Pick 3 Betting Strategy 2021

Pick 3 Betting System Explained

Pick 3 bets, which involve correctly predicting the winners of three consecutive horse races, are one of the most popular bet types at racetracks around the world. And why wouldn’t they be? After all, they give horse bettors a chance to cash in on a sizable payout for a relatively small investment. However, many bettors lose money because they don’t implement an effective pick 3 betting strategy. They’ve never had the finer points of pick 3 betting explained to them. Read on to learn how to make your pick 3 betting system more profitable.

Key Takeaways

  • Pick 3 prize pools are never carried over.
  • A proper pick 3 betting strategy increases your chances of making a profit.
  • Pick 3 betting is easy to understand.
  • Pick 3 bets have low minimums.

Strategies for Pick 3 Betting Explained

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Any serious bettor should have the best horse betting strategies as their disposal and these are ones that maximizes the possibility of long-term success. They need to take a calculated approach that is devoid of bias. Although strict money management and thorough analysis play huge roles in a successful betting plan, you must also pick your spots wisely. Simply put, the risk will sometimes outweigh the reward.


A pick 3 bet is essentially a type of parlay in which you must pick the winners of three consecutive races on a single ticket; this is the main necessity for any pick 3 betting strategy. Each of those predictions must be correct for the bet to pay off. The most common pick 3 betting system involves boxing multiple bets. Instead of zeroing in on one winner from each race and purchasing a single ticket, the bettor picks a series of contenders from each race and plays all of the combinations on several tickets. Naturally, this could get expensive. Let’s say you had four contenders in each race. That’s a total of 64 different wager combinations.

Narrow the Field of Candidates

To deal with this conundrum, many experienced pick 3 bettors reduce the number of contending horses in one or more races. In some cases, they’ll single out a clear favorite in one of the races and only bet on that horse. Now, instead of 64 pick 3s, the bettor is left with 16 combinations. Even reducing one race from four candidate horses down to two cuts that combination of 64 to 32. You could keep the savings in your pocket for later races, or you could double your bet size.

Avoid Picking Too Many Favorites

One of the biggest mistakes that pick 3 bettors make is blindly picking favorites. This might appear to be a logical approach, but it’s often counterproductive. Consider that the masses of inexperienced and casual bettors are drawn to favorites. A lot of experienced bettors are too. When three favorites prevail, it inevitably results in more winners splitting the prize pool. This equates to a smaller payout for you. Sharp bettors almost always highlight a few non-favorites and value picks in the mix. They are forever on the lookout for diamonds in the rough that average bettors overlook. The best paydays come when three underdogs come in. This doesn’t mean you should completely ignore favorites. It’s a matter of striking a healthy balance.

Examine the Statistics

Just as a well-rounded tennis betting strategy involves interpreting key statistics, so does betting on horses. There are several things that savvy horse bettors look at including:

  • Previous performance
  • Jockey win percentage
  • Best time
  • Win percentage as a favorite
  • Track’s surface conditions

Closely examining statistics and other factors give you much better insight into the value of your bet. Diligent handicapping doesn’t just help identify value and strong bets, it also helps root out unfavorable propositions. When you think you’ve looked at a horse race from every angle, look again. This attention to detail leads to making informed wagers that have a better chance of paying off.

  • Bet Responsibly
  • The importance of gambling responsibly cannot be stressed enough. It is the most crucial component of any effective betting strategy. Whether you are honing your over under betting strategy or grinding it out with a 1.01 betting strategy, you need to protect your bankroll and ensure you are always betting responsibly.
  • Pick 3 Betting is Ideal for Beginners and Casual Bettors

There are countless veteran horse racing bettors who make pick 3 wagering a regular part of their routine. Even so, this type of wagering is ideal for novices and casual bettors. You can play a pick 3 for minimal stakes and still win a satisfying amount of money. Additionally, pick 3 prize pools guarantee a payout. If nobody correctly predicts all three races, the cash is disbursed among those who got two out of three. This is unlike other bets like Pick 6s which carry over if they aren’t won.

Other Betting Guides and Resources

This pick 3 betting explained guide should answer a lot of basic questions. Pick 3 betting is just one of the many bet types offered at horse racing venues and sportsbooks. There are dozens of different bet types out there and each strategy has its own method to its madness. You can learn about matched betting strategy or even find out more about whether it’s possible to guarantee a profit through arbitrage betting. There are even informative guides on tennis in play strategy and cricket betting strategy. If you can think of a bet type, there’s probably a comprehensive “How To” guide available.


There are many reasons why pick 3 bets are so popular. Aside from being fun and easy to understand, pick 3 bets have the potential to return a significant profit for such minimal risk. Additionally, pick 3 prize pools guarantee a payout even if nobody gets all their picks right. In theory, you’re still in it even if you lose the first race.

With the exceptions of arbitrage betting, there aren’t any ways to guarantee profits from betting. Even match rigging and clairvoyance have been known to fail. A well-thought-out system or strategy is a must-have if you are to give yourself the best chances of making money. This doesn’t apply solely to horse racing. It’s true of every form of gambling.

Pick 3 Betting Strategy FAQ

🤔 How does pick 3 betting work?

Like all the best betting strategies in the UK, pick 3 betting requires patience and understanding – as well as plenty of practice. In order to make accurate predictions when placing your bets, you’ll need to fully understand how pick 3 betting works and what bet combinations are most likely to fall in your favour. This will vary on a case-by-case basis, but our guide to pick 3 betting explains the general rules you must follow.

🎲 What is the best pick 3 betting strategy?

Even with high odds, trying to correctly predict the winners of horse races isn’t easy, there’s a lot to learn about pick 3 betting and it’s important to practice the best betting strategies regularly to avoid your pick 3 bets backfiring. Betting.co.uk’s comprehensive guide to the pick 3 betting system reviews and explains the best pick 3 betting strategies people are using right now in the UK. Check it out today.

🏇What other horse betting strategies are like pick 3 betting?

Betting strategies are hugely important if you want to get the absolute most out of placing bets with the best bookmakers in the UK. Here at Betting.co.uk, we keep our invaluable betting advice on pick 3 betting and other horse betting strategies regularly updated to help bettors all across the country to better understand complex bet techniques and combinations. Visit our site today to discover the hottest betting strategies.

💸 What combinations of pick 3 betting can I do?

Pick 3 bets require placing parlay combinations of bets in order to better predict the outcomes of horse racing. Naturally, choosing the right combinations is absolutely vital if you want to get the most out of your horse betting experience. It’s similarly important to compare the best betting sites in the UK very closely to ensure you are taking advantage of the best betting odds and bonuses.

❤️ What happens if I pick too many favourites with pick 3 bets?

The secret to pick 3 betting is often to single out clear favourites with the intention of narrowing the field of potential successful candidates in horse racing. The problem, however, is that identifying and picking too many favourites can sometimes backfire if you’re not 100% familiar with the UK’s best betting strategies. Our guide to pick 3 betting will help you master this increasingly popular betting technique once and for all.

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