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In play betting is a form of wagering that has become hugely popular over the last couple of decades. Also known as live betting, it involves punters placing bets on events and outcomes during a sporting contest. So you might bet on who will score the next goal in a football match, or whether a wicket will fall in the next five overs in a game of cricket.

In this article, we’ll outline some in play betting strategies for you, and give you plenty of information about how you can make this form of betting work for you, including strategies for cash out.

In Play Betting Strategies: Key Points

  • Live betting involves betting while a match or game is taking place
  • Watching live streams improves your chances of making successful in play betting strategies
  • Live betting strategies require a sharp mind and the ability to think quickly

5 Ways to Sharpen Up Your In Play Betting Strategies

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When it comes to formulating in play betting strategies there are several things that need to be kept in mind. Whatever type of betting you are enjoying, if you want to be successful you need to be knowledgeable – whether you’re planning a football or cricket betting strategy. You also need to keep negative emotions like rage and frustration away from your betting. We’ll outline ways of sharpening up your live betting strategies here.

Pick a Sport You Know Well

This might sound obvious, but when you’re trying to come up with successful in play betting strategies you need to stick to sports that you know really well. Expert knowledge is vital in any form of betting, but it is particularly important for successful live betting strategies. In play betting moves very quickly, and you do not want to be fumbling for key facts when the goals are going in or the runs are flowing fast.

Being an expert in two or three sports gives you the kind of edge you need to come up with live betting strategies that actually work. You should make sure that you do not spread your focus too thinly across too many sports too. Your live betting system can only really work if you keep your focus razor sharp. Following too many sports, at least for betting purposes, can soon see your focus drift and your decisions become less well considered.

It is a good idea to focus on sports that you have played too. Even if you have only played at amateur or recreational level, any kind of insider knowledge you have is really important for your live betting strategies. You will be aware of what is more likely to happen in certain situations, and how players are likely to respond to unexpected events. If you haven’t played any sports, then focus on sports that you have watched your whole life. Again, this will give you insight that will be useful when it comes to your in play betting strategies.

Pre-Match Research is Vital: 5 Things to Check

If you want to enjoy the fruits of winning in play betting strategies then it is not a good idea to start thinking about your betting just as the match kicks off. You should know as much as possible about the match circumstances before you decide on any bets.

Is it a match between old rivals that you’re intending to use a derby betting strategy to bet on, for example? Is it a key match in a tournament where a team needs to score a certain number of goals to qualify? These are the kind of questions that you should be asking when you conduct your research ahead of an event. Here is a checklist of things that you should check ahead of kick off:

    1. Injuries. You always need to know whether players are injured as this shapes team selection and tactics. If a key player is out, this can affect how a team attacks or defends. The loss of a star player can also damage team morale. In individual sports like tennis, an injury can be terminal to a player’s chances of progressing in a tournament. If it occurs during a match, then circumstances can change very quickly indeed. You need to be flexible and shape your in play betting strategies according to events like this.
    2. Form. You also need to be looking at how the contestants in a match have been performing in recent times. Successful live betting strategies always take into account recent form. Of course, you need to watch out for the team that hasn’t won in six matches and can’t score goals  – bad runs always end at some time. Things like this need to be judged carefully when you’re formulating in play betting strategies.
    3. League position/tournament circumstances. Not every game has the same significance. Sometimes teams need a certain result to qualify for the next stage of a tournament, or they have a chance of winning the league. Specific circumstances will always shape a team’s tactical approach to a game. Even in individual sports like tennis or athletics, tournament requirements will shape how players approach events. If a team needs to win by two goals to claim the league title, for example, and they are one up with just 10 minutes left, your live betting strategies need to be able to respond accordingly.
    4. Transfer reports. Rumours and news reports concerning where a player might be moving to are always important when shaping in play betting strategies. They can influence live betting strategies in several ways. Most importantly, though, unsettled players can perform in different ways. Some might play less well due to stress, others might try and show other clubs what they can offer. Always keep a close eye on transfer news before placing any live bets on team sports like football or rugby league.
    5. News stories. Any kind of news or gossip can be useful when you are trying to come up with successful in play betting strategies. If a manager and a key player are reported as not getting on, for example, this can affect team spirit and performance. You might also hear about how personal tragedy has affected a player, or that the team has not been able to train due to facilities being flooded. Anything of this kind can be useful when you are shaping live betting strategies, so always follow the news closely in your favoured sports.


Pay Close Attention to the Match

This might sound obvious, but a key part of successful in play betting strategies is to make sure that you watch the match on which you are betting as closely as possible. Live betting strategies depend for success on your being able to respond swiftly to events as they occur. You can only really get a proper idea about how a sporting contest is unfolding by watching it.

A TV broadcast is probably the best way to watch a match when you are placing live bets. The in-depth commentary and pundits’ analysis can help with your in play betting strategies. There will also be plenty of different camera angles that can also be useful in your live betting strategies.

If you cannot access a live TV broadcast then the next best thing is a live stream at your favoured bookie. Many of these broadcasts are almost as good as TV coverage, and can be perfect for helping you shape your in play betting strategies. If you cannot access any kind of live stream, then attending the event itself is useful too, and can add some extra nuance to your live betting strategies, as you can pick up additional information from within the stadium. You can follow this information easily during a game through the best in play betting sites.

Analyse Your Performance Post-Match: 4 Questions to Ask

Just as athletes analyse their performances after games, you should always reflect on your betting performance after a live event. You can learn useful lessons that will shape future in play betting strategies. Three important questions to ask yourself are:

  • Are your in play betting strategies more successful when you bet on certain leagues, teams or players?
  • Are you betting on too many long shots and losing too much money?
  • Are you having too much faith in favourites?
  • Are you betting on the right sports for successful live betting strategies?

These four questions should uncover important information that you can use to tailor your live betting strategies for future events and matches. You need to be constantly evaluating your choice of sports and events, as well as the type of selections you make when placing bets. This reflection should always make use of your pre-game research too.

Don’t Bet When you’re Angry or Unhappy: 3 Ways to Keep Frustration Out of Live Betting Strategies

Betting when angry, unhappy or frustrated is usually a recipe for disaster. Negative emotions lead to bad decisions and poorly selected bets. This can lead to big losses. It can also create a situation where you are ‘chasing losses’. This is where you try and compensate for the losses you have suffered by placing ever bigger bets. This can lead to a negative cycle where you lose again, and then chase your losses with even bigger bets.

Here are three ways to prevent negative emotions spoiling your in play betting system:

  1. Never bet when you are feeling down or unhappy. Using betting as a way of alleviating unhappy feelings is not wise. Negative emotions make reckless decisions more likely. Go away and do something positive and return to betting when you feel lighter. You are much more likely to be successful. Betting is meant to be fun and a form of entertainment, not a way of solving financial problems or paying off debts. Keep things light.
  2. Set tight spending limits. Keeping a close eye on your bankroll is a good way of keeping stress out of betting. A central part of your in play betting strategies should be to keep a close eye on how much you are spending. It is a good idea to set a spending limit and once you have hit it to leave your betting alone. You can set limits on your account at most online bookies, which is a good way of maintaining strict limits when you are setting your live betting strategies.
  3. Bet small and often. A good way of keeping betting fun, and something that can be slotted simply into most live betting strategies, is to place plenty of small sized bets, rather than just one or two large ones. Live betting moves very quickly anyway, and you are likely to be placing many bets on one match or event, so it is a good idea to keep those bets small. You can experience the thrill of winning more often, and if you lose your losses will be minimal. Waiting on the results of many small bets is exciting too. Waiting for the outcome of one huge bet can be very stressful, and cause a lot of anger and frustration when it loses.

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Base Your In Play Betting Strategies on Sound Knowledge and Stay Calm

As you can see, knowledge and sporting expertise should be the main foundations upon which you build your personal live betting strategies. The more you know about a sport, the more likely you are to come up with successful in play betting strategies.  Focusing on two or three sports in order to keep your focus sharp is a good idea when it comes to staying up-to-date with all the news you need to keep your live betting strategies as sharp as possible. You also need to manage your funds carefully and keep negative emotions out of your betting.

If you keep your knowledge sharp, your mind calm and you manage your funds carefully then you should be able to come up with some winning in play betting strategies. Make sure you come back to too – our betting guides are always useful, whatever type of betting you enjoy!

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In Play Betting Strategies FAQ 

👉What is in-play betting?

The concept of in-play has been revolutionised with the advent of online betting. Platforms provide punters with up-to-date statistics and live streaming features. Making in-play bets has never been easier than it is today. All the top bookmakers provide customers with the chance to place bets as events unfold. To find out more about in-play betting, take a look at our coverage of in-play betting.

💥What is the best in-play betting strategy?

The best in-play betting strategy will help you when placing bets in the moment. At, we bring you informative strategies that are practical. By reading up on the latest in-play betting strategy, you’ll feel more confident when analysing live markets and deciding which bet will serve your purpose best. Improve your chances of placing a winning bet by utilising our in-play betting strategy.

🙌How do I place an in-play bet?

Placing an in-play bet is simple. Online bookmakers have made it extremely easy for customers to access live betting markets and place bets on the go. It’s also super convenient using online bookmakers to place that last-minute bet you’ve been wanting to capitalise on. In our coverage of in-play betting strategies at, we’ll outline how you should go about placing an in-play bet and how you can go about placing this bet at Ecopayz betting sites.

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