Best Greyhound Betting Strategy 2021

Fancy a Greyhound Racing Bet? The Best Strategies

Greyhound racing is one of the most quintessential areas for gambling, and also one of the most difficult to make profit on, even with a 1.01 strategy. Essentially, if you go into greyhound betting without knowing much about the dogs, the race itself, or the handlers (all the basic background knowledge punters use) then you’re likely going to be losing your money.

It’s very difficult to accurately predict the winner of a race, but with our best greyhound betting strategy we’ll try to get you as close as possible. We’ll be diving into some of the basics of greyhound betting, the tips and tricks that successful gamblers use and telling you what we really think your chances are of making money from the whole endeavour. Keep reading to find out about the best way to bet on greyhounds.

Quick Pointers

  • Preparation is everything
  • Keep an eye on successful dogs
  • Sometimes, there’s nothing you could have done about a loss
  • Dogs that are in front usually stay in front
  • Do not chase your losses

Top Greyhound Racing Tips From Our Experts

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It isn’t easy to describe to someone how to bet on greyhounds, as it’s one specific area of gambling where we think it’s absolutely essential that you have some kind of tips and tricks up your sleeve before diving in. While many other markets allow you to use common sense, your success in greyhounds depends on common sense and how involved you are with the sport with strategies like backdoor cover.

With that in mind, here’s some tips and tricks on how to bet on greyhounds we think are absolutely imperative to at least making a start.

Form cards are your best friend

It may sound like a stupidly obvious thing to say, but studying the form cards of the specific dogs competing in a race can give you a massive advantage when trying to pick a winner. Unlike many other sports where the form of an athlete can mean little when they step into the ring, the immediately previous performances of a dog can be a great indicator as to how they’re going to do in the future.

In fact, cross reference this form with information like: the ages of the dogs, weather (surface conditions), the distance they need to run etc, and you’ll have yourself a nice portfolio of information that should point you towards the right direction. It’s never fool proof, but all of these factors will play a great part in the race.

How to bet on greyhounds: Spot the wunderkinds

In pretty much every area of sports gambling, you want to be keeping an eye on any young prospects that perform above their station, but in greyhounds it’s even more important. Dogs that are improving quickly tend to win many races in their growth period, presumably due to the innate hunger and drive that comes with growing.

These dogs can be essential to your success, and may not always be appreciated by the operators in question. This is where a little insider knowledge comes in; essentially you’ll have given yourself a tip by paying attention. This is one of the most important tips we can give in our best greyhound betting strategy guide, as one dog could potentially provide additional value if its increasing abilities haven’t quite been discovered by operators.

Read the papers

You might be wondering “but where do I find this information about greyhounds?”. Well, as with any area of sports, there’s tons of literature aimed at greyhound fans just waiting to be consumed by avid punters. Such resources provide great information on a weekly basis, and are well worth checking out before you even set foot on a track.

These publications will, almost definitely, be extremely popular among greyhound gamblers, and will most likely shift odds at a heartbeat, so don’t just put money on whoever these magazines tell you to – it’s about using the information you get from these guys to your advantage.

Find your own value in a dog

Even for the professionals, it’s definitely not easy to tell which dog is the favourite in any given race. The fact is, there are so many contributing factors in greyhound racing, that it’s far from unheard of for the odds offered on a dog to be wrong. This is where your insider knowledge comes in again when considering how to bet on greyhounds.

Time and experience betting on the dogs will, hopefully, give you a certain eye for the winners, and you have to use this eye to find your own value. Do you know something most people don’t? Is the favourite too old to be competing? Does one dog prefer certain terrains to others? These are all factors that matter as much, if not more, to the result of the race than the numerical odds.

Speak to breeders

This may seem like an extreme step, but one of the best ways to get information about certain dogs and the races themselves is by talking to the breeders around the track. If you’re serious betting on greyhounds, these guys will have all the hot tips when it comes to new dogs on the block, and no-doubt will be able to give you their expert opinions on others.

They know the most about the animals, and at the end of the day, that’s the most vital information you could ever hope to hear. As the best greyhound betting strategy goes, this is one tip that most punters probably won’t take advantage of, but one should always be considered.

Know the odds

Even if you’ve followed all of the steps in this best greyhound betting strategy guide, losing is always a possibility. All you can do is try to learn from every defeat, although, again, there are many times where the reason for your loss is completely out of your control and possibly something you couldn’t have possibly known before it started.

When this happens, the most important thing you can do is not to try and chase your losses. You can’t feel liable for a loss and blindly putting mad bets on low odds dogs isn’t going to help you out most of the time. You have to let go of some bets – you can’t win them all – and focus on the task at hand. Don’t put massive money on immediately after a loss, in an attempt to win your money straight back, because it’s all stacked against you.

Other Top Sports Betting Strategies

It’s not just greyhound racing that has its own set of tips and tricks. The entire online gambling market is one that’s slightly misunderstood by rookies and completely ruled by the veterans, and we want to change that. Combine the tips in this guide with some from our other betting strategy guides to become proficient and profitable in the world of gambling.

This best greyhound betting strategy guide is just the start! Try our horse racing betting strategies, cricket betting strategies, golf betting strategies and football betting strategies for more top tips, as well as our in play betting strategies for more hands-on punters. For tennis fans, we provide an in-depth tennis in-play betting strategy. Be sure to capitalise on all the developments throughout the biggest tennis matches of the year.

Conclusion: Time to Place Your Bet on the Top Dog

It’s always going to be hard to win bets on greyhound racing – it requires more specific knowledge than any other area of gambling and even at the best of times, you could easily make a bum bet and lose. A clear favourite could lose a sure thing, and you have absolutely no way of knowing if or when that’s going to happen.

We’ve given you the tools to start improving, but realistically, it’s going to take a lot of experience and practice for the average punter to become successful. There are so many factors involved in a greyhound race, we think it’s even more important that you formulate and then follow the best greyhound betting strategy possible.

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