Best Horse Racing Betting Strategy 2020

How to Bet on Horses – The Best Horse Betting Strategies 

When people think of betting, horse racing is usually the first sport that springs to mind. Indeed, there would be little point to horse racing if there was no betting on it. No other sport is so intrinsically linked with betting as is the ‘Sport of Kings’. Indeed, the modern gambling industry as we know it would probably not exist without the sport of horse racing, so what are some of the best horse betting strategies on offer?

An important part of knowing how to bet on horses is shaping the best horse racing betting strategy. In this guide, we’ll give newcomers to the sport some important tips on how they can come up with the best horse racing strategy for them. Seasoned punters might also find something of use here, so read on!

The Best Horse Racing Betting Strategy: Key Points

  • Massive range of daily races to bet on
  • Studying form is vitally important
  • Always keep calm and don’t chase losses
  • Look out for best odds guarantees
  • Snap up bookie bonuses whenever possible

The Best Horse Racing Betting Strategy: 7 Lessons to Learn

Horse racing is hugely popular with punters, which means that you can find thousands of articles online, all of which purport to be offering you the best horse racing betting strategy in existence. Of course, the key thing to understand is that there is no such thing as a foolproof betting strategy that will always bring success. Part of the fun of betting, especially on a sport like horse racing, is that uncertainty is always part of the equation  – that is where the thrill comes from.

By far the most important thing when it comes to formulating the best horse racing betting strategy is to do your research. There are several features of the sport that you can focus on when it comes to researching. As you gain more experience as a horse racing punter, you will find the things that work for you and focus on them. Here are seven important lessons you can use to formulate the best horse racing betting strategy for you.

Choose Your Type of Bet with Care

Of course, an important part of the best horse racing betting strategy is to choose the right type of wager. When it comes to horse racing, there is a huge variety of bet types available to you. The simplest is, of course, to pick the winner of the race. A variation on this is the each way bet, where you bet on horses to place in the top three or four of a race (depending on the size of the field) at reduced odds.

With a forecast bet you attempt to correctly predict the first two horses in a race in the correct order. A variation of this is the reverse forecast bet, where you can predict the first two finishers in any order. A jackpot bet is tricky to pull off but can bring huge wins. It is where you attempt to correctly predict the winners of the first six races at a particular meeting.

There are also double and treble bets, where you combine bets on more than one race on one betslip, with the odds being multiplied together. If you combine four or more selections on one coupon then this is known as an accumulator, something that you will be familiar with if you also like to bet on football.

There are other kinds of multiple bets on offer too, such as trixie, Yankees and Canadians, all of which combine various amounts of bets onto one coupon. We can’t cover all these possibilities here, but more experienced horse racing punters use these combinations to extract maximum value from bookies. You really need to do your homework and research your selections carefully for this type of betting, though. If you know your stuff, however, then combination wagers or system bets can pay off as one of the best horse betting strategies there is.

Horse Racing Betting Strategies – Recent Winners can be a Good Guide

Best Horse Racing Betting Strategies

You may have heard the phrase ‘study the form’ used in reference to betting on horses. This means researching the past performances of horses in a race. This is obviously a vital part of coming up with the best horse racing betting strategy. As with all types of betting you need to have as encyclopaedic a knowledge of the sport as possible when it comes to knowing how to bet on horses. This is true of other kinds of betting too, whether you like to bet on football or prefer to look for the best US Election betting sites.

One thing to research that can be used as the basis for your strategy is to look at how many races horses have won in recent weeks. If a horse has put together an impressive run of wins, then they are likely to be a good selection on which to bet. A factor that can play a part in horses winning races is the type of ground on which they have been running. You should always check to see what the ground was like when a horse won races. A horse that favours soft ground will be good in the wet, but another might prefer the weather dry and the going good.

Use the Beaten Favourite Strategy

This strategy can be used to bet on horses that have a strong reputation but have not enjoyed much recent success. A horse may have won several races at the start of the season but its form has drifted away in recent races. This means that you might well be able to pick up some good value from its odds, as the bookies might not rate its chances as too high.

It also might end up racing in a field of lower quality if it has been losing races recently. This can lead to a situation where the odds are much too long for a horse of its quality. This obviously creates a situation that is ripe for exploitation by astute punters. The beaten favourite tactic can be used as part of your best horse racing betting strategy.

Watch Out for Bookies’ Bonuses

Many bookies will offer special bonuses to horse racing punters. This is especially true when major events are taking place, such as the Epsom Derby or the Cheltenham Gold Cup. The festivals of racing that surround these events can be a rich trove for astute punters, especially when bookies are going crazy trying to tempt punters to bet. Knowing how to spot a good bonus offer is an important part of shaping the best horse racing betting strategy.

Some bookies may offer a refund for losing bets of a certain type, such as backing a favourite. Others may provide you with an odds boost for an each way bet, or you may have your stake refunded if your selection finishes second. Bookies can often be quite imaginative with this sort of thing. It is a good idea to shop around and have accounts with several bookies so that you can more easily take advantage of their bonus offers. This is definitely one of the best horse betting strategies around, so search for value. One bonus that many bookies offer is a best odds guarantee, and we’ll look at this next.

Look for Best Odds Guarantees

An important part of knowing how to bet on horses is to understand what bookies mean when they offer ‘best odds guaranteed’ to punters. You will often see this bonus offer advertised at a bookmaker’s promotions page. But what does it actually mean? And how can you include this type of bonus in your best horse racing betting strategy?

Odds on horses fluctuate right up to the start of a race. Bookies are constantly adjusting odds based on betting patterns and other factors. If you follow the odds for a specific race closely at a bookmaker’s website you can see this happen in real time. A best odds guarantee means that your bet will be at the best odds that that particular horse acquired before the start of the race. So if a horse moves from 2/1 to 5/2 to 6/4 by the time a race starts, you will get it at odds of 2/1.

There are many bookies that offer their punters this guarantee, it is not an uncommon thing at all. To check to see which bookies offer this bonus to their punters, you should make sure you come back to and read our reviews. They will allow you to choose a bookie that suits your best horse racing betting strategy.

One of the Best Horse Betting Strategies – Keep Calm and Don’t Chase Losses

best horse betting strategies

A vital plank of the best horse racing betting strategy is to keep as calm as possible when choosing your bets. The main emotion to avoid is panic. Panic is often triggered by the rage that flows when you have placed a bad bet that has lost. You might panic that you have spent too much money, and start to chase your losses. This is where you place a bigger bet to try and compensate for the last one that lost. This can see you trapped in a negative cycle, where you place a series of losing bets of ever increasing sizes, and end up losing a lot of money.

If you end up feeling negative emotions like rage, frustration or panic then you should stop betting. It is better to simply walk away than it is to keep betting pointlessly. There are hundreds of horse races taking place every day just in the UK and Ireland. You can come back to the sport on another occasion and bet. Some days you lose and some days you win. This is a lesson that should be part of the best horse racing betting strategy.

One good way of keeping negative emotions away from your betting is to manage your bankroll properly. This is a part of the best horse racing betting strategy that we will look at next.

Keep a Close Eye on Your Bankroll

A really important part of the best horse racing betting strategy is financial management. If you do not look after your bankroll properly then you will not have enough money to bet. You can also cause yourself problems in your life away from betting if you end up overspending. You should set yourself a limit and stick to it. If you reach your limit you should always stop betting, as otherwise you can end up trapped in a cycle of chasing your losses, as we have described above.

Many bookies offer you the chance to set your own limits on your account. If you feel that you are likely to run into trouble by overspending then this is a god way to stay in control. Staying in control will help you to keep negative emotions like rage and frustration away from your betting. This makes it more entertaining all round, which is the main reason that careful fund management should always be a key plank of the best horse racing betting strategy.

More Than Horse Racing Betting Strategies – Check Out Our Other Betting Guides

Now that you have read our guide to the best horse racing betting strategy you should make a point of checking out some of the other betting guides here at As well as teaching you how to bet on horses, we can also offer advice on value betting strategies, over/under betting, as well as provide comprehensive insights into the likes of the pick three betting strategy, the 1.01 betting strategy, derby betting strategies, and so much more besides. Make sure you come back to soon!

The Best Horse Racing Betting Strategy Requires Research, Calm and a Clear Mind

When you are trying to come up with the best horse racing betting strategy possible, it is essential that you know as much about the sport of horse racing as possible. You need to research the news and statistics that relate to horses you want to bet on, as well as understand the various different types of bet on offer to you. You also need to keep your mind clear and free from negative emotions – something that is helped by keeping a tight control of your bankroll.

As you gain more experience in betting on horses, you will be able to use more complicated bets and understand the nuances of the sport more clearly. You may find with experience comes a different view of the best horse betting strategies that work for you. We wish you every success on your horse betting journey and look forward to seeing you back here again soon.

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