting Strategy

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As seen in our cricket betting strategy guide, betting on golf is very similar to betting on other sports, certainly in the way that the odds and main markets work. Even if you have never bet on golf before, many of the features of golf betting will be familiar to anyone who has previously bet on other sports. What you will need to become familiar with, though, is the particular nuances and quirks that are specific to golf, if you want to come up with the best golf betting strategy.

If you’re new to betting to golf, then these five tips should stand you in good stead. You can use them to help formulate your best golf betting strategy.

Pick the Right Tournament

One of the first things that you will notice about golf is that it is based entirely on tournament play. There is no league structure that lasts for a whole year, although the PGA rankings might be considered loosely as such. Most tournaments are also based on individual players rather than teams. Some team events do take place, though, with the Ryder Cup being a huge draw for punters.

When it comes to golf tournaments, there are two tours to follow. The European Tour, despite its name, includes tournaments in Asia and southern Africa as well as Europe. This is a very cosmopolitan tour, with players from all over the world featuring. It is not as wealthy or as high profile as the US Tour, though.

The US Tour features mainly players from North America, but the top European players feature in many of its tournaments. Players from elsewhere in the world also play in it. It is seen as the world’s premier golf tour, and its tournaments are very lucrative for players. From a betting point of view, it attracts plenty of attention from punters. While most of its tournaments are played on US soil, events do take place in other countries, usually in the Americas.

The best golf betting strategy will always take the tournament into account. The main tournaments are the Majors. Just as in tennis, these are four tournaments that are considered as the sport’s blue ribbon events, and winning a Major confers instant historic status on a golfer. Three of these Majors are played in the USA – The Masters, the PGA Championship and the US Open – with the fourth, the Open Championship, being held at one of 10 links courses in the UK.

You should make sure that you pick tournaments where you know the course well, as well as have a good idea about the relative quality of the players that are taking part. You do not necessarily need to pick the biggest or most popular tournament to be successful. The best golf betting strategy will always

Use Different Types of Bet

If you’re looking to come up with the best golf betting strategy you need to understand the different types of bet that can be placed on the sport. Obviously, betting on golf is very different to betting on horse racing, and different again to betting on team sports such as football or rugby league. There is much more of a focus on individual attributes and skills, something which provides the enterprising punter with a different type of challenge.

The simplest form of bet in golf is to wager on the winner of a tournament. Tournaments usually last three to four days, so bookies also offer live betting on tournament winners. You can see how live betting in golf works later on in this guide. In addition to betting on the overall winner of a tournament, you can also place wagers on which golfer will win the first round of a tournament. Not all golfers end tournaments as well as they start them, so first-round winners can often be surprising. This can bring good value to punters who are on the hunt for the best golf betting strategy.

Head-to-head bets can also be good fun. This is where you pick a pair of golfers and bet on which of them will finish higher in the tournament. A type of betting called ‘Six Shooter’ betting can also be lucrative and entertaining. In this case, you come up with a group of six golfers of similar standard to each other and bet on which you think will finish highest out of them. That can be an interesting challenge to anyone who is trying to shape their best golf betting strategy.

You can also place wagers on whether or not individual golfers will manage a top five or top ten finish in a tournament. Another variation is double bets, where you bet on which two golfers will finish in the top two in any order. If you want to add extra challenge to this bet, then you can place double bets that predict the exact order of the top two finishers. A double chance bet allows you to bet on two golfers who you think might win the tournament – if neither of them wins you lose your bet. Three-ball bets are where you bet on the best player of a three-player group. Tournaments are usually played with the golfers going round the course in groups of three.

A summary of some of the types of bets on offer to anyone searching for the best golf betting strategy:

  • Tournament winner
  • First round winner
  • Head to head bets
  • Six Shooter bets
  • Three-ball bets
  • Top five or top 10 placement
  • Double bets any order
  • Double bets precise order
  • Double chance bets

Research Stats and Study Form for the Best Golf Betting Strategy

As with all forms of betting, the more you know about golf, the more likely you are to be a successful punter. Expert knowledge should always be the foundation of the best golf betting strategy. You need to know exactly which players are in form ahead of tournaments. As well as general form, you should also be digging into stats about

Each tour has its own website that features stats and news, and these are good places to start when it comes to improving your overall golf knowledge. There, you can find stats for things like driving distance and accuracy, how often players hit the greens, and the accuracy of their putting. There is a rich feast of facts on offer that you should make proper use of.

An important part of formulating the best golf betting strategy is to understand the course too. Knowing the individual characteristics of specific courses will give you a real edge when it comes to successful betting. Individual players all have their own particular attributes that mean their style of play will suit some courses more than others. The astute punter will know exactly which players should perform best on a specific course and apply that knowledge to their betting.

Of course, the best way of researching is to watch as much golf as possible. If you’re already a fan of the sport, that should not be too hard. Research can be fun. When it comes down to basics, this is by far the most effective way of formulating the best golf betting strategy. The more golf that you watch, the more perceptive you will be when it comes to spotting betting opportunities. This is especially useful for live, or in play, betting. This is something we’ll look at more closely in the next section of this guide.

Use In Play Betting on Golf

Live, or in play, betting, is where punters place bets on events and outcomes while a match is taking place. There are usually plenty of in play betting markets on offer for golf tournaments, and anyone looking to come up with the best golf betting strategy should be aware of the possibilities they offer.

This type of golf betting really does require expert knowledge. With in play betting you often have to respond very speedily to events that are taking place live. The astute golf punter therefore needs sharp knowledge and the ability to make quick decisions to make live betting work for them. Golf, though, tends to move much more slowly than many other sports, something that makes live betting a touch easier.

You also need to factor in things like the weather when it comes to live betting. If heavy rain suddenly strikes the course midway through a round, those players who are still out there will face some testing circumstances. This can create some potentially valuable situations for in play bettors. Successful live betting will always depend on the punter’s ability to be able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances.

When it comes to the markets for live betting on golf, you have plenty of choice. Many of the markets focus on hole-by-hole betting, so strong course knowledge always pays off. You can also place bets on eventual tournament winners while the tournament is taking place, which adds more options. Betting on the number of strokes a player will take to complete a hole can be a fun market too.

Remember to Expect the Unexpected

Golf is a sport where unexpected and freakish events often occur. This is simply merely due to the nature of the way that the sport is structured. Tournaments have very large fields, and this means that massive numbers of variables can come in to play. You need to keep this in mind when you are considering what would be the best golf betting strategy to use.

Pressure is a real factor in golf, and it often causes strong performers to implode at vital times. You always need to take into account the pressure of a particular situation when coming up with the best golf betting strategy on a particular day. The range of obstacles on a golf course can play a huge role in exacerbating the effects on a golfer of pressure too. There is a lot of water, rough ground and trees on a golf course, and these can all play a part in determining outcomes, often in highly unexpected ways. The astute punter who is searching for the best golf betting strategy needs to understand this fundamental point about the nature of golf.

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The Best Golf Betting Strategy is Based on Expert Knowledge

As you can see, coming up with the best golf betting strategy is pretty similar to knowing how to bet well on other sports. Knowing how to bet on golf requires sound sporting knowledge, an appreciation of the specifics of events and a willingness to do your research. These principles hold true whatever you sport you bet on. The specifics of golf, though, revolve around understanding the nature of tournaments and courses, and how the attributes of players match those circumstances.

Betting on golf can be very entertaining as well as lucrative. The slow pace of the sport, coupled with the sheer variety of complicating factors like the weather, can make coming up with the best golf betting strategy as beautifully infuriating as playing the sport itself.

And once you’re ready to put your money where your mouth is, be sure to check out the array of offers available to you, such as the NetBet sports welcome offer or the sky bet welcome offer to see if you can turn your new found knowledge into a lucrative experience.

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