In Play Tennis Betting Strategy 2021

In Play Tennis System Explained

In play betting on tennis is a relatively unique experience, even for a seasoned sports punter, as the general structure of the games give you multiple opportunities to peruse and review the available odds and markets. Every game of tennis changes the landscape of the whole match, and it’s at these points that your betting in play tennis betting system can really come to the fore.

Throughout this in play tennis betting strategy guide we’ll discuss the key components to successfully live betting on tennis, and also mention a few other online betting strategies that you might want to keep in mind, including the Asian handicap.

Key Takeaways

  • Preparation is very important
  • Outside bets are well worth considering
  • Very few variables within the game
  • Big opportunity for matched betting
  • Natural breaks in the game where you can review wagers

5 Tips to Placing In Play Tennis bets

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Pay attention to the form

It goes without saying that paying attention to the formbook in any sport is one of the most important things you can do before betting on any sport, but in tennis this is even more so. Because tennis matches have such fine margins and there are only two outcomes (a win or a loss) it’s infinitely safer to bet on the underdog in a tennis match than an underdog in, say, a football game.

Major upsets happen all the time in tennis matches, and the best way you can predict one of these is by paying attention to the relevant players’ form.

How’s their serve?

There are many, many markets you can bet on in play tennis betting, not just the overall outcome of a match. In between play, you have a clear opportunity to put money on things like: the next dropped point, the next let, the next failed second serve, etc.

Now this is slightly unique to in play tennis betting strategy, as any other form of in play sports betting would put you in a position where the game is constantly going, even while you’re trying to stake your money. Here, you have plenty of time to evaluate your choice, and it’s well worth, for example, keeping an eye on how successful a given player is with their serves – if you can sense a mistake coming, the in play tennis betting system will have a market for you.

There are multiple websites where you can investigate the pro stats of any player, something we definitely recommend doing before and during any tennis match you’re wagering on.

Pay attention to the markets at all times

When we say “at all times”, we mean “at all times during the match”, as in play tennis betting markets can get very unpredictable the further the match goes on. It’s the nature of the sport: it’s not unheard of for an underdog to bring back a match where they were two sets down and looking like they were done for, because literally anything can happen in tennis. You can follow this information easily during a game through the best in play betting sites.

The operators know this, and will regularly fluctuate their so-called tennis best odds to benefit themselves. But it isn’t always the way it works out, and it’s very easy to capitalise on the unpredictability of the in play tennis betting market. There’ll be plenty of times where a certain market jumps in price because of something that happened right then in the game, and it’s up to you to identify which of those markets you want to invest in, and when.

This idea can be taken to the absolute extreme when using the 1.01 or matched betting strategy.

Each competition is different

It may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people fall into habits after a few successful sessions of online gambling. Every tournament is completely different, every Grand Slam is a fresh start, and every day brings new elements that can alter the way a tennis match will go.

Are they playing on their favourite surface? Is the weather favourable? What form have the players been on? How were their recent Grand Slam performances? How many times have these players faced off, and what happened on those occasions?

Every tennis match has different contributing factors leading up to it, and should be treated as such. Don’t try to transfer your wagers from one game to the next, hoping to replicate their success. Every individual game will have its own set of defining factors, which is one of the reasons why in play tennis betting strategy is one of most unique topics in the world of online gambling.

Develop an eye for overreactions and compression points

For those not aware, overreactions are where the markets flood massively in one direction after a change in the game dynamics, and compression points are moments where the markets offer a vastly greater price in one direction rather than the other. For example, should Novak Djokovic blow a 2 set lead and his opponent brings it level, the odds might jump from the favourite to the contender, given that, even though he is the favourite, Djokovic is seemingly letting the game slip through his fingers and crumbling under the pressure.

This is an opportunity for both an overreaction and a compression point. Even though Djokovic would still be the clear favourite in this example, the odds on his opponent winning the match would massively increase, and we’d be on the edge of getting a massive payout. Hypothetically, should the match be levelled at 2-2 (sets) before Djokovic’s opponent managed to actually pull out in front (say, at one point in the match, it was two sets each, with the random opponent managing to go five games up in the deciding fifth set), had you put money on the underdog, you’d be looking at a massive cash out option right now.

You may, however, place some smart wagers on Djokovic in this hypothetical instance, because although the odds have recently shifted massively in the opponent’s favour, it’s still very likely (more likely than the odds say, probably) that the world number one will still triumph at the end of the day.

But these compression points aren’t just about the overall result of the game: seeing a player under pressure is a great opportunity for you to stake on things like mistakes, out balls, sloppy return serves etc. It’s essential that anyone trying to become proficient in the in play tennis betting strategy becomes familiar with these compression points.

Other Strategies

Of course, this isn’t the only betting strategy available to players, in fact there are multiple other tips and tricks you can use in conjunction with the in play tennis betting strategy to maximise your potential profit. While few strategies offer instant success, in fact you’re probably going to have to put a lot of effort in before you’ve really mastered all of them, every moment of practice and reading through the options could result in potential future profit.

Tennis betting strategies outside of in play betting are great for getting into the sport, as are cricket betting strategies and golf betting strategies. Of course, there are also plenty of tricks you can employ when it comes to football betting strategies and greyhound racing betting strategies also. You can also get sound advice on what the best horse betting strategies are here at


Tennis is one of the most varied markets you can use for in play betting. As we demonstrated earlier it’s fairly unique, in that most of your money will probably be made with spontaneous bets throughout the game, rather than on the individual winner or loser of the match.

The in play tennis betting strategy guide we’ve provided tries to go into some depth on the opportunities offered by the sport, but in all likelihood there’s still a world of information and chances out there for avid gamblers. There are so many markets and so many variables in every match that it’s very hard to give any catch-all tips.

The whole experience is about noticing things, moments in the game, so massive fans of tennis will find a lot of room for growth while betting on tennis in play. For first timers, it may take some getting used to, but the fast paced and unpredictable nature of the tennis in play markets will make it an absolute joy to take part in, we know that much.

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